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Sunwing Travel Group

Field Trip Assignment

Due: April 3rd 2014
Student: Jyoti Sanghvi
Professor: Judy Wallace

Course Code: TOC 317 Winter 2014


Sunwings company organization contributes to their business success for

the following reasons:

1. Employees develop greater proficiency in job-related skills due to specialization
2. Economies of scale are achieved due to centralized resources (labour,

information, infrastructure, etc.)

3. Ease of coordination within the function & Ease of direction from top

Founded in 1985
Began operation in 2002
Based in Toronto, Canada
Started off as a privately owned company and now a family
managed/ operated business
Offers all inclusive vacation packages, leisure flights, group travel,

hotel and car rental deals

Serves in the Caribbean, Mexico, Florida, & Central America
Companies within the travel group
Sunwing Airlines full service airline at low costs
Sunwing Vacations
Signature Vacations (co-sister)

Sunwing takes pride in innovation, creative, and forward thinking
management that allows pioneers in creating new products, new
concepts and new ideas.
By 2015 Sunwing will have 37 aircrafts
Mobile Access (i.e.) Sunwing App

In Jamaica Resorts; Plans to have water parks for

Invest in more owned/managed hotels and have exclusive
rights to them (i.e.) Blue Diamonds

1. Product Department
The Product Department manages positive relationships with
suppliers in order to obtain rate reductions that can be passed on
to the final consumers. This department consists of 11 Product
Specialists & 5 Directors. They must all be Bilingual in Spanish or
French, as well as knowledgeable about suppliers products.
2. Retail Division
The Retail Division is responsible for the selling vacations to
consumers. This division consists of 22 Agents and has 39 Offices
across Canada. The Agents job is to communicate with
consumers via phone & maintain positive relationships to
encourage repeat business
3. Groups Department
The Groups Department manages groups of customers. This
department employs a team of Agents who offer discounted rates
for groups of 10+. They are responsible for communicating with
consumers over the phone & encouraging bulk purchases via
discounted rates offerings.

4. Cruise Specialist
The Cruise Specialist Department manages all calls related to
cruises. These agents are responsible for being up to date on all
cruise ships and destinations. Furthermore, they are responsible
for selling to & booking cruises for consumers over the phone.
5. Retail Help Desk
The Retail Help Desk is located in a branch or call centre. This
department is responsible for aiding employees who require advice
or direction. This departments task of supporting other employees
is essential to promoting employee effectiveness.

6. Customer Service Department

The Customer Service Department is located in a branch or call
centre. This department is responsible for providing support to
consumers. This departments tasks include, but are not limited
to; complaint management & requests for information (i.e vacation
package inclusions/exclusions, insurance information, etc.)

7. Crew Travel Department
The Crew Travel Department is responsible for coordinating
the activities of all flight crew, in terms of flight schedules,
hotel accommodations and rest. This department is located
in a branch or call centre.


Family Collection
Beachfront destinations along the Caribbean, Mexico, & Central

From age-specific, supervised Kids Clubs and playgrounds to
teen lounges and kid-approved buffet selections
Kids Stay, Play and Eat Free deals


Adults Collection

Child free environments & more intimate feel

Stylish la carte restaurants
Extensive spa facilities
Special Milestones, Destination Weddings, Honeymoons &
Luxurious Gateway


Luxury Collection
Exclusive to Sunwing with featured amenities to please
Room service and mini-bar included
On-site spa facilities


Small & Friendly Collection
Good things come in small packages
Intimate hotels with about 100 rooms
All amenities within close proximity
Friendly staff you'll get to know on a first-name basis


Villas & Condos Collection
Home-away-from-home feel while on vacation
Home rentals, villa rentals and holiday houses
Properties featuring pools and other welcome facilities

Opinion on Company
From my perspective, I find that this company had a vision and
started small then over time built themselves up. By doing so, they are now
well known all around as a get a great vacation for less of the cost.
I really enjoyed the trip at the Sunwing office in Mississauga because
we as a future employee got the opportunity first hand just how it looks and
how it works such as call center and traveling package deals.

By Sunwing expanding, they have to constantly keep up to date

whether it be by setting up in different locations, pricing, or even by joining
forces with the infamous social media as a marketing strategy really found it
insightful to know that even though Sunwing is a bit behind, they strive for
new innovation that the consumers can obtain easy access in the new way of
booking vacations.
Its not just walking into a travel agency and having a travel agent do
all the work, no times have changed and so has the consumers expectations
having to be able to shop/book vacations right in the comfort of their homes.

Companys Set Up
The call center is divided up to 7 different departments (i.e.)
Product Department, Retail Division and etc.

There are cubical for the employees to work in Daily Board

for companys goals and motivational quotes
Even though it looks cluttered it is vitally well organized by
systematic procedures

Current Target Market For Products
Bilinguals; English, Spanish, & French
Students; Spring & Holiday Breakers
Seniors; Retirement Vacations

Couples; Newlywed-Honeymooners
Families; Group Travel Vacations

Strengths of Company
Language oriented

Team work
Taking advantage of social media technology wise such as Apps
Persistently update future long/short term goals and rate changes

Weakness of Company
Travel to fewer parts of Europe

No Travel package options for the future baby-boomers

Lack of Mandarin-speaking employees. Mandarin is the most
spoken language on Earth, with over 1 Billion speakers.
Ignoring this market could alienate many potential

Potential Areas for Growth

Product Line
Place greater emphasis on senior-friendly vacation packages to reach

out to the large baby-boomer demographic. Given impending

retirement, targeted offerings should be price sensitive.
Begin offering discounted rates for Groups earlier (i.e. Groups of 6+)
Target Market
Suppliers: work together to create novelty vacation packages and
seek greater rate discounts.

Seniors: Aging demographic that will soon be retired and have ample
leisure time.
Mandarin speaking travellers: Being able to communicate with
Mandarin-speakers would greatly increase Sunwings consumer base.