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Running Head : Stop

Stop Cyberbullying
Jocelyne Perez
RWS 1301


Stop Cyberbullying
One of the best websites about cyberbullying in specific is called This
is written to all males in their early forties, whom are catholic, have children of their own, status
of middle class, administrates school districts in the state of Texas who live in El Paso, who care
as much about the education, and are against bullying. The purpose of this essay is to analyze the
rhetorical devices of pathos, logos, and ethos and evaluate how those devices appeal to the
website’s audience.
The pictures, consequences, and parental guidance in this website brought and emotional
impact through pathos. There is a picture of four different students laughing at their phones,
which reminded me of when I was bullied. Because I was accused of bullying my sophomore
year in high school, supposedly I uploaded a picture of a girl’s name in the soccer team under a
drawn rainbow, when I wasn’t involved in social media at the time. When I got accused the
assistant principal harassed me and used my own religion against me; no one in the school
supported me. I got kicked out of the soccer team, my scholarship was taken away and I had to
take counseling sessions. The picture caused me to feel anger and disappointment on how
schools are not caring enough about informing students on the damage it causes to others. As I
was reading it explains the effects that cyberbullying produces on other students; one of causes is
they fall into depression and they want to skip school. Because I went through depression after
they ruined my high school years I understood the consequences and I wouldn’t want students to


go through that. Parent guidance is really important, and parents should check their kid’s social
networks. Because my mom wasn’t aware of what was happening she went through so much
trouble to defend me even though I was founded guilty with no evidence. If parents start being
aware and if schools would take the time to give parents classes then there would be less
disobedience in schools.
Logos experiences logos because the tabs, logo and colors used make it simple
to follow. As I clicked on the “What is cyberbullying” tab it shows you a list of the main topics.
When I clicked on the topic of preventing cyberbullying the site navigated me to the description
of how I could prevent it. Because clicking on the tabs take you directly to what you are reading
about makes this website easy to understand. The logo of the site is “”, the word
stop is in color red. Because its’ in color red we relate it to the stop sign which makes a statement
to be aware of what’s happening and in this case what is happening at schools. If the topics
weren’t listed in the right section then there would be a misunderstanding on what the main
topics would be. Although, since this website has logic it makes it straightforward to use for
those who enter this site.
Perhaps the postulate of the government agencies influenced on this website and the
organization of text aids ethos. “A federal government website managed by the U.S. Department
of Health & Human Services 200 Independence Avenue, S.W. - Washington, D.C. 20201”
(, n.d) this presents where you can mail or visit to get more information.
Because of where and whom controls this site gives credibility to ethos. In this website there is


no grammar errors. If this website were to lack the English language then this website would also
lack intelligence. However, since they arranged every text using the English listing process. It
precisely gives intellectual capacity.
Ultimately, all appeals were use efficiently throughout this website. The most effective
rhetorical device was pathos. It brought to me such an impact when I read and saw the pictures, I
wouldn’t want anyone going through what I have gone through. The least effective appeal was
logos. Even though there was logic involved, the emotional appeal tended to manifest more
throughout the site. In conclusion, I would like you to enforce the knowledge in bullying at
schools using rhetorical devices that are presented among this website so all schools can be
influenced to end bullying and make a change in education.


Cyberbullying. (n.d.). Retrieved October 16, 2014 from