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Assignment: (LBS 392)

Panera Bread:
Please attempt discussion questions 1, 2 and 3 given at the end of the case study.
(Please note that you will have to hold discussions amongst yourselves to answer the questions, you
may have to do a little bit of internet research to assess the five forces completely. There should be
REASONING and Logic behind your answers as well; general answers with neither any conceptual
knowledge nor any reference to theories will be marked low).
Ayub Khan Clothing:

What was the old target market of the entrepreneur?

What market did he attempt to target after taking the consultants advice?
How many Males are there in Manchester between the age of 16 to 44?
Can the number of mixed residents who are males be calculated from the data? If so how many
are there? Did you make any assumptions?
5- Please have a detailed group discussion and explain where Ayub Khan went wrong. Please do
not give general answers for this use the data given and discuss this answer especially in terms
of the target markets chosen by Ayub.

Please note: I will not entertain any questions before assignment submission, nor will I check
your assignments informally before the deadline. You should be confident enough to tackle
uncertainties in the case studies; assume or do research wherever you think information may be
lacking although the cases are quite complete and we have discussed both the market and
industry analysis in detail.

Submission: Before Mid Term (i.e. Thursday coming week). No deadline extensions will be
given. Marks will be deducted for late submissions. The assignment is worth 8%

Warning: You may refer to the internet for research related to the restaurant industry five
forces only, apart from that there is no need for internet based research as such, depend more
on your class notes and group discussions. The ostriches thinking they can get away with copy
pasting will be severely penalized in this assignment. Of course you can use the internet to
clarify your concepts further but not to find direct answers to copy.