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C&T 100 #1

Name: Katherine Anderson
Date: November 12th, 2014
C&T 100 Teacher: Shigo
Fieldwork Teacher: Bradney
Fieldwork School: Lecompton Elementary

Observing Your Fieldwork Experience Teacher
1. Does the teacher teach students as individuals? What evidence do you see of this?
Yes, Mrs. Bradney does teacher her students as individuals. She does this by focusing on
how each student is performing when it comes to physical education. She knows a lot about
each of her students.

2. How does the teacher encourage a positive learning environment?
She adds humor to her classroom, which makes her approachable to the students. For
example, when it was one of her student’s birthdays, she pretended to give him a birthday
spanking which led to all of us, including the birthday boy, laughing and having a good time
before getting focused on P.E.

3. How does the teacher engage students in collaborative learning?
All activities required working together or collaborative interactions. All of the students
interact with each other in the P.E. classroom. Some activities, such as Octopus tag or
activities with the Parachute, involve collaborate learning.

4. How does the teacher demonstrate that they really know the subject that they are
When giving instructions, she explained why it is important to do the following activities.
She clearly reads up on her work and does research regarding what is best for her student’s

Document Created by Cynthia Shigo and Silas Schaeffer, 2014
Questions adapted from the InTASC Standards

C&T 100 #2

5. How does the teacher make their academic subject relevant to their students’ lives?
Her academic subject is important in the daily lives of her students. She makes them work
on their fitness, which will be important for the rest of her students’ lives.

6. How does the teacher check to make sure the students are learning?
She will often make sure everyone is listening. She has a good eye and ear for students who
seem distracted. When she asks questions, she involves everyone. She doesn’t just call on
one or two students. She makes sure everyone also has a turn in being the leader for the
day as well. To sum it up, she includes all of her students equally in her lesson.


What different teaching strategies do they use? (List at least 5)
Includes all of her students
Active participation
Has numbers in different languages on the walls to introduce her students to different
4) She is a strict teacher, and requires discipline
5) She can be silly at times though, remembering that she is teaching children

Teacher Interview Section
8. How does the teacher plan to make sure that each student learns?
“There are standards everyday. Repetition and observation are essential as a P.E. teacher.
Sometimes one-on-one sessions are needed. Group activities and encouraging students to
interact with one another is also a useful strategy to make sure each student learns.

9. How is the teacher working to become a better teacher?
She attends state and national conventions. Mrs. Bradney has her Masters in Kinesiology
and Sports Psychology.

Document Created by Cynthia Shigo and Silas Schaeffer, 2014
Questions adapted from the InTASC Standards

C&T 100 #3

10. What does the teacher do outside of the classroom to help their students?
She attends as many workshops and conventions as she can. She reads the newest
literature. She also supervises during and afterschool activity programs and coaches high
school softball.

11. What is the teacher’s educational philosophy? Do they feel their philosophy fits well
into the public school system?
“All children can and will learn. That’s my privilege to do. If a children isn’t learning,
don’t blame the child, blame yourself, and try to figure a new way to deliver

Document Created by Cynthia Shigo and Silas Schaeffer, 2014
Questions adapted from the InTASC Standards