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Kaitlyn Januszkiewicz
Rebecca Agosta
UWRT 1102-002
3 November 2014

Annotated Research/Bibliography
Does ones name create identity?
Hedrick, Micheal. "How Our Names Shape Our Identity." Week., 15 Sept. 2013. Web. 27
Oct. 2014.
In this online magazine the author has done his own research on how names
affect ones personality. He discusses a research study on boys who have girls
names. It was found that boys with girls names are more likely to act out in
class once they hit 6th grade. He also discusses how peoples self-esteem can
be related to their name as well. He later explains in his article that people at
first meet try to gain as much information about you as possible and that
ones name can have an influence on their first reaction of someone. This
author gives multiple examples supporting that ones name does have an
affect on their personality and feels that a name can say a lot about
The research that this author has done helps to support the inquiry question
that people can connect with their name and it can influence their identity. It
shows that not only does ones name effect ones self-identity but how other
people view someone as well. This source is credible due to it being
published on an online magazine The Week along with other web pages.

What does ones name say about them?

How much of ones name identity is influenced by them and how much of it is from
the perception of others?

Does having a very ethnic name hold more identity than a common name ?
Does having different names allow someone to have different identities?
Kaplan, David, and James Fisher. "A Rose by Any Other Name: Identity and Impression
Management in Rsums." Employ Respons Rights Journals. 21 (2009): 319332.
Springer. Web. 27 Oct. 2014
This published Journal is written to show how different names can affect your
resume. Its a guide on how to build or rebuild your resume. This article is helpful
because it shows different accounts of people who had to change their name to
help boost their chances for a job. In one exert it discusses a man whos name is
Ashley. It explains how he has always changed his names to different names
because Ashley wasnt fitting. Its a good example of how people dont connect to
there name but proves that your name can describe who you are. It shows that
names have identity by the fact that the exert describes a situation where someone
thought he was a girl, when he really was a very masculine man who went by
Bull. In another part of the article it described a situation where someone used
their very cultural name to their advantage. The boss of the company was a leader
in the uban- migr community so he used his entire uban name. This allowed
for the boss to make a personal connection with the resume just from his
This paper is a good example how just your name can say a good amount. It
is the first thing that someone reads on a resume and they can already start

building ideas about you by just that. It is good for my research because it
proves that people connect names with identity, with gender, culture or
others. This piece will be a great to tie into my Jose piece to show how a
cultural name can help instead of just hurt someones identity. This article is
a published peer reviewed article showing that is had to go through process
before being published.
Are their pros and Cons to someones name?

Does having a very ethnic name hold more identity than a common name ?
Matthews, Cate. "He Dropped One Letter In His Name While Applying For Jobs, And
The Responses Rolled In." The Huffington Post., 9 Sept. 2014. Web. 27 Oct.
This article depicts a situation where someone was denied job interviews buy just
one letter in his name. The article tells the story about a man Jose who didnt hear
back from companies after sending in his resume. He then resent in his resume to
the companies but only this time dropping the s. After doing this he receive
multiple job interviews. This source is an example how someone ones name can
hold a negative identity. How people created a bad identity off of a cultured name.
This is another good example how people create ideas about someone off of just
their name. Meaning that just a name can hold identity.
This source comes from a published online news paper. This article is a good
source to be used in my paper to prove that people create an idea about someone
based off of their name. I plan on using this piece along side the Mathews piece
so show how name identity can have pros and cons.

How much of ones name identity is influenced by them and how much of it is from
the perception of others?

Does ones name create identity?

Does having a very ethnic name hold more identity than a common name ?
Shang, Eva. "After 18 Years As YingYing, I've Decided To Change My Name To
Something "American"" XO Jane., 25 Mar. 2014. Web. 27 Oct. 2014
One of my primary pieces is the Shang piece. Shang is a Chinese-American whos
birth name is Ying Ying. Shang grew up in America and talks about in her piece that this
name never felt right to her and she knew she wanted to change her name at just 7 years
old. She explains she wants a more American name. Through out the piece she talks
about the process she goes through in finding her name. Shang expresses how powerful
a name can be and how much identity or information it can hold.
This piece is relevant to my topic because its an example of someone who felt
very unconnected with her name knowing how much a name can show her identity. How
a name can show culture as well. This is also connected to my piece because it shows
how someone can feel victimized by his or her name as well. This piece will be used to
back the question that a name does convey identity. This article was published on a
creditable blog post site.

Can one choose their identity or is it already given to them?

Does ones name create Identity?

Does having different names allow someone to have different identities?

Spldbch. Name and Identity. This Is Me. 15 Jan. 2012. Web. 27 Oct. 2014.
This piece is a blog post written by a women who feels that you can either be
attached or unattached to your name and depending on this can influence your
identity. She explains how she is attached to her name. She explains she has
become comfortable with her name, it has meaning and it connects her to her
family to history. She explains because of this attachment that when it came time
of marriage she didnt want to take on the name of her husband. Her husbands
response was that sharing the same last name was a symbol of our new family
the one we created when we got married. Meaning a new identity could be
This piece shows someones personal feelings towards my research question. It
proves that is not just a question but that people actually feel that their name
creates their identity. Its a great piece to back up each of the questions listed

Does different names start new chapters in ones life?