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C&C Digital Inclusion November 2014


About 8-percent of Austinites around 55-thousand people do not

use the Internet. Thats according to a new survey commissioned by the
City of Austin.
The non-Internet users live primarily in southeast Austin and one in
four of them say they dont believe they speak English well enough to get
John Speirs is coordinating the citys Digital Inclusion Program
which aims to engage more people with the Internet.
Speirs CUT 1: It's hugely important for the City of Austin because it speaks to the
opportunities for all the citizens within the community to be engaged citizens, to
utilize technology and know how we are developing the workforce that is enabling
themselves to be ready for these jobs that are coming into this community. (:23)

The Austin City Council is set to vote tomorrow on adopting a "digital

inclusion plan. It outlines 25 initiatives to encourage Internet use
including hosting events that promote the ideas and providing specific
outreach to populations that struggle with literacy and English language