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Off-Campus Observation Map

Name: Kelly Perez


Name of School: G Holmes Braddock High School

Town: Miami

Name of Teacher Observed: John Sacca
Observation Date: 11/24/14

Describe the teaching
environment. Who are the
children? Who is the teacher?
How might the school environment
impact what happens in the

State: Florida

Class: Wind Ensemble
Time: 10am

Grade(s): 9-12

Date Submitted: 11/24/14

The environment is filled with a feeling of disorganization. The students feel rushed by the band director, John
Sacca, to get their instruments and sit down in their assigned chairs. The wind ensemble is comprised of 9-12th
graders. The school environment has no significant impact on the classroom.

What were the teacher’s goals for
the class/ensemble? How did
she/he act on those?

The marching band season had just finished and he was rushing to prepare the students for the winter concert. Or
at least it seemed like it. He passed out a stack of various songs in which they would be playing in the concert and
tried to sight read through them all at once. The students seemed disengaged and some were even using their
phones or had headphones on listening to some other music.

What teaching/rehearsal
strategies did you see? What was
the learning sequence?

There was nothing more than just sight reading the music and picking at places that needed extra fixing. He sang
the rhythm to a certain problem area in the piece and then told the students to try again, resulting in little
improvement. He would state that there was a problem area and that they would be work on that but he didn’t tell
them what the problem was.

The students lacked an understanding of the rhythms and could not catch on. I would implement a bit of theory

What would you do differently?
every day or a bi-weekly lesson in theory for the day. I would explain to the students what the problem is exactly in
What was missing from the lesson?

the piece of music that needs to be worked on and then tackle it by telling certain sections what they could do to
improve that part in the musical piece and try it once more section by section and then all together.

What evidence did you observe
that would indicate that the
learning goals were met?

The students seemed as unprepared when they left the classroom as when they entered the classroom. The goal of
sight reading all the pieces were met but the goal of preparing them correctly was not.The band director

What evidence of critical thinking,
critical feeling and/or critical action
did you see?

The band director spoke to the students about what would be occurring next class and what they should expect.

What National Standards did you

1. Evaluate and make appropriate adjustments to personal performance in solo and ensembles.
(MU.912.C.2.1) (to an extent)
2. Make critical evaluations, based on exemplary models, of the quality and effectiveness of performances
and apply the criteria to personal development in music. (MU.912.C.3.1)
3. Transfer expressive elements and performance techniques from one piece of music to another.

How did students engage in the
classroom? What was happening
at the time when students were
really focused?

The majority of students were disengaged. However, those who were would write corrections in their music and
things to watch out for.

Describe a "teachable moment"
that you might have witnessed.

I like how the band director conducts. I would model his patterns in the classroom. While not exactly a teachable
moment, it would be useful for myself in a classroom to conduct in the way that he does.

What constructive comments might you make about this lesson/rehearsal?
I would like to see a more engaged classroom by having Mr.Sacca try something a little more creative and not just
hand them music and expect them to play it well from the get go. I’d like to see more references to theory and how they
can use it to help them improve in their playing. Maybe try giving them something to get excited for.

What is your overall assessment of this teacher, the students and the lesson/rehearsal?
Needs much work but there is potential especially, as this is their first year with a very large program.