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LOW cost FLexible Integrated

composite Process

Project Overview
• Title: LOWFLIP – LOW cost Flexible Integrated
composite Process
• Topic: Technology transfer in the area of Transport
• Duration: 3 years (Oct 2013 – Oct 2016)
• EU-Project (FP7)
• 10 partners from 5 EU countries
• Budget: 4.5 Mio € (EU contribution: 2.9 Mio €)
• Coordinator: University of Stuttgart


LOWFLIP Consortium


LOWFLIP Objectives
• New automated composite manufacturing processes

50% reduction of the investment costs and energy consumption compared to SoA
Draping system for small and complex 3D parts (Automotive)
Media placement system for large parts (Aerospace & Transportation)

• A new raw material

Out-of-autoclave prepreg
Processing at room temperature, high glass transition temperature
New matrix formulation for fast and energy-efficient curing

• Multifunctional low-cost toolings

Fast and energy-efficient heating and curing
Compaction based on vacuum pressure for lightweight and low cost design
Short cycle times due to combined heating and cooling cycles

• Simulation tools for draping systems and material processing
• Prototype cell and demonstrator production

Demonstration of the LOWFLIP processes and tools in an automated production cell
Full scale production of 3 demonstrators: Automotive, Aerospace, Transport



LOWFLIP Demonstrators
Front wall

Cross beam

Tail cone


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Contact persons:
Project Coordinator: Stefan Carosella,
Project Manager: Frieder Heieck,
Dissemination Manager: Ricardo Mezzacasa,