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Joseph Luebbe
EDUC 526
September 4th, 2014
The Teaching Philosophy of Joey Luebbe
The traditional system of moving students through their education like parts
on a conveyor belt is outdated and must be changed. My philosophy of teaching is
based around changing the quality of education that every student receives. This
requires four key components: establishing myself as a dedicated member of the
community, collaborating with fellow teachers, incorporating technology into the
curriculum, and establishing a safe community of students inside of the classroom.
I believe in order for teachers to be fully effective in the classroom, they must
become trusted members of the community they teach in. Establishing relationships
with the families of my students is very important to me and is a crucial part of the
students’ education. The home is the foundation of our student’s education, having
parents’ support is crucial to being an effective teacher. Communication between
myself and my students’ parents or guardians should be frequent, encouraging and
Communication is crucial within the building between staff and
administration, as well. Collaborating amongst teachers on lesson planning,
methods of teaching, and professional development is absolutely necessary and can
provide teachers with a support system that is reliable. I believe that, as teachers,
we must also actively engage ourselves in action research. We must never stop
learning and adapting.

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Technology has unlocked very effective and motivating ways in which we can
teach students. It is important that teachers embrace technology in their classrooms
and incorporate it into their curriculum. As technology continues to evolve and
become more advanced, we as teachers have the opportunity to equip students with
the skills they need to succeed at the next level of education and in their daily life.
Technology can be used as an organic tool to reach students and bring them to the
top level of Bloom’s Taxonomy.
Creating a positive and safe classroom environment is the most important
part of my philosophy. Regardless of parents’ cooperation with me, the level of
collaboration within the building, or the technology the school can afford; students
must feel that the classroom is an open environment where they can express
themselves without the fear of ridicule or being wrong. Learning how to deal with
making mistakes and being able to move past them have been one of the life skills
which I have learned (usually the hard way). I hope to impart that on my students. I
want to teach my students the value of their own perspective and that of everone’s
around them. If I can reach students on this level, then everybody has the
opportunity to succeed.
In order for me to be truly effective as a teacher, I must be actively involved
in the community and with the parents, collaborate with fellow teachers and
administration, incorporate technology into my curriculum and methods of
teaching, and create a safe, open classroom environment. As a teacher, it is my duty
to succeed in all these aspects so that I may effectively generate creativity and the

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desire to learn in my classroom. Teachers are the fundamental building blocks to
reforming the educational system in the United States.