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Noes Remake Part 7

Noes Remake Part 7

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Published by Hayden

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Published by: Hayden on Jan 07, 2010
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[Camera cuts into a grainy news report. We see Tina's house, police officers litter the yard.

a stretcher, the body is covered with a sheet, hurry quickly through the front yard. The news gives his report.]

a reporter standing in front of We see two EMT's carrying a body on and it is soaking in blood. They reporter is holding a mic, and Grey found dead in her and violent stabbing. The only suspect in question is as of now is nowhere to be

NEWS REPORTER: ..A teenage girl by the name of Tina upstairs bedroom. The victim of an apparent vicious details are unclear, but from what I understand the the victim's boyfriend, a 17 year old Rod Lane, who found.

[We see Tina's parents behind him on the lawn, her mother crying hysterically] NEWS REPORTER: More developments on this horrifying murder as they come in. [Camera cuts to Nancy's living room. It is dark, save for the glow of the television. Nancy sits in front of it, trying to stay awake. We hear the front door open, and her father walks in. Exhausted, he shuts the door behind him and kicks his shoes off into the corner. Nancy runs around to greet him] NANCY: Did you find out anything new Dad? MR THOMPSON: Well, we're pretty damn sure that Lane boy is responsible for it. I told you he was bad news. You never should've been around him. NANCY: What? No. N-no Rod didn't do it Dad. He wouldn't. He loved her. MR THOMPSON: Nancy! He was locked in a room with a girl who went in alive, and came out in a bodybag! NANCY: But.. MR THOMPSON: Now the real question should be what in the hell were you doing at that house with those two boys over there! I have half a mind to ground you for lying! Do you realize that one of those boys at that house is a cold blooded killer? NANCY: Rod didn't do it Dad!! MR THOMPSON: [sighs deeply] Nancy.. You're tired. Just go to your room, and get some sleep. If you feel like it, we'll talk about it in the morning. NANCY: Dad.. MR THOMPSON: Now Nancy! [Nancy stomps upstairs. Cut to Nancy's room. She flops down on the bed and sighs, you can see the exhaustion practically weighing her eyelids down. She gets up, sits at the desk next to her bed, and calls Glenn. She looks out her window, across the street. We can see Glenn's window, the light in his room is on. Glenn picks up the phone] GLENN: Hello? NANCY: Hey. GLENN: Hey there. You feelin any better?

NANCY: Not really. Dad thinks Rod did it. GLENN: Figures. [We see the curtain's movie in Glenn's room, and he looks across the street into Nancy's window] GLENN: I wish we could at least hang out. NANCY: Aw, me too. GLENN: Pops talk about grounding you again? NANCY: Yep. GLENN: Damn it. Any ideas on getting out of it? NANCY: Maybe we could meet up at the library or something tommorow. GLENN: The library..? NANCY: Yeah. I was thinking.. Maybe we should try and look up something about this guy in our dreams. I think he might've been the one who killed Tina. GLENN: Oh come on Nancy.. NANCY: What? Are you trying to say you think Rod did it? GLENN: Well.. He was the only one in there.. NANCY: Oh come on Glenn! Rod would never hurt her. GLENN: Don't get mad at me babe. I'm just pointin' out the facts here. NANCY: Look.. Just meet me at the library in the morning at.. 11 o'clock. GLENN: [sighs] ..Alright. NANCY: And please Glenn.. Don't fall asleep. GLENN: Okay. Night babe. NANCY: Night. [The two look at each other for a moment longer through the windows before Nancy drops the curtain back down. We go to a continuous shot of her walking back to her bed. She grabs a book and flops down, opens it, and starts reading. Cut to Glenn's room, he walks sullenly back to his bed, flops down, and pulls a small portable TV into his lap. They are now on their own.] [Camera cuts to a dark highway, winding through trees, theres a car speeding down the highway, headlights on. Its Rod's car. We cut to the interior of the car. Rod is sitting upright, gripping the steering wheel. He appears to be incredibly worried. 'Burnin For You' by Blue Oyster Cult ([url]http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=utTrbSo3hS4[/url]) is playing loudly on the car radio. He is flying down the road, going at an extremely high speed. Rod adjusts the rearview mirror, and as he turns it, we suddenly see Freddy's face in the backseat. Freddy leans up on Rod's

neck] FREDDY: Better slow down Roddy boy.. [Opens his knives quickly] Speed kills! [Freddy laughs maniacally. Rod puts his head in his hands and screams. We hear tires screech as he momentarily loses control of the car. He puts his hands back on the wheel and regains control. Freddy is gone. While he speeds down the black pavement, we see a cop sitting in a hidden driveway. We cut to the interior of the police car. He has the police transmitter/radio on] VOICE OVER TRANSMITTER: ..Believed to be driving a black, 1982 Ford Mustang. Fugitive is considered armed and dangerous. [The police officer puts his car in drive and flicks the sirens/lights on] POLICE OFFICER: Holyyyy shit.. [We cut back to Rod's car. In the background, we see the police car pull out onto the road, a little ways back. Rod notices, stares straight ahead, and slams on the accelerator, flying through the twists and turns like a madman. Cut back to the police cruiser] POLICE OFFICER: [on his radio] I'm in pursuit of a black '82 Ford Mustang. I'm pretty sure the driver is that guy who killed the Grey girl earlier tonight over in Springwood. Requesting backup immediately. [Rod slams on the brakes and quickly turns into a dusty, narrow back road, surrounded on either side by trees. The cop follows him without hesitation. They speed on down, the cop slowly but surely gaining on Rod. They rip out of the road and are now on a main town street. There are four more cops waiting for him. He speeds past, but they easily gain on him. We cut to a bird's eye view of a cop car gaining on Rod, going to the right of Rod's Mustang, and hitting his tail, causing Rod to uncontrollably spin out. He spins across the street, and then slams into a telephone pole, bringing his car to a sudden stop. A cop runs up, opens the driver door, and yanks Rod out] POLICE OFFICER: Get out of here you fuckin' dirtbag! [Rod punches the cop and runs, but three more cops tackle him to the pavement] ROD: NO! NO IT WASN"T ME!!! [The cops handcuff him and drag him to one of the cruisers, while he kicks and screams hysterically] [Cut to black] [We fade into a library. There are seemingly endless rows of shelves, completely surrounding a small sitting area in one of the far corners of the Springwood Library. Nancy and Glenn sit at one of the tables, with a mountain of books and old newspapers stacked up crudely in front of them. There are two large cups of coffee on the table, which the two teens sip from frequently. They're scanning quickly through the books and papers] NANCY: You finding anything? GLENN: Nothing. Just a bunch of astronomy shit about what causes dreams.

NANCY: Keep looking. Theres gotta be something.. GLENN: I dunno Nancy. We might wanna start asking some professionals or something. I doubt we're gonna find anything in here. NANCY: Professionals? Like therapists? GLENN: Well you never know Nancy.. Maybe all we need is some stress relief. NANCY: Glenn, how about you go try telling some doctor that you're having dreams about a burnt guy stalking you. You think thats normal? They'll wanna lock you up in the loony bin for Christ's sake. GLENN: Well we all have nightmares.. NANCY: Glenn, it wasn't just some fucking nightmare that killed Tina last night! Now there's something else going on here and you know it! GLENN: Okay, okay.. Sorry for suggesting.. NANCY: Look, I'm sorry. I'm just really stressed [leans over and kisses Glenn] Just keep looking hun. Theres bound to be something here about it. [Glenn sighs and grabs another leatherbound hardback book. He aimlessly flips through the pages. He flips through them slower, then suddenly stops. There is a large puddle of wet blood in between two of the pages. Glenn shudders and looks up. Nancy is now gone, and some of the fluorescent lights in the large library are off, creating a dark sort of atmosphere. Glenn gets up and walks through one of the rows, surrounded on either side by books. He looks forward, and we see the leg of someone walking past the row. Glenn stops in his tracks. We hear an evil laugh, off in the distance. Glenn looks around] GLENN: Who are you? Who the fuck are you? [We hear another laugh, a little closer this time. Glenn swerves around, but still sees nothing. He grabs one of the books off of the shelves, and opens it, fanning through the pages. The only word in the book is "KILL KILL KILL", typed over and over again. Glenn drops the book, horrified. He picks another one up, and opens it. The only word in this one is "DIE DIE DIE" typed over and over again. Glenn drops this one, then frustratingly knocks all of the books off the row into the floor] GLENN: Why don't you come out here you fucking bastard? Quit being a coward and show yourself!! Come on you burnt piece of shit! Who are you?! [Glenn reaches to knock another row of books down, but something catches his hand. Its Freddy's glove, gripping his hand tightly, causing blood to run onto the shelf as Glenn tries to yank it out. We pan up above the shelf. Freddy is standing on the other side, his hand pushed through the other side of the shelf, still gripped onto Glenn's right hand. Freddy smiles wickedly] FREDDY: I'm your worst nightmare. [A look of pure terror runs across Glenn's face. He screams loudly] NANCY: Glenn! Glenn!!! Wake up!!!!! [Glenn wakes up. He is laying on the floor of the library, next to the table.

Nancy is on her knees above him, shaking him violently. He starts gasping, sweat covering his face. He sits up, but as he moves his arm, we see that his right hand is violently cut, and is bleeding heavily] NANCY: Oh my god! GLENN: Oh shit! [Glenn rips a strip of his shirt off, and quickly wrap it around his severed hand. The two get stand at the table] GLENN: Did you find anything? NANCY: N-no.. I was just sitting here reading and heard you whimpering. You fell in the floor after that, and then you woke up. GLENN: Damn.. Nancy.. Nancy, what is happening? NANCY: [tears run down her cheeks] I don't know Glenn [sobs and wraps her arms around him] I don't know..

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