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Trey Campbell
Mrs. DeBock
October 21, 2014
Annotated Bibliography
Research Question: How do sports influence the young people’s lives?
Working Thesis Statement: The youth that are involved in sports are influenced by giving them
confidence, maintaining good health and improving their academics.
Refined Thesis Statement: The youth gain confidence in their body and they stay healthy, begin
to be better in their academics.
Allen, Lawrence. "Becoming Good SPORTS." Parks & Recreation 40.3 (2005): 66. MasterFILE
Premier. Web. 8 Oct. 2014.

The Becoming Good Sports article is about how the sports help the youth grow and
develop in a good positive way. The Sports actually give the youth power to learn responsibility
and leadership. The youth get out in public and are more social after being involved in sports. It
gives makes them outgoing, being able to go out and become friends with new people. The
participation in youth’s sports can also bring them closer to their families. The youth’s parents
coming to watch them play their sport. The article shows that the youth playing sports also keeps
them healthy and in shape. They become more responsible with having to know all the things
that you need to know to play that sport. While being in the sports the youth are more desirable.
This article is important to this research because it helps you understand why the youth playing
sports is a great thing.

Campbell 2

Denham, Bryan E. "Youth Sports Participation And Attitudes Toward Societal Competition,









Advertising." Youth & Society 41.1 (2009): 124-147. Vocational and Career Collection.
Web. 10 Oct. 2014

In this research article it explains how the youth gets influence by a combination of
things that the youth are influenced by while participating in youth sports. It gives them a variety
of traits that they can use. They are exposed to a combination of responsibly, good
sportsmanship. The youth were exposed with challenges that they have to figure out, and be
independent. By youth being in sports they will gain more confidence in themselves in being
better. Also it would give them sportsmanship, learning how to work with other people and work
together. Basically learning how to become an adult and learn the responsibility to be an adult.
Being exposed to the danger and bad things that could happen. They start to get an attitude for
completion and begin be cocky and not scared of anyone. This article is important to this
research because it gives some good information on how it influences the youth lives.

Sandford, Rachel A., Rebecca Duncombe, and Kathy M. Armor. "The Role Of Physical
Activity/Sport In Tackling Youth Disaffection And Anti-Social Behavior." Educational
Review 60.4 (2008): 419. Advanced Placement Source. Web. 8 Oct. 2014.

In my last research article it describes about how the sports is playing a big role in the
youth lives. The study shows that the young people that were participating in youth sports were

Campbell 3

more social and were able to gain confidence with their body. The more interesting fact is that
the kids being involved in sports are most likely to stay out of trouble. That means staying away
from the drinking, smoking, drugs use, underage and unprotected sexual activity. It basically
saying that they are too involved in sports to be able to focus on those kind of things. If the youth
are involved and occupied by playing in sports then they would be focused on getting better and
not worry about anything else. Another reason this article explains is that while they are active in
sports they maintain a good health and remain healthier. This article is important to the research
because it gives some great detailed facts about how the sports impact there youths lives.

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