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Charles Zyk
Rebecca Agosta
UWRT 1103-007
7 November 2014
Annotated Bibliography
Are the fans passionate about the Panthers or the players?
"Carolina Panthers Fans Show Support for Steve Smith." YouTube. YouTube, n.d. Web. 07 Nov.
This video is about Panthers fans and how they show their appreciation for
Steve Smith. Smith has been a player for the Panthers for 13 seasons and
has been a great asset to the team. The fans show that even if he is going to
be playing for another team that they will still support him and his family.
The fans made signs and talked about their greatest memories that they had
for Steve, they also stated all of the things that he has done for the
organization (Fans Show Support). The fans claim that Steve is the “Heart
and Soul of the Carolina Panthers. (Fans Show Support)”
I think that this is really interesting when it comes to the discourse
community of Panthers fans. It sort of splits the community down the
middle. You can’t cheer for Steve Smith is if is playing for a team that is
going up against the Panthers. It’s interesting that the fans grow an
emotional bond with not only the Panthers but their players too. It’s cool to
see how football players have such a great effect on the citizens. It’s crazy

Comment [AR2]: So they were able to point to
many things and show how knowledgeable they
were about Smith.

Zyk 2
how passionate these fans are not only about the organization but for the
players as well. The fact that people will take the time out of their day and
make posters for a professional football player is pretty remarkable to me. It
is nice to see these people come together as a community for someone.
Another thing that was interesting was how the lady was so passionate for
him. I’m not trying to sound sexist but from the information I got from my
observations it came to a surprise to me. I’m sure that the women
sympathize with the players feelings more than the men would.

Comment [AR3]: How will you use this in your
research? How is it a credible source?

Do negative players dissuade people from being Panthers fans?

Comment [AR4]: Great exiting question,
especially since this piece was so positive.

Hickory Tavern. Observation. October 30 2014.
I arrive into this bar halfway through the second quarter and at
this point in the game the saints had just came away with the first score.
Everyone in the bar above the age of 21 was certainly intoxicated so all of
their emotions were running wild. Unfortunately the Saints got away with
another touchdown before the end of the half so the score was 14-0. Many
of guys just started to drink more in order to cope with their disappointment
with their Carolina Panthers. During halftime everyone seemed to calm
down a little bit but it was easy to see that the guys still had much frustration
and rage inside of them. The women didn’t really seem to care as much as
the men did. Sports have always been more of a guy thing anyway. As the
second half began to start everyone was beginning to get rowdy again.
Much of this game the quarterback Cam Newton was not having a
particularly good game and you could tell by the howls of the individuals in
the bar. He was overthrowing almost every pass and everyone in there
hated it. What I’ve noticed at this point is that even though the Panthers
were losing everyone was still drinking. What would it be like if they were
winning? Oh I know, they will still be drinking. I’m not sure if how much
they drink correlates directly to how much the Panthers are winning/losing
but I feel like the only reason they are “fans” is because it gives them an
excuse to drink. Anyway as the game went on the same things would repeat
themselves. Either they would cheer when the Panthers made a good play
or the Saints made a bad play, and they would boo if the Saints made a good
play and the Panthers made a bad play. Most of the people began to leave
before the game was over because they already knew that the saints had it in
the bag. By the end of the game the only people that were left weren’t even
watching the game anymore they were just drinking. I guess another thing

Comment [AR5]: Interesting observation

Zyk 3
to take in consideration is that since this was a home game why weren’t they
at the game? I believe that it would have different if it was an away game
because all of the “hardcore” fans wouldn’t have been able to go to the
games. And as the final people were leaving they all got in their cars and
drove home. Probably is not the best life decision but there isn’t really
anything that I could do to stop them. As I was leaving there were still
people there and it makes me wonder what they do when they are not at the
When people go to the bar to watch a football game they tend to drink more
than they care about the actual outcome of the game. As the game
progressed the “fans” became more and more drunk and their cheers became
more and louder.
This observation opened up a new door to me for being a Panthers fan. I
knew that many people would drink while they watch the game but I thought
that was more of a supplement to watching the game but to some people the
drinks is really why they came to watch the game. I would not consider the
people that I observed true fans of the Panthers. Many of the “true” fans
would be at the game if it was a home game. I think that this observation
has helped my with my inquiry question. Obviously someone who is
beyond drunk is someone who doesn’t go to see the game but rather go to
consume alcohol. It’s not just games like this but some people will find any
excuse where it is socially acceptable to get absolutely wasted. It’s sad that
some people live their lives like this but it is what it is. Something that was
also interesting about my observations was the difference between the
women and men. They men were into it almost the whole time and the
women just seemed to be there because there husband/boyfriend wanted to
go. It made me think that maybe women would like to go to bars like this in

Comment [AR6]: So you are noticing that
alcohol plays largely into this – I’m guessing that if
you had observed a family watching at home, this
may have been different. Maybe the alcohol would
be switched out for chips and dip – but food/drink
does seem to be largely connected to gamewatching.

Zyk 4
order to meet new guys. I can guarantee that 99% percent of the women in

Comment [AR7]: ehhhhh

the bar that were wearing jerseys couldn’t even name the player that they
were wearing. The men were very emotionally and physically involved with
the game while women just sort of sat around. There was 1 woman that was
pretty into it however the vast majority was not.
How do women play role in this discourse community?
Why are you so passionate about the Panthers?
Nelson, Nolan. Personal Interview. 30 Oct 2014

What makes you passionate about the panthers?
Has your relationship grown with your father from watching the panthers with him?
Do you have a ritual or ceremony that you do before each game
Do you have one game in specific that you remember? If so was it a good or bad game?
Describe A time that the panthers won and you celebrated. How did this make you feel?

1. my family has had tickets since the panthers inaugural season and all of us have enjoyed
watching every game together.
2. yes, sports are our most common interest and specifically the panthers are the main interest.
We have watched most games together and talking about the games has really helped develop a
3. If it is a home game I go to the stadium around 10am and we tailgate, if it is away I usually go
home around 12 and we grill out before the game.
4. yes in 2004 I went to the super bowl and we lost a very close game to the New England
Patriots. The experience was awesome and it was definitely the best sporting event I’ve
witnessed but definitely a huge disappointment considering the outcome of the game.
5. Last year on my birthday the panthers beat the saints on a last second play to clinch the
division. It is safe to say that night was the most twisted I have ever been.
Nolan tells about his enjoyment that he has during the Panthers’ game and why he feels this way.
He explains that it will always put him into a good mood when the Panthers
win and that he really likes the bonding time that he has with his father and

Comment [AR8]: are women conditioned to
show their interest differently?

Zyk 5
the rest of his family. Nolan likes the Panthers more because of the time that
he gets to spend with his family rather than the actual outcome of the game.
Nolan has made it a routine to go home every time that there is a game to be
with his family. He says that he enjoys grilling out with this father if it is an

Comment [AR9]: Yes, this connected to my
comment above.

away game and he likes tailgating with his family if it is a home game. As I
expected his most memorable game of the Panthers was the one time that
they went to the super bowl in 2004. It’s interesting because at this time he
was only about 9 years old. He describes this as the “best sporting event that
he has ever witnessed” which is interesting to me because I can barely
remember anything when I was 9 years old.
This impacts my research because going into this I originally thought that
the only reasons that people like football is to cheer on a team and to
consume alcohol. When Nolan talks about how the Panthers have brought
his family closer together it really makes me take a step back and think
about what the Panthers are really about. Not only is the NFL’s intentions to
entertain people but I’m sure there is a reason that almost all games are
played on Sunday. Sunday is a perfect time for families and friends to get
together and to just have a good time together. It gives people hope and
encouragement. The NFL and the Panthers are a lot more than just football;
it is a bonding experience like no other.
What percentage of fans like the Panthers for bonding time with their

Comment [AR10]: Great notes.

Zyk 6
How do Panther’s fans do to help them win on gameday?
Swales, John. ''The Concept of Discourse Community." Genre Analysis: English in Academic
and Research Settings. Boston: Cambridge UP, 1990.21-32. Print.
Swales talks about how “A discourse community uses its participatory
mechanisms primarily to provide information and feedback. (Swales)” Even
though on is in a discourse community and is an official member, some
members may never be open to any of the communications or anything that
goes on in it. Many people are in a discourse community for the
informational opportunities. “The secondary purposes of the information
exchange will vary according to the common goals.(Swales)” Having
information on something can give you a different opinion then before you
had the information. For example it could be a new player that the Panthers
picked up.
Being a hardcore panthers fan is a lot more than just watching the game
every Sunday. A true fan will keep up with what players are doing on and
off the field. They will keep track of what players the Panthers acquire
through trade and what players get injured. Even if the fans know all of
these things about the players and the coaches, it doesn’t change the
outcome of the game. A fan no matter how knowledgeable they are of the
Panthers’ roster cannot make a difference. It brings up the question why the
fans do this. Why try and learn all the ins and outs of the organization if a
fan does not have any ability to give feedback on who starts or anything like
that. I can understand that a fan will want to know who is playing so they

Zyk 7
know how good of a chance the Panthers have of winning but some of the
things are just useless. After thinking over this information a few times I
have come up with a conclusion that the reason they do this is to prove to
people that they are bigger fans than others. For example if two fans were to
get into a fight at a bar about who was the bigger fan then the only way to
know is who is more knowledgeable of the Panthers organization. It also
gives the fans more pride. I have a hunch that the fans will be more
knowledgeable of the team for bragging rights as well. This almost
establishes a ranking system between the fans but I think it is more of a
personal self-pride thing.
How does the Panthers’ fans discourse community differ from other
Carolina sports team fans?
What is different visually from a casual fan from a hardcore fan?

Comment [AR11]: And it seems to me like you
noted some of these things in the bar observation.
All of your sources are very strong. It’s obvious that
you had reasons to conduct research in this way and
each of them provided great insight.
Your leading questions and exiting questions
showed a great direction with your inquiry. It’s
obvious that you were able to gain information from
the research and seek out the next connection or
gap in information.
Overall, strong annotated bib, and I look forward to
exploring this information more in your genre piece.