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Compare and contrast a PAR, Fresnel, and ERS fixture

Always a lamp, without lamp no light

Usually we have a shutter
What is different about these components in each light
Know usages and reasons (assume money is not an option)
You can put a Gobo in an ERS but not the others
ERS has hard edged light
PAR is the more simple fixture, also brighter
A Fresnel can slide the lamp forward and back to vary from spot to flood without changing lens
Explain the relationship of DMX Address, Channel, Dimmer, and Circuit
DMX Address The address where data is sent to tell the light what to do. Goes both in the light board
and programmed into the light. A number between 1-512 set in the console and at the device
Channel A logical assignment of an address, or addresses, to expedite programming and focus (soft
Dimmer A switch that regulates power output to a given channel
Circuit Physical wires that provide power to the devices
Watts Volts * Amps = Power (ability to power)
Volts Measure of potential energy (Difference in charge between two points)
Amps Measure of the flow or current of energy (Rate of electron flow)
Ohms (Resistance) -