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Students Disrespecting Teachers

by: Sara Conway, Shelby Lowder, Ilana

-A feeling of deep
admiration for
someone or
something elicited by
their abilities,
qualities, or

-Lack of respect or
-Show a lack of
respect for; insult

Current Punishments
-Varies on the situation
-Is not mentioned in the school handbook,
because is already expected from students
entering high school.
-From most students perspective, they don’t
enforce punishments for disrespecting teachers
-On a daily basis, we witness students
disrespecting their teachers and most teachers
don’t really do anything about it.

-Students who consistently talk during class
while the teacher is teaching. (minor case of
-Talking back, insubordination, (medium case
of disrespect)
-Students standing up and making a big scene,
cussing out the teacher, and then walking out
of the classroom. (worst case of disrespecting)

Disrespectful Classrooms

Examples (continued)
-Not following directions
-Interrupting the teacher or students
-Getting up in the middle of class for no reason
-Not keeping hands to yourself
-Inappropriate Language
-Listening to music while the teacher is

Our Form of Punishment
-After school detention for an hour.
-In this detention time the student must:
-Write a 600 word essay with an apology to
the teacher
-admitting/realizing what you did was
-stating how you will learn from your
-realizing that whatever your teacher did

Our Form of Punishment (continued)
-If the teacher thinks that what you did
deserves more than this, they can add
additional punishments.
-having the student clean their classroom
-helping in the cafeteria
-assisting the teacher with whatever they
need done.

-If the student refuses to write the essay for
whatever reason, they will have to serve 2 after
school detentions instead of the one.

How Punishments Help in the Future
-These punishments help them gain a sense of
respect for other people.
-They will hopefully become a better person
because of their mistakes.
-They will learn from their mistakes.

School Handbook
-The handbook does not have a specific page
that states punishments when it comes to
disrespecting a teacher
- We think that it is not in the handbook
because respecting a teacher should be
expected from high school students already

Student Handbook Continued
-We believe that there should be a page added
in the handbook describing good behavior in
the classroom and how to treat a teacher

Students Should Respect Teachers
Teachers should be treated with respect. It is
their job to help educate their students with
information that the kids do not know.
Teachers overall do a lot for students and
should be treated correctly. Teachers are only
trying to help educate their students and teach
them life lessons.

Respectful Classrooms

Lets Make WNHS a More
Respectful School