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David John

UWRIT 1101
December 3,2014
Final Reflection
University Writing 1101 was my first college level writing class and I know I
performed up to the level I knew I could. At the beginning of the semester I was nervous
about this class, and wondered if I would be able to keep up. Throughout high school,
English was always the subject that held me back and the class I always struggled with.
My junior and senior year of high school I was able to address some of the issues I had in
the class, which paved the way for me into college. These experiences were described in
my literacy narrative.
When we were assigned the literacy narrative, I was excited because the paper
was about me, so I could get a lot of information written and thought the assignment
would be easy. But as I started to write it, I had to think hard about what my literary
background was and where I came from. My finished product though was material I was
proud to submit. The writing process I went through to get to the final product could have
been better. I rushed through the paper, instead of getting complete ideas, but was able to
put it together with the revisions. I could have done better during the editing process and
processing the comments I received during the peer review. The comments I was giving
after I read my peers paper were accurate. During high school I was able to participate in
a lot of peer reviews and learned what to look for in other papers and the material that I
should be editing and what I shouldn’t be editing. In the few peer reviews we have done
so far I have been able to portray that skill.
With the semester coming to end, I think the work the best demonstrates my
writing journey is the literacy narrative. In the beginning of the year the literacy narrative

was rough, but I was able to describe my journey as a writer up until now. Through the
class I learned more about textual description and dialogue and was able to add those
features to polish the literacy narrative.
With the ethnography assignment I also learned more about the drafting process
and that the process does take time, and for those who haven’t had as much practice, like
me, it will take even more time. For all three major assignments this semester we were
given a longer period and due dates for our rough draft and final draft, and class in time
for editing. I know in future classes we will not be given all of these commodities but
having this practice early in college will be useful in the long run. I thought the peer
revising periods were also useful. I was able to give classmates useful criticism that
would make their paper better.
My goals set at the beginning of the class were simple; to change as a writer. I
know that is a broad goal but those goals seemed appropriate for me in writing class. I did
not know what had to change about my writing to make it better, but I knew that the
writing process never stops and change is needed. I did not want to waste my time in the
class simply writing material I did not believe in. I wanted to take risks that would
change me as a writer.
The risk I thought was most successful was in my ethnography assignment. We
were introduced to discourse communities, and then jumped right in by researching one
of our choice and writing a paper on why the particular group was a community. The
research was easy to collect, but the real challenge and risk was observing the
community. For my project, I researched the fantasy football community. The challenge
was finding a fantasy football community on campus, but also interviewing them and

figuring out how best to describe them in the paper. I thought the risk worked. I was able
to get an idea of the community as a whole and able to provide a detail description in the
One of the problems that occurred in this paper and I have struggled with in the
past is description. I have always tried to figure out how much description I need to
include and how much is too much. One activity that helped me with this problem was
the genre analysis. I know the purpose of the genre analysis was to break down different
types of genre and analyze why each part was included. But when presented with these
different types of text, I was able to read a lot of the articles included. These articles were
professionally written and helped me with the description aspect of my papers.
Overall I thought the ethnography assignment was able to foster my growth as a
writer most for the reasons above. The risk I was able to take with gathering the
interviews and information and the toning of my skills for the drafting process helped me
grow as a writer.
This differs from the assignment, which was most important to me, which was the
ten genre analysis. Even though their were ten, I took each one seriously because I knew
analyzing different types of text would be most useful for me in future classes. I thought
this class was centered on the genre analyzes and one of the main aspects of my writing
skills that was improved in the class was breaking down a text. Breaking down the text
helped me understand what is necessary to include in different literatures I will write.
In my midterm letter I addressed the issue that I did not participate enough during
class, in the first half of the semester. The reason I did not participate was that I thought I
had nothing to add to the class discussions. For the second half of the semester, I told

myself that I would talk a least once each discussion. Even if the comment did not add a
lot to discussion, it kept the discussion going. I did participate and turns out that being
involved in the class discussions, is another way to improve as a writer. Bouncing ideas
off of each other is a great way to think of new and creative ideas.
My growth as a writer was significant this semester. By learning how to break
down a text I learned all the parts needed to put together to compose a successful text.
Risks are needed in writing, and you cannot improve as a writer without taking risk. Each
day should be a day I improve my writing and this past semester I know I did just that.