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Marsom 1

Kara Marsom
Professor Gomrad
2 December 2014
ePortfolio Reflection:
Evaluative Reflection where you discuss the strengths and weakness of your best or
favorite assignment. Explain while making specific references to your work. Discuss
your best work for this course and explain why it is your best. Be specific.
Over the course of this semester Ive evolved as a writer. I have been able to take
a hard look at my writing process and I was challenged to complete assignments where I
would have to interview and investigate, these are things I was not familiar with until
taking this course. These components have broadened my skills as a writer.
My favorite work of the semester was the rhetorical analysis of a writing construct. I did
ample research and investigation into this topic allowing my to produce a factually based,
unbiased, paper. I was able to pull from a myriad of sources to support my argument.
Something I did that shows progress and maturity in my writing was show casing each
side of the argument. I chose an article that further established my negative point of view
on textings effect on todays generation, and I also included an article that supported the
opposing view of the argument. I refuted the opposing argument within my paper. This
technique allows the audience to explore both sides of the argument, therefore not to
come across as a bias writer.
My paper really had a sense of my voice for the first time in my writing career. I
was able to add a personal experience of mine and discuss how that can be considered

Marsom 2
proof for my argument. So often in my previous writing I would state the facts and the
information, but in this essay I felt comfortable incorporating my personal beliefs into the
My conclusion on this paper was strong. The final paragraph of my essay was
powerful, but the final sentence was hidden call to action, urging people to reevaluate the
importance of electronics and texting in society today.
I am very satisfied with this paper; it really gets the point across and hits on all
components of the assignment. I really explored both sides of the argument and
established my point of view on a mature professional level. I added validity to my
argument with the specific articles I collected to further the evidence for my point of
I definitely accredit this course for the positive changes I see within my writing.
The ePortfolio was a great tool to be able to compile my work over the semester and
critique my progression. I will continue to add to my ePortfolio as I progress in my
college career, and periodically reevaluate my progress as a writer.