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Jardines Classroom Rules and Procedures

1. How to begin every class:
Enter class quietly. This is important because your fellow classmates are already
hard at work on their warm-up.
Place your homework in the homework bin labeled with your period number.
Take your assigned seat. It was handpicked just for you!
Copy the warm-up question onto a new piece of notebook paper with the proper
Answer the question to the best of your ability, showing all work.
While you are waiting for the rest of the class to finish their warm-up, look over
the pages in your textbook that are listed on the board. This is the topic we will
be going over in class today.
2. Instructions for completing homework and classwork:
All work for our class is to be done in pencil only. In math, mistakes happen, and
we will need to be able to go back and fix them. Using pencil will help you keep
your work neat and organized.
Always show all of your work. This is the most important procedure in this
class. In order to help you fix mistakes and find out where you took a wrong
turn, you must show all your work.
All of your work should be labeled in the following way:

An example of this would be:

3. Keeping yourself organized:

Your official school planner should be brought to class every day.
o You are required to write each assignment in your planner under the
appropriate day.
o You are required to bring your planner home for your parent or guardian
to sign every Friday.
o Planners will be checked on Mondays.
Your notebook should be kept neat and organized at all times.
Your notebook should contain the following dividers:
o Warm-ups
o Notes
o Homework
o Classwork
o Quizzes/Tests
Notebooks will be checked 4 times a year. Notebook checks will count as a test
o This is a great opportunity to earn an easy A!
o I will check your notebooks for organization and completeness.
o Before each notebook check you will be given a list of items I will be
checking for.

1. Listen and follow directions the first time they are given.
2. Respect your fellow classmates. This includes their personal property and their personal
3. Be prepared and on time. You are expected to be in your assigned seat with all
necessary materials before the tardy bell.
4. Raise your hand before speaking or leaving your seat.
5. Come to class with a positive attitude and a willingness to learn.


1st violation I will write your name on the board. This is considered a warning and at this time
no other action will be taken.
2nd violation You will receive a check mark next to your name. This is your last warning before
disciplinary action is taken.
3rd violation - You will receive a second check mark next to your name. You will receive lunch
detention and a note home to your parent or guardian.
4th violation You will receive a third check mark next to your name. This will result in a
disciplinary referral. A parent-teacher conference will be scheduled to address the behavior
*Disclaimer*- If you are caught violating a school-wide rule such as fighting or plagiarizing, you
will immediately be sent to the dean with a referral. There are no warnings for infractions of
this nature.

Class Checking Account:
In our class we will be putting your math skills to good use. We will be learning how to use a
checkbook. You will learn how to keep a running balance of your funds that can be used to
purchase school supplies and homework passes.
You will all start the school year with an initial deposit of $10.00 into your checking.
You will earn more funds by exhibiting good behavior. Examples of this include being
helpful to a fellow student or a teacher, setting a good example for fellow students or
helping with classroom chores. The amount of the reward will range from $1.00 to
$5.00, depending on the behavior.
You can also earn funds by scoring a 100% on a quiz or test. Scoring a 100% on a quiz
will earn you $5.00, while earning a 100% on a test will earn you $10.00.
Funds will be awarded in certificates of deposit. Upon earning a certificate of deposit,
you will turn in the deposit slip to the class bank. After you have turned in your deposit
slip, you can record the deposit in your check register.
With your checking account, you can buy class rewards!

You can write checks from your account to purchase various things at our class store.
School supplies such as pens, pencils, paper, art supplies and books can be bought from
the class store at their displayed prices.
Homework passes can be purchased for $5.00 each. They will excuse you from 1
homework assignment.

Pizza or Ice cream:

I will be keeping track of how many no referral days we have. Every consecutive 20 days that
there are no referrals issued in our class, we will have a party to celebrate your hard work and
excellent behavior! It will be up to a class vote whether it be a pizza party or an ice cream