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Tallon Nielsen
Carolyn Holloway
English 2010
Technology Friend or Foe

With great technology comes great responsibility, and with responsibility comes the
knowledge to benefit all mankind. I will be exploring the heights and benefits technology has
brought to us, but also the great downfalls technology has sown in society and our lack of
personal responsibility. Technology has been a blessing and a curse in our daily lives because of
human nature. Human nature in itself is destructive.
Since the dawn of time, man has ceaselessly used his ingenuity to make a better life for
himself and for those around him. The most beneficial of all these creative inventions was that of
fire. The stories of old tell us great things about how fire came to be, my favorite is that of
Prometheus (which means Forethought) In his story, Prometheus stole fire from Zeus to give to
man so they may be warm, have cooked food, and can make tools. Zeus was fearful that if man
had fire, they may become wise like the gods and one day cast them out of their kingdom.
Prometheus was always thinking of the future and making ready for what might happen

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tomorrow. (Baldwin) Much as mankind is always searching for a better way of life. If we had not
stumbled upon the gift of fire we might still be like lost children in the dark fearing that
tomorrow will never come with only the moon to light our path.

Our needs and consequences:
We have come a long way since the days of the caveman. We can now talk with or
friends and family on the other side of the planet with devices smaller then a pack of playing
cards. Technology has provided us with the ability to share time with loved ones in a fast paced
world. Websites like; Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest, the Stock Market, the Internet and all the
things that have enhanced our lives in one way or another. The list of technological
advancements that man has created are endless. We no longer need to adapt to the harsh
environment in which we live. We can now build homes with air conditioning to escape the heat
and the damaging rays of the sun. We can create creams to fight off bugs, and fire in different
forms for cooking our food. We have video games to escape reality. But what are these things
really costing us?
We are constantly manipulating our environment to suit our needs. Now we can create a
virtual reality to escape our daily life. Even though we are even more connected as a people
technology has a way of disconnecting us from the most basic of human interactions. People live

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life on Facebook, or video games. There is even a small world called “Second life” it’s an online
roll playing game where you basically build the life you want and live it out. A Korean couple let
their baby starve to death because they were addicted to this game. (Tran) We created the
microwave for more convenient cooking. Have you ever asked how a microwave works? Or,
what is really happening to my body from eating the food made from it? According to the Online
Journal for the American Association of Integrative Medicine, Dr. George J Georgiou talks about
how microwaves cause cancer. They tested food made in a microwave and found that
“Nitrosodiethanolamine” (a well-known cancer-causing agent) was found after heated, also
extreme damage to the food and those who consume it. (Ph.D.) Simple tools that have been
created to make life easier may be one of the leading causes of cancer in our world.

Simplicity has a cost:
We live in a fast paced world, everyone is on the go, and man needed a simple solution to
eating on the go, so we created fast food. A creation that is slowly destroying us and one of the
leading causes of obesity in the United States. With obesity comes the disease of type 2 diabetes.

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“Obesity accounts for approximately 300,000 deaths a year in the United States.” (Maddock)

According to the CDC This chart shows how much fast food has changed in 64 years. (Control)
We are a society obsessed with convenience. We are willing to trade the simple things that make
us human for convenience. We trade social interactions for social media. We are using social
media to spew all of our opinions, emotions and thoughts. We even now use technology for
dating as well as shopping. The Internet provides a vast ocean of websites for anyone's particular
taste to dive into making it easier to find that special someone or making it easier to find that
perfect gift. We are willing to trade our privacy for convenience allowing anyone into our home
via the Internet. We trust people by giving out our credit card numbers, trusting the sites we visit
to be reputable. Even though we are more connected with people through technology, technology
eliminates the human aspect of face-to-face social interaction. We can now learn, go to school,
shop, visit with friends, anything you desire right from the convenience of your couch. You no
longer have to go to bars, clubs, or social gatherings to find a date, because now dating is just a
click away.

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In turn, this perverts our ability to interact socially with others. For dating, people play on their
cell phones instead of talk to each other. Kids would rather play video games then play outside
and use their imagination. The very thing that connects the world disconnects us as individuals.
If we are to survive it is important for us to learn to unplug and reconnect with the people we
love or connect with new ones. We need to take personal responsibility to be disciplined.
The nature of desire:
The human nature is all about owning things, a new cell phone, purse, car, new shoes,
nicer clothing, a better way of life. With the desire of possession that looms in all of us comes
the desire to protect ourselves and our things. Before we were civilized if you wanted something
your neighbor had, you would simply bash him in the head with a rock and take it. So man
creates weapons. With advancement in technology, the spear becomes the bow and arrow, the
arrow becomes the bullet, the bullet becomes the nuclear bomb. With all things, he who has the
bigger stick is in charge. Weapons are created to defend people from those who intend to do
others harm or come and take what you have. Technology gives us a better way to kill each
other. If we were more obsessed with bettering the world around us instead of getting a new
IPhone we might live in a greater world. Technology is something that is there to better our lives,
but with the factor of selfishness and greed in human nature, we are only concerned with
ourselves and consumed with our own survival. Our survival is what prevents us from taking
accountability for the things we do wrong in the world. As we grow as a people and as corrupt

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people gain control over technologies that are there to better us and help us grow, less
accountability will befall us and eventually destroy us. We create Nuclear power plants to fuel
our society with power, a great part of our technological ingenuity. However, there have been
several meltdowns that have affected the ocean, people, wildlife, our food chain, and generations
of people. The Chernobyl melted down is said to have killed 93,000 people and counting because
of radiation caused cancer (Mycio). Over 300,000 have died to this day from the bombing of
Hiroshima. Just 3 years ago there was a meltdown because of an earthquake at Fukushima
Daiichi in Japan. Over 20,000 people died and will most likely cause big problems for our future.
(Snyder) With every step forward we take, there seems to be something big and destructive that
sets us two steps back. We are a people who are constantly learning, we learn from our mistakes
and we move on. Let’s just hope we learn well enough before we destroy ourselves.
Technology is what connects the world together. We will always find a way for it to be in
our lives. We are human and it is our nature to be inventive and creative. With new demands and
an ever growing population we will always find a way to make life better for others. Technology
is very important in our lives it helps us grow, live longer, and connect. We are bound to make
mistakes and get burned by the very fire we use to create our tools with. But we will learn and
become better for our own survival. Technology is not the problem, Technology is a a benefit
and a strength to us. The real problem lies in being human. With great technology also comes
great laziness. We no longer need to know how to spell; our phones do it for us. We no longer
need to learn basic math, machines do it for us, we no longer need to learn to read the newspaper,
we have the news pumped into our homes with radio and TV. We don’t need to learn to read
books, because all good books are made into movies. Advancing technology has made us a lazy

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people. We are an instant gratification society, if things are not working out for us, we simply
move on to the next product, cell phone, person, trend, ect. Patience is something that will lose in
the end. With more technology comes more demanding people, people who have lost a sense of
what it is like to wait for things. How many have seen someone get angry because their smart
phone is taking 1 min to load google? Technology is not the problem, human nature and our
desire for faster more efficient things has brought us down to the level of children. If there is not
a change in our habits and our personal choices, then society is inevitably doomed.

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