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Lowry 1

Taylor Lowry
Mrs. Harrell
English 4 Honors
October 21, 2014

Research Question: What are the benefits of diagnostic sonography technology on improving
and preventing illness for patients?
Working Thesis Statement: The improvement of all medical technology is extremely important
in the health care field and without it our knowledge of health concerns would be unknown and
put patients at a disadvantage to their health.
Refined Thesis Statement: Improvements of medical technology in the health care field has
increased life expectancy for thousands of people, provided faster recoveries from surgeries and
sicknesses for patients, and allowed doctors to locate diseases more effectively and efficiently
than ever before.
Annotated Bibliography

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Life expectancy is a major perk of all the improvements in medical technology. The
improvements of the equipment to perform the test and surgeries have allowed people to live

Lowry 2
longer due to surgeries and recoveries being more sufficient. Due to the advancement of the
equipment, less invasive surgeries have to be performed which decreases the risks of death. It
also decreases the risks for infections and other problems that would normally occur with major
surgeries. Faster recoveries are also a big part of improved technology for the same reasons.
Shorter hospitals stays are one of the benefits of faster recoveries which gives patients relief
because no one wants to stay in the hospital any longer than they have to. New and improved
technology has made things a lot simpler than things were before and still continues to improve
today. This article has lead me to prove the point that the advances in medical technology
(diagnostic sonography) increases life expectancy for health care patients and provides patients
with faster recovery times.

Kowalski, Kathiann M. "Will technology make you healthier? (focus)." Current Health 2, a
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The prognosis of diseases that patients may have has become tremendously more
efficient with improved medical technology that we have. With the new and improved
technology doctors can find out what is wrong faster and provide the correct treatment more
efficiently. Most of the time doctors can find out that theres a problem before the patient even
realizes that something is wrong. Diagnostic sonography has helped in a great way. X-rays,
mammograms, EEGs, CT scans, MRIs, and many more imaging test have helped lead to early
diagnosis of potential problems. Not only does improved technology lead to early diagnosis of
problems, it also allows patients a wider variety of treatment options. This article had lead me to

Lowry 3
my position that the development of medical technology makes the diagnosing of diseases for
patients a lot better than before.

"Medical Technology." Opposing Viewpoints Online Collection. Detroit: Gale, 2014. Opposing
Viewpoints in Context. Web. 25 Sept. 2014
The use and advancements in medical technology has improved the health care provided
to patients in a tremendous way. These improvements have increased life expectancy, led to
faster recoveries, and improved the prognosis of diseases. With illnesses and surgeries becoming
more complex in treatment and diagnoses the advancement in medical technology has become
even more significant is todays health care industry. It is not just about saving and extending an
individuals life but to also give the best quality of care that there is to patients who are suffering
from health problems. The better health care provided, the better the outcome of the patients
health will be. This article has lead me to my choices of why the improvement of medical
technology is essential and how it is important when treating and diagnosing illnesses.