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Date: October 22, 2014

To: Medical Prosthetics Inc. CEO, Ryan Manning
From: Andres Garcia, Paul Marsh, and Brittany Muth
Subject: 3D Printing
We believe our company should consider 3D printing. We rely on another company for
certain components of our prosthetics, thus delaying our product output. 3D printing can
manufacture all prosthetic components in-house to create a one-stop shop for our products
while simultaneously increasing production output. Many of our manufacturing tools and
methods are outdated and inefficient compared to current methods. This is a dangerous
position against competitors. Stratasys, a leading 3D printer producer states, ...traditional
manufacturing methods required mass production to even out the overhead cost of tooling,
labor for assembly, and production... 3D printing has opened a doorway where complexity
doesnt cost anything. (Production) Merely updating but not changing our form of
manufacturing will still be inadequate because we are losing efficiency and without
continued efficiency and growth we arent positively influencing our business in the
competitive market.
Proposed Tasks:
We will do extensive research on the company conversion to 3D printing as well as costs of
materials, product efficiency, its effective use among employees, etc. We will analyze
companies who produce and already use 3D printing to better understand the technology.
We believe 3D Printing is a revolutionary tool that can create our current and future
company prosthetic designs. We will plan the success (or failure) of converting to 3D
printing technology in our future endeavors.
29 October - finish progress report (rough draft)
3 November - complete title page and a list of illustrations
5 November - progress report with a future events addendum
10 November - collaborative work on front and back matter
12 November - work on abstract and glossary
16 November - completed research report of our departments proposed tasks.
17 November - collaborative work on works cited page, appendix, and table of
19-29 November - revise work and complete
1,3 December - research department presentation over 3D printing and the
companys future combined.
Brittany Muth has previously worked on a company research project similar to this
where the result was to purchase the item.

Paul Marsh has done extensive research in university and takes a personal interest
in 3D printing.
Andres Garcia has a special interest in new types of technologies specifically in the
field of engineering.

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