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1  Romeo  

Michael  Romeo    
Ms.  Ingram    
Writing  1101    
3  December  2014  
It  would  seem  that  in  the  short  period  in  which  I  posed  those  questions  
regarding  this  class  about  a  month  ago,  I  could  now  confidently  answer  all  but,  one  
of  them  caught  my  eye.  When  I  asked  the  question  “What  “qualities”  do  you  look  for  
in  a  good  writer,”  I  did  not  truly  understand  the  depth  of  this  question  until  recently.  
For  this  question  has  no  simple  answer  nor  does  it  have  a  direct  one.  It  would  
appear  that,  at  least  to  me,  all  the  qualities  that  the  writer  does  not  have  separates  a  
good  writer  from  great  one.  To  elaborate  on  this  thought,  let  me  pose  a  question.  Is  
there  such  thing  as  a  perfect  writer?  You  will  quickly  retort  will  a  simple  no.  But  
why  is  this?  Perfection  is  something  only  achieved  by  a  God,  or  someone  who  knows  
everything.  To  tie  this  back  in  to  my  original  question,  the  one  quality,  in  my  
opinion,  that  goes  in  to  the  creation  of  a  great  writer  is  knowing  what  he/she  does  
not  understand,  and  having  the  ambition  and  drive  to  improve  on  that  goal.  Over  the  
coarse  of  the  last  month,  in  this  class,  I  have  gained  the  ability  to  understand  my  
weaknesses,  and  except  them  for  what  they  are.  But  knowing  is  half  the  battle.  I  
know  am  at  a  period  where  I  am  working  diligently  to  correct  the  mistakes  of  the  
past  in  my  literary  career,  be  it  punctuation  or  spelling.    

2  Romeo  
When  looking  at  the  various  key  concepts  that  are  important  to  having  a  
healthy  and  active  “habit  of  mind,”  I  feel  that  all  of  them  are  important  in  their  own  
way.  To  me,  I  found  that  thinking  critically  could  have  a  huge  impact  on  how  these  
concepts  are  implemented  and  how  they  can  be  used  collectively  as  opposed  to  
individually.  Thinking  critically  is  an  important  concept  to  practice  not  just  in  this  
class,  but  also  in  ones  daily  life.    Using  this  skill  allows  one  to  obtain  the  great  depth  
of  knowledge  hidden  in  the  world  around  us.  When  this  skill  is  not  being  used,  yes  
you  may  think,  allowing  you  to  do  daily  tasks,  but  you  miss  out  on  the  intertwining  
dimension  of  thought  and  reality,  something  that  can  only  be  obtained  by  looking  at  
situations  critically;  where  your  mind  is  empowered  to  wonder  and  explore.  But  one  
portion  of  the  “habit  of  mind”  that  I  still  have  troubles  with  today  is  being  able  to  go  
beyond  the  boundaries  of  my  comfort  zone.  For  I  would  imagine  that  a  lot  of  people  
encounter  difficultly  going  beyond  what  they  know  and  exploring  the  new.  This  is  a  
scary  feeling  to  most,  including  me,  but  I  know  that  it  is  necessary  to  be  successful  in  
not  just  college,  but  life.    Collectively  all  the  many  concepts  of  the  “habit  of  mind”  can  
lead  one  to  a  happy  and  healthy  life.  The  hard  part  is  being  able  to  apply  them.  
In  the  journey  I  have  betaken  in  writing  the  various  assignments  in  the  class,  
my  writing  has  undergone  a  lot  of  changes  –  some  good  and  some  bad.  But  I  believe  
that  noticing  the  different  views  on  something  is  an  important  skill  to  have  in  life.  
Take  for  example,  the  first  paper  we  were  to  write  for  this  class  depicting  our  first  
literary  experience.  When  I  was  in  the  process  of  writing  the  first  draft,  I  found  

3  Romeo  
myself  in  a  vicious  cycle  of  writing  and  revising.  One  quote  from  that  paper  that  I  
really  like,  was  when  I  was  concluding  my  English  career  through  sixth  grade.  I  
wrote  “To  this  day,  whenever  I  find  myself  in  a  position  of  confusion  when  writing  a  
paper,  I  think  back  to  that  class,  and  what  it  has  taught  me  not  only  as  a  writer,  but  a  
student  in  the  external  classroom  of  life.”  This  quote  symbolizes  the  change  I  went  
through  as  a  writer  in  my  early  stages,  and  it  has  a  great  meaning  to  me.  But  in  the  
final  paper  I  was  to  hand  in  for  this  assignment,  I  wrote  one  quote  that  really,  in  my  
opinion,  had  great  depth  to  it.  In  the  end  of  my  paper  I  was  to  hand  in,  I  wrote  this,  
“For  what  I  had  learned  transcended  the  boundaries  of  writing,  and  incorporated  
itself  into  my  daily  life.”  Talking  about  the  lesson  of  finding  myself  in  my  own  
writing,  this  quote  depicts  the  copious  intertwined  skillset  that  is  needed  in  creating  
a  great  piece  of  writing.  Overall,  in  the  various  drafts  that  I  have  made  in  this  class,  
going  into  the  revision  process  with  a  diplomatic  mindset,  has  given  me  great  
success.  Just  being  able  to  understand  the  different  points  of  view  that  my  fellow  
peers  had  has  transformed  my  paper  into  something  that  was  good  to  something  
that  is  great.  
I  choose  Adrea  Moore’s  E-­‐Portfolio  to  rhetorically  analyze  for  the  simple  
reason  that  she  understands  her  target  audience,  in  this  case  students  and  teachers.  
She,  the  author,  understands  her  audience,  and  does  an  amazing  job  of  conveying  a  
simple-­‐to-­‐understand  purpose  in  her  portfolio.  She  does  this  by  not  hiding  but  
visualizing  her  growth  as  a  writer,  a  quality  few  and  far  between.  All  of  the  writers’  
choices  work,  in  the  sense  that  she  is  able  to  convey  the  fact  that  writing  is  not  

4  Romeo  
perfect,  letting  everyone  in  on  her  journey  as  she  becomes,  in  my  opinion,  a  great  
writer.  In  terms  of  Aristotle’s  appeals,  she  does  an  exquisite  job  of  harmonizing  
pathos,  ethos,  and  logos.  Appealing  to  the  full  spectrum  of  people  viewing  her  work,  
it  seems  that  she  is  able  to  compose  her  audience  perfectly,  intertwining  logic,  
emotion,  and  ethics.  I  view  this  E-­‐Portfolio  as  a  rollercoaster,  in  the  sense  that  she  
immediately  captures  my  attention,  and  I  take  the  journey  of  her  personal  growth  as  
writer  with  her.  This  journey  is  made  very  pleasant  by  her  great  ability  to  
incorporate  multi-­‐modality  into  her  writing.  Between  the  wonderful  diction,  
beautiful  visual  appeal  by  the  meaningful  pictures  used,  and  spacial  justice  done  in  
this  E-­‐Portfolio,  she  encapsulates  all  the  important  qualities  necessary  for  a  writer  
to  be  great.  But  for  the  genre  of  this  masterpiece,  I  would  not  say  it  is  just  an  E-­‐
portfolio,  but  rather  self-­‐improvement.  This  genre  makes  more  sense  to  me  because  
she  is  able  to  take  through  the  process  of  her  writing  improving,  something  that  can  
be  used  by  all  students  struggling  in  this  area.  With  that  being  said,  I  would  deem  
this  E-­‐portfolio  as  extremely  successful.  Being  able  to  help  someone  through  your  
own  work  is  a  true  quality  of  success  in  my  opinion.    
As  of  the  midterm,  I  have  a  B  in  this  class,  and  I  believe  it  is  rightfully  so.  In  all  
honestly  I  do  not  think  I  am  currently  working  at  the  level  of  “exemplary”.  For  this  is  
the  case  for  multiple  reasons.    But  foremost  I  believe  it  is  for  my  lack  of  detail  and  
explanation  in  my  work.  This  is  something  I  have  always  had  troubles  with  through  
out  my  literary  career,  and  I  continue  to  work  hard  at  it  today.  When  this  course  
concludes  in  a  few  months  I  will  hopefully  be  working  at  an  “exemplary”  level  rather  

5  Romeo  
than  an  “above  average”  one.  The  difference  between  the  two  of  these  levels  of  
work,  to  me,  will  take  some  polishing  up  in  various  areas  but  I  firmly  believe  it  can  
be  done  with  hard  work  and  ambition.  Overall,  I  think  my  current  level  of  work  is  
good,  but  it  can  be  great.  With  that  being  said  I  will  work  diligently  to  achieve  my  
goal  of  an  A  in  this  class.  And  I  think  that  will  not  be  as  hard  as  I  am  making  it  out  to  
be  if  I  do  all  the  assignments  and  complete  all  the  readings.  For  Writing  has  been  my  
nemesis  for  far  to  long,  and  I  am  willing  to  make  it  a  friend.