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 Orients and explains the CTSO/Student Leadership to students
 Submits an annual plan of events and budget projections yearly (including expenses,
fundraisers & community service projects)
 Guides the class in the selection and installation of officers
 Organizes and supervises regular CTSO/Student Leadership student officer meetings (at least
one meeting per trimester). Meeting minutes put in CIP Self-Review folder.
 Prepares membership rosters for CIP Self-Review folder.
 Determines which competitive event(s) best matches curriculum
 Plans, organizes, and completes a local skills contest to determine which students will
compete at the regional level
 Registers students for competition in a timely manner
 Models and encourages professionalism and good sportsmanship in student competitions
 Implements and enforces CTSO/Student Leadership rules and regulations with students
 Encourages and supports student community service efforts. Documentation of community
service placed in CIP Self-Review folder.
 Communicates with parents and local schools regarding student participation in CTSO/Student
Leadership events and activities
 Accompanies, supervises, and assists students in preparing for local, state and national
events and activities
 Non-CTSO competition—documentation of competition must be placed in CIP Self-Review
 Organizes and participates in CTSO/Student Leadership fundraising activities; ordering and
tracking fundraisers and collection of money
 Plans and manages CTSO/Student Leadership budget
 Plans and completes appropriate fund raising events per OAISD guidelines
 Works cooperatively and in a timely manner with administration and the CTSO coordinator on
arrangements for transportation, lodging and registration for competitions.
 Works cooperatively with CTSO/Student Leadership advisors at the Careerline Tech Center
and with advisors from other schools in the region/state to plan and conduct competitions

 Completes and submits CTSO/Student Leadership paperwork and required documentation
 Makes all arrangements for, travels with, and supervises students at the regional, state, and
national leadership conference and skills events per OAISD guidelines. Deviations must be
approved by administration.
 If an inappropriate behavior or health concerns occur during a CTSO event, staff may utilize
the following options:

Contact the supervisor of the event
Contact CTC administration for advice
Contact police
Contact parents