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Department of 'Umumi

The Department of 'Umumi maintains records of the Majlis activities and co-ordinates between
Markaz and Majlis. Also, it administers the secretariat of the Majlis.


Submit the Monthly Report Form of Majlis to the National Markaz on prescribed Form. So
Markaz can give better feedback after knowing all the situation of Majlis. A Monthly Report
Form signed by Nzim Atfl and Qid Majlis of a current month must be received by the 5th of
the next month at National Markaz. Ensure that all questions in the Monthly Report Form are
answered even if no activity took place. Precise figures should be used rather than percentage
or estimates. Keep a copy of the Monthly Report Form for local records of the Majlis before
submission to the National Markaz.

Aside from Monthly Report, a separate report for any important work done in Majlis should
also be submitted to the Markaz after giving a brief note in Monthly Report Form.

Feedback received from National Markaz or Zil`a must be implemented and a compliance
report must be submitted.

Prepare a list of the members of local Majlis-e-'mila (Office Bearers) with their name,
telephone number, address, and best time to reach them. Also, information regarding 'mila
members performing five times daily prayers and recitation of the Holy Qur'n should be
gathered. These can be gathered through an anonymous survey held in the Local 'mila
Meeting or from an IQF (Individual Questionnaire Form).

Organize a Refresher Course for all the local office bearers of the Majlis under the supervision
of Nzim Atfl. When a new office bearer is appointed during the year, a Refresher Course must
be organized for him.

Arrange Ijlas-e-'Ama (General Body Meeting) with the approval of Nzim Atfl and inform all
Atfl of Majlis though Sa'iqeen. Make these Ijlas interesting for Atfl, and try to involve each Tifl
in the program. This Ijlas should be organized every month exclusively for Atfl and should not
merge with any other meeting.

At least once every six months, arrange Parents' Day with the co-ordination and approval of
Nzim Atfl to involve parents in education and training of Atfl. It can also help to inform
parents about the current and future activities of the Majlis to get their maximum cooperation.

Organize Ashra Atfl once every 3 months. During these 10 days, make every effort to
successfully arrange variety of programs for Atfl, and analyze the outcomes of these programs.

Ensures that all Majlis' functions are held in a safe environment.

A proper Filing System must be established for Majlis records. Copies of Monthly Report,
Minutes of Meetings, Circulars, Mail Folders, Incoming / Outgoing Letters, Red Book etc.

Department of Tajnd
The Department of Tajnd (Statistics) is to keep complete records of the Atfl living in the Majlis,
and to create and implement the system of Sa'iqeen. This department should revise the Tajnd of
Atflul Ahmadiyya time to time so that no Tifl is left out of Tajnd.


Prepare a detailed information of every Tifl in Majlis including following information:

o Name, Father's Name, Address, Date of Birth, Year of Baiat, Education, Know Holy
Qur'n, Cooperation with Majlis. Please do not put age or just year of birth, but give
full date of birth with date, month and year. Remember that every Ahamd boy of
seven years of age must be considered as a member of Majlis Atflul Ahmadiyya.

Compile a separate list of Mayr-e-Saghr (7 to 12 years) and Mayr-e-Kabr (12 to 15) Atfl.

Secretary Tajnd is expected to keep track of Atfl moving in or out of his Majlis, and should
inform National Markaz about those Atfl who moved in or out of the Majlis during the month.
Ensure you provide the new address of those Atfl who moved out of the Majlis.

Inform National Markaz about boys turning 7 years of age and Atfl turning 15 years of age as
of November 1 so that appropriate changes in Tajnd are made. Also, during the year, if any Tifl
turns to 15 years of age, he will still be a part of Majlis Atflul Ahmadiyya, and will be in the
Tajnd of Khuddmul Ahmadiyya next year after November 1st as the year of Majlis Atflul
Ahmadiyya starts from November 1.

Create Ahzab and appoint a Sa'iq per Hizb. All Atfl in a Hizb should be living nearby each other.
It is recommended that a Sa'iq be appointed per 10 Atfl. However based on geographic area
and number of Atfl, it can be between 8 to 10 Atfl per Sa'iq.

Ensure that all Atfl who are living in the Majlis have filled out the Personal Information Form
(PIF) in full, and submit all Personal Information Forms (PIF) to National Markaz by September

When a new Tifl moves to the Majlis, ensure the Personal Information Form (PIF) is filled and
submitted to National Markaz as soon as possible.

Using the Personal Information Form (PIF), provide relevant information to departments as
required so they can organize programs effectively.

All Waqf-e-Nau boys who turn to 7 years of age must be the part of Tajnd. Mention that they
are Waqf-e-Nau and write down their Waqf-e-Nau Number.

Also, all Nau Mubai' boys of 7 years or older should be part of Tajnd, and in front of their name,
mention if they are Nau Mubai'.

Department of Tarbiyat
The Department of Tarbiyat (Training) is to inculcate the habit of offering five times daily prayers
preferably in congregation, Tahajjud prayers, recitation of the Holy Qur'n, respect to humanity,
and to establish Islamic values such as truthfulness, trustworthiness, respect of parents, teachers
and elders amongst Atfl. Tarbiyat work requires a very sensitive, full of wisdom, target oriented
and extremely consistent approach.


Teach Atfl good manners, respect of the mosque, respect of meetings, abstaining from foul
language, eating and drinking manners, speaking manners and brotherly love.

Make sure that Atfl understand and recite Durood Sharif and other Qur'nic prayers often.

Inculcate the habit of saying Assalam O' Alaikum when greeting everyone.

Introduce the habit of wearing a cap while present in a Mosque.

Make sure 100% Atfl must listen to Hadrat Khalfatul Mashaa live sermons regularly. Nzim or
Murabb Atfl should explain and discuss the summary of each sermon with Atfl.

Organize sessions in which Atfl watch Hudur's programs; especially Children Class and Urdu

Establish Friday Prayer Centers in schools, and make sure that 100% Atfl offer Friday Prayer.

In accordance to Hudur'saa instruction, try to bring Atfl to Mosques with the help of different
programs (e.g., by organizing sports activities in Mosques).

In order to improve and sustain the different Tarbiyati activities, various modes and means
should be used. They can be:
o Regular Tarbiyati Classes: Make practical and feasible plans according to the
geographical and educational needs of Atfl in the Majlis; e.g., establish House

Centers on smaller units where Atfl living in close vicinity within a Halqa can come
regularly, and develop a bond with each other and with office bearers.
o Ijlaasat-e-'ma: Plan and organize different activities for Ijlaasat-e-'ma, such as
presentations, departmental and individual activities, etc. These presentations can
be done by Atfl with the help of office bearers.
o Misali Tifl Program: Misali Tifl should have the following characteristics:

Offers Namaz 5 times daily

Offers Friday and Congregational Prayers

Recite Holy Qur'n / Yasarna-ul-Qur'n daily

Knows Namaz (preferably with translation), and has basic religious

knowledge according to their age group

Follows Five Fundamental Characteristics as emphasized by Hadrat

Khalfatul Mash IVrh ; i.e., Truthfulness, Use of polite and respectable
language, Care for people (awareness of others pain and a realization to find
ways of removing this pain), Patience, and Strong will and Courage.

Listen and follow the instructions of Hadrat Khalfatul Mashaa presented

through sermons and different programs specifically for Atflul Ahmadyya.

Honest and obeys Nizam-e-Jama'at and elders

o Q/A Sessions & Group Discussions: Arrange Q/A sessions and group discussions
pertaining to the needs of Atfl of the Majlis under the supervision of Learned
Religious Scholars. Demonstrate personal living examples of elders of Jama'at,
history and tradition of Islam Ahmadiyyat.
o Miscellaneous Events: Arrange interesting and appealing activities for Atfl, and
have their inputs for these events as well. Use these events to address the
challenges Atfl are facing in their day-to-day activities.

Use the Murabb Atfl System to address any personal issues and to communicate with parents.
This system has huge benefits and should be utilized for practical purposes. (See Murabb Atfl
Section for details).

Encourage Atfl to adopt the five fundamental characteristics as emphasized by Hadrat

Khalfatul Mash IVrh
o Truthfulness
o Use of polite and respectable language
o Care for people, awareness of others sufferings and assist them to resolve this
o Patience

o Strong will and courage

Supervise Atfl's use of electronic media.

Make sure Atfl recite Khilafat Jubilee prayers regularly.

When working on a target oriented approach, one should analyze the PIF (Personal Information
Form), IQF (Individual Questionnaire Form), and Monthly Report Form to ensure that
participation of Atfl is increasing in the abovementioned attributes.

Establish a bond with Atfl by visiting Atfl and their parents regularly.

Encourage Atfl to write letters to Hadrat Khalfatul Mashaa regularly, and make them aware of
the blessings of Khilafat.

Make literature (Print Media, Video Cassettes, CD's, and DVD's) available to Atfl and their
parents that deal with social issues.

Motivate Atfl to read books regularly, especially Jama'at literature.

Ensure that Atfl attend the Ijlaasat organized by Jama'at.

Promote Waqf-e-Zindigi scheme amongst Atfl.

Promote Hifz-e-Qu'ran scheme amongst Atfl. Forward the names of those Atfl who are
memorizing the Holy Qur'n to National Markaz.

Publish articles/circulars (after obtaining approval from Amr Sahib Jama'at Canada) on
Tarbiyati issues.

Train and involve Atfl in Tablgh activities.

Help Khuddm to distribute Tablgh literature in the neighbourhood.

Provide Atfl Tablgh literature, and encourage them to spread Ahmadiyyat to friends and

Encourage Nau Mubai'in Atfl to attend Namaz centers regularly to offer Namaz in

Encourage and arrange all Nau Mubai'in Atfl to participate in Namaz-e-Jum'a and other
Jama'at events.

Arrange speeches on social issues (e.g., peer pressure, drinking, smoking, dating etc) during
various programs of the Majlis by respected elders of the Jama'at.

Celebrate Parents' Days once every quarter, in which parents of Atfl should be invited. Parents
should be requested to work together with Majlis Atflul Ahmadyya in educating and training
their children morally and socially, and introduce them to common religious knowledge.

Department of Ta'lim
The Department of Ta'lm (Education) is to make arrangements for Ta'lmi Classes and for teaching
Namaz, Namaz with translation, Yassarnal Qur'n, Holy Qur'n, First 17 Verses of Surah Al-Baqarah,
Tifl Pledge, and syllabus of Majlis Atflul Ahmadyya.


Hold regular Ta'lmi Classes for Atfl and monitor their progress. Make smaller groups based on
the knowledge level of Atfl, and not age groups. The foremost important target is to make
100% Atfl learn Simple Namaz, and that all Ma'yar-e-Kabeer Atfl learn Namaz with translation.
In these classes, you can also include Ta'lmi syllabus prescribed by National Markaz.

Ask appropriate Khuddm, Ansr, and Lajna about their availability and utilize them to teach
Holy Qur'n and Yassarnal Qur'n to Atfl on daily basis.

Ensure that every Tifl must memorize Kalma with translation, and he recites it regularly.

Make sure Atfl memorize Tifl Pledge, first 17 verses of Surah Al-Baqarah, Khilafat Jubilee
prayers and last 10 chapters of the Holy Qur'n.

Make Atfl learn about the basic knowledge of our beliefs and different religion for Tablgh

Distribute books of syllabus of Majlis Atflul Ahmadyya to all Atfl in the Majlis though
Muntazimeen and Sa'iqeen, and make sure Atfl read them regularly.

Ensure that every Tifl writes the exams in order by their age group. i.e.,
o Sitara Atfl (for 7 to 9 years old)
o Hilal Atfl (for 9 to 11 years old)
o Qamar Atfl (for 11 to 13 years old)
o Badr Atfl (for 13 to 15 years old)

Also, keep record of all Atfl who passed the exam in the Majlis.

At the completion of each exam, Tifl will receive a Certificate of Recognition from Markaz.

Keep a general track of Atfl performances in school through Personal Information Form (PIF),
and make arrangements to improve these standings by having free tutoring classes available.

Arrange tuition classes for Atfl on regular basis and also arrange special classes during summer

Arrange Career Counseling and encourage Atfl to get maximum education, and guide Atfl in
choosing their profession.

Establish a library at the Majlis level and make arrangements that Atfl benefit from the books.

Arrange and prepare Atfl to participate in at least one kind of Education Competition every
month. Make sure that the maximum number Atfl participate with their best efforts. The
recommended timing for these competitions is before or after Ijlasat-e-A'am, and topics from
National Ijtima' syllabus can be used. The following competitions can be held: Tilawat, Hifz-eQur'n, Nazm, Bai'at Bazi, Quiz, Speech, General Knowledge, Essay Writings, Message Convey,
etc. Ensure winners are awarded prizes.

Department of Mal
The main purpose of Department of Ml (Finance) is to inculcate the habit of paying Chanda
according to the prescribed rate and to collect Chanda from 100% of the Tajnid.


Membership Donation is the primary donation of Majlis Atflul Ahmadyya. The collection
usually continues throughout the fiscal year (Nov 1st Oct 31st). All collection must be
completed by Oct 31st of each year. The rate of membership donation is $18 per year for each

Ijtima' Donation is used for holding the Ijtima't. The rate of Ijtima' donation is $12.00 once a
year for each Tifl.


Inculcate a habit of financial sacrifice in Atfl by collecting donation from them regularly.

Prepare and submit the Annual Budget of the Majlis to Markaz for approval prior to December

Collect donations of Majlis regularly every month, and report actual amount of Membership
and Ijtima' Chanda collected regularly to Markaz.

The donations should be collected with the official Jama'at Receipt Book. Clearly have the
proper description of the type of Chanda mentioned on receipt.

Keep local records of Atfl donations in a database, so it can be verified anytime.

Ensure that all expenditures of the Majlis are approved by Qa'id Majlis through Nzim Atfl and
proper receipts are kept for subsequent audit.

Atleast twice a year, Qa'id Majlis should audit all local collection and expenses.

Department of Waqf-e-Jadid
The Department of Waqf Jadd is responsible to increase the participation of Atfl in this scheme.


The scheme of Waqf Jadd was initiated in 1958 by Hadrat Khalfatul Mash IIra, for organizing and
supervising the propagation of Ahmadiyyat the true Islam, in rural area of Pakistan. The second
objective of this scheme is to provide religious training, spiritual and moral uplift of the rural
Jama'at of Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh. In 1986, Hadrat Khalfatul Mash IVrh made this scheme
worldwide with the idea of Ahmadis around the world, in particular from Europe and America, to
assist the Ahmadis of the subcontinent who had, up till then, looked after it on their own.


Introduce the scheme of Waqf Jadd to all Atfl with the help of circulars (approved by Amr
Sahib Jama'at Canada in accordance with the instruction of Hadrat Khalfatul Mashaa and

In accordance to the instruction of Hadrat Khalfatul Mash IIIrh, make sure 100% Atfl
participate in this scheme.

Obtain the information from Secretary Waqfe Jadd of local Jama'at through Qa'id Majlis and
compare it with Tajnid. Then:
o Get a pledge from those Atfl who are not participating in this scheme and give it to
Secretary Waqf Jadd of local Jama'at through Qa'id Majlis.
o Atfl who are paying less than $25 should be encouraged to increase to $25 so they
can become part of Nunhey Mujahid.

Make special plans to motivate all Atfl to make pledges in the financial schemes of Waqf Jadd.

Special collection should be made during Eidul Fitr and Eidul Adha.

Department of Waqar-e-'Amal
The Department of Waqar-e-'Amal (Dignity of Labour) is to inculcate the habit of doing one's own
work with one's hands amongst Atfl, and to keep the environment clean through individual and
collective Waqar-e-'Amal.


Encourage Atfl to perform household chores and to do their own work with their own hands,
e.g., washing their own clothes, cleaning their own rooms, cleaning the washrooms, ironing,
polishing shoes, etc.

Inform and motivate Atfl to clean mosques.

Hold Collective Waqar-e-'Amal activities, such as cleaning local Namaz centers, local Mosques
and neighborhoods, etc. at least once a month with proper attendance preferably after Jama'at

Educate Atfl through lectures and circulars during Ijlas-e-A'am to keep their environment as
clean as possible, e.g., to dispose of their garbage at appropriate places, keep the walk way
clean and safe.

Promote gardening amongst Atfl, and at least twice a year there should be special programs
organize for this purpose.

Hold an Exemplary Waqar-e-'Amal at the Majlis and Zil`a levels at least once a year.
o At least 60 % of the Majlis Tajnid must participate in this Waqar-e-'Amal.
o At the Zil`a level, all Majalis must participate in the Exemplary Waqar-e-'Amal. At
least 50% of the Zil`a's Tajnid must participate in it.
o For Zil`a Waqar-e-'Amal, it is not necessary to conduct the Waqar-e-'Amal in a single
location. The Exemplary Waqar-e-'Amal can be organized in multiple locations within
a Zil`a. However, all Zil`a in and around GTA should organize it at a single location.

o For a Waqar-e-'Amal to be considered Exemplary, a minimum of two hours must be

spent doing the major task of Waqar-e-'Amal.
o For an Exemplary Waqar-e-'Amal, it is encouraging to perform it outside Jama'at

Department of Sehat-e-Jismani
The Department of Sehat-e-Jismani (Physical Health) is to create awareness of the importance of
personal hygiene, physical fitness and overall physical well being of its members. Organize
individual & group exercises, sports sessions and health advisory events throughout the year.
Inculcate the highest standards of sportsmanship, truth and morals during sporting events.


Encourage Atfl to participate in sport activities arranged by Majlis at both the local and
national level.

Arrange a gym (center for sports) and setup regular (weekly) organized sporting events at the
local level.

Introduce different sports and physical exercises amongst Atfl; such as swimming, biking and
horse back riding.

Improve various attributes in Atfl through sporting events such as discipline, sportsmanship,
brotherhood, truthfulness, obedience, team spirit, avoidance of foul language and

Arrange programs for picnics, Kulo Jammiyya (pot luck), hiking and camping for Atfl to
promote outdoor activities and their physical well being.

Pay special attention towards the physical appearance of Atfl such as cleanliness of clothes,
teeth, nails etc.

Advice Atfl about nutrition, healthy eating and promote awareness of health issues. This can
be accomplished by holding a local seminar.

Develop habit of healthy eating amongst Atfl. Make special efforts that Atfl do not eat junk
foods, and instead have foods which make them health, like milk and Soya bean.

Use sports events as a useful mean to involve inactive Atfl in Majlis events.

Organize year round local and Inter-Majlis sports competitions to prepare for National and
Regional competitions. There should be at least one tournament every quarter.

Develop a database that identifies Atfl who exercise daily so that you can motivate the ones
not listed.

Ensure that Namaz is offered at its appropriate timings.

Ensure all sports events follow a proper dress code.

Inculcate the habit of starting all sporting events with silent prayers.

Arrange special events such as fund raising.

Participate in community events organized by other social, religious and cultural organizations.

Encourage the habit of a morning walk amongst Atfl.

Organize biking trips.

Encourage Atfl to have regular dental, eye and annual physical checkups.

Department of Khidmat-e-Khalq
The Department of Khidmat Khalq (Service to Humanity) is to serve humanity unconditionally
without differentiating between religion, creed or colour and to assist those in need.


Create a spirit of love and respect for humanity, and desire to serve mankind amongst Atfl
by making special arrangement to visit hospitals, shelter homes, senior homes, etc.
especially during festive seasons.

Involve Atfl in variety of Khidmat Khalq activities, e.g., helping the needy, visiting the sick,
feeding the hungry, giving directions to visitors, doing grocery for seniors, mowing the lawn
and removing the snow for neighbours etc.

Collect food, books and clothing for distribution to the needy on a regular basis.

Urge Atfl to volunteer their time at food banks, hospitals, and nursing homes.

Perform various duties at all Jama'at functions.

Establish programs for members of the Majlis to learn CPR and First Aid.

Encourage Atfl to join Scout Canada.

On special occasions, like Christmas, Easter, Eidul Fitr and Eidul Adha, make special plans for
Atfl to take them to less fortunate fellow human beings, and distribute gifts from Atfl.

Make special programs which generate income to donate for Humanity First, and at the
time of natural disaster at any place in the world, help Humanity First by any mean.

Involve Atfl by any means to help homeless people.

Department of San'at-o-Tijarat
The Department of San'at-o-Tijrat (Trade and Industry) is to promote, teach and assist Atfl with
various trades and skills, and to introduce and enhance the business skills amongst Atfl.


Establish a database of Atfl consisting of their respective skills and ambitions for future

Assist Atfl by providing career counseling services.

Teach various trades and technical skills (e.g., fixing bikes, keyboarding, basic computer
hardware / software training, photography, bookbinding, do-it-yourself techniques etc.) to Atfl
by having individual and collective training sessions.

Generate income for Majlis by organizing stalls, and collecting advertisement / sponsorship.

Organize an industrial session and industrial exhibition at least once a year.

Arrange Exhibition at local and regional levels.

From beginning of the year, make special efforts for sending variety of items from as many Atfl
as possible to National Exhibition.

Department of Isha'at
The Department of Ish'at (Publication) is to produce publications and encourage Atfl to send
articles to local and National publications.


Create Atfl section in an existing local newsletter (i.e. one published by Khuddm) and list all
key activities for the past month and important upcoming events.

Encourage Atfl to write articles for Al-Nida, Hadeeqatul Atfl, and other magazines and

Ensure that all Atfl receive Hadeeqatul Atfl and local newsletter regularly.

Submit articles, poems, and other materials for publications written by Atfl to National Markaz.

Collect articles of Atfl's general interest from magazines, and send them to National Markaz.

Design and publish (paper and electronic) event specific flyers for various programs of the

Hold Essay Writing Contest and include the names of winners in the local newsletter, and send
the winning essays to National Markaz.

Encourage Atfl to write essays for National Essay Writing Contest.

All publications done by Majlis must be approved by Respected Amr Sahib Jama'at Canada in
accordance with the instructions given by Huduraa.