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Welcome to Wiki’s!

Tori Hogston
Shea Hunter
Arizona State University 2014

Here is the Gameplan...
What is a wiki?
Background of Wiki’s
Pros and Cons with Wiki’s
What are wiki’s used for?
Who uses wiki’s? Purposes?
What can WE do with wiki’s?
Your turn! Class Activity
Video Tutorial

What exactly is a Wiki?
❏ A database of various pages that enables users to
edit information live.
❏ Comments from other users are thought of as the
“building blocks of wiki’s”
❏ Features include:
*Calendar Sharing
*Live AV conferencing (Audio Video Conference)
*RSS feeds (publishes frequently updated information)


-Creator: Ward Cunningham “WikiWikiWeb” Search engine. 1994

- “WikiWikiWeb” based on his memories of the “Wiki Wiki Shuttle” at the
international airport in Honolulu, Hawaiii.
- "Wiki" is the Hawaiian word for "Quick"
-Originated loosely from the journal feature of the NLS system, (oN-Line
System) and Vannevar Bush’s “Memex” system, and the collaborative
hypertext systems “Notecards” and “Hypercard”
-First Wiki= “WardsWiki” spun off into sister sites like “MeatballWiki”



Free SoftWare/Free to create

Access for everybody

No prior informational knowledge

Possibility of privacy breach

Allows for multiple collaboration

Tech support limitations

Access Anytime/Anywhere

Plagiarism and Copyright issues

All in one document/No need for file

Easy to distort content from original

Continuous Access

Difficult to verify reliable source


Who uses Wiki’s?
➔ Buisnesses


Customers of Businesses

WHY do I need to use Wiki’s?
-Wiki’s are Easy to use.
-Highlight that Knowledge is forever transforming.
-Most of the options available on Wiki are FREE!

-No additional software download required.
-Wiki’s can be Public OR Private.

Check this out!!

Discussion Questions
1. After learning that anyone can edit wikis, would you
use sites like wikipedia for information? Why or why
2. In what ways could users benefit from anyone being
able to edit articles?
3. How will this affect where you choose to do your

PowerPoint-Shea Hunter
Research-Shea Hunter
References- Shea Hunter, Victoria Hogston
Discussion Questions- Victoria Hogston
Class Activity- Victoria Hogston

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