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Sabrina Reyes
Prof. Jackie
English 114a
3 December 2014
Entering my first semester in college I was nervous as anyone else would be about the
quantity and quality of work that was soon going to be expected of me. My first impressions of
my English class were that it was going to be difficult and I was going to be demanded to write
these ridiculous ten page papers. I expected it to be difficult but I felt I was ready for it because
in my last year of high school I took an AP Literature course and the teacher was rigorous and
expected a lot from us when it came to analysis and writing papers. When Professor Jackie
assigned us our first progression I thought it was simple because I was so used to the writing
papers. I didn’t find myself having difficulties with anything. I think the things we analyzed and
wrote about were fun because in high school they would make us stick to the classics. But here
in this class I was writing and learning about things from this century which was delightful. Once
we had to analyze and write about a cartoon hyperbole and it was so much fun because they were
humorous and entertaining. English is actually my favorite subject so it helps that I enjoyed
doing the work.
One thing I defiantly learned from this class was that I’m too hard on myself and I expect
more than what I actually give sometimes. I don’t believe this is necessarily a bad thing but
through all these progressions I have learned to accept my best for what it is. Things didn’t start



to get hard until progression three. In progression three I had trouble fulfilling the word count
and finding counter arguments, which were two of the most important requirements for that
progression. I tried and tried but I couldn’t seem to find the right fix for that essay. Especially
when it comes to word count, sometimes I just run out of things to say, like I talked about
everything I possibly can but my word count says otherwise. However, I believe my writing
skills have improved. I believe have become a stronger writer because I know so much more
now. For example, the need of introducing a quote, the importance of transition sentences and
the importance of essay structure. Something I need to continue to work on is my vocabulary. I
need to expand so that my essays don’t become tedious when I use the same word to describe
something. For 144b I know we are going to be doing analysis on watchmen. I’m very curious to
see how that goes. It’s defiantly going to be something different. I just hope that I continue to
grow into strong writer and have fun while doing it.