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Veronica Dvorjak

November 23, 2014

Time: N/A

World History, 8th grade

Specific Objectives:

Students will understand how to properly search the internet for valid sources.
Students will be able to create a carefully composed brochure.
Students will showcase their knowledge of Ancient Greece.
Students will display their ability to gather information.

Thematic standards met:
1. Culture
2. Time, continuity, change
3. People, Places, and

Common Core State Standards


Academic Language: ancient Greece, Parthenon, polis, Acropolis, hoplite, democracy, aristocracy,
oligarchy, Athens, Sparta, Hellenic culture, Hellenistic Age
Students needs:
English Language Learners

Special Needs (can be a group

such as struggling readers
or individuals)

I will give any student who

needs assistance specialized
individual attention. Other
students will be encouraged
and expected to assist their
classmates in understanding
the instructions.

Children with any reading

disorder will benefit from me
reading the instructions
aloud. Instructions will be
clearly written so they do not
cause confusion for any of the
students with reading
disabilities. I will encourage
the students to assist their
struggling classmates. If this is
not effective, I will personally
assist the student.

Materials Needed:

Internet ready computer

Paper copy of brochure

Procedure For the Lesson:


Teacher will explain to students that they are going to start researching information about
Ancient Greece, so that they will be able to create a brochure.


Teacher will give each student an outline for what the brochure will need to have included in it.


Teacher will explain to students that they are only allowed to visit certain websites.


Teacher will give each student a list of websites that they are able to visit to retrieve


Teacher will explain to students that they will need to write any information that they have
found on the outline that she has given them.


Students will be assigned a number. This is the number of the laptop that they will be using.


Students will get their laptops and begin working.


Teacher will walk around and monitor students.

Risk Management: Students with epilepsy or any other issues associated with prolonged screen time
will be monitored. There are no other risks involved.
Language Function: Throughout the class period I will be the example of proper terminology and
English. Before, during and after the class period I will engage the students on their experience with
designing their own brochures. During the class period I will ask questions incorporating the academic
language such as: What is the Parthenon and why was it created? Does your brochure include
government structure? Will your brochure be captivating? Are your sources valid? Which city
state will you highlight in your brochure?
Lesson Plan
Before: As the students walk in, I will have a bellringer written on the board. The students will be
expected to have the question answered on their paper by the time the bell rings. It will state: What is
a valid internet source and why is it important? I will briefly inquire their answers to promote a short
class discussion. Then I will introduce the lesson of creating a brochure.
During: During the lesson, I will explain that the students are going to the computer lab in order to
research more about ancient Greece. I will give the students a rubric for the brochure that I will use to

asses them with once they are turned into me. The students will be guided in their searches and given
valid resources to use. Any misuse of school laptop will result in discipline of the students. I will
encourage them to use helpful websites and give them tips on how to make the best brochure.
After: Students will be given two days to work on the activity. After the students have presented their
brochures and turned them into me, I shall grade based on a specific rubric. The students will be graded
on their neatness, engagement, and use of resources. Each students will be expected to write a one
paragraph on the activity in order to give me feedback on whether they liked the activity or not.

Type of assessment

Description of

Modifications to the
assessment so that
all students could

Evaluation Criteria- What

evidence of student learning
(related to the learning objectives
and central focus) does the
assessment provide?

Students are to
complete the
bellringer before
class begins. The one
page reflection will
be due the day after
all presentations are

Any students
modification will be
sought out by me or
I will find them to
discuss how I will
alter the assignment
for their specific

The assessment allows for

students to demonstrate their
knowledge of the material
covered. Students will be able to
demonstrate how to create a
professional brochure that
reflects their knowledge of
ancient Greece.

(formal or informal)

Informal Students
are given bellringer
and reflection paper
to assess their
before and after

Resource for lesson plan:
History of Sparta:
The Parthenon: