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Savannah Guajardo
Mrs. DeBock
English 4
November 17, 2014
Effect of Ultrasounds on Medical Patients
Ultrasounds are not only used for pregnancies. How do ultrasounds benefit medical
patients in general? Many problems can be detected by ultrasounds. They can be used in
everyday life situations. Cranial, abdominal, and musculoskeletal ultrasounds can determine the
risk of someone’s life. Ultrasounds have major effects on medical patients.
Ultrasounds are very common in sports. Musculoskeletal ultrasounds target tears, soft
tissue tumors, and many other problems that can effect an everyday athlete. Gielen says that
these ultrasounds are used to detect changes in size, appearance, and organs. Musculoskeletal
ultrasounds are more effective than a MRI (Gielen). It also less expensive than a MRI. Even
though there will be slight pressure to read the ultrasound, it is painless for the patient.
Abdominal ultrasounds are more common for people who have been in an accident or
had a bad fall. They are also used for people who experience pain in their lower stomach
(Sternlof). That goes to show that it is not just made for fetal monitoring. Sternlof says that this
kind of ultrasound can detect any kind of mass. All types of ultrasounds can improve someone’s
health and can save a life. Many problems can be detected by abdominal ultrasounds: injured
organs, kidney disease, gallstones, pancreatic disease, and aortic aneurysms.

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Cranial ultrasounds are more commonly used on infants (Cranial Ultrasound). It is less
complicated to do this type of ultrasound on infants because their skull has not yet formed
together completely. It can be used on adults, but only if they had recently had brain surgery
(Cranial Ultrasound). This allows the sound waves to travel to form a picture. Ultrasounds
cannot see through solids. Cranial Ultrasound says that when used on babies, it can evaluate an
enlarged head, growths around the brain, and any kind of bleeding in the brain.
Ultrasounds are used on an everyday person. Many people make the mistake of thinking
it is only used for prenatal patients. It may not seem like it, but everyday someone gets an
ultrasound that benefits their life and wellbeing. Ultrasounds have been proven to not be harmful
because it is only sound waves. They are extremely effective to everyday people and even

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