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Yog Sandesh July 09 (ENGLISH)

Yog Sandesh July 09 (ENGLISH)

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Published by Manmohan Gupta
baba ramdev yog sandesh
baba ramdev yog sandesh

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Published by: Manmohan Gupta on Jan 07, 2010
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Editorial 4
Your Experiences 5
Punarnava : Qualities And Benefits 6
The Natural Remedies For The Diseases
Occurring In Rainy Seasons 9
Permanent Cure For Throat Diseases 13
Yogic And Natural Remedies
For Healthy Hair 16
Motherhood in Teenage :
Bad Effect On The Health 17
Treatment Of Syphilis 20
Avoid The Disorder Of The Bowel 21
Yoga : The Basis of Healthy Life 23
The First Rule Of Protection Of Our Health:
Awakening Early In The Morning 26
Causes And Cure Of Acidity 27
Wise Pundit And Foolish Emperor 30
Revered Swami Ramdev Ji Maharaj And
The Future Of India 31
The Axis Power Of The Health:
The Nabhi Chakra 33
Vibhuitpad 35
There Is No Knowlege Without A Guru 37
Vedic Appeal 38
The Divine Chemical Of Air 39
Vedic Secret Of Other World And Rebirth 40
Mandukyopanishad 41
Swaraj Or Self-Dependence
Is Our Birthright 43
After The Awakening Of The Dharma,
Why India Is Still In This Situation 44
Knowlege Of The Time : Kaal Tattva 47
Bharat Swabimaan (Trust):
Goal, Philosphy and Principle 50
The Evidence Of The Ayurveda
In The Vedas 51
The Patanjali Medical Center Opened
With The Blessings Of
Revered Swami Ramdev Ji Maharaj 54
sun. =rr= ¤¤ ¤fa. rrf¤a. ¤tran.ì
rrz a ¤·r ¤a -a a·r ª ¤ =rr¤¤a ìì
Year : 6 Issue : 11 July 2009
Acharya Balkrishan
Dr. Rajendra Vidyalankar
Jayshankar Mishra
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The revered Swami Ramdev Ji
Maharaj has played the trumpet to
spread the preachings of “YOG” in the
far off countries beyond the seven
oceans and seas. The people of
Mauritius are aware and know the ben-
efits of “YOG”.This is the main reason
why a decision has been taken by the
government of Mauritius wherein The
Minister of Culture, Education and Hu-
man Affairs-Shri Vasant Kumar
Vanwaari- and other senior officers from
his department held a meeting at Yog
Peeth.The outcome of this meeting was
to roll out the same syllabus and prac-
tices of “YOG” in different schools of
Mauritius as it is taken care of by the
Patanjali Yog peeth.The curriculum
would be taught in the first classes of
the Primary Education in the schools of
Mauritius. After this, the same would
be continued till the twelfth standard as
part of the formal education. According
to the Education Minister of Mauritius,”
For many years I was striving for the
root knowledge to be established in the
schools and I was determined about i.e.
was trying my best to plan and design
such a curriculum.Today,with the bless-
ings of Yog Rishi Swami Ramdev Ji,I am
able to procure such a curriculum. I
hereby touched by the Yog Patanjali
Peeth and would be always attached to
it emotionally”. Swamiji Maharaj has es-
tablished the philosophy of “YOG” and
awareness has been created about it
worldwide. The result of this is that the
international governments are moti-
vated and ignited to design and plan
out a curriculum for the education of
the Yoga. This is the success of the In-
dian culture and practices associated
with it. Infact the Yog courses should
be rolled out and taught in the different
parts and schools of India.In this re-
gards, the Minister of Agriculture and
Fertilizers-Shri satish Fogo-of Mauritius
has decided to revolutionize the agri-
cultural sector and has approached the
Patanjali YogPeeth.He has requested to
join hands with the Yog Peeth for “Chap-
ter On Fertilizers” Industry. Even the
Minister of Health, Shri Rajesh Chitaa,
expressed his desire to launch the
Ayurvedic system of treatment for the
extensive diseases like diabetes, cho-
lesterol and blood cancer. He added that
their country would provide undue sup-
port and coordination for Patanjali Yog
Peeth in order to spread the knowledge
of “Yog” to every person residing in
Mauritius and to make Mauritius an
“Herbal Country”. There is only one
national Channel called Mauritian
Broadcasting Corporation wherein only
single programme titled “Herbal Roots
and Plants” which has been extensively
recorded in the botanical garden of
Mauritius and is telecasted in various
episodes. In order o spread the philoso-
phies of Yoga in Mauritius, there are
more than 200 classes conducted on
daily basis.Swamiji has established
“Bharat Swabhimaan (Trust)” to create
“Nation wide Awareness of casting
Votes”. He is of the opinion that 100%
of voting system would ensure that In-
dia would be free from corruption from
all angles. Today under the banner of
ruling and administrating the country
India, there are unethical actions like
wrong practices, ill-treatments, injustice,
tortures and corruptions are existing at
a very large scale. The entire country is
in the grip of insecure ness and
untrustworthiness and such an environ-
ment is already created. In such a sce-
nario, the country requires a purified
nationalized thought or awareness must
be created among the common mass. In
this context, on the occasion of the 60th
anniversary of the Independence Day,
Bharat Swabhimaan (Trust) had written
a letter on behalf of the many national
citizens to 7 national, 44 district and
other 179 registered political parties. The
main content of the letter highlighted
on the selection of right kind of the can-
didate and a trust has to be created from
all political parties. Such a candidate
should be able to protect and provide
welfare for the nation. The leader should
be able to take the onus and responsi-
bilities of the nation and must have con-
cern for the feelings of the Indians
also.In this regards,” Nation wide
Awareness For true Democracy” was
launched and a rally was organized by
the Bharatiya Swabhimaan (Trust) ad
Patanjali Yog Samiti, UttaraKhand.This
was started off from Tanakpur at Nepal
Border. In this In this context, while ad-
dressing a huge gathering at Hari Ki
Paudi, Swami ji highlighted that India
would be nurturing dreams of many pa-
triots and martyrs and this would be
fulfilled in 2014.The country as it was
imagined by the martyrs is totally lost
somewhere and we need to establish it.
Without the proper cleansing and puri-
fication of the entire political systems,
our country cannot be the world leader
at any cost. Bharatiya Swabhimaan
(Trust) has begun with the movement
for the cleansing process of the politics
in the forthcoming elections. The dream
of making India a powerful country
would be fulfilled by the next Lok Sabha
elections to be conducted in the year of
2014. Swami ji has added that our coun-
try requires leaders like Ram, Krishna,
Chandra Gupta, Gandhi and Patel. Un-
fortunately, our existing political system
has become the target for corruption.A
total amount of Rs.100 lakh crore is de-
posited in the Swiss Bank and this en-
tire sum of money should be brought
back to the country by the next elec-
tions. This is only possible if people are
aware of their national and democratic
rights of voting and selecting their own
appropriate candidate to rule the coun-
try in a very pious manner. They should
come forward and cast their votes and
form a government of true lovers or
devotees of the nation. Swamiji asserts
that once there is this awakening among
100 crore of people, then only there
would be an end to all kinds of prevail-
ing corruptions. This is the main reason
why I opted for stepping ahead for
100% participation in the elections. I
have not desired to enter into the poli-
tics. The corruptions of our political
leaders are rising day by day. I aim to
eradicate such political power and lay
them in honest and loyal leaders.
Swami Ramdev
Swamiji Maharaj!
With all due respects was suffering from
12 kinds of diseases like thyroid, blood
pressure, pain in the knees, back-
aches(due to slip-disc),cervical, gastric
problems, head-aches, Colitis, Obe-
sity(85 Kg), sleeplessness, allergy and
black spots all over the body due to it,
high depression, and hemoglobin count
in the blood was less(5.2).I was suffer-
ing from all these diseases in my body.
I had to be in real agony due to lack
of sleep and suffered in night and day
times. I had to somehow suffer with them
and was very much in distressed and
discomfort conditions. This ultimately
led to high depression. I lost my hopes
that I would be surviving anymore in
the world with these diseases. I was
leading an isolated and less attracted
towards the life. I gained a weight of 85
Kg due to my consumption of Allopathic
medicines. I could not move from one
place to another freely, discomfort dur-
ing sitting and getting up and gained
lot of weight also. As a result, I am suf-
fering from pain in the knees and en-
countered slip-disc problem also. I had
to spend lot of money to buy the medi-
cines. I started chanting the mantra
“More I spend, therefore, I suffer”. Later
on, I was in the grapevine of the dis-
eases like thyroid, cervical, gas, head-
aches, and colitis .Moreover, there were
the side effects of the medicines and
whole body was in their control only. I
had black spots on the body due to
them. The hemoglobin count was 5.2.
In the year of 2004,I saw you in-
structing and guiding about the Yoga
and Pranayaam had lost all hopes on
any kind of treatment, I thought why
should I leave this opportunity to try
treatment with help of Yoga and
Pranayaam learnt and practiced
Pranayaam and different exercising pos-
tures also. Slowly I was experiencing
relief from agonizing diseases. This
motivated me more and I practiced
Pranayaam under your instructions
regularly and on daily basis. I intro-
duced some changes in my daily rou-
tines and food habits also. After one
year i.e. in the year of 2005, there was a
camp organized by your institution at
Gorakhpur (U.P.) and I participated in it.
I had already recovered 80% by that
time. I visited Haridwar and met the Doc-
tor. I recovered from the remaining 20%
of the diseases due to the prescription
of medicines by the Doctor at your
ashram. The hemoglobin count reached
to 15.08 by the consumption of the
wheat bran, anjeer and raisins. When I
was completely back to my normal state,
I realized that this is all due to Pranayaam
which helped me to recover and be
healthy. I wanted to teach and guide
Pranayaam to other sufferers also. I
started teaching Yoga to many individu-
als. I had the wishes to join and be part
of your institution fully. In the year of
2006, I completed the training programme
for the yoga at Haridwar and became a
full fledged teacher of it. Now I have
taken the responsibility of spreading
and informing people about Yoga and
was determined to help those individu-
als suffering from pain and agony due
to diseases and illnesses. This is my goal
in my life now. Swamiji I once again sa-
lute you once again and bow my head
to you hundred times.
With lots of hopes,
Shrimati Tara Devi
House No. 500, Mahadev Jharkhandi,
Gorakhpur (U.P.), Mob.No: 9838634442
Revered Swami ji,
I joined “Army Staff Selection
Board” on 26th of December, 2008.I was
successful in the examination.However,
and I was rejected during my medical
checkup rounds wherein it was declared
that I am unhealthy on permanent ba-
sis. This was due to the slight bending
of my back-bone on the right side of the
body. I was given a time limit of one
month to get some cure for it. I got it
cured from the “Patanjali Yoga Samiti”
in Renukoot where the camp was orga-
nized and the Yoga instructor guided
me to amend it properly. This is due to
Yoga Pranayaam only. Consequently, I
was admitted on the basis of merit.
Now I have reached Chennai and
joined “Officer’s Training academy” on
13th April, 2009.Here I am sharing the
benefits and information on Yoga and
Pranayaam to people.
Thanking you,
Shalini Singh, Quarter No. G-13/8
Kaloria Chemicals Industries (Ltd.)
Renukoot, Sonabhadra (U.P.)
Mobile No. : 09455565941
Swami ji!
Whole hearted salutations to you.
I am 62 years old person. I was suf-
fering from diabetes from the last 2 and
half years. I was taking medicines regu-
larly to cure it. Sometimes I used to for-
get to take them also. I am aware of the
fact that I would be suffering from it
throughout my life. I had no other op-
tions to think about other than this and
was totally convinced by it.
A shop was inaugurated by you in
the month of December,2008 in the city
of Bhusaval.I purchased a book written
by you and titled “ Pranayaam
Rahasya”;Yoga sadhana;Secrets of
Yoga Treatment;Aushadh darshan
(authored by Acharya Bal Krishna) and
a C.D. on Yoga Vigyan (for Diabetes).
From last 4 months, I am practicing
Pranayaam (for 40 minutes), Yoga Exer-
cises (15 minutes), Acupressure (2 min-
utes), walking for 35 to 40 minutes be-
fore commencing with Pranayaam and
walk for about 25 minutes after my din-
ner in the night. This is being done on
regular basis. I take 6 chapattis in a day
(morning, afternoon and night).In the
afternoon; I take 1 and half cup of curds
and curry. I consume one and half cup
of daal (1 cup-150 milli liters) in the night
time for my dinner. After the lunch in
the afternoon, I prefer to take 125 gm of
grapes, from last two weeks, I am eating
1/3 part of mango (i.e. 300 grams of one
mango) in afternoon and night hours. I
do take 1 tablespoon of sugar also.I am
eating Divya Madhunashini Vati pre-
pared from your side from the last three
months.However; I have stopped this
from last one month.Now the sugar con-
tent in blood and urine sugar are nor-
mal. I have undertaken three tests to
keep a check on sugar in my blood and
With due respects,
Sudhir Kumar Mahendroo
Survey No.193/2+3, Plot No.74
Gad Kari Nagar, Bhusaval-425201.
Species name : Nyctaginaceae
Latin Name : Boerhavia diffusa Linn.
English name : Spreading Hogweed
Sanskrit : Punarnava,Shothaghni
Gujarati : gadahpurana,Sathhi,Gadahbindo
Tamil : Sukeyetit
Telugu : Atavasa,Midi
Punjabi : Itasit
Marathi : Ghetuli
Arabic : Handkuki
Kannada : Muchohumosi
The Punarnava grows very well under heavy rainfall
and in the rainy seasons everywhere. This is found in
different species i.e. in red and white colours.Out of these
two, the general growth might be observed for the red
colored species called Boerh Avai Diffusa.It has been used
as medicinal herb. The petals are succulent and red col-
ored by nature. Once the fruits are ripened, the exterior
parts dry up soon.However, the roots are well established
and remain in the soil only. This helps in further enhance-
ment of the plants to grow in the rainy
season.Consequently, the plant acquired its name as
External Features:
This grows multiple times in a year. The plant is usu-
ally 2-3 meters in height. It has many multiple branches
and sub-branches. The leaves are either long round or
elliptical in shape and of half to one inch in length. They
are tender and are co-laterally arranged to each other.
The flowers are small and pinkish in color and found in
bunches. The fruits are half inch long, there are five lines
and roots are strong and white coloured.The flowers and
fruits are seen only in rainy seasons.
The Chemical Composition:
In this, we find a chemical called punarnava along
with potassium nitrate and traces of chloride, nitrate and
chlorate are found.
The plant is known for removing swelling, giving cool-
ness, heart stimulator, colic pain in the stomach, and pain
while urinating. This is used to cure swelling, heart dis-
eases, and dropsy, and jaundice, problems while curing
out the urine and kidney diseases. The special effects of
this are seen on Kidneys and urinary bladder.Thus; it is
called mutral and Shothahar also. This also has effects
on the blood and heart.
This helps in controlling urinary passage, swelling,
spreading of poison, and radiance in the old age, initiation
of ulcer or boil or tumor, curing ulcer or tumor or boil
with swelling, blood pressure, sweat, and etc.It helps in
Acharya Balkrishan Ji
the contraction and relaxation of the heart muscles
alongwith the presence of the nitrogen nitrate. Other
medicinal herbs curb the presence of the potassium ni-
trate wherein the Punarnava helps in giving potassium to
the body.
Insomnia: The patient should drink 50-100 milli li-
ters of Punarnava decoction to remove this disease.
Eye-Diseases: Prepare the paste of its roots, add
ghee to it and should be applied to the eye in order to
remove the swelling in the eye. Similarly the paste of
it should be added to the honey and it removes the
redness of the eye.
The Itching in the Eye: The paste of its root should
be mixed with the juice of the intoxicating hemp in
order to remove the itching ness in the eye.
Blinding darkness of the eye: Prepare the paste of
its root and only water to remove the blindness of the
Blisters: During this, one should make paste of its
root and milk. This should be applied on the blisters
for quick relief.
Heart Diseases: It is very beneficial to eat the leaves
of the punarnava when one is suffering from the heart
The Injury of the heart: When such a patient has
blood in his or her spit, then the patient should con-
sume 5-10 gm of Punarnava roots and Shathi rice.
Prepare the paste of this mixture with the juice of
raisins, milk and cook it with ghee. Give it to the pa-
Cough: Add sugar to the powder of its roots and con-
sume it twice in a day in order to remove the dry
Asthma: Add 500 milli gram turmeric to the powder
of 3gm of its roots and consume it in dawn and twi-
light hours to eradicate the asthma.
Diseases of the Chilren: Take 100 gm of punarnava
leaves, 200 gm of powdered sugar-candy and 12 gm
of powdered long pepper and cook all of them to-
gether. When the syrup is thickened, seal it in a bottle
with a tight lid. The children should consume this 3
times in a day in order to get relieved from cough,
breathing ailments, defects of the lungs, extreme flow
of the saliva, and swelling in the chest and other de-
fects, catarrh and frigidness.
Vomitting: The person would be vomiting if the
paste of 2-5 gm of its root is consumed more in quan-
tity than in its prescribed condition.
Hunger: A person can increase their appetite if 3 gm
of its powdered root is added to the food.
Purgativeness: If the powder of the root of punarnava
is consumed in a teaspoon on daily basis, it acts like a
Diseases of the stomach: If the powder of its root
is taken along with the cow’s urine, then all kinds of
swellings and stomach ailments would be removed.
Diseases of the Urinary Bladder:
If 5-7 leaves of this are grinded with the black pepper,
sieve it and consumption of this would bring in relief
from the defects.
Take 5 to 10 milli liters of the juice of its leaves; add
milk to it and this would help in the removal of the pre-
vention of the urine.
Take the five different parts of the punarnava or the
dried roots. It is beneficial to use the powder of this to
remove the swelling, defects in the urinary bladder and
heart. Add honey or warm water to approximately 3 gm
of it and consumption of it in morning and evening daily
would bring relief to the body.
Healthiness of the Body: One must consume it with
milk to remain healthy.
Leucorrhoea: This is eradicated if one consumes 3
gm of it with water plant.
Colic pain in the Vagina: This pain is reduced if the
juice of the plant is applied in the area.
Painless Delivery: The delivery of the child is done
very easily if the root of the plant is fried in the oil and
placed in the tract.
Dropsy: It is beneficial to use the punarnava during
Jaundice: It is a very beneficial herb to cure jaundice.
Take 5 different parts of the plant and prepare 10-20
gm of juice. Add powdered lentils to it. This would
help in eradicating the disease.
Diseases of the Kidney: Take five different parts of
the plant and prepare the decoction of it. This helps in
removal of the defects of the kidneys.
Jaldhar:The disease might be removed by the con-
sumption of the dried decoction to which 1-2 gm of
nitre or saltpeter is added.
Spleen: This is cured by the consumption of 10-20
gm of powdered white punarnava roots and rice husk.
Wheezing: One should massage their legs with the oil
in which the roots of white punarnava are soaked for
quite sometime and this would help in its removal.
Torpor of the bowels with flatulence: The decoc-
tion of punarnava and camphor with 1 gm of pow-
dered dried ginger should be prepared and consumed
for 7 days.
Swelling: Take 10 gm of the root of the punarnava
and nagar motha and prepare the dedoctionAdd 640
gm of cow’s milk and boil it thoroughly. Consump-
tion of this in morning and evening’s would be benefi-
cial for this
Swelling of the whole body: The 20 gm of the de-
coction of punarnava, the external bark of the margosa
tree, patol leaf, dried ginger, katuki, giloi, daru-haldi,
lentils water 320 gm and boil it. Once only ¼ the is
left behind, sieve it and consume it 20-30 milli liters in
morning and evening times on daily basis. This is help-
ful in removal of the swelling of the whole body, jaun-
dice, etc.
Swelling: take exactly 3 gm of the mixture of the root
of the punarnava, dev-daru and murva and add it to honey.
This should be consumed by the pregnant women in or-
der to remove the swelling in the body.
The Swelling due to water: The exact volumes of root
of the punarnava,chirayata and dried ginger and take 20
gm of the mixture to be mixed with 400 milli liters of
water and boil it till only one –quarter of it is remaining in
the utensil. This dedoction should be consumed to have
the benefits against this kind of swelling.
Breaking of the bones: Take 3 gm of punarnava and
consume it along with the pulpy catechu in order to avoid
Humours: Take 25 to 50 gm of its roots and con-
sume its decoction in morning and evening to remove
Leprosy: Consume it with the betel nuts to get the
benefits against the leprosy.
• Take 2 gm of the root of the white punarnava and
consume it with betel leaves or milk in mornings and
evenings on daily basis.
• It is beneficial even with the kind of fever which is
due to the infection of the urinary tract.
• It is beneficial to consume the Red punarnava, leaves
of parwal, fruits of parwal, bitter gourd, pachelik,
kakora during the fever times.
Poison of the Serpent: It is the antidote for all kinds
of snake-poisons.
Vidradhi: Take 5 gm of white punarnava and boil it in
500 gm of water.Once it is ¼ of the total quanity, con-
sume it 20-30 milli liters in morning and evening hours.
Naru: Take the juice of the punarnava root and add
dried ginger to it. Tie the naru to remove it.
S.No Name of book Price (Rs.)
1. Pranayam Rahasya
(Hindi, English, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Nepali, Oriya, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu) 50
2. Pranayam Rahasya (Hindi & English International) 180
3. Yoga Sadhna evam Yoga Chikitsa Rahasya
(Hindi, English, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Nepali, Oriya, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu) 125
4. Yoga Sadhna evam Yoga Chikitsa Rahasya
(Hindi & English International) 400
5. Aushadh Darshan (Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, Nepali, Oriya, Telugu, Urdu) 30
6. Aushadh Darshan (English) 50
7. Ayurveda Sidhanta Rahasya (Hindi, English) 125
8. Ayurveda Jadi-Booti Rahasya (Hindi) 350
9. Jivani Ashtavarga (Hindi & English) 75
10. Yoga Darshan (Hindi) 50
11. Sant Darshan (Hindi) 200
12. Bhakti Gitanjali (Hindi) 30
13. Vedic Nityakarma Vidhi (Hindi) 25
14. Divya Aushadhi evam Soudarkaran Poudh (Hindi) 20
15. Yogasan Chart part 1 & part 2 (per copy) 10
16 Vigyan Ki Kasauti Par Yog 300
(Send a DD in favour of "Divya Prakashan" (courier charges inclusive) to procure abovementioned books, CDs,
audiocassettes etc.
Bite of The Scorpion:
• The poison content is reduced in the body with the
consumption of the leaves of punarnava and the
branches of the Apamarga tree.
• If the punarnava plant is uprooted on Sunday and
in Pushya nakshtra, then it is advisable to chew it
in order to remove the poison of the scorpion.
Boil or Pustule: It is beneficial to apply the paste
of the root of the punarnava and buttermilk over the
boil or pustule on the breasts.
Uses In the Medicines and Tonics:
• After the medical treatment, there is some kind of
weakness in the body. This can be taken care by
the consumption of the tonic which is prepared
chemically and good for health.
• It is the excellent tonic for the women.
• It is highly beneficial for the patients of heart fail-
ures and cardiac asthma.
• Our age increases with the consumption of 20 gm
of punarnava with milk on regular basis for 6
Other Uses:
• The decoction of punarnava and kapas’ roots are
given to those suffering from anartav, defects dur-
ing pregnancy and with birth defects.
• The powder of its roots should be mixed with 2
gm of cow’s milk in order to retain youth in the
old age.
• Prepare thick and condensed decoction of its roots
and add equal amount of powdered
asagandh.Prepare small balls of it and consume it
one at a time along with the milk with candy-sugar
dissolved into it. It would provide energy and re-
move wrinkles in the skin.
There is humidity present in the
air during the rainy season. In case
someone does not properly take care
of their skin, then there are chances
of acquiring skin diseases. There are
some skin diseases which would be
permanently present in the individual
in case proper care and treatment is
missing. The individual would never
be relieved from it. The beauty of the
person lies and is associated with the
skin. The beauty of the skin is visible
to all and every body appreciates it.
It is necessary to keep the skin clean
and free from dirt particles and mi-
crobes. If we do not take the precau-
tion, then there are chances that we
might never get rid off the skin dis-
eases. The list includes eczema, itch-
ing, boils and wounds, swelling in the
body, acne and pimples, etc.The rainy
season help in promoting them more
and aggravate them also.
This might occur on hands,
mouth, elbows, neck, stomach, etc.It
might occur on any part of the body.
The various reasons for this are heat
strokes, irregularities in the menstrua-
tion cycle of the women, diseases
associated with the blood, using more
of soaps, calcium carbonate, soda,
etc., wearing tight clothes, wrong kind
of foods and increase I the consump-
tion of the alcohol, etc
There are red colored boils on the
skin and they are inflammatory by
nature. Sometimes they leave their
marks permanently on the skin. There
are wounds also. There is white or
yellow colored pus also oozing out
of these wounds. The liquid spreads
very easily on the skin and other ar-
eas are also infected. This has effect
on the health also.The severe eczema
is really bad and creates lots of diffi-
culties for us.
Natural Remedies
• Avoid consumption of spicy and
Chilli food, meat, eggs, sugar,
sweets, jaggery, oil and raw fruits.
They might increase the disease.
• Keep the stomach clean. In cases
of constipation, consume one tea-
spoon of triphala powder and drink
it with hot water.
• Apply warm ground oil on the
• Take bath with salt water in win-
ters. In summer times, add the red
medicine and take bath.
• During rainy season, add some
margosa leaves in water and boil
it. With this water, one should take
bath. One might add juice of
margosa leaves on the effected
portions of the skin.
• Apply the paste of the leaves and
seeds of the radish on the boils.
• Add alum in water and apply this
on boils at least 5 to 6 times in a
• Take two pinches of the harad
powder and consume it.
• Mash bitter gourd and apply the
juice on the boils.Drink juice also.
• Roast the wheat grains and add
some mustard oil to it.Apply it on
effected areas.
• Drink carrot juice on daily basis
and apply its juice to boils also.
• Add mustard oil to the turmeric
powder and apply it.
• Squeeze out the liquid from the
cow dung and apply it on the boils
with help of the cotton wool.
• Take some fermented sugar cane
juice and mix it with honey and
apply it.
• Take mixture of onion and garlic
juice and apply it.
Remedies through the Yoga
• One must practice the postures
which improves the blood circu-
lation and functioning of the
• Tadasan, Katichakrasan, uttanpa-
dasan,sputa Pawanmuktasan,
gomukhasan and
ardhamastyendrasan, etc.
• One must follow the Pranayaam
exercises of nadishodha, shitali
and sitkari.
• Daily practice first five activities
of the subtle exercises and ad-
vanced ones also.
Itching causes marks on the skin.
Later on there are boils coming out
of it. These cause further itching. The
skin might crack and appear very
odd. It is communicable by nature and
transmitted through the clothes also.
There is increase in the inflammation
also.The skin turns out to be rough
and scaly. One suffers at night times.
It is said that this occurs due to
bad food habits, consumption of oily
and spicy food, too much of jaggery,
etc.The acute constipation also gives
rise to this. The blood defects might
also be present. Sometimes acidity is
also responsible for skin diseases.
Natural Remedies
• Clean the stomach with anima.
• Fasting is one of the methods to
cure it. One can keep small and
lengthy fasts and this depends on
the patient and the disease. Con-
sumption of Vitamin C juices is
• One should avoid sour, spicy, fried
and oily foods. One should not
grains and consume more of fruits
and juices. This would allow us
to reduce acidity and defects in
the blood.
• One should keep fast and consume
only water.Once the body is
detoxified, one might resume to
take normal food. Bran should be
mixed with the flour and green
vegetables should be consumed.
Consume coarsed meal with veg-
• Drink a glass of water with lemon
juice squeezed into it.
• Take some black mud, add little
bit of salt and powdered gum of
babul tree. Apply this on all areas
where itching takes place. The
mud should be wet and keep add-
ing water to it.
• Wash the infected areas with wa-
ter with red medicine added to it.
• Once the water dries off, apply
ghee to those areas.
• Take the juice of the leaves of
peepal tree and add it to the wa-
ter. Wash the effected areas on
daily basis in morning, afternoon
and evening hours.
• One should not consume too cold
or hot substances.
• Squeeze half a lemon into water
and take bath. Apply coconut oil
to the hair.
Remedies Yogic Cure
• One should practice yogic pos-
tures like kunjal, jalneti and vastra
dhoti.Perform sankhprakshalan
and bahya Kriya once in a month.
• Practice surya namaskar in morn-
ing and perform Tadasan,
Katichakrasan, uttanpadasan,
sputa Pawanmuktasan, sarvanga-
san, chakrasan, halasan, bhujanga-
san, dhanurasan, paschimotta-
nasan, gomukhasan and ardhama-
• Practice Pranayaam including nadi
shodan,shitali and sitkari
Home Remedies
• Take lemon juice and jasmine oil-
both of them should be in equal
quantities and apply on the itch-
ing areas.
• Take chalmogra and margosa-in
equal quantities-cook in mustard
oil and apply it.
• Apply the juice of the cow dung
to remove the itching quickly
• Grind margosa leaves in water and
• Take the wood of the tamarind tree
and burn it to make coal of it.
Grind it to a fine powder. Add
powdered alum to it and apply
• Powder chakbad,harad and kanji
and apply
• Take some goose berry, gandhak,
camphor and blue vitriol-all of
them should be in the proportion
of 10-10 gm-mix it with ghee and
apply on boils.
• Take few leaves of the peepal tree
and extract its juice. Add water to
it and wash the effected areas in
afternoon, morning and evening
• Add red colored medicine and
wash the itching areas. Once it
dries apply ghee to it.
This occurs when bile juice in-
creases in the body or too much heat
is present in the body. Other reasons
are irregular digestive activities, suf-
fering from cold, bile juice is not be-
ing secreted, undigestion, constipa-
tion, etc.Apart from this,there is some
problem with the embryo, sting of
bar,bee sting,and any other insect bite
results in the secretion of the bile
juice. This also occurs if one eats too
much of red chilli, meat, fish, eggs,
alcohol, etc and consumes drugs.
• Red colored boils are seen on the
• One experiences inflammation,
itching and pain in the boils.
• They spread very quickly on the
skin. If one area of the skin is
cured, then one might observe that
boils are spread to other region.
• This disease spoils the sound box
and tongue is black in color. This
is the sign that the patient would
surely die.
• Vomiting takes place and person
feels very tired.
Natural Remedies
• Apply black mud mixed with wa-
ter on the whole body. If mud
dries up, add some more water to
it. After two hours, one should take
bath with fresh water
• Try to consume water through
nose and apply enema and cleanse
it.Consume only boiled bottle
gourd and nothing else for the
next two days.Add very little salt
to the boiled bottle gourd.
• Wash waist, hips, buttocks, back-
side of the body and stomach
properly for 30-30 minutes.
Daily Activities
• Consume proper food and when-
One should keep fast and
consume only water.Hence the
body is detoxified, one might
resume to take normal food.
Bran should be mixed with the
flour and green vegetables
should be consumed. Take
coarsed meal with vegetables.
ever it is possible walk for some-
time. Avoid constipation.
• Consume light, digestible and
foods that give coolness to the
body should be consumed. Take
thinly rolled out rotis of wheat
flour, whole lentils dal, green veg-
etables, dry fruits, seasonal fruits,
• Add margosa oil and take bath.
• Avoid eating foods like meat, fish
and other hyper stuff.
Home Remedies
• Take 50 gm of thyme and crush it
properly. Add 50 gm of jaggery to
it. Prepare 6-6 gm of small balls
of this mixture. Consume one ball
in morning and evening with fresh
water. Cure might be observed in
a week’s time.
• When nettle rash is present, avoid
taking bath. Exposure to the air
and consuming salt causes it.
• Take 6 gm of mint leaves and dis-
solve it into water after grinding it
(in winters try to boil it) and sieve
it thoroughly. Add 12 gm of sugar
to it and consume it in morning
and evening hours on a daily ba-
sis. One would observe that rash
is not present on the skin.
• Take two portions of almi oil and
pour it in a bottle. Add one por-
tion of camphor to it and close the
mouth of the bottle with the cork.
Keep it aside for 10-15 minutes
so that they might mix
properly.Massage with this oil in
the whole body. The rash would
not burst out, spreading of it and
immediate exposure to the air
would not cause anything else to
the body.
• Clean margosa leaves and chew
them till the time they stop tasting
bitter. During this disease, the
margosa leaves do not appear to
be bitter in taste.
• Take 2 seeds of margosa and pre-
pare paste of it with water. Small
children should eat it to get rid off
the rash. If some more is left out,
one might go for the second dose
• Add camphor to the margosa oil
and apply it on whole body.
• Add camphor to coconut oil and
massage it properly to remove the
• Take 3 gm of akarkara and con-
sume it with fresh water. It is ben-
• Take 6 gm of nag saffron and
grind it with honey. This should
be consumed in 2 absorbable man-
• Chew 20 gm of onion seeds.
• Take 8-10 gm of alum and dis-
solve it in one cup of water.Soak
a clean piece of cloth in it and
clean the entire body with this
• Take 5 gm of batuwa seeds and
powder them. Add honey to it and
• Consume half spoon of the pow-
der of the gooseberry with jaggery
on daily basis.
• Take some sandalwood oil and add
some rose oil to it. Massage with
this oil on daily basis.
Yogic Remedies
• One should perform postures of
uttanpaddasan, halasan, pawan
muktasan, vjrasan, sputa vajra san,
shashaasan, paschimottanasan,
ardhamatsyendrasan, etc.All of
remove constipation and help in
giving energy to the body. It even
frees us from the rash.
• Various kinds of Pranayaam like
kapalabhati, anulome-vilome,
nadishodhan, shitali, etc should be
practiced. This is benefit to re-
move the rash.
If there are any kinds of defects
in the blood or the blood is polluted,
then a person has boils and pimples.
The main causes are consumption of
too much of mangoes in the rainy
season, the juice of mango sticks to
the skin, mosquito bites, etc. Some-
times too much of Chilli and spicy
food or consumption of food which
gives rise to the heat in the body are
also responsible for them.
First of all, we might see the red-
ness on the skin and pain is felt. Once
they are fully matured, the patient
might experience pain and it increases
day by day. Some of the pimples lay
permanent marks on the skin. Polluted
blood is accumulated in them. Some-
times there is inflammation also.
Natural Remedies
• Knead black mud in water nicely
and prepare a bandage out of it.
Tie it across the pimples and boils.
• Mix juices of carrot, spinach and
batuwa together and apply it on
the boils and pimples with help of
cotton wool.
• Consume boiled bottle gourd
without salt on daily basis.
• Cleanse the stomach and keep
fast.Next day take two leaves of
margosa and chew it. After wards
drink cow’s milk.
• Allow the water to flow on the
boils and pimples continuously for
two minutes.
Home Remedies
• Take two spoons of juice of un-
If there are any kinds of
defects in the blood or the
blood is polluted, then a
person has boils and pimples.
The main causes are consump-
tion of too much of mangoes
in the rainy season, the juice
of mango sticks to the skin,
mosquito bites,etc.
cooked potatoes in morning times
with water. This helps in drying
of the pimples and boils. It also
reduces the pain also.
• Take four to five leaves of guava
and boil them in one cup of wa-
ter. Apply it on the boils.
• In case the boils are bursted out
or entangled with each other,
crush onions and add little bit of
jaggery to it. Tie it on the infected
• Crush the root of the banana tree,
add little bit of turmeric powder
and mustard oil. Apply it.
• Prepare poultice of wheat, little bit
of turmeric powder and desi ghee.
Tie it.
• Prepare paste from sandal wood
and apply it.
• Boil some myrtle leaves in water
and wash boils with this water.
• Crush carrot or grind it. Heat it
on fire and tie it on the boils.
• Take few batuwa leaves, half tea-
spoon of dried ginger and pinch
of salt. Grind all of them
together.Mix this with wet mud
and apply it with help of a ban-
dage cloth.
• The boils is maturing internally
however it is not bursting at all.In
such cases,take leaves of lasoda
and grind them. Prepare poultice
and tie.
• Take some grinded rice; add some
water and mustard oil to it. Pre-
pare poultice and tie it.
• Take the flour of masur dal and
prepare a poultice. Tie it on the
boils so that they might burst out
easily and quickly.
• Apply the paste of cloves on boils
• Apply the pulp pf pineapple.
• Application of bitter gourd juice
on the boils helps in drying them
• Grind dry mango or fresh raw
mangoes and apply it on boils. It
helps in drying.
• Burn pomegranate leaves and get
The doctors always advice us
to keep our teeth and gums clean
as far as possible. In a recent re-
search, it was stated that a protein
called “CRP” is responsible for the
heart diseases. This protein causes
swelling in the gums and inflamma-
tion also.
According to the researchers of
its ash. Add coconut oil to it and
apply it on boils.
• Grind turmeric and clove together
and apply it.
• In summer season, apply turpen-
tine oil on the boils.
• Prepare poultice of margosa
leaves and tie it on boils.
• Grind karanj, margosa and
nirgundi and apply it.
• Grind margosa leaves,hing and
garlic and apply it
• Take barley’s flour, liqourice and
desi ghee. Mix them together and
apply three times in a day.
• Take chirchita, javakhar, turmeric
and clove-Prepare poultice to cure
Yogic Remedies
• Practice the postures which pu-
rify the blood like surya namaskar,
a r d h a m a t s y e n d r a s a n ,
sarvangasan, gomukhsan,
chakrasan, paschimottanasan,
tadasan, suptapawan,
• In Pranayaam, one should prac-
tice nadishodan, shitali and sitkari.
• The first five activities of the
sukshma exercise and advanced
activities like udar shakti should
be practiced.
Take few batuwa leaves, half
teaspoon of dried ginger and
pinch of salt. Grind all of
them together.Mix this with
wet mud and apply it with
help of a bandage cloth.
Italy and Buckteeth should be cleaned
regularly to avoid atherosclerosis (in
which the walls of the arteries be-
come rigid and hard), stroke and other
heart related diseases are reduced.
According to the researcher
Mario Clairiki, the diseases of the teeth
and gums are responsible for the
atherosclerosis.Research asserts that
one should take hygeinic food along
with it one must take proper care of
their teeth and gums also.
In researches, it is observed
that the middle aged individuals
suffer from teeth and gums dis-
eases. It was observed that proper
care and treatment of the teeth and
gums for one year reduced the ri-
gidity and constriction of the ar-
teries. Another researcher called
Gerald Wiseman states that there
can be none other way to reduce
the constriction of the arteries other
than proper cleaning of teeth.
The food that we take enters
into our body, passes through the
esophagus and settles down into the
stomach for further digestion. The
various nerves also pass through the
throat to the sound-generating organ.
In this way, throat is an important
part of our body, with which many
important processes take place in our
human body. In case, there are any
kind of disease occurring in the
throat then our lives would be in dam-
It has been generally observed
that people have swelling in their
throat; there are some problems
with the sound box and experience
the pain in the throat. In such situa-
tions, the person suffers from high
fever, complains about the constipa-
tions, passes out thickened urine
which is yellow in color, experiences
pain in the back and complains about
the headache also. Apart from this,
the person complains about the pain
in the whole body and cannot speak
properly, the tongue is unclean and
there is a foul smell in the breathing.
Slowly the pain in the throat spreads
to the ears also and lot of pain is
experienced while the person con-
sumes something in the form of liq-
uids or solids. This aggravates the
tonsils on both the sides of the throat.
There are different kinds of throat
disease and they are enumerated in
the following order –
Tonsils: One can see the swell-
ing present on the inner side of the
throat. This is present when there
is a collection of poisonous elements
at the opening of the throat. The
poisonous bacteria develope in this
part of the throat and are respon-
sible for the swelling in the throat.
When a person suffers from tonsil,
in the both sides of the entrance part
of the throat, there is the develop-
ment of muscular notch which keeps
on increasing from time to time.
These are called as tonsils. When-
ever a person consumes potatoes,
rice, fine flour, chocolates, sugar, and
sweets in large quantities, soar and
too cold things, then the swelling in-
creases in the tonsils. At this stage,
the person complains of the consti-
pation. The coldness of the winters
is also responsible for increasing the
growth of the tonsils. The person
experiences problem while drinking
water or spitting out the saliva. He
or she experiences lot of pain in the
throat. There is even headache and
fever accompanied in the person
suffering from tonsils. The person
even has difficulty speaking. There
is itching in the throat accompanied
with the cough.
Diphtheria: This disease is
more common in children. One
should not delay the treatment even
for few days also. This disease
starts off with throat and nerves.
This is prevalent in the cold and hilly
regions. This is infectious disease.
This disease is more prevalent once
the children suffer from severe cold,
disease of the throat like severe
cough, typhoid. This disease begins
when the microorganism attack the
membrane tissue present in the
throat. This is contagious by nature
because the microorganisms are
thrown out of the person suffering
from diphtheria through sneezes,
spits and by coughing to other people
living the same environment. People
also suffer from this disease if they
consume stale food, live in polluted
Throat is an important
part of our body, with
which many important
processes take place in our
human body. In case, there
are any kind of disease
occurring in the throat
then our lives would be
problematic situation.
It has been generally
observed that people have
swelling in their throat;
there are some problems
with the sound box and
experience the pain in the
throat. In such situations,
the person suffers from
high fever, complains
about the constipations,
passes out thickened urine
which is yellow in color
experiences pain in the
back and complains about
the headache also.
environment and in cold places.
Sound defect: This problem
arises and the person cannot speak
properly and the voice is not very
clear. It appears as though there is
something obstructing the sufferer
while speaking. The lump in the
throat increases more and more.
The person has blisters in his throat.
He might even suffer from syphilis.
There might be irritating itching sen-
sation, tingling feelings, and overflow
of the saliva, dry skin, cough, and
some sort of irritation in the throat.
The patient cannot breathe properly
and finds it difficult to swallow
through the mouth. When the pa-
tient starts coughing, it appears as
though there is some kind of prob-
lems in the lungs. However, it is not
the case.
Injuries in the throat: There
might be cases wherein injuries
might be produced in the throat. At
that time, the sufferer experiences
unlimited pain and agony.
Swelling of the sound box:
The person who speaks a lot like
singers, orator, people possessing
high pitch like leaders, actors and
actress, suffer from the swelling in
the sound box.
Causes for the throat dis-
eases: The various reasons for this
disease are: drenched up in the rain,
living in cold and polluted places,
changes in the climate and weather,
staying in places of humidity, acid-
ity, fever, etc.
Bacteria and other kinds of tox-
ins are responsible for this, sleeping
with the opened mouth, sinus, block-
age in the nasal passage, severe cold,
excessive speaking, smoking, con-
suming alcohols, breathing in of poi-
sonous gases, eating lot of fried and
oily food, cold things, speaking in high
pitch, mimicking different sounds,
constipation are responsible for ton-
sils and irritation in the sound box.
Herbal Remedies:
1. A person should consume Borax
mixed with pure honey for diph-
2. There has to be some kind of
greasy substance in the throat of
the person and the patient should
gurgle with warm water.
3. One should gurgle with salt
added to the warm water.
4. Grind the basal seeds with honey.
This mixture should be consumed
so that the smelling can be re-
5. Prepare decoction of black pep-
per and horse bean and add
honey to it to get the benefits.
6. Take some leaves of arandi, put
them on a hot pan and apply
some honey on it. Take this and
paste it on both the sides of the
throat and tie it. This is very ben-
eficial for the people suffering
from tonsils. Add 5-6 leaves of
basal in water and boil them. Add
little bit of honey to it. Gurgle
with this water to get the ben-
7. If a person finds it difficult to
speak, he should make the paste
of black pepper and honey and
consume it after taking the
8. Laryngitis would be taken care
of if a person chews the candy
sugar or liquorice or cloves.
9. If there is defect in the sound,
the person should chew black
pepper and candy sugar.
10.One should consume a nicely rip-
ened mango which is baked in the
fire in order to cure dry cough.
11. Take 2-4 grams of lentils pow-
der, swallow it and then consume
sugarcane juice.
12.The sugarcane should be roasted
properly and then consumed in
order to irradiate the sound de-
13.Burn the onion in fire and mash
it properly. Take 250 grams of
fried Borax and mix it with the
mashed onion. This will allow the
person to regain with sound de-
14.Take the roots of the drumsticks,
prepare decoction of it. Gurgle
with this water to remove sound
15.Mix Shatabar, Kharaiti, and sugar
in honey, mix them properly and
consume it.
16.In order to remove various dis-
ease of the throat, one should
consume grape juice and its
17.One should consume 1 gram of
powered lentils with 10 mL of
dakh juice on a daily basis to re-
move the throat disease.
18.In order to be free from the in-
flammation of the glands of the
neck, one should grind the leaves
of the wood apple, prepare a
small ball of it and tie it on the
19.Grind the leaves of the bhangara
and fry it in ghee and the mix-
ture should be tied on the neck
to get its benefit quickly.
20.Take the husk of the rice and
grind it along with the roots of
the bharangi and applied it on the
neck to remove the inflammation.
21.Take 5-10 grams of coriander
seeds and chew them at least 2-
3 times in a day to be free from
the agony.
22.Take some 10-15 mL of black
plum and consume it on a regu-
lar basis to eradicate the neck
disease. Take 10-20 grams of
the external bark of the Kachna
and mix it with 400 mL of water.
Prepare the decoction of this and
consume 1/4 of this to remove
the inflammation.
23.In order to remove the swelling
of the throat, one should consume
the fruits of the Kantkari and 10-
20 grams of its juice with water.
24.Take some dried bitter gourd and
grind it with the help of the vin-
egar. Apply this paste on the
swollen parts of the neck. Take
the roots of the plant Palash.
Make a past of it and apply this
on the inflammatory areas of the
legs. Take some black mustard
oil and massage the swollen ar-
eas. Take the roots of the Hurhul
plant and garlic and grind them
together, apply the paste on the
inflammatory regions.
Dr. Rajkumar Bapna
It is necessary for us to know the total units of calories and nutritious contents of various eatables substances
are present in our food. This would allow us to spend less on food and concentrate on the hygienic content of
various food substances. In this regards the following table enumerates the units present per 100gms weight
in various fruits and vegetables.
Name Carbohydrate Calcium Phosphorous Iron Vitamin B-1 Vitamin-2 Calories
Gm Mg Mg Mg Mg Mg
Apple 13.3 9 20 1.3 0.02 0.02 55
Guava 11.2 10 28 1.4 0.03 0.03 51
Grapes 16.5 20 30 1.5 - - 71
Berries 16.8 4 9 1.8 0.02 0.05 75
Orange 8.9 20 20 0.5 - - 40
Papaya 7.2 17 13 0.5 0.04 0.25 32
Banana 24.7 10 30 0.06 0.05 0.17 104
Mango 11.3 35 13 1.6 0.07 0.10 81
Cabbage 4.6 39 44 0.8 0.06 0.03 27
Radish(With leaves) 3.4 294 60 16.1 0.03 0.16 30
Spinach 10.8 73 21 10.8 0.03 0.07 72
Potato 22.6 10 40 0.7 0.10 0.10 67
Onion 10.0 110 50 0.7 0.08 0.01 49
Carrot 10.6 80 30 2.2 0.04 0.02 47
Lady’s finger 6.4 66 56 1.5 0.07 0.10 35
Brinjal 4.0 18 27 0.9 0.04 0.1 24
Bitter Gourd 4.2 20 70 1.8 0.06 0.01 10
Treatment remedies for ton-
sils and tyroids: Take 50 grams of
powdered trikut, 20 grams of pow-
dered bhahera, 10 grams of Pisti.
Mix all of them together. The aged
person should consume only 1 gram
of this and a child only half gram of
the mixture on empty stomach with
honey both in the morning and
evening times. The continued con-
sumption of this will help in giving
relief from thyroid and kids will be
free from tonsils.
Food: People suffering from
various throat diseases should con-
sume tomato, spinach, bottle gourd,
tinda, thorai in the form of soup. One
can even consume the starch of the
rice to get more benefit. The pa-
tient should consume the wheat floor
mixed with other floor and eat the
rotis with boiled vegetables only.
One should consume the juice of
oranges as much as possible in or-
der to fight against the contagious
bacteria and other micros present in
the throat. A person should not drink
cold water at all. The person should
avoid fried and oily food and should
not drink water after it. Too much
of sour food should not be con-
sumed. Person should not consume
tea or coffee. One should stay away
from junk and fast food. The per-
son should not even consume to-
bacco, fine flour and gram flour. The
person also should not eat chocolate,
biscuit and bread. They should eat
lots of fruits, vegetables as much as
possible along with sprout and salad.
Yoga: The person should do yo-
gic exercise, meditate and do
pranayama on a daily basis. This
would ensure that that the person is
healthy, free from various kinds of
diseases and is protected from them.
-Dr Vipul Bhatt
Yoga Trainer and Researcher, Patanjali Yoga Peeth, Haridwar.
It is known that men look very
attractive in short and nicely cut hair.
In the similar manner women look
beautiful and more attractive with
thick and black hair. It is very well
known fact that hair occupies a very
important position in our personality
development. The hair is produced by
a protein called ‘Carotene’; it is pro-
duced in the head. There is a jelly
called folliclin present in the surface
of the upper region of the head. It is
the jelly that produces the hair. The
cells present in the hair roots are very
active by nature .We also find oily
cells which gives shine and glossy to
the hair. Whenever there is some de-
fect or problem in three layers of the
hair, then the hair starts falling as a
result it gives rise to baldness. It is
normal for 50-100 hair strands to fall
in a day, however more than this it is
a sign of some disease prevailing in
the body.
We can divide the structure of the
hair into three parts. The region of
the cortex gives form, shape, quan-
tity and length to the hair. There is a
different pigment present in this re-
gion which is responsible for giving
us different colors like black ,brown
and red. As we grow, the quantity of
the pigments reduces. This is respon-
sible for the growth of white hair. It
could be due to heredity that a per-
son might get white hair or it falls in
an untimely manner. It is present in
our genes also. In such a scenario it
is impossible to get some kind of rem-
edies to prevent white hair or falling
of the hair.
It is quite natural for some strands
of hair to fall from our head, how-
ever if we see more hair falling in
bunches, then it is a sure for us to be
1 When there is lack of the elements
like silicon, iodine, chlorine mag-
nesium etc. and lack of protein,
Vitamine-A,Vitamine-B, Vitamine-
E.All these help in reducing fall-
ing of hair.
2 The hair is damaged while
colouring,perming and straighten-
ing at a beauty parlour.
3 In the cases of an unwanted flow
of the hormones, at the com-
mencement of the menstrual
cycle when there is less of estro-
gen and progestrone, there are
chances for the rate of hair fall to
be increased.
Herbal treatment
Apply the oil of the mango seeds
and this would help in changing white
hair to black coloured.The black hair
would not be white also. It helps in
reducing the dandruff and hair fall
One should eat cabbage, onion, let-
tuce, cucumber, bottle-
gourd,carrots and turnip. all of
them have proteins like silicon,
cysotene, chlorine, calcium,
systin, iron, iodine.These are im-
portant for the growth of the hair.
One should eat apple, papaya,
guava, pear, banana, orange,
mausambi, etc during the break-
Sprouts like gram, lentils, yellow
gram, groundnuts, etc should be
It is beneficial to eat curd, Soya
bean, lemon, butter milk, goose
berry and honey.
Consume rotis prepared from
Consume the paste of goose
berry,coconut,ginger,garlic and
Spicy and oily food
Tea, coffee and sugar
Gram flour and refined flour
Chocolate and toffee
Food from the external sources
should be avoided.
Exercises and Postures
One should massage the hair with
rigorous movements of the fingers and
oil must be applied to the dermal re-
gions of the head. This is in a way an
exercise for the hair. The oil massage
also provides exercises to the hair.
This helps in the removal of the pas-
siveness of the hair, dryness and any
kind of defects in the hair. The move-
ment of the blood helps in the growth
and to retain healthiness of the hair.
The movement of the blood is
more with the performance of the
yogic postures like Halasan,
Shirshasan, Sarvangasan and
Matsyasan.These give natural and hy-
gienic growth to the hair. This pre-
vents the falling of the hair. There are
other postures like paschottanasan,
Chakki Chalan asan, Janushirshasan,
Kurmaasan, Uttanpaad Asan,
Ustrasan, Ardhamatsyendrasan,
Chakrasan, Dhanurasan, pakshi asan,
bhujanga asan and shalabhasan,
Kapaal bhati, anulom-vilom and
Dirgha Svasan,pranayaam and medi-
tation helps in the growth of the hair.
This removes the dead and other kind
of hair diseases. Besides this, it helps
in the purity of the body and mind.
Vaidya Garima Tiwari
Generally the term
teenage refers to the age
group of 10 to 19 years old
youngsters.This is the age wherein
there is a transformation from being
kid to teenage.There are changes in
mind,mental faculties and emotional
feelings also.This phase prepares a
person to take decisions and prepare
themselves for marriage,parenthood
etc.This is a stage for personality
development of the individual.Even
the teenagers cannot understand this
stage of their growing age.If the
teenagers are able to understand this
part of their life,then it might lead to
some serious and deep thinking ac-
tivities as some wrong steps might
be taken by them.This might even
lead to some harm or pose danger
to them.
The problem with the teenagers
is not a simple one.At the moment,
there are around 19 crore teenag-
ers in India which forms the 20% of
the total population.This section of
the population is either married or
actively participating in the sexual
activities.It is a fact that in the
villages,the population of the
teenaers is twice that of the
cities.This vast population is facing
many problems associated with
motherhood for specially the mother
and newly born child like death of
the child and polio issues. Maximum
of them are targets for the diseases
like lack of blood,lack of
food,etc.Thus,it is better to take
some steps asap to remove such
problems.There are cases wherein
we are not giving proper attention
to such problems of the child and the
young mothers.It is necessary for us
to understand and comprehend it
very well and develop methos and
procedures to overcome them.
The life cycle of a human being
does not restrict itself in equal num-
ber of years for old age and
development.The development oc-
curs in childhood and teenage
only.Following are the important
changes in the teenaged boys and
Beginning of the puberty among
The age of puberty for boys be-
gins at 10 years and extends till 16
years of age.They grow much faster
than girls.generally it is said that they
are two years back as compared to
that of the girls.there are changes in
the voice box and one might see
changes in the voice for being deep
and seriousness.
With the changes in the voice,
there are also some changes in the
chest tissues also.There might be
some changes in the weight
also.however, there should not be
The term teenage refers to the
age group of 10 to 19 years old
youngsters.This is the age
wherein there is a transforma-
tion from being kid to
teenage.There are changes in
mind,mental faculties and
emotional feelings also.This
phase prepares a person to
take decisions and prepare
themselves for
marriage,parenthood etc.This
is a stage for personality
development of the
individual.Even the teenagers
cannot understand this stage
of their growing age.If the
teenagers are able to under-
stand this part of their
life,then it might lead to some
serious and deep thinking
activities as some wrong steps
might be taken by them.This
might even lead to some harm
or pose danger to them.
any changes in the color.After two
or three years,there is reduction in
the weight also.In some cases, obe-
sity might be prevalent and it is a
serious concern for us.
There are possibilities that some
of the boys are maturing slowly as
compared to the rest of the male
members of the same age group and
they might be teased by them.This
might demotivate and develop into
stress conditions for them.There is
a development and changes in the
hair growth on the body,hair on the
face,pubic hair and in the sperm for-
mation also.There is unlimited num-
ber of small hairs growing on the
bodies of the male members at this
age.This gives us some information
about their personality.
It is a serious concern to see the
onset of the puberty among boys
quite late in life,however,this should
be causing any problem to us as they
would be growing till they have at-
tained complete growth in them.One
should perieve the growth in terms
of strength and hard work of the
body also.
Puberty Among Girls:
The girls gain 60% of the weight
as soon as they enter into their
teenage.There is accumulation of fat
in the certain parts of the bodies of
the girls as compared to the
boys.However,there is a small gap
and after it, they have to fully ma-
ture themselves in terms of
puberty.This comes before the on-
set of the menstrual cycle and the
body is slightly passive by
nature.Generally,there is no reduc-
tion or shortage of fatty accumula-
tions in the body at the time of the
There are changes in the breasts
and mammary glands and this be-
gins at the age of 9 to 13 years.At
11 and half years,one might see the
development of the pubic hair.All
girls maintain the menstrual
cycle.There are certain emotional
and behavioural problems at this
time among girls.It is necessary to
let them know about the cleanliness
during menstruation.
The young girls must adhere to
cleanliness and take care of
themselves.care should be taken
from the unpolluted things as they
might create some problems.The
uterus is very sensitive during the
menstrual cycle and improper care
would lead to undesirable growth of
the microbes.
During the menstruation
time,young girls must take care of
their bodies and private areas.They
need to focus their attention on
cleanliness and practice certain
things like washing properly,not al-
lowing the blood to stay for a long
time,using clean sanitary
napkins,etc.We should take precau-
tions with respect to the microbes
and other micro-organisms.
An individual might face differ-
ent experiences or problems.Such
things might be stressful for the
youngsters.There are dertain prob-
lems which are solved all by
themselves.Following are some of
the problems:
• Satisfaction of the orgasm
• Impotentency or cruel acts dur-
ing the initial phases
• Completion of the act before
hand only
• Sexual oddity
• Wrong or non ethical acts during
sexual discourse
It is necessary to give knowledge
about certain problems occurring
during teenage.There are
psychological,cultural,medical and
beharoiural problems for the
teenagers.Thus,it is important to give
proper knowledge of all these to the
From different points of view,the
teenage is the best time in the life
cycle of a human being.Many re-
searches have been conducted to
introduce different theories about this
particular age.Many believe that
many important variations and de-
velopments occur within this stage
and it has impact on the person
through his or her life.There might
be ups and downs in this phase,still
it is important to make the young-
sters realize and create awareness
among them. Sexual intercourse and
giving birth to a child are very com-
mon activities of this time.An indi-
vidual understands about the impor-
tance of sexuality and reaches to its
prime stage in this age.It is better to
educate them about the sex and sci-
ence of the sex.Some of them are
enumerated in the following manner:
Unwanted pregnancy and abor-
tion are two problems for us.They
are against the medicine and social
practices.If the teenager is very
young ,then chances of danger are
more.Some common issues are
irritatibility,abortion,death of the em-
bryo or child before its birth,delivery
before time and giving birth to a
death child.
Communicable Diseases Among
Younsters are aware of the dan-
gers arising out of the sexual unions
or physical relationships.One of
them being HIV or AIDS.Even if
the young girls are married,there are
cases that they might be the patients
of RTI and STD.
The diseases associated to the
sexuality begin with the sexual or-
gans only.This causes lot of tension
among the youngsters.Early sexual
associations might lead to some dis-
eases like cancer in the reproduc-
tive organs.Thus,it is seen that if the
sexual itercourses are taking place
in the age of 14 to 15 years,then
there are more chances of acquir-
ing cancer.The destruction or dam-
age of the reproductive tract and
transmitting sexual diseases to oth-
ers are equally dangerous to us.
Cancer might develop in the
cases of early marriages,sexual
unions with many people and bad
sexual practices.
Pregnancy in the teenage might
pose danger to both mother and
child.This is specially for those moth-
ers whose age is very less.The popu-
lation growth is seen more in the age
groups of 15 to 18 years.
• Danger for girls who are less
than 18 years of age
• We can prevent abortions, un-
wanted pregnancy,etc.
• Fistula might promote the growth
of the micro-organisms and this
might lead to serious diseases in
later stages of life.
• Pregnancy is more in the cases
of poor people and scheduled
castes and tribes.They are totally
unaware of certain things with
respect to the healthy sexual
intercourses and life after it.
• It is dangerous to practice self-
abortion,giving birth to a child
before time,death of the new
born baby,babies with less
Various reasons for early moth-
erhood in India are illiteracy,poverty
and child-marriages.However,there
are other reasons also as we might
observe in other countries wherein
the the young girl is aware of cer-
tain facts about the pregnancy and
motherhood.In India the situation is
worst.We do see that young girls
being mothers as compared to other
countries like USA and UK.There
had been success in the cases of
child deaths and death of the
mothers.However,we are unable to
control the cases wherein girls are
becoming mothers at a very young
age.There are many kinds of reports
and researches done on this particu-
lar topic also.
It is very scary to see that in
India,the rate is increasing for girls
entering into motherhood at an early
stages than in any other developing
countries.One can compare this with
countries like Pakistan,Nepal, and
The rate of the death of a child
is more in Pakistan as compared to
India.In this acse,China is in better
position even in comparison to coun-
tries like USA and UK.In this
study,the UNICEF has laid empha-
sis on the cultural,gender and human
rights’officers to prepare a report for
One should not be neutral or si-
lent about the sex disorientations.
One must educate about various top-
ics like pregnancy,abortion,unwanted
child,different forms of abortions,
stages of pregnancy,etc.
Diseases associated with sex like
HIV,AIDS,etc. are very harmful for
the person as well as the whole
society.More than anything else,it is
harmful for the mother and the child
that is going to enter into the new
world.hence,one must focu on the
welfare of self,other person and the
whole society.
Women have always taken the
role for taking decisions in their lives
more than anyone else.They have
taken important role in education and
health care departments. However,
we do still perceive the gap between
the role of a man and a woman.the
rate of male population s compared
to women has reduced,rate of detah
of a mother and bad health of the
mothers are still at a high rate. Con-
sequently, it is essential to increase
the rate of maintaining the health of
the girls to boys.Both should be re-
sponsible and equally should fight
with bad practices.
Another important topic of dis-
cussion among teenagers is sexual
desires.There is a close relationship
between sexual desires and birth.It
is essential to know that the physi-
cal bodies should be ready for sexual
intercourses and to enjoy them
properly.If we attempt to practice
them before only and without proper
knowledge, there are many disad-
vantages. One should pay attention
to one’s age and take care of it prop-
Syphilis occurs during the sexual intercourse with
prostitutes and is transmitted to each other. Initially there
is a yellow colored wound on the penis of the man.
And it is very painful. It is cured in three weeks of
time. Then after one and half or two months, there are
brown colored boils on the skin. This disease is transmit-
ted through parents to their offsprings.This is a very highly
communicable and dangerous disease. It is transmitted
from one person to another. It is transmitted from in-
fected person who has sexual relationship with the healthy
person and the disease is transmitted. This is curable by
the medicines and proper treatment. One should not de-
lay the treatment at any cost for any reason.
Natural Treatment
• Prepare the paste of Harad,Baheda,goose berry, bark
of the margosa tree, bark of the chhaal tree, bark of
the banyan tree, wood of the berry, leaves of Vijay
and adusa.Sieve it and make a paste of it. Add guggal
to it in equal proportions. Prepare 6 tablets of this
mixture and keep it safely for further consumption.
This helps in eradication of the syphilis, defects of the
blood and the wounds present due to the boils on the
• Take 50 Gms of Anantmul and mash it. Add ½ kg of
boiling water to it. Soak the mixture for two hours
and later on squeeze out the water present in it. Con-
sume this liquid 4 to 5 times in a day to cure syphilis.
• Take the fresh bark of the mango tree and prepare
juice of it. Consume it on daily basis with goat’s milk
in morning and for the next 6 days.
• There are defects in blood because of the syphilis.
There are marks on the entire body and joints experi-
ence pain. Take paste of the sugar and add it to milk
for good benefits.
• Mash the external bark of the margosa tree and boil it
in one kg of water. Leave the mixture for the entire
night. Sieve the water and allow the patient to drink it
in the next morning. Let the remaining water be utilsed
to wash the remaining wounds on the body. This is
easiest way to get rid of the disease.
• Take the 40 gm of juice of the myrtle leaves and add
20 gm of candy sugar to it. Consume this mixture for
10-12 days. This is beneficial.
• Take 25 gm of catechu,10 gm of camphor, and 5 gm
of vermillion. Prepare a paste of it and sieve it. Take
100 gm of it and add to 125 gm of butter and prepare
a paste of it. This should be applied on the wounds of
the patient.
• Burn yellow harad, suhaga, and goose-berry.Powder
this mixture and sprinkle on the wounds.
• Take 4-5 drops of sandalwood oil and add sugar tab-
lets to it. Consume this for one week to get rid of the
• Take some cumin seeds and half-fry them. Add black
salt to it .prepare the juice of this mixture and con-
sume it in order to get rid of the spots.
• Take equal quantities of gorakhmundi and giloi.Grind
them together and sieve it. Add 4 parts of honey to it
and consume it with cold water in morning and evening
times on daily basis. This cures the disease of
• Take equal proportions of the roots of akarkara and
aak.Add 2 parts of black pepper and 4 parts of candy
sugar and prepare a paste of it. Consume it in 4 gm of
quantity to get rid of the disease.
• Take the root of dhatura plant.Reduce its size and pre-
pare its paste.Take two small portions of it and put it
in a betel leaf for consumption and this would get rid
of the disease.
This is a very highly communicable and dangerous disease. It is transmitted
from one person to another. It is transmitted from infected person who has
sexual relationship with the healthy person and the disease is transmitted.
This is curable by the medicines and proper treatment. One should not delay
the treatment at any cost for any reason.
-Vaidya Nimesh Agrawal
The problem of the chronic disorder of the bowel
takes place due to the dysentary.The over consumption
of the fats and proteins is also responsible for this dis-
ease. An individual cannot digest the food properly and
cannot eat food in an organized manner.
Symptoms of the Disease
• The stools are either in dense or thickened or liquid
form. It gives out bad odor also. A person throws out
the excrement at least 15-20 times in a day. The pa-
tient suffers from back-aches, muscle pulls or twists
suddenly in the body. Sometimes blood is also present
in the excrement.
• In the beginning, the dysentery starts off in the morn-
ing hours. There is no pain in the
stomach.However,after the consumption of the din-
ner, the patient immediately has to excrete.
• There are symptoms of it like the bloating of the stom-
ach, some noises are produced in the stomach, the
bad odored gas is expelled from the
body,undigestion,saliva flows out of the
mouth,depression,light fever, and difficulty in breath-
ing takes place in the body.
• In children, there is mucous present in the excrement.
There is green colored matter present in the excre-
ment. The person sweats a lot also.
The Ayurvedic Treatment
• Take 10 gm of white raisins and 20 gm of unrefined
sugar. Prepare a fine powder of both of them. One
should consume this with water during morning and
evening times.
• Consume the condiment of gooseberry in morning and
evening hours.
• Add salt to the onion juice and consume this for 15
days. It is beneficial.
• Take equal quantities of thyme, small lentils, rock salt
and asafetida. Grind them to make a fine paste. One
should consume one tablespoon of this paste in the
morning with fresh water.
• Take 2 tablespoons of cumin seeds in one cup of wa-
ter and boil it. Sieve the mixture to consume it in the
morning and evening hours.
• Take one tablespoon of lemon juice, one piece of gar-
lic, small bunch of green coriander leaves, 10 black
pepper corns, little bit of rock salt, and half tablespoon
of cumin seeds to make a fine condiment of it. This
should be consumed on daily with our food. This
helps us a lot in this disease.
• Take 50 grams of dried coriander seeds, 25 grams of
rock salt, and 25 grams of black pepper and half table-
spoon of asafetida. Make powder of all these ingredi-
ents and consume it on daily basis after the dinner and
• Take 10-10 grams of cumin seeds, long pepper, dried
ginger, black pepper and 5 grams of rock salt. Grind
and prepare a paste of all these. One should consume
one tablespoon of this with hot water every morning.
• One should consume 4 ripened plantain fruits with
rock salt on daily basis. Dry the bark of black berry
and grind it. Add honey to half tablespoon of this
powder and consume it.
• Prepare a past of 10-10 grams of ginger, black pep-
per, pomegranate seeds, rock salt, asafetida cinnamon.
Consume one tablespoon of this on daily basis before
taking food.
• Sprinkle rock salt and black pepper powder on the
pineapple pieces and consume it. Take 10 grams of
leaves of the wood apple tree and take out its juice.
Add 2 grams of rock salt and black pepper before
consuming the juice. One should drink this for 15
days for proper cure of the bowel system.
• Take little bit of saffron and half a teaspoon of lemon
juice and consume it.
• Prepare a decoction of 2 harad and 4 cloves. Add one
pinch of rock salt to it and consume it. Add cow’s
urine to the juice of a mixture of 3 kinds of myrobalan
and consume it. Prepare condiment of raw pulp of
wood apple fruit and dried ginger. Consume half a
spoon of it on a daily basis along with the food.
What should be consumed and avoid
• One should consume green vegetables, fruits, and
eatable fibers.
• One should eat rotis prepared from bran. The rotis
should be chewed properly after soaking it with the
help of the saliva.
• One should avoid consumption of chilly, spices, meat,
fish, eggs, alcohol, coffee, tea and pan masala, etc.
• One should take one cup of pomegranate juice in the
• If it is an ongoing problem, then one should eat a dish
prepared from rice and pulses boiled together with
good amount of water and temperate with cumin seeds
before consumption.
• One should 10-12 glass of water in the whole day and
no water should be drunk while eating the food.
• One should drink warm water in winters and fresh
water (no refrigerated one in summer seasons).
Treatment with diet
• One should fast for few days or the whole week as it
is beneficial for the health – during fasting time one
should consume lemon juice prepared with warm and
cold water as per the requirement of the season and
consume it 2-4 times in a day, apple juice 2-3 times
and similarly for the pomegranate juice. If wood apple
is available, it is beneficial to drink juice of it with
sugar on a daily basis for 6-8 times in a day. It is also
beneficial to consume butter milk with salt and cumin
seeds added to it or vegetables soups at least twice in
a day.
• One should take complete rest throughout the day
during fasting period. Later on add honey to the raw
vegetables, juice, and drink it. It is good to consume
the juice of raw vegetable as it is good for the diges-
tion and helps in increasing our appetite.
• Sometimes one can eat chapattis, salad, curry, curd,
fruit, milk, juice of the vegetables, soup, etc in a day.
As we regain our health, we can increase the quantity
of the food and try to maintain to take fruit and veg-
etable juice, salad, soup, etc.
• One should take care not to over eat. It is always
better to eat less.
• If we feel thirsty when he takes little less work, it is
recommendable to drink warm water. Drink lemon
water half an hour before the food as this helps in
increasing our appetite and for proper digestion.
• After completion of the dinner or lunch, one should
get up from the left hand side as this helps in digestion
of the food.
• The dinner should be taken at least 2 hours before the
sleep and one should tie a covering of cloth with cold
water and cover it with a warm shawl. This should
be removed after two hours or in the morning.
Natural treatment
• Take anima in the morning as this helps in the clean-
ing of the stomach. After this, one should consume
boiled vegetables along with rotis prepared with wheat
floor and bran. This should be consumed for 15 days
• Take a belt with wet mud and tie it on the stomach for
20 days.
• If the bowel system is in a bad condition for a long
time, it is advisable to drink water 4 times a day with
half a lemon juice squeezed on a regular basis. One
should sit in water in such a manner that the water
level comes up till the waist and the stomach should
be exposed to that water.
• The water should be flow on the waist and the area
below the naval or belly part for two minutes.
• It is advisable to lay straight, take a deep breath and
allow the water to be thrown on the stomach for two
Treatment with yogic exercise
The physical body is in a weak condition when a per-
son suffers from the bad bowel system. He cannot be
very active nor do some kind of hard
work. It is advisable for the patient to
perform Vajrasan and this should be done
for 5 minutes after eating the food. This
will help in digestion, removal of acidity,
gas, and constipation. This also relieves
us from the pain in the knees.
One should do Bhujungasan – it is a kind of an exer-
cise meant for the stomach and helps in all kinds of de-
fects of it. It removes the problem of constipation.
Practice of Makarasan - This helps in living long
life. Any kind of defects of the lungs is cured by this and
is really helpful to relieve us from the pain in the knees.
This is very good for the spinal cord and helps in diges-
tion to give us good health.
Pawanmuktasan – This is very good exercise and is
very popular one also. It removes all the defects of the
breathing systems, acidity and is beneficial for the dis-
ease associated with the women.
Kamarachakrasan – This helps in eradicating of the
constipation, removal of the tiredness and helps in diges-
Janushirasan – This helps in the growth of the mus-
cular part of the breathing and digestion system. Some-
times there is constriction in the stomach. It helps in
removal of it.
Ardvamtsyendrasan – this is a really useful exercise
for the people suffering from bad bowel systems. It also
helps in diabetes and
backache. It gives lot
of energy to the
whole body and the
nervous system
really functions very well. This exercise should be done
with lot of care and under proper guidance.
Pranayaam – This is very useful and very important.
Without this, no disease can be completely eradicated. It
is advisable for the patient to perform this on a regular
One should do Agnisar Kriya : With this activity,
the digestion system really functions very well. The prob-
lems of constipation, gas, ulcers, etc are removed com-
pletely, person really feels hungry after doing this exer-
cise on a daily basis. There are no problems in the uri-
nary system. This also helps in controlling the urinary
system. It is beneficial for the patient suffering from
obesity and diabetes.
Proper function of the blood vessels : One should
do Anulom and Vilom exercise of the Pranayaam. One
should pour water in the nostril and do it continuously.
After that one should meditate for sometime.
Tara Devi
It is very sad to note that India is adopting foreign culture and leaving behind
its own culture. There is not even a single person who would like to come for-
ward to change the environment of our country. Even the government discussed
about these topics however they are meant only for giving speeches to the people.
Nowadays, people are forgetting their own culture and ready to take away other
culture easily. It has observed that people are suffering from one or the other
disease and they are getting attracted towards the English medicines other than the
medicines prepared in their own country. The people are really blind towards it
and the results can be seen on our own bodies with their side effects.
Looking at the current scenario with respect to our culture and lifestyle, it is
seen that we are far more away from the actual Indian culture, primary medical
treatments, the remedies through the herbs and plants in order to live a long and
healthy life. If we adopt our disappearing culture, then it is sure that there would
be growth and people would be free from diseases and live for a long time. There
are only few people who are aware of the fact that we can even adopt euthanasia
or voluntary death through the ancient method. For this, there is necessity of
Yoga and Pranayam. There are many benefits of this. Pranayam helps us to
reduce 8-10 kg of weight, blood pressure and thyroid can be cured. It is also said
that thyroid and other disease are bad for health and ultimately we might even die
also, however Yoga and Pranayam helps us to eradicate all these things. It also
helps in avoiding heart attack, free from all kinds of other disease and save lot of
money which is spent on the bypass surgery. One can be free from all kinds of
addictions also through Yoga and Pranayam.
People who really practice Yoga and Pranayam, they are free from all kind of
diseases and never tend to become a patient. They are free from depression and
always believe on themselves.
Yoga really controls all the activities of our lives and life is given to us as a
blessing from the god. It is through our prayers to the God through a single word
OM that all living organisms are connective with the ultimate being. In this man-
ner, Yoga is superior religion as compared to the other religion. The main reason
behind this is that Yoga is the only instrument through which a human being is able
to see the humanity and the welfare of it can be desired by him only.
The controlling of the life is called Pranayam. Our body really guides and
controls many activities in it, all these are either perceived or unperceived by the
living organism. Life and death has a very extraordinary relation with the human
being. This is all due to the life only. As fire and other processes help in removing
the polluted particles of gold and other metals, similarly all the sense organs and
the mind are cleaned by the Pranayaam. Through Pranayaam, we are able to
remove all the unreality and wrong kind of coverings from our body. Through
this cleaning process, we experience the reality.
It is through the realization of the saints and sages, Patanjali, etc that really
Looking at the current
scenario with respect to
our culture and lifestyle,
it is seen that we are far
more away from the
actual Indian culture,
primary medical treat-
ments, the remedies
through the herbs and
plants in order to live a
long and healthy life. If
we adopt our disappear-
ing culture, then it is sure
that there would be
growth and people would
be free from diseases and
live for a long time.
There are only few people
who are aware of the fact
that we can even adopt
euthanasia or voluntary
death through the ancient
established a complete scientific method for Pranayaam.
This helps in eradication of incurable disease. After the
treatment one is free and attains a peaceful life. If we
look at Pranayam through the health and spiritual point of
view, it is very important for the human beings. From
the medical point of view, it is useful in the treatment of
all kinds of diseases and illness except for the defects of
the bones. It can cure diseases like heart attack, asthma,
diabetes, etc, and gives us life free of diseases.
There is a positive aspect of Pranayam also wherein a
child and old man can easily perform Pranayaam without
any difficulties. It is a very simple method wherein the
lungs become stronger. There is a proper flow of the
blood and men attain a long life.
Pranayam helps in the natural treatment of various
diseases with the help of the life giving air. It is practiced
during the pious activities and during the meditation time
also. In this way, a person discipline and all the negative
feelings like depression, stress, anger, fear, etc, are re-
moved very easily. This improves even the memory, in-
telligence, cognition, intuition, etc and men become psy-
chologically a strong human being. This allows him to
lead a happy life.
Pranayaam also helps in long breathing process and it
is done in a very natural manner.
As per the Yoga philosophy there are four different
kinds of Yoga:
1. Bahruyaviutti
2. Adhyantaravrutti.
3. Stambhavrutti.
4. Bahmabhayaltra.
Bahruyaviutti Pranayaam:
• In this we do Simhasan, Padmasan, or any other pos-
ture and sit in a proper manner allow the air to enter
into the body and with the same path it should breathe
• After the above step, one should do Mulabandh,
Uddiyalbandh, and Jalandharbandh and breath in. af-
terwards slowly release the air step by step.
• Again without any stoppage, take the air inside the
lungs and continue the above steps at least 3 to 21
Benefits: This is a Pranayam which does not bring
any kind of harm to us. The playfulness of the heart is
destroyed in this, there is some kind of enlightenment
within us and we get the benefits to be free from many
diseases. Intelligence is very subtle and moves in a very
quick manner. The strength also moves very quickly and
the defects of dream, etc, are taken care of.
• We have to sit in a meditative posture and throw out
the air from the body and breathe in maximum vol-
ume of air. This depends upon us how much we can
take it. Raise the chest portion towards the upper
side and pull in the stomach in such a manner that it
touch in completely. In this posture one should per-
form Mulabandh or any other kind of bandh.
• Keep the air as it is inside the body and when we
desire to throw it out then remove the Jalandharbandh
and slowly release the air out of the body.
Benefits: This removes all the defects of the lungs
and it is highly beneficial for the diseases occurring due
to the fact. Through this, person really shines and is full
of radiance and beauty.
Methods: When we breathe out, we should allow
the air to remain outside and when we breathe in, little bit
of air should be kept inside which means when there is a
cycle of breathing in and breathing out of the air, then we
should not go against it. We should be along with it and
take care of the whole process into our control.
Benefits: Person really gains strength and completes
all the principles of his livelihood and intelligence is really
sharpened. This is very difficult and we cannot grasp it
very easily. The body really increases its strength and
we are able to conquer our own sense organ. The con-
sciousness becomes calm and quiet. Even women can
practice these yogic exercises.
Rule regarding the Pranayam:
• It should be practiced in a clean and pious place. It is
always advisable to do this exercise near a water
• One should not sit near the polluted places. The place
should be highly perfumed or posses some good smell.
• In order to do Pranayaam, one should sit in Siddhasan,
Vajrasan, and Padmasan.
• This really allows the flow of energy from one part of
the body to the other and we should sit on a blanket or
a mattress.
• We should always breathe in with the help of the nose
and not through the mouth. The main reason behind
this is that, nose acts as a filter and prevents the pol-
luted particles to enter into the body. Moreover this
helps the body to maintain its temperature and the
spinal cord is in its right posture.
• Pranayam should also be done at least 4-5 hours be-
fore we consume the food.
• Our bodies should be purified and cleansed before go-
ing for yogasan and Pranayam early in the morning,
i.e. we need to complete all our daily activities, like
bathing, cleaning off the teeth, etc.
• We need to practice about 5-10 minutes and later on
increase our timings from 30 minutes to 1 hour.
• While doing this, we need to be absolutely in peace
and happy state.
• We should take bath and then sit in to meditate in this
• After completing Pranayam if we desire to take bath it
should be done only after 15-20 minutes.
• One should not attempt to do Pranayaam or any other
yogic exercises after reading the book. It should be
done under strict instructions of the trainer or guru.
• One should know their own nature and habits in order
to practice the Pranayam.One cannot lie anything about
our physical bodies.
• Pregnant women, people who are hungry individuals
and people having fever should avoid it. They should
not even be performed during the time of menstrua-
• One should really take care of the complete
brahamacharya in order to do Pranayaam from long
People are asking “What kind of object Ram Dev Is?”
Utters “Krant” in this person, has the seeds of “Bismil”.
Ram was one person in an era, “Bismil” Ram-Prasad,
Gave freedom to us, and left us forever Prasad.
All were the British, true they were very cruel,
Always they acted upon revolutionaries, destroyed all of them.
Year 1937 was he rised, hunged was Ram Prasad,
20 years after that, country was independent.
While dying he wrote, Bismil thought these words,
I would take birth again here only, do not be unhappy Mother.
Certainly in this birth only, there was some more missing,
Due to which not me, could not do something special.
However in next birth, with complete power,
Again I would come back to meet the cruel, shake hand-hand with them.
In year 47 they gave, country was divided,
It is the yoga of Ram Dev, it would cut the cruels
Dr.Madan Lal Verma “Krant
time. One should consume sattvik and food which
consist of milk, ghee, and fruits.
• One should not stop air in or out during Pranayam. It
should be done in a nature manner. In order words,
no force should be applied.
• There should not be any kind of stress on face, eyes,
nose, and any other part of the body while practicing
• It should be done with extreme cautiousness and one
should not be curious or anxious about it.
Methods to sit for the Pranayam:
One should sit absolutely straight while doing the
Pranayam. One should use a meditative posture for this
like Siddhasan, Padmasan, sukhasan, Vajrasan, etc. If a
person is not able to sit in these postures, the individual
can sit in a chair to do Pranayaam. However, the spinal
cord should be absolutely straight. Nowadays people are
doing this while walking or roaming casually. However
this is a wrong method. This might be very harmful for
the body. Pranayaam develops Pranshakti and helps in
the awakening of various Chakras in the body. There-
fore it is always advisable to sit straight and this helps in
focusing on the mind.
Shrimati Reena Mishra
Human beings have strong relationship with the envi-
ronment. There is mutuality between the environmental loss
and it is necessary for the human being to take care of them.
The first rule focuses on waking up only in the morning as it
is excellent for our health. All the great people in the world
used to get up early in the morning.
It is always advisable to getup quite early before the sun-
rise and the human being should perform exercises, pray to
the heavenly bodies, Gods, Goddesses, parents and all the
divine beings after proper cleansing and purification meth-
ods or activities in the morning. It is Indian sanatan culture to
chant Gayatri mantra and meditate on it in order to attain long
life. All these activities are called the daily rituals. If a person
is not able to perform all these activities before the sunrise
then there would be no time left to perform them. Thus the
first and primary discipline to maintain good health is to take
care of all good activities.
The’Brahmamuhurta’ time is one and half hours before
the sunrise. At this time one can see twilight and four stars
are visible in the sky. This is also called as ‘Amrita vela’. This
is the idle time for meditation. As per the rules of the environ-
ment, on the animals, birds and all other living organisms
getup early in the morning to experience the real and actual
happiness in the ‘Amrita vela’. In such a situation if man-the
highest animal species -cannot be lazy and continue to sleep
when the whole world is enjoying the valuable gift of the
divine bond. Would not it be shameful deed for him?
It is said that if a person sleeps till the sun rise, then his/
her intelligence and sense organs tend to be less effective for
functioning properly. It is said that such a person who gets
up late in the morning tends to remain poor through out the
life. There is a important line given in the Dev vani -
¤ ¤ f¬ª ª-an¬r ¤¤rft¢r ì ¤ rªfrrª fªra t+rrfrr¢r ¤ìì
= ¤r ª¤ ¤rtafna rr¤rª ì f¤n f-a vt¤ fª ¤a¤rf¢r.ìì
Meaning: The person whose physical body and clothes
are dirty, dirt is accumulated on the teeth, eats plenty of food,
always utters rude words, wakes up late after the sunrise and
awakens at the time of the sunset. Such a person is known to
be a worst case of remaining through out the life. It is also
said that Goddess Laxmi leaves Lord Vishnu in such situa-
Therefore it is not at all beneficial to sleep till the time of
the sunrise. One should inculcate to awake quite early in the
morning on daily basis. Is not it possible for us to perform an
impossible works if we have great determination?
As per saint Manu who writes in his Manavsamhita -
¤ ror n r a ¤ ª¤a ¤nr ºrr ¤rª f¤-¤ a ì ¤r¤¤¬ rrr r¤
a-n ¬rª ¤ ªa-¤rºr n ¤ ¤ìì
This means one should getup at bhramamuhurta and medi-
tates on the daily religious activities. The first pious activity
is to meditate on God and take the decision that all the works
performed on that particular day should be performed in the
very pious manner. The meaning of meditation here is that
one should do all their work with complete honesty and loy-
alty. Such activity would give good money and provide ulti-
mate happiness within us. One should allow their bodies to
work hard and tend to remain healthy because unhealthy
body means that the whole life is going to be a worst case.
´rrttnru =r¬ ¤n =r¤ªn ì'
This means the moment we getup in the morning is al-
ways good to see both of our hands specially the
palms.’Acharya pradeep’ writes -
¤trn ¤=a ¬+nt. ¤tnª¤ =tt¤atì ¤tn ¬ ftºrar ¤ or
¤ +rra ¤tªrr ªn ìì
It means the upper part of the palm is the residence of
Goddess Lakshmi, Sarasvati resides in the middle portion
and Lord Brahma resides in the lowest portion of the palm.
Thus it is advisable to see the palms in the morning time
while waking up.
In reality there is an extraordinary beauty seen in the en-
vironment at the twilight hours. We can really be happy only
if we balance this with the environment. In this way the first
meter to protect our health is - to meditate very early in the
morning and to awaken before the sunrise on daily basis and
to perform good and beneficial actions in our lives.
Vaidya Suchi Mitra
Acidity is not a serious and dangerous disease.However, it is serious causes
due to which the patient is always tensed and in depressed condition. It is also
known as Acid Dispepacia, Acid gastritis and hyper-chlorahydria.The history of this
disease is very old one.It has not been clearly discussed in the literatures of Charaka
and Sushruta.It is only Acharya Kashyap who has discussed about it in length in his
work. It was Madhavkar who wrote about this disease as a separate topic in the
book called “Madhav Nidaan”.Acidity is formed due to continuous consumption of
stale and cold food by an individual. This produces lots of acid and bile juice. This is
called as the state of the acidity. It is directly associated to the changing of the
seasons and weathers. This aggravates in the rainy and winter seasons. In these
seasons, there is over production of the acid and bile juice which causes problems
and discomforts to the individual. The gastric mucosa is produced and is in large
quantities. This is the cause of hyper-acidity in the body. Due to improper and mal
treatment of such diseases, the individuals suffer from gastric and duodenal ulcers
also. This might even lead to the stages of the cancer also.
• The person tires very soon
• The person experiences heaviness and bloating of the stomach
• The individual feels nauseatic and the bile juices are vomited in the colors of
yellow, blue, green or red.
• The person hates to eat anything and des not like the taste of the food. There
are burps produced.
• There is irritation in the stomach, chest and throat
• The person experiences sour and bitter tastes
• There are blisters formed in the mouth
• Individual experiences sourness in the teeth also
• There is sensation of heat in the stomach due to non consumption of the food
• Patient cannot sleep properly
• Tension is created
• There is a layer of dirt formed on the tongue
• There is a problem of gas and there is a complaint of bloating, pain in the
stomach and discomfort ness
• There is sensation of inflammation in hands, legs, eyes, etc.
• While urinating, the person experiences inflammation
• The person keeps on spitting the saliva and this becomes a habit later on
• The air coming out of the nostrils is hot and the gases come out of the nostrils
Acidity is formed due
to continuous con-
sumption of stale and
cold food by an indi-
vidual. This produces
lots of acid and bile
juice. This is called as
the state of the acidity.
It is directly associ-
ated to the changing
of the seasons and
weather. This aggra-
vates in the rainy and
winter season. In
these seasons, there is
over production of the
acid and bile juice
which causes prob-
lems and discomforts
to the individual. The
gastric mucosa is
produced and is in
large quantities. This
is the cause of hyper-
acidity in the body.
Due to improper and
mal treatment of such
diseases, the individu-
als suffer from gastric
and duodenal ulcers
with a bad smell or sour tastes
• The disease is due to wrong food habits
• Consumption of alcohol, tobacco and smoking are
the main causes
• Oily and spicy food also are responsible for this
• Consumption of bread,jam,jelly,fast food, cold
drinks,etc also cause acidity
• Acidity also occurs due to
tea,coffee,chocolates,biscuits and sugar
• Stress and depression also cause this disease
• Consumption of sour food items like vinegar, sour
curd, sour buttermilk,etc are also causes of it
• If one consumes gram and refined flour in large
quantities ,it causes this disease
• Drinking of less water and keeping fasts are also its
• Chocolates,Kulfi,tinned food items,cream,ice-
cream,toffees cause acidity in the body
• Polish and refined rice also cause acidity
• Lack of bran is also responsible for it
• Individuals are consuming allopathic and anti-biotic
medicines in large quantities. This results into
acidity as it has direct effect on the digestive system
and acts against the acidity. Due to this, a person
might experience swelling in the joints, wounds are
produced without any reason and acidity increases
in the body.
• Acidity is also present in case the food is not
masticated and chewed properly.
• Pregnant women experience it more
• Acidity might create additional diseases like dysen-
tery, bad bowel systems, swelling in the body, etc.
• This might be the cause for the diseases of the
teeth, joint problems, pyria, defects of the liver, etc.
• Bad and polluted water is also responsible for acidity
• Consumption of both hot and cold substances
together at the same time might cause acidity
Herbal Remedies
• Consume triphala or goose berry with honey
• Take powder of harad and honey
• Prepare a fine powder of black pepper, dried ginger
and bark of the margosa plant and consume it twice
a day with water
• Grind the equal proportions of peepul, dried goose-
berry, small harad, coriander and kutki.Add equal
amount of raisins in it. Take a cup made of mud and
prepare a mixture of this with water. Sieve it next
morning and drink it. This should be ritually con-
sumed for the next 2 to three months
• Stomach pain might be reduced if we prepare
decoction of the bark of the banyan tree and water.
Add jaggery and rock salt to it
• Take fresh goose berry and add fine powder of
candy sugar to it and consume
• Take 10 gm of raisins and aniseeds.Soak them in
100 ml of water.Mash it in the morning and sieve it
thoroughly for consumption
• Take Dakh and harad in equal quantities. Add equal
amount of sugar, grind all of them together and
make 1-1 balls of it.
• Take 6-6 gm of small branches of coriander, dried
ginger, sugar and margosa.Prepare decoction of it
and drink it twice in a day. This helps in digestion,
curing sour burps, hiccups, etc.
• Take half a teaspoon of triphala daily twice or thrice
in a day.
Home remedies
• Avoid to add salt to cucumber and kakari and one
must not drink water after eating them
• Boil potatoes; add black pepper powder and cumin
seeds to it along with some rock salt. This is really
• Add jaggery in cow’s milk and this would help in
increase of urine and acidity might be cured
• Take the past with the jaggery
• Consume the equal amount of coriander and ginger
• Drink coconut water as much as possible
• Eat black gram with the black pepper condiment
• Consume the juice of black berries with jaggery
• Consume the power of goose berry with butter milk
Remedy through the Yoga
Yogic exercises also benefit to remove the acidity. The
person should wear dhoti and perform jal dhoti, baghi jal
neti and sankh prakshalan.One should regularly practice
the following postures: janushirshasan, Vajrasan,
uttanapadaasan, ardhamatsyendrasan, yoga mudra,
dhanurasa, etc.
• Avoid stale food
• One must walk in mornings and evenings
• Rotis should be prepared with bran mixed in flour
• Roasted grains and sprouts should be consumed
• Consume vegetables like radish, tinda, torai, spinach,
methi, parmal, white gourd, cabbage, bitter gourd, etc
• Consume pomegranates, goose berry, papaya, ba-
nana, mango, apple, litchi, etc.
• Consume juices of grapes, bottle gourd,carrots,etc
• One should consume sweetened goose-berry(murabba)
and baheda
• Eat sprouts of lentils, black peas, corn, wheat, etc.
• Consume roasted jowar in summer season
• Liquid items and water must be consumed
• Eat light food rather than heavy, spicy and oily food
• Consume sattu with candy-sugar or rock sugar
• Eat food in peaceful environment free from tension
and stress
• Keep fast once in a week
• Consume seasonal fruits
• Boil and cool milk. This must become a habit or each
one of us.
• It is beneficial to eat almonds,pistachio,aniseeds and
black pepper and prepare its syrup
• Develop good habits like sleeping early, getting up at
the right time, eating food at appropriate time, it.
• Drink boiled water
• Do not consume potatoes, tomatoes,cauli flower,
Brinjal, etc.
• Gram and refined flour should be avoided
• Heavy and fried food must not be consumed
• Avoid eating while there are feelings of anger, stress,
jealousy, etc.
• Do not eat chat,pakori and other spicy dishes
• Avoid eating tinned food items,pickles,condiments,etc
• Avoid eating Kabuli chana, rajma, oil stuff, etc.
• Do not take dinners quite late in the night
• Avoid to consume less pastes or powder to help in
digestion of the food while having bad constipation
“Listen to the summary of the dharma and understand it after listening to it-something which is unfavorable
to you, it should not be given away to others. One who understands that hoping to accumulate someone
else’s money is sheer waste of time and it is same as the mud accumulated in a place and it might be washed
away later on and would not belong to us any more .there is no difference between the external elements
and one’s own soul as they are made up of same kind of elements only. Such a person is True and with
correct vision with him or her. Such a person is called Jnani or Elevated Person. The person whose kitchen
is equal to that of BaliVaishvaDev and quenches the thirst and satisfies their hunger. The individual is ever
ready to help others without any partiality. We call such person as Wise individual. Like gold is superior
among all elements, similarly helping and taking care of others is excellent dharma or activity. It is all
pervading in the world. The one who takes care of all organisms without any biasness-we declare that such
a person to possess Amrita tattva or golden element
v¤ar ¤n=¤t¤ v-¤r ¤a-¤¤r¤arnì =ranª. ¤fa¤¬rfª ¤trrr ª =nr¤taìì
nra¤-¤tªrtrr¤ ¤tªª¤rf¢r ¬rrº¤aì =r-n¤-=¤+rarfª ¤. ¤r¤fa = ¤r¤faìì
¤¤ª ¤r¤ª¤rºr ¤trºr ¤-¤ ¬tf¤anì ¤aª+r¤-¤ =¤t¤ ¤raªrfn¤ ¤rr¤ªnìì
=¤+rafra tr¬v¤t-¤rnanrªaì
-Acharya Satyanand 'Naishthik'
The stories of the foolish Sheikh
Chilli are too famous in India. He was
not a seal character. He was a symbol
for a foolish individual. Anyone who
does a foolish act, such a person gets
the title of being Sheikh Chilli. Simi-
larly, we had a foolish emperor. Once
upon a time he and his minister were
invigilating their kingdom. During one
such trip in the evening they were near
a village and saw a group of people col-
lected together. They perceived that
there was a lantern hanging on the top
of a tree and with its light a person was
reading a book siting beneath the tree.
The king asked his minister as to
what was the reason behind it. The min-
ister was also a similar kind of a foolish
person. He took a pandit along with
him in order to find out the truth. Ev-
eryone thought that he was an emperor
and stood up immediately to welcome
him. The moment they saw the pandit
the minister wanted to say something
to the king however, the emperor asked,
“What is happening here?” The answer
was “reverent emperor! I am listening
to the story of the king Ram Chandra”.
The moment the emperor heard this,
he lost his temper and said, “How can
you listen to the story of another king
in my present?”
Pandit was surprised to hear this for
a moment and immediately responded
“Sir, Raja Ram Chandra is known for the
origination of the story of Ramayana.
However, emperor there is no Ramayana
kind of a story for you. Thus, how can
we narrate your story of others? If there
is one please let me know I would start
narrating your story from tomorrow on-
The Emperor was worried to hear
these words and said, “No, I do not have
story like Ramayana” Spontaneously
Pandit took the advantage of the situa-
tion and said “Sir, with your instructions
I would really like to start off the work
for you?” The Emperor was very happy
and this was visible on his face. He
said “can you do this work for me?”
Pandit answered – “emperor I can do
this work for you, however, I need time
for this and money also”
The kind asked him “how much time
do u required?”
“I would take at least 6 months.”
“Al right, and how much money you
would take?”
“Sir, I would take not less than 10000
from you”
“Al right, you will get it” replied the
emperor – “can you start off right now,
why you want to do it from tomorrow?
“But I need money.”
Emperor said, “You would get your
money tomorrow”
“Alright Emperor!” I would start it
off right away. However, the whole
thing would be completed not less than
six months.”
The emperor went off to his palace
and next day he sent Rs. 5000 to the
pandit. After six months, emperor re-
ceived the message that there is a pandit
from some village who would like to meet
him. The emperor was very excited and
happy to hear this. He understood that
it is none other than pandit who is back
with his work. He invited the pandit to
his court and said, “Pandit! Have you
completed the entire Ramayana?”
Emperor! You can assume that this
is fully done, however…”
The emperor was furious and asked
him, “Yes, tell me. What is the matter?
Do you think the money that I gave you
is less for your work?”
“It is not the money that matters to
me emperor, there is something less…”
“What is that something else? Tell
me immediately.
Pandit asked, “Emperor! Sita was the
queen for Raja Ram and Ravan kid-
napped her and abducted her. Can you
please tell me the name of that horrible
person who abducted your begum? This
is the information that I am looking for
from you. Your Ramayana is incomplete
at the moment and I really wanted to
know and take the information from you.
I cannot ask someone else and it is not
the correct action from my end.”
The moment the emperor heard this,
he was totally zapped and said, “No
pandit, no! Please forgive me; I do not
want anyone to write such a Ramayana
for me”
“Emperor! It is already completed”
The emperor was angry and said “I
had already declared that I do not re-
quire such Ramayana”
The Pandit was not convinced with
all of these. He thought that one fine
day, the emperor would again have cer-
tain doubts and while roaming he would
ask what are you doing and I do not
have any answer for it. I have to narrate
the story of raja Ram Chandra every-
body, you cannot question me at that
question again. He asked, “Emperor
what should I narrate to the villager?”
Immediately, emperor, without any sec-
ondary thoughts replied “You can nar-
rate the story of Raja Ram to everybody
wherein the queen was abducted by
Pandit was very happy and did not
hesitate for any other query. He had
recited and was successful with his own
created Ramayana story. He made quick
money and even the freedom to narrate
the actual story of Ramayana to each
and every person.
Lesson – An intelligent person can
attain his goal with his risk taking
strength and power in difficult situa-
tions. Man should learn to get his work
done by hook or crook.
There had been many incarnations and births of great
people from time to time to bring in peace and humanity in
India. The divine souls of Shri Ram, Shri Krishna, Buddha,
Mahaveer, GuruNanak Dev, Sai Baba, Tulasi, Kabir, Maharishi
dayanand, Swami Vivekananda and many more took birth in India and at-
tracted the race of humanity due to their thoughts and behavior.
However, at the beginning of the 21
century and with the birth of Swami
Ramdev Ji, it seems as though there is a new ray emerging from the Sun and it
is spreading the light all over the world. It seems that the whole universe was
waiting for this great personality to spread the message of Yoga Philosophy.
However, in the garb of development and progress with help of the science
and technology, the world is deterioting rather than progressing in the correct
direction. Nevertheless the birth of Revered Swami Ramdev Ji changed the
whole scenario only with his dedicated approach of bringing in refarms in the
society and it is for the betterment of the human society only.
Swami Ji cannot be identified with only his persona or character or pious
soul. Rather it seems that the mother Earth had given birth to him right from her
womb similar to a very powerful weapon to protect the whole humanity and it is
very different from the swallowing of poison by Shiva. This would enable him to
remove all obstacles and negative actions and initiate to set up a golden era with
his own efforts.
The entire environment has selected his place to be none other than India-
the land of Piousness. He has attempted to make us understand the true mean-
ing of life and to be thoughtful. He has enlightened us to see the entire world and
Universe, various activities of the physical and material world and spiritual world,
and the path of oneness between the diversity.
India is a land which has witnessed many changing facets of goodness and
badness. Still there are people who take birth and are responsible to remove
evils from the society. This helps to retain our basic nature of being true
Atman.Thus, we are fortunate enough to see that Swamiji belongs to our coun-
try and he has taken responsibilities to cleanse the entire society.
Swami Ji is exposing himself to the welfare of humanity and asserts to make
a healthy path for all human beings. This can be done by staying healthy. By
remaining healthy, staying fit for a long time, enjoying various things in the world
,etc are some of the things which is being attracted the common man to Swami
Ji Ramdev.The individuals have tasted the honey through him and would desire
to be associated with him only. They received happiness beyond their imagina-
tion. It has spread like a fire in a jungle and entire world of human beings are
linked with him for their own benefits.
This is what Swami Ji desired and he achieved it without any difficulty. Now
everyone-irrespective of the caste or creed-are working along with him. All of
them have become his devotees or followers.
Anything is possible now. Individuals are ready to bring in changes. India can
Shri Ram, Shri Krishna,
Buddha, Mahaveer,
GuruNanak Dev, Sai
Baba, Tulasi, Kabir,
Maharishi Dayanand,
Swami Vivekananda and
many more took birth in
India and attracted the
race of humanity due to
their thoughts and
However, at the begin-
ning of the 21
and with the birth of
Swami Ramdev Ji, it
seems as though there is
a new ray emerging from
the Sun and it is spread-
ing the light all over the
world. It seems that the
whole universe was
waiting for this great
personality to spread the
message of Yoga Philoso-
Let us chant the name of literal freedom
Why should heart be scared of, let us sing
in praise of God,
Let us chant the name of literal freedom
With Bhakti you would get of comforts
With Bhakti you would remove the dirt of
your soul
Why should heart be scared of, let us sing
in praise of God.
Group together with pious people
You would medicine for all diseases
Make life a garden for yourself
Let us chant the name of literal freedom
This is the sign of all saints
Good words and sweetness is present in
their voice
Suppress anger and ego
Why should heart be scared of, let us sing
in praise of God.
Peep outside from the world of darkness
Lit the lamp in your inner self
Let there be union between soul and God
Let us chant the name of literal freedom
-Girijesh Baratia 'Karun'
No earth is required no skies are reuired,
We need peace for our nation.
Let there be love forever,
Clouds we require such kind of showers
from you.
The eyes opened to see such kind of a na-
tion only,
Give us such kind of eyes and actions only.
It would be awesome to see namaaz offered
in temples,
And bhajan and kirtan to take place in
We require such a worshipping places only.
Where there are shameful actions in nation,
We do not require such body and heart,
We do not require such a body and heart at
make him a world spiritual leader. He intended for this and he
made it possible for himself. He is slowly exhibiting his true
nature. He has changed his outlook. Initially he was yoga Rishi
and with changes in the time, he has become Yoga purush.The
time and era would definitely change. The blind faiths would
be washed away and new dawn would be present wherein
Swami Ji would be introducing new picture for India as well
as the entire world. He is born for this purpose only.
With respect to the beauty of India, Swami Ji remembers
those times when India was at its Golden age and possessed
everything. India was known as Golden Sparrow.However,
with the onset of the rule of the foreigners in India, the entire
scenario changed. They remained with the few corrupted In-
dians and while leaving the country also, they gave away the
responsibilities of ruling the Independent India with them only.
That’s why Swami Ji says,” The fair complexioned British
left the country,however,the power has been transcended to
the Black Bristish.Till there is a sharp blow over this rule,
there cannot be any kind of solution for the prevailing prob-
This was understood by Swami Ji and he had established
“Bharat Svabhimaan (Trust)”.New India has to be created
and enlightenment for every individual has to taken care as
soon as possible. We need to re-organize the entire Universe.
This is an arrow aimed by Swami Ji for goodness of the soci-
ety and proves to be another topic of discussion in our history
There are few people responsible for the corruption in our
country. These people have knitted such a net that casteism,
crimes, statehood, differences in languages and blind faiths
are well placed in it and people are trapped in it forever. Apart
from these, we have further added the colors of foreign cul-
ture like alcoholism, drugs and sexual desires are
prevalent.However, Honorary Swami Ji has taken the respon-
sibility of blowing out all these with his own efforts.
He is a saint, it is his efforts, it is his own beliefs, and he is
ever ready to organize a new world with strong ethical values
and pious actions. He is trying to awaken the people from
their deep sleep and know their real ego power. Now the ulti-
mate goal is easily achievable by him.
All of are fortunate enough to be involved in this great
work of Swami Ji.In this pious movement, we are not only
immediate perceivers, rather, we are coordinators also. All of
us have taken oath, pledged and determined to help him with
full support and give place to a new world around us. Every-
thing-world around us, the country and ourselves-all of these
would be changing with his help.Baba Ramdev should live
forever and should be immortal. All of us would not be present
in the historical records, however, we would be contributing in
some form or the other and our next generation would get a
new world for their survival.
Agya Chakra
Hridaya Chakra
Vishuddhi Chakra
Manipur Chakra
It is very important and of the primary necessity that the
nabhi chakra must be properly placed in the individual’s body
in order to be disease free and maintain good health. In case
there are any kinds of displacements in it, there would be
disorders in the body and it might transform into various
diseases and surface in front of the individual. The advanced
medicinal doctors are helpless to cure such diseases because
they are unaware of the knowledge of the naval chakra and
details of the place and position of it. They cannot focus on
it at all. As a result, there cannot be any kind of remedy
available especially for defects of the digestion processes
which can be controlled through in some form, however, can-
not be cured only by herbal medicines and their treatment
through them only.
The herbal treatment might help in subsidizing the quali-
ties and symptoms of the diseases, however, the physical
body might not be free from the diseases. It might emerge in
a new disease and prevails in the body. Once proper research
has been conducted on various diseases, it has been discov-
ered that all this is responsible due to the displacement of the
navel chakra.If there is control over the nabhi chakra, there
the health would be gained back without any kind of prob-
What Is Nabhi Chakra?
It is situated in the middle of the abdomen region. As per
the yogic scientific study, there is a round shaped root be-
neath the navel. It is from this place, all nerves or the blood
stream are created and spread throughout the body. Out of
these, there are 72 thousand main nerves associated with the
life and among these, 10 nerves are the important ones. The
Sanskrit word “Nadi” means flow or stream. The path in which
various chakras of the subtle bodies and different stations of
the unperceived senses join together is called nadi.It is
through this place the life energy flows to the entire body.
Since all of them are related to the subtle body, one cannot
perceive them with the ordinary body organs. It is through
proper and rigorous training and practicing of the yoga that
the student or the learner is able to perceive these illuminated
paths very clearly. Such a person experiences their activities
also. According to Patanjali,” Nabhi chakra kayavyuha
There is a subtle body called Manipurak in this system.
This is related to the sun and directs the lively activity of the
digestion and helps in providing energy to rest of the body
available through the food. In this manner, Manipur chakra is
the centre for all heat and energy.
The main role of the nabhi assembly is to maintain the
good health of the material or physical body, to adjust the
organs and sub-organs, and to direct and control various
activities of the nerves. When it is in its normal state in the
body, each and every part of the body functions in its normal
way just like the machine and its parts. The nerves flow in the
nadis and maintain the life force by giving health and proper
functioning of the entire body. The individual is energized
and in its influence performs every work and duty with hope,
enthusiasm and anxiety. Such an individual accepts different
challenges in the life and is aware to win and be victorious in
life. There is motivation in their lives. The individual is full of
positive forces and creative qualities.
The Reasons for the Displacement/Misplacement of the
Nabhi Chakra:
Nabhi is called “The Centre of Fear”. Whenever an indi-
vidual experiences the feeling of fear, then it is the nabhi
chakra that shivers and shakes in the first place. In such a
situation, many people lose control over their urinatory sys-
tem or urinate quite frequently. It is due to the activity of the
nabhi chakra.If the modern life style, many individuals are
continuously under the forces of stress, domination and de-
pressed environment due to which the nabhi chakra is in the
state of fear or impatient or perplex. This is responsible for its
misplacement or displacement. Other reasons might be dur-
ing running, jumping, bending right and left sides without
proper care, lifting heavy things either with one or two hands,
ascending or descending stairs, slipping of the leg into a
man-hole or a hole in the ground, weight on one leg, sudden
push to the body, etc.In some cases, it is in defective condi-
tion right from the time of the birth. If we do not take care or
provide treatment for it, then there are chances that it might
take the form of serious diseases at a later stage. Whenever
there is a pain in the stomach, there is no herbal medicine
which might cure it at any cost.
Disorders Due To the Misplacement/Displacement of the
When there is misplacement or displacement of the nabhi
chakra,then following occur: disorders in the abdomen re-
gion like stomach aches, sounds in the stomach, constipa-
Ravi Kumar Nirmal
tion, formation of gas, diarrhea or dysentery, stools accom-
panied by blood from bowel system,etc.Apart from these
disorders, there are problems like heart diseases, diabetes,
headaches, migraine, defects in the menstruation, flow of
extra blood during monthly periods, frequent monthly
periods,abortion,giving birth to defective child,etc.It is al-
ways better to get the nabhi chakra examined. The main rea-
son being there is no treatment or surgical activity to get
those diseases cured. If it is misplaced, it is always to get it
corrected and bring it back to its original position and be free
from all problems and difficulties. There is no need for any
kind of treatment at all. In the cases of problematic intestine,
defects in the colon, abortion, piles, hernia and any other
kind defects of the stomach, it has been advised to perform
surgery for permanent removal or relief from them. After thor-
ough research of these above mentioned diseases, it has
been observed that there are disorders in the nabhi arrange-
ment only. It is the simple correction of the nabhi chakra that
the patients were relieved from their problems.There is no
need for the surgeries at all.It is necessary to get the nabhi
chakra examined only through a yoga trainer or skilled per-
son only.
Diagnosis of the Disease:
Depending upon the situation or position of the nabhi,
one might be able to diagnose and find the cause of the
disease. If the nabhi is misplaced to upper part, then consti-
pation occurs. There is formation of gas and heart diseases
occur. In case the nabhi is misplaced to the lower portion,
then indigestion, stomach ache and sounds in the stomach
occurs. If the nabhi is moved either side, then there is rigor-
ous pain in the stomach begins. If the nabhi is moved to its
original place, then one might experience immediate and in-
stant relief. It is generally experienced and observed that
nabhi is misplaced on the left side and right side for the
In case the nabhi is in disordered position for a long time,
then there would be defects of the abdomen region and per-
son might experience its contrary effects on teeth, eyes and
hair also. There is less natural gloss in the teeth. There is pain
in teeth from time to time. The beauty and vision of the eyes
keeps diminishing slowly with time. Untimely graying of hair
starts in the individual.
Apart from bodily diseases, there are other negative emo-
tions or feelings created in the body due to disorders of the
nabhi chakra like laziness, tiredness, irritation, not willing to
perform duties and work, bad and ill thoughts, depression,
unnecessary fear, etc.The person in such situations adopt to
perform and practice different yogic exercises, meditation,
Pranayaam which forms part of the yogic treatment. People
do complain that they do not get any kind of relief even after
practicing the yogic exercise, etc for a long time. It has been
established scientifically that regular practice of yoga would
surely benefit both body and mind in a positive manner. It is
quite possible that the concerned person has not got the
proper examination of the nabhi chakra done through a skilled
trainer or doctor or might have not focused to know about
the position of the nabhi chakra in correct procedure or man-
It is always better to take proper guidance and support
from a person trained in Yoga or yoga learner or trainer in
case there are any kinds of disorders or defects in the
nabhi.They have special techniques due to which nabhi
chakra might be corrected to its original position.
It is very difficult to get rid of the
addiction of both cigarette and alco-
hol and it is same as fighting in a war.
It is said that “Yoga” is only ray of
hope to leave this bad habit of smok-
ing and drinking alcohol.Patanjali
YogaPeeth has established this fact
at its centre.
It has been witnessed in various
yoga camps of Swami Ram Dev Ji that
lakhs of people have left smoking and
drinking.Patanjali Yoga Peeth has
written testimonials from different
people who had claimed that with the
help of Yoga , they have been suc-
cessfully eradicated the addiction of
smocking and drinking and are fully
liberal from them. In the past few days,
five lakhs of people have filled forms
on their own and mailed it to the Yoga
Peeth.In these oath taking letters, it
has been clearly mentioned that they
are able to conquer the addiction and
desires through yoga and Pranayaam
only. Those have been ended in a posi-
tive manner. Yoga has played a very im-
portant role in the promotion of veg-
etarianism. It is not only in India, how-
ever, the countries like Canada, America
and The Great Britain has adopted Veg-
etarianism through Yoga and are no
more non-vegetarians. In the last seven
years, there is a ray of health being
spread through Swami Ram Dev Ji in
the whole world. Once the unwanted
desires are eradicated, then the dangers
of the incurable diseases are no longer
present. The movement of the camps
organized and started in the year of 2001
benefited lakhs of people. There are
around 2 lakhs of people watching yoga
programmes through the medium of the
television and its different channels
on daily basis. There are more than
100 camps organized by Swami Ram
Dev in India and other foreign coun-
tries. In each and every camp, there
are different camps organized for the
children and the officers. In this man-
ner, more than one lakh of people
participate in the camps. It was highly
and directly beneficial for one and
half crore of people by attending to
these camps. Out of these, fifty lakhs
of people have left smoking and
drinking. There are as many as one
lakh of important yoga trainers and
learners who attend the yoga camps
and started off the movement in dif-
ferent cities and villages of India. In
entire country, there are at least 1000
Patanjali Service Centers wherein
yoga and Ayurveda facilities are eas-
ily and freely available for people.
-Swami RamDev
¤r¤r¤rrr¤r . = ¤-¤r= ¤nrr¬¤ a ¬=nr¤-r r¤r¤rrrnnªn
Word meaning-{kaa-akashayoh} It is (in relation to)
the body and akash [sambandh samyamat] to have some
kind of union in the relationship, [laghutulasamapatteh
ca] and like the light cotton which is sometimes invisible
to the eye [akashagamanam] like the movement in the
The meaning of the sutra-Let there be a union in
the body and the akash and looking at the light cotton
wool, one might establish that the yogi is moving in the
¤frt¤fr¤ar ¤ f-rn rrf¤ª rr aa. ¤ ¤rrrr¤t¢r+r¤. ìì+sìì
Word meaning-[bahih] Outside the body [akalpita
vrittih]beyond imagination quality [mahavideha] it is called
mahavideha [that] with its availibity
[prakashavaranakshayah] the covering of the light gets
The meaning-The external unimaginable condition of
the body is called “mahavideha”.It is through the benefit
of this condition of the mahavideha”.It that there is de-
struction of the covering of the light.
tºr ¬t¤=¤= +nr-¤¤rºr ¤-¤= ¤nrª +r a¬¤. ìì++ìì
Word meaning-[sthula-svaroopa-sukshma-anvya-
arthavattvasamyamaat] Abstinence of fat, form, subtle,
mutual relation, other elements, and the yogi might be
able to conquer and be victorious on the elements.
aar :f¢rnrfª¤ rª +rr ¤. ¤r¤= ¤-ranr :ªf+rrrrar¤ ìì+sìì
Word-meaning-[tatah] With that victory on the ele-
ments [animadipradurbhavah] siddhis like anima etc are
perceived [kayasampat] one obtains skin etc ,[taddhaarmar
anabhighath ca] and there would not be any kind of the
obstruction created by the elements for the yogi.
Meaning: There is the existence of the various kinds
of siddhis like anima, etc, one obtains the kaya sampat
and there would not be any kind of obstruction or inter-
vention of the elements in the work of the yogi.
Query out of the curiosity: What is the
=¤¬r¤¢¤¤¬¤¬ = rªª-¤rfª ¤r¤=r¤ª ìì+eìì
Wo r d - me a n i n g - [ r o o p a - l a v a n y a - b a l -
Vajrasamhananatvani] the determined construction of the
form, elegance, strength, radiance [kayasampad] is called
Meaning: The hard and determined construction or
making of the form, elegance, strength and radiance is
called the kayasampat
n r¢rt¤=¤r:ftnar:-¤¤rºr -¤= ¤nrfªf-ª ¤¬¤. ìì+zìì
Word-meaning: [grahanasvaroopa asmita
anyavarthavattvasamyamat] With the abstinence assump-
tion, form, recollection, other elements, etc [indriyajayah]
one obtains the victory over the sense organs.
Meaning: The abstinence from assumption, form, rec-
ollection, help from other elements etc., a person gains
victory over the sense organs.
aar nªr ¬f¤-¤ f¤¤t¢r+rr¤. ¤ ¤rª¬¤r¤ ìì+sìì
Word meaning: [tatah] With the victory over the sense
organs [manojavitvam] similar to the speed of the mind
[vikaranabhavah] The becomes expert in the topics asso-
ciated with body in the absence of the sense organs i.e.
understands the perception of those things which are not
perceived through the sense organs [pradhanjayah ca]
gains knowledge of all the things existing in the nature.
Meaning: With the victory over the sense organs, the
yogi gains the speed of the mind and understands or grasps
those topics which are not perceived immediately through
the sense organs. Such a person also understands all the
defects and forms existing in the nature or the environ-
=-¤¤ =rrr-¤ar=¤rfanr·rt¤ =¤ +rr¤rf¤rara -¤ =¤ ara -¤
¤ ìì+vìì
The yogi who is able to differentiate the differences be-
tween intelligence and purusha [sarvabhavadhishthatrutva]
administers all feelings [sarvajnatrutvam ca] and is knowl-
edgeable about all the activities around
Meaning: The yogi who is able to clearly differenti-
ate between the differences in intelligence and purusha
would be able to administer all the feelings and possesses
knowledge of all kinds of activities.
az trª¤rªf¤ ªr rr¤t¬+r¤ ¤ ¤r¤n ììsoìì
Word-meaning-[tatdvairagyaat api] If one detaches
from the previous expansion of the intelligence
[doshabijakshaye] after the destruction of the seeds of all
defects or wrong things [kaivalyam] attains salvation.
Meaning: If the yogi is detached from the previous
stated intelligence also, then there is destruction of the
defects and the person attains the salvation.
tºrr-¤ ¤fªn-·r¢r = ntn¤r¤t¢r ¤ ªtfªrº¤ = nra ììs|ìì
Word-meaning-[sthanyupanimantrane] If someone
invites the yogi with lots of respect [sangasmayakaranam]
sang-attachment and smaya-there should be no ego then
there are other topics also.
Meaning: The yogi, when invited by others with lots
of respect, should not be self-attached and possess self-
ego. There are other topics also.
Summary: When an individual practices yoga, then
there is a special kind of attraction and radiance and it is
a natural one. With this, he gets lots of respect and praises
from those who interact with him. Others would like to
associated to him or her more and more. They invite such
a person to their places also.The writer is cautioning the
practioners of Yoga that one should not be attached to
such people because such kind of attachments would
lead him or her away from the spiritual path and attract
him or her to the material world. With lots of meetings
and interactions, there might be obstructions in the daily
routine also.
It is very weird nature of the man that he or she is
attached and build in the ego with the self as well as the
other material things also. Simultaneously he sacrifices
the same wealth and feels proud of it. This is a natural
disease developing the ego in the self.Patanjali was aware
of this nature of human being and ,thus, warns the yogic
practitioner to be alert at all times. They are reminded to
be detached from everything and be egoless person also.
It is development of the ego which brings us back to the
material world.
+r¢ra-an¤r . = ¤nrª f¤¤ ¤¬ arªn ììszìì
Word meaning-[kshanatatkramayoh samyamat] Tak-
ing the abstinence or the control over the time and its
sequence [vivekjam jnanam] one obtains the clear and
pure knowledge.
Meaning: One should be able to control or abstain
from the time and its sequence, then the yogi is said to
obtain “clear and pure knowledge”.
Question out of Curiosity: “What is nature of the
“Vivek Jnana”?
¬rfa¬+r¢rª rr t-¤ar:ª¤-ø arª a r¤¤r taa. ¤ fa¤f-r.
art¤ =¤ f¤rr¤ =¤ ºrrf¤rr¤nan ¤ fa f¤¤ ¤¬ arªn
Word-meaning: [jatilkshanadeshaih] With species
,quality and desha [anyata anvachchedat] the reason is
that there is no determination of the differentiation
[tulyayoh] two objects which are identical to each other
[tatah] with that clear knowledge [pratipattih]it is
determined.[tarakam]without any motive it is self cre-
ated meaning with help of the external factors it is pro-
duced [sarvavishayam]suksham-sthula,action/behaviour-
nonaction/nonbehaviour etc and makes the subject of all
materials,[sarvathavishayam]it makes the topic of discus-
sion of all materials,[akramamamca iti] and is doing it in a
disciplined manner,[vivekajam jnanam] such is the wise
knowledge .
Meaning: The difference between two particular ob-
jects is done on the basis of their determined species,
quality and state. For example, let us consider a black
cow and a black buffalo standing together. In this case,
the differentiation is purely done on their species and this
is determined by nature. In other words, the cow is rec-
ognized due to its resemblance to the species called
“cowness” and buffalo with its identity to the
“buffaloness”.In case the species and state of their na-
ture are same, for example black cow and white cow, we
have to distinguish them with respect to their colors i.e.
black and white. If the species and qualities are same,
like in the case of the two gooseberries with same form
and shape. We might like o distinguish them in reference
to their state or place i.e. one belongs to eastern part of
the country and other hails from the northern direction.
In case, a man hides or mixes their statehood or the place,
then we cannot distinguish them properly.However, the
wise yogi might differentiate it properly and correctly.
The question arises in front of us-how does the wise
yogi distinguish between them? We might answer that
the wise person recognizes the fact that the moment the
gooseberry belongs to the northern region, it has the time
fact attached to it and same is true for the goose berry
situated in the eastern side. This is possible only through
the wise knowledge and not through anything else. This
kind of knowledge is self-generated and does not rely or
depend on anything else. All kinds of topics are discussed
by the yogic in an easy manner and there is no problem
for such an individual. We do find such names present
only in the scriptures.
Question out of curiosity: What is the nature of the
=-¤¤ =rr¤r . rr fa=rr¤ ¤ ¤r¤fnfa ììssìì
Word-meaning-[sattva-purushayoh] in the intelli-
gence and purusha [shuddhisamye] out of the identity of
the purity and it takes place [kaivalyam] salvation is at-
tained [iti]we need to understand it in this manner.
Meaning: When there is the identity between the pu-
rity of the intelligence and purusha, salvation takes place
or is attained.
When a great teacher is born on this earth, then there is
sudden awakening of each and everything in the world. It is
similar to a full moon night which removes the darkness com-
pletely. In the same manner, the Guru also removes the igno-
rance and illuminates the learner. The guru acknowledges
each and everything and grants the knowledge to the learner
without any discrimination. The real meaning of the word
Guru is-“Gu” means darkness or dark space and “Ru” means
removable or removes. In other words, Guru is one being
who removes us from the darkness and takes us from igno-
rance to the world of the knowledge. Such a person is called
guru. It is quoted “girati ajnanandhakaram iti guru”.Guru
means that knowledge,meditation,devotion,who gives direc-
tions and instructions, entire Universe is in the grip of the
Guru and is said to be complete with such an individual. It is
the superior teachers or Guru who gives support to the
younger Gurus.
Guru is similar to an ocean. Whosoever gets his or her
blessing, and then the person attains everything in the world.
There might be many problems for learners, still everything
seems to be fine and path seems to be easy going. This is due
to the blessing of the Guru. The learner attains the excellence
and reaches to the ultimate goal. There is no level of imagina-
tion which would let us know that these are the limitations of
the world. It totally depends upon the student how much he
or she would like to grasp from the Guru and learn from them
ASAP. It is the devotion and admiration for them.
Maharshi Raman narrates,” Guru’s blessing is like an
ocean. if a person approaches to a Guru with a small utensil,
then there would be same amount of water available in the
utensil to be carried away. We cannot blame the ocean for
this at all. If the utensil is a bigger one, then there are chances
of getting more quantities.Guru, God and self are one and
same.there is no difference between them.One should trust
and believe in the words of the Guru and Guru would be
distributing everything he possesses with him.
In The book called Guru-Gita, Lord Shiva praises the glory
of the Guru in the following manner:
¤¤r ª¤ ¤¤ ¤n ¤¤fªrar ¤t a¤.ì
n=r. ¤tat ªr-¤a ªrfta a-¤ n=r. ¤tn ìì
Guru Gita 168
There is only one God, there is only one religion, only
one discipline and devotion and this is only the great medita-
tion that states that there is nothing or no element greater
than the Guru.
There is no superior element in the world. There is no
more than the element of the Guru.
Guru does not rely or adopt on the verbal knowledge at
all. Guru is an ultimate being who has complete knowledge
and truth.Vivekanand asked Ramakrishna Param hansa,” Rev-
erend person did you see the almighty?”Thakur Ramakrishna
replied,” Yes, I have seen the almighty in the same way as I
perceive each one of you while talking r conversing”. Guru is
said the ultimate knower of the truth and has knowledge of
each and everything. He attains the Ultimate Truth in him.The
person who remains his or her ego and comes forward to
learn from the Guru and attains complete blessings from him
and knows the knowledge of the soul or self. Guru teaches
his disciple the truth and takes him away from the world of
life and death. He is absolutely free and liberal person.
The life is not known for the material comforts only. It is a
spiritual practice and meditation. One cannot be satisfied
with their daily chores only and moves towards the spiritual
practices also. There is a complete comprehension of one’s
own identity.
Our consciousness is sleeping and we are awakened with
the help of the Guru and there is total illumination. We are not
healthy with mental satisfaction or comforts of the physical
body or with the spiritual exercises. It is only two Gurus who
have helped us to awaken from the sleep, two divine god-
desses help us to know the truth and through Acharya BAL
Krishna and Yoga Rishi Swami Ramdev Ji.
Acharya Bal Krishna helped and guided us to know our
daily activities and how to take them. He elaborated on our
life styles, food habits, Ayurveda knowledge and in herbal
medicines.He had an extensive study in the Himalayas about
various herbs and medicines. So that we all remain healthy
and wise. He gave us the knowledge about it. We wanted to
get rid off the western food habits and re-introduce our an-
cient Indian culture for education and life style.
There was a divine light that descended from the skies
and it is none other than Swami Yoga Rishi Ramdev.When
such an illuminated person descends on earth, there the en-
tire sleeping world is awakened and given knowledge. He
gave a proper direction to our country. He made people real-
ize the corruptions prevalent in the country and made them
national conscious individuals. He is the one who taught us
the lesson ‘perform the superior actions in order to achieve
the targets”. He introduced the concept of “Bharat
Svabhimaan”.He gave lectures on national awareness and
importance of our own culture and products.We were proud
of achieving the culture of the western countries.He shook
us and gave electric shocks to realize the importance of our
own culture.He gave us the knowledge of the mind, body
and how to remain healthy and wealthy without being igno-
He introduced the Yoga Philosophy in a very simplified
manner and in a very natural way. He educated and created
so much awareness among the people that it has become
daily chore for the individuals.Thus, it is truly said that with-
out proper Guru, one cannot achieve true knowledge of each
and everything. We bow our heads to such a guru.
It is a great Thinking Being that creates consciousness in
us and is valuable by nature. On behalf of millions of Indians
we bow our heads and salute to the great Guru Yoga Rishi
Swami Ramdev.
He Protects Us Once
He Hears Our Voice for Him
Vaishakh - 15
Rishih- Ajigarthih shunah shepah ll devata -Indrall Chandah - Nichrudgayatri ll
Word meaning
Yadi-If nah havam - our voice, Shravat-In case Lord Indra hears it, then he Utibhih-He comes
out with his powerful and protecting powers which are in millions in number Vajebhih - He is
accompanied with many intellectual powerful people around him Gha-With full determination
Upagamat-They all reach there.
He comes over without any failure and it is determined and there are no doubts about it. He
appears right in front of us. In case he hears our voices for him and pleads for his help. It is
matter for him to listen to us and without any failure he would approach us. It is very difficult for
us to approach and seek him. We need some kind of capability in order to call him towards us. In
case he listens or hears our prayers, then he might appear before us. He would arrive with all his
army around him and protect us. We realize that his powers are unlimited by nature. In order to
protect us, he needs to use little bit of his power. In case we seek him with true heart and with lots
of devotion, then he cannot ignore us and would certainly help us no matter what it is for him. In
case the lord Indra listens to our prayers and perceives our sufferings and agonies, then he would
surely come forward and help us by providing his support and help. It is only our prayers that
should reach to him.He might illuminate us and remove all kinds of defects, problems, issues, etc.
-Acharya AbhayDev Vidyalankar
&½- 1@30@8_ lke- m- 1@2@1@1_ vFkoZ- 20@26@2
With the help of the tonics, an individual is able to
improve longevity, youth, radiance, good colour, and soft-
ness in the voice, strength of the body and sense organs
and clearness in the voice.
The individuals who are attached to the Ashtanga Yoga
Philosophy, practice truth,yama,adhere to the rules, the
sense organs and soul is dedicated to the Ultimate Being,
if such an individual consumes the medicinal tonic would
be blessed with youthfulness and live for a long time.
Such a person would enjoy all kinds of benefits in the
world. (A.Ch.U. 399/1)
The writer of Anandkanda was Manthan Bhairav and
he commented that Air has the special divine chemical.
All of us are aware of the tonics like Chawanprash,
Amritprash, Siddha makardhwaj, etc .We know the im-
portance of the herbs and fruits like goose
berry,harad,etc.All these are call medicinal herbs or fruits
or seeds or tonics.However,it is important to ponder upon
the fact whether air is also a chemical?. (Anandkanda 20/
According to the Acharya Sushruta,"ªrrr ¤ra n¬n¬
fr rrtttn¯ meaning defects or dosha (of air, bile and
phlegm),Dhatu (like juice, blood, muscle, meda, asthi,
majja and shukra), mal (mal,mutra and sveda) are impu-
rities or unwanted particles present in the body.(S.Sutra
It means that The cloth is made of the threads and pot
is created out of the mud, in the similar manner, the physi-
cal body is made up and with the help of defects, dhatu
and mal.The manner in which the growth of the tree is
dependent upon the roots, the above mentioned catego-
ries are necessary for the growth of the body.
While describing the air, bile and phlegm,Acharya
Sushruta says that the manner in which moon,sun and
air, give the gift of the nectar to us, accepts the juices,etc
and through vikshep spread across the world, in the same
manner air, bile and phlegm also take their positions in
the human bodies.(S.Sutra 21/8)
As per Acharya Sankara, all the above three mentioned
categories become polluted due to the consumption of
polluted or undesirable food and pollute the human body
also.Thus; they are called the dosha though they are de-
fects. They pollute the juices, blood, etc and acquire the
name of Mal or unwanted substances in the
body.Consequently, air, bile and phlegm have individual
dosh, dhatu and mal.The are more like nouns by nature.
(Sha.San.Pu.Kh 5/24)
While describing in tridosha about the importance of
the air, Acharya Shangadhar states that bile, phlegm and
body have Dhatu and mal.The are called as Pangu i.e.
they cannot move from one place to another on their
own.However, it is air which helps in their motion from
one place to another identical to that of the clouds
movement.In other words, air is their director and moti-
vator for movement (Sha.San.Pu.Kh. 5/25).
According to the Prasnopanisadokt Panchpran
Anusharan has been explained in five different ways in
Ayurveda.They are: 1.Praan 2.Upaan 3.samaan 4.Udaan
5.Vyaan.Out of these, praan is present in the heart, upaan
is in duodenum, samaan in navel cord, udaan is in throat
and vyaan is present in entire body.
In the throat regions, polluted air results into diseases
like solder and eczila.The polluted air in heart gives rise to
hiccups, fat, etc.The polluted part of navel cord gives
rise to the diseases like dyspepsia, diarrhea and disease
related to the excreta. The air allows and helps in the
removal of the unwanted particles and gases out of the
body. If they are accumulated in the body, then they pro-
duce dangerous diseases. The air helps in the movement
of the gases, blood and juices in the body. If any of these
are polluted in the body, then there are chances of dis-
eases to be present (Ma.Pra.Pu.Kh. 3/103-119)
While explaining the respiratory process, Acharya
Shangdhar states that the air present in the navel cord
touches the praan vayu in the heart and is responsible for
the blooming of the lotus. In other words, it increases the
longitivity, helps in breathing in of the oxygen gas9Vishnu
Padamrut-oxygen) present outside the body, after absorb-
ing the oxygen and with great speed, it comes back to the
human body. This conjoins with the oxygen and gives
energy to the whole body (Shan.Sam.Purva 5/51-52).
Hence, it is the truth that air is essential to human
body and whole universe. It is Viswakarma (responsible
for life and belongs to it), Vishwatma (the soul of each
and everything), Viswaroopa (external as well as spiritual
form) and father of all. It is responsible for all good and
bad actions.Thus; precaution should be taken in order to
avoid it to be polluted under any circumstances. In other
words, it is through Pranayaam that one might consume
the medicinal tonic of air and enjoy its fruits.
The writer of Anandkanda was Manthan Bhairav and he commented that Air has the special
divine chemical. All of us are aware of the tonics like Chawanprash, Amritprash, Siddha
makardhwaj, etc . However,it is important to ponder upon the fact whether air is also a chemical?.
Prof.Vinod Kumar Sharma, Patanjali Yoga Peeth,Haridwar
Pandit Devi Prasad Shastri ‘Parashar’
The human beings born on the land cannot witness di-
rectly heaven, Yam Lok, Pitr Lok, etc. present in the collection
of the higher skies.However; we need to believe the status of
the Vedic mantras. There cannot be the perception for each
and everything existing in this world.Thus,we have other
tools of knowledge like Inference, Comparison, Meaning of
the word,etc.These are the objects of the perception. For
example, there is no existence of the son at the time of the
embryonic stage. It is through the verbal testimony that there
is determination of the father and becomes the inheritor of
the father’s property in future. If we look at our entire sanatan
literature, it is full of stories about the other worlds and re-
births. There are our puranic literature and other
Dharmashatstras providing us many evidences of the per-
ception. For example, the stories of rebirth of sage Narada
and Garg samhita which is part of our pious books and they
can be read for more information on these topics.
In the modern times, there is a widespread of unortho-
doxy and irreligiousness. The human beings are being lead
strayed and there are no good direction provided to him or
her through the unorthodoxy doctrines. The topics of re-
births and existence of the other worlds are known to be
illusory by nature and no one gives value to them.Thus, they
are going against the religion and determined to destroy the
whole religion only. In such situations, it is better to know
and understand that there are few pious souls known for
their honesty and religiousness. They are the voices of the
God and spread the message of the secrets present in the
literature. Let us first discuss on the Primary or first world.
The Vedas describes in the following manner about the Godly
path and the path for the Ancestors:
z = at =v ¢r¤ f¤a¢rrnr ª ¤rªrn a a-¤r ªrn ì
arr¤rfnª f¤r¤n ¬-=n fa ¤ª-atr f¤at nrat ¤ìì (;tq os Z n 19 A 47)
There are similar citations for these two paths mentioned
elsewhere also:
= ¤rr ª ¤¤rªr ¤r f¤a ¤r¢rr ¤r ¤-ºrr.ì
The devotee prays in order to gain the heavens and other
pious world in the following manner: We should be debtless
for the paths of the divinity and our ancestors, and we should
be able to attain the heavens through these paths”.
´¤ ª ¤¤rªr. f¤a ¤r¢rrr¤ ¬r ¤r .
=¤r ª ¤ºrr =ª ¢rr =r f+r¤ nì'
The primary motive of the ritual of offering prayers to our
ancestors is to help the ancestors to attain the heavens in a
very easy and peaceful way. In Rig Veda, one of the mantras
states that the atman after the death accompanies the rays of
the sun to travel the entire world (Rig Veda 1 A 109 A 7).
In the same manner, in Atharva Veda also it is stated by
the Bandhav of the soul after the death that “Hey Death
Soul! The one who is father of my father and great grandfa-
ther and others who had already entered into the higher skies,
it is the illuminating sun who would be taking them to the
entire world, kindly give them the body of the Pitru Yoni as
soon as possible”(Atharva Veda 18 A 3 A 51).
In the above mantras, there has been the illustration of
the paths and the process of attaining the higher realms.
These are widely known topics. It is through these that there
is a realization that the soul after the death goes through
Pitrulok,Yam Lok and Heavens and it is established doctrine
also.The people who are known for their pious inner world of
thoughts,yajna,giving gifts and alms to others, meditate are
known to be great should and surely attain Heavens. It is at
the time of burning the pyres that the places in the heavens
called Indra Lok are ascertained for each soul. It is for this
reason that such a soul experiences all kinds of luxuries and
comforts (Atharva Veda 4 A 34 A 2)
There are many evidences for the rebirth also in Vedas.
Following are the citations as the examples:
=ªª ¤¤ ¤ ºrnt¤rn arªr nªrnr ¤r= ª ¤t¤ ªrnì
= ªr nnr =fªa¤ ¤ ªªr a f¤at ¤ zrr ¤ nrat ¤ìì (½Xos n 1 A 24 A 2)
=¤ = ¬ ¤ ªtªª ! f¤a +¤. ¤ta =rr avtfa t¤¤rf+r.ì
=r¤ ¤ =rª s¤ ¤ a rr rr. = n-øar a-¤r ¬ra¤ ª.ìì (½Xos n 10 A 16 A 5)
In these mantras, one is praying Lord Agni for the rebirth.
It is stated in the mantra: “we chant the name of Lord Agni
among all the Gods, he would be happy about it and should
grant us to take rebirth on earth. In this way, we would be
able to get both Mother and father. Lord Agni! the live soul
which is under your control and direction, please send them
to the Pitrulok.While they are returning back from there, kindly
see to it that they are born in someone else’s house as a son”.
Even if we think about this in a very logical manner also,
we would come to the conclusion that there is rebirth. I we
look at the present times, there are enough evidence also. It
is through these extra-ordinary experiences and perceptions
only that we are aware of there rebirth. If there was no rebirth,
then why should there be diversity and differentiation in the
world? It is through this differentiation only that we might be
able to ascertain the fact that there is something called re-
birth in the Universe. One who does not believe in this theory,
then that person would not be able to answer any kind of
question about the rebirth at all. Thus, Vedic studies has
always been the source of the evidence for the perception for
all thinkers and philosophers.It is through the pious and im-
pious acts that different worlds are decided or determined for
the human beings. In other words, one’s own actions would
decide the future fates for us. It is said in Chhandogya
Upanishad that the person who is very good and performs
only good actions is the one who reaches the Heavens very
quickly whereas the person who is not good ,such a person
would be placed in the lower yonis only. They might attain
the births in the form of dog, untouchable being or chandal
yoni”.Therefore, it is better to be pious and righteous kind of
person and one should be responsible for this.
In this respect about the secrets of Vedic understanding
of other worlds and rebirths, there is a detailed description
about maintain good behavior and action and sacrificing of
about actions and described in length. The human life is
known for its satisfaction and attainment of the other
worlds.Thus, it is better for each one of us to try and attempt
to lead a good life and it is necessary.
¤ ª¤ f¢rfrar ¤nr n¤n tafz¤¤ ¤.ì
¤ ªr ªrtr¤r¢r. =r+rra t¤¤r+r ftfa rr v nìì
=nr·rr¤a ºrr :ª¤¤rr¤ . ¤ ¤=¤r ¤rrn. frr¤r :z a ¤¤nr ¤rt
=r-n ¤ = f¤rr-¤r-nªr::-nrª ¤ ¤¤ ¤ ª ¤ ¤¤ ¤ ª ìì|zìì
‘Omkara” is the fourth with its elongated vowel. The body
from its awaking state, dream state and deep sleep comes out
and the jeevatma attains it fourth state. In the same manner,
Prakriti also comes out of its three stages and the Brahma
attains its third state like a,u,m—apart from these three states
of waking, dream and deep sleep ,there is another word repre-
sented by the combination of all these letters called Omkara.It
does not fall under form category, it is called Shiva-the subtle
body, it is non-dual by nature, and all the five senses are not
differentiated at all and are in the calm state of tranquility.
This non-elongated form of Atma meaning “Jivitam” and is
the true and elemental form of the “brahma”.In this form,
Omkara is the atman. One who knows this form of Omkara,
does not travel anywhere outside and enters internal to know
the knowledge of the atman and is inside the Atma (12).
(The object which we do not know at all, there is only one
way to know about it. That method is to “know” through
“Unkowable”.Like a small kid does not know what a river is,
we might show him canal and say that in case we increase the
size of this canal, it would be called a river. In this Upanishad
also, in order to know Brahma, we are trying to know from
known to unknown and rely on this knowledge. If we know
something about a topic, then we say that it is “known” to
me. One which is microcosm is only the macrocosm also. In
this manner, we know the knowledge of the entire world
through this microcosm only. That is through the knowledge
of the jeevatama; we might gain the knowledge of the
“Brahma”. This is the comment of the learner of the
We are trying to know “unknown” through “known”.
Then question arises “How can we know ‘Brahmanda’through
‘microcosm’ or know ‘Brahman’ through ‘jeeva’? What is the
method we use to know it? We are able to know the elemental
form of any object only when we know about its ‘creation’
and the way its functions or activates in the world. The great
saints have described in The Mandukya about the creation
and the work of the jivatma.From the manner in which the
Jeevatma is created and functions, we come to know about
the creation and action of the Brahman also. This is very
clearly instructed.
We are not aware of the creation of the Jeevatma and
Brahman. The form is invisible to
us,noncongnisable,nonbehavioural and no qualities are at-
tached to it. This form is discussed with “Neti-Neti” only i.e.
Not this and Not this. Even the great guru or the reverend
Teacher also prefers to remain silent. With help of this silence
only, one can say or comment a lot.However,apart from this
invisible,noncongnisable,nonbehavioural and nonqualified
form, one might know its visible, thinkable or cognizable or
behavioral and qualified form also. What could be this form
and this creativity? The Great Sage says that this form and
the creativity has the “Prajnaghan” i.e the Concentric Con-
sciousness of the Brahma. From this state, the development
of the Brahma begins with “Antah Prajna” i.e. introvert con-
sciousness and then the state of “bahih Prajna” i.e. extrovert
is present. These are the two states of the Brahma. This is
similar to the two stages of development in Jeevatma also. It
is through the “Prajnaghan”,the Brahma comes out its pure
form to the external world and creates the universe and while
retrieving back, returns to its original state only. While pos-
sessing positive qualities, the Brahman is in its external phase
and moves from deep sleep mode to the state of the dreams
and from dream-state passes to the awakening state and while
moving back, passes through the stages of awakening to
dream state to deep sleep. In this state, there is no difference
between the deep sleep and Brahma. This is similar in Jeevatma
also. We might perceive all these in Jivitam and all of them are
interrelated and united with each other.Similarly,the form of
Brahma is also united with everything in the Universe. It is
only in the deep sleep that we might experience certain things
in which though we are present in the body, still we feel that
we are differentiated from it. There is no differentiation be-
tween the body and Jeevatma in the awakening and dream
states. There is no way that they might be separated from
each other. It is only in the state of the deep sleep that the
difference might be perceived to exist and that also in shaky
condition. The body and Jivatma,though are present very
close to each other, yet there is little bit of differentiation and
it might be experienced. One might see the actual form of the
body. In this state, the body cannot speak,listen,move or
experience and appears to be in the state of death or rooted.
What is the form of Jeevatma at this stage? At this stage, we
comment that it is a state of true happiness. How did we get
this happiness? The body is in the state of absolute rooted
form, it did not experience at all anything. We all have to
agree to the fact that the Jivitam was separated from the body
and is still aware of the happiness state. We are able to re-
member it or recollect it. If we separate this form absolutely,
then we might be able to see or glance at the pure form of the
atma.Even the knowledge of the Brahma is also the same. In
the awaked state, there is complete union between the Brahma
and the Universe; however, it is only in the state of the deep
sleep, that we might perceive the difference between the
Brahma and the Universe. Once it is finally separated, we
might be able to know its true form or nature.
This is the “subtle-creation” of the Brahma. Both of them
are “Prajna” and “Prajnaghan”.In other words, we know about
their subtle nature only when they are absolutely separated
from the physical body and the Universe. We see their true
and elemental nature.However, what is their actual creation?
That is, how are they actually created? The answer to this is
that there is no actual creation of the Jeevatma and the Brahma.
The actual creation is meant for the physical body and the
Universe. Since the material body and the Universe are said
to be created by the Jeevatma and the Brahma, we would
conclude that their actual creation or existence is also through
Jeevatma and Brahma. During the subtle-creation at the stage
of deep sleep, the creation of the Jeevatma is through “Prajna”
or Consciousness and the creation of the material body is
“Prajna” or Unconscious. This Unconscious has been very
elaborately discussed in later work titled Manovisleshanvada
by researcher Freud. From this Unconscious state only,” The
Psychology of the Unconscious” has been developed. It is
better to remember that the unconscious thought is not the
description of the atma.This is the explanation of the body
only in which fully discussion and explanation about the
unconscious states to their active state of the entire nervous
system has been presented.However,Jivatma is the combina-
tion or union of both conscious and unconscious. One is
conscious and other is nothing but death, one is knowable
and other is unknowable, one can be studied and other can-
not be understood at all. There has to be union between them
and then only the entire Universe might be active and func-
tion properly. It is in the subtle and actual creation states that
the body arrives to its dream state from deep sleep and then
Jeevatma is in “introvert” state and the body is in its “mag-
nificence or splendid” state. The Jivatma’s “Prajna” form
changes to “Inner-Prajna” state. The “unknown” body form
immediately acquires its magnificent state. Then we are in a
state of both known and unknown.However,we are not com-
pletely aware of this state at all. The light is said to be the
“Magnificent” one. When the body comes from the dream
state to its awakened state, then the Jeevatma moves from
“Inner Prajna” to “external Prajna” state. Then the body
changes from “magnificent” to “Definite” state. It can be
observed in different forms of life or organisms to us. These
are the three stages of the body due to the atma, in the same
manner, due to the Ultimate Soul or Absolute Soul, the Uni-
verse moves from Deep sleep with “Indefinite”, Dream state-
it is “magnificent” state and said to be “Nebular” and in its
awakened state, it takes the form of “definite”-these are the
three actual or the grosser states of creation.
After comprehending their subtle and actual creative or
finer and grosser structures, it is necessary to know about
their “activity” or “work” also. What is the structure or cre-
ation of “Jiva” and “Brahman”? The finer structure is called
the “Prajnaghan” and the grosser structure is for the body
and Universe.However, Jiva and Brahma are hidden in these
stages. In the awakened state, it is called “Definite”, in the
dream state, it is called “magnificent” and in deep sleep, it is
called “Unconscious”. The “work” of “Jiva” and “Brahma”
are-in the awakened state, it is “grosser or actual-state”, in
the dream state, it is “pravivikta-state” and in the deep sleep
state, it is in the “happiness state”. In the awakened state,
the Jeevatma and the Brahma function at grosser levels only,
thus, both of hem are said to be in grosser world only. In
dream state, both of them leave the external world, and enter
inside or internal world. In this stage, the attention is either
intentional or unintentional by nature. In the unintentional
state, one might perceive the dreams and they are not in
series or in continuity, no in consequence to each
other.However, if they are intentional by nature and are pulled
from the external to the inner world, then a human being is in
a state of deep thoughts, it is in series form and in conse-
quence to one another. It is in this series only, that all the
work is being organized. In reality, all the work is performed
only in the state of the thought. This is also “dream state”.
The sages have called this stage to be “Pravivikt-bhuk”.The
word “vivikt” is from the word Vivek or rational thought. The
Jiva enjoys various aspects of the world through these ratio-
nalized and intelligent thoughts only. The state of “deep
sleep”, coming after the dream state, is said to be the state of
the happiness. In this state, though it appears that there is a
relation between the Jiva and body and the Universe and the
Brahma, still it seems that they might be separated from each
other. The human being awakens from the deep sleep and
says that he or she had slept peacefully or happily. The hap-
piness achieved through the separation from the body and
the Jiva or the Universe and the Brahma, it is only present in
the memory or is remembered by the human being. This hap-
piness is “Negative” by nature. The moment the body is
separated from the Jiva, there is happiness experienced. If
this separation is increased, and the Jiva is in union with the
Brahma as it was with the physical body, then it is for sure
and certainty that Jiva would experience the state of the hap-
piness permanently. This is the state of the Brahmanand.It is
a sign for us to understand that we should remember the
state of happiness and try our best to achieve it.This happi-
ness is created only when Jiva was separated from the body
and unified with the Brahman. That is the reason why it is
said to be negative by nature. In case, the Jiva experienced
the state of the happiness only when it has been separated
from the body forever, it might have been called “Determinis-
tic” happiness rather than “negative” one.
In this manner, after providing the explanation about the
creation and work of the Jeevatma and Brahma, the great
sages have returned back to the Omkara to the levels of the
vowels of a-u-m.It is through this reduction to the vowels of
a-u-m of the Omkara that one knows about the positive quali-
ties of the Brahma and through the vowels form, we know the
“Negative” quality of the brahma and should meditate upon
Thus, the “Atma-tattva” in Mandukyopanisad i.e. the de-
scription of the Jeevatma and Param Atma and their four
stages of awakening,dream,deep and turiya are discussed in
Chhandogya (“Indra Virochan” episode,8-12) and
Brihadaranyakopanisad(4-2,3 and 2-1) also.
After the establishment of the
Congress in India, it was Bal
Gangadhar Tilak who yelled out
Swaraj for the first time and this
prompted the literary personality Sri
Krishna Saral to declare that Lok
Manya was the first person to fight
for Swaraj in his book titled “Swaraj
Tilak.” It was later on that Subash
Chandra Bose was motivated by this
goal and said “You give me the blood,
I will give you the freedom”
It is the 153rd anniversary being
celebrated on 23
July – the birthday
of Lok Manya Tilak. The statement
of Tilak was “Swaraj is our birth right
and I would fight for this at any cost”.
In this context Saral wrote down
“The Congress was formed in the
year of 1885. However, it was in the
year of 1929, when a proposal was
kept in front of all the nationalist lead-
ers that freedom has to be achieved,
however no one declared it as strongly
as it was done by Tilak much before
in 1897. Thus he is the first person
to declare it strongly with full deter-
mination. Similarly, Bose also took
the mission further to achieve the in-
dependence. It is said that it is due to
the influence of Mahatma Gandhi that
Tilak had moved further with the no-
tion of freedom but this is not the
truth. Saral had written that once
Gandhi was invited to attend a dis-
trict meeting. Then Tilak commented
to his companion, “I am 100% sure
that this person cannot join our group
and is not the right candidate at all,
however India will never suffer be-
cause of him”
Lok Manya Tilak was born on 23
July 1856. He started the Marathi
daily newspaper called Kesari in the
year of 1880. This was published in
Pune and he was the main editor. It
was his grandson Deepak Tilak who
said “It is believed by Lok Manya that
birth anniversaries are meant only for
gods. However, once I die, he
wished that no one should celebrate
his birthday. We all obey his wish
and we do not celebrate his anniver-
He further added ….Lok Manya
is the first kind of the leader who was
very much associated with this news-
paper and was pulled into a court be-
cause of some crime but it was the
same court, later on, took the story
from his own newspaper and was
successful. This is present in
Bombay High Court and it was the
same court which have sent him to
the prison”
Lok Manya really wanted to mo-
tivate people and developed a national
consciousness among them. Thus he
was successful in his thoughts in 20
century. He was the first on e to start
off the ritual of celebrating Ganesh
Utsav in Maharashtra. In this con-
text, his great grandson says, “Lok
Manya really wanted to start off with
his ritual of Ganesh Utsav wherein
people are collected all together in a
place and nationalist movement
started off with this. He was respon-
sible for awakening national con-
sciousness among them. Even now,
these kinds of celebrations are taking
place, however, we cannot search for
his kind of thoughts and it is very dif-
ficult to find out also. We require a
leader who can show us a direction
to the people in such kind of a festi-
val. We cannot find such a leader
nowadays.” He further adds on that
Lok Manya was a creative thinker and
conjoint Ganesh Utsav with the na-
tionalist movement. This kind of
thoughts we cannot find nowadays.
Lok Manya Tilak was a national-
ist leader. Apart from this, he was
also known for his revolutionary
thoughts also. He was born in
Ratnagiri in Maharashtra. He com-
pleted his education in Deccan Col-
lege of Pune in the year 1877 and
started teaching mathematics in
Ferguson College. He invited lot of
readers to read his newspaper titled
Kesari, which was established in the
year of 1880 by appointing many edi-
tors from different languages so that
people can read his thoughts and
news all over the country. Apart from
being established editor, he openly
took the side of the young revolution-
aries like Khudir Ram Bose and made
the English Government his target.
People started to think about his ex-
tremist thoughts after he joined con-
gress in the year 1890. He was the
representative of the Extremist Con-
gress Party. He separated from Con-
gress in the year of 1907 and again
rejoined the party in the year of 1916.
In between, he even joined the group
called All India Home Rule League
started off by Mohammad Ali Jinnah
and Annie Besant.
Tilak was against the non-
obelience principle of Mahatma
Gandhi. However, Gandhi always
called him the creator of modern In-
dia. Vir Savarkar also made him his
idol in the nationalist movement. Lok
Manya Tilak wrote the book titled Gita
Rahasya and this book is well known
among all the books written on the
same topic. After a long illness, he
died in August, 1920.
Bal Gangadhar Tilak
R D Dubey
India was totally in the tight grip of the British rule. At that time,
Swami Ram Krishna Param Hansa was born in 1836.He medi-
ated a lot and with his own efforts, he re-established the new
wave of the religion and gave direction to it. It is well-known
fact about his meditation, the way he witnessed and expe-
rienced the pure form of the God, and his philosophical
thoughts. He showered his powerful energies on Swami
Vivekanand.This is the reason why Swami Vivekananda is
popular personality and well being in the whole world. He
considers his pious actions to be the form of swami Param
Hansa only. According to him, there was a divine reason
for the birth of Swami Ramkrishna.He wrote a letter to
his Guru brother that it is due to the birth of Revered
Gurudev that the holy mother land has witnessed the good
and true times. And at the appropriate time only the Satyug
would begin.
However, why are such situations prevailing now in the
world? There are problems everywhere and it is a sign of
danger for each and every person. There is no place for the
culture of Europe to be prevailing in the current times. They
have crossed the limits of patience. It is now the empire of disrespect
and uncultured society. The religion is also on the shaky grounds. If
people speak about pious and good things, they are thrown out or totally
ignored. The European culture has established such a culture that the
rate at which such wrong actions are taking place is increasing day by
day. This is the inequality among the members of the society. This is
giving rise to problems within humanity, problem for the environment,
terrorism, alcoholism, drug-addiction, debts, poverty and exploitation,
sexual exploitation and untreatable diseases. How can we dream of a
good society and environment around us? How can we bring in such a
state of piousness? How can we stop all these things? In order to answer
all these questions, it is better for us to return back to our past and see
how east India Company-in the name of trading with us-entered our
country and exploited it to it full extent. This is all due to wrong and
malpractices in the society. The main reason is Adharma.
There is a section of one class who are too excited to establish their
own religion in the world. They have prepared themselves for this in
complete form and not lacking anything. In order to establish that their
religion is superior to others, they had organized a great and big seminar
and had invited all the world leaders for it.
The City of Chicago, in America, was in its full swing and preparing
for the great event to take place in September,1893.Swami Vivekananda
wanted to participate in it and started off his journey to Chicago in
May,1893.Actually he was not invited for the conference as a represen-
tative of a religion. After facing many problems, he ultimately got the
approval to attend the conference. The clock struck 10 o’clock. No one
realized that this was appropriate time for the Sanatan Dharma to enter in
front of the whole world. Almost all representatives gave lectures on
behalf of their religions or cultures. After paying due respect to his Guru
and Mother Saraswati, Swami Vivekananda started to speak-“My dear
brothers and Sisters”. Hearing these words, the entire gathering was
Jaya Shankar Mishra, Co-editor, Head Of The Department-Yog Sandesh, Patanjali Yoga Peeth, Haridwar.
excited and motivated. One could hear the sounds of clapping for quite some
time. After calming the people, Swamiji said, "I am proud to say that I am
disciple of such a religion which teaches you to be compassion and maintain
brotherhood. Not only this, we consider that all religions are unique and true and
in our ancient times, our ancestors gave shelter and protected those who needed
our help. When Jews escaped from the clutches of the Romans and arrived to
India, we welcomed them with great love and respect. We behaved very well
with them. Similarly we protected the Parses from Iran also and they are still
residing in India with full respect. It is sheer madness to differentiate ourselves
in terms of religion and be blinded by it. This is simply destroying the beauty of
our earth. Many wrong things have taken place due to this on our land. There
was blood shed and destruction of our culture. People are drowned into the
wells of depression and agony. Imagine in the absence of such people, we might
have progressed and a good humanity might have existed in the world. I do not
want to extend my speech more.However,I would like to reiterate myself that
the bell that was rung sometime ago was the sure sign of God’s will towards
humanity with the feelings of respect for each other, brotherhood and it would
bring in the death of the wars and fights that are taking place in the world."
The whole gathering at the conference were surprised to hear Swamiji and
had a positive aura in it. It was published in almost all newspapers in America
about the speech given by him.The established Hindu religion, defined its pros
and cons and declared that it is a very pious religion. With this conference, there
was one benefit gained for us and that was the fact that Americans got the favor
of being Indianness and scenario of the country.
It was his first experience to face such a huge gathering in the conference.
In the beginning only, he had started off his lecture by declaring “All American
citizens, Brothers and sisters”. This attracted lots of admirers for him from the
western World. He was not differentiating any caste or creed at any cost. He
emphasized on Universal brotherhood. It was a message for the new world.
Later on he explained different doctrines of Hinduism and stayed in USA for
some more months. From here, he visited Europe and UK also.The was like a
bridge between the ancient and western culture.
In the year of 1897, Vivekanand returned to India. The whole nation stood up
to welcome him back from a great journey. It seemed as though he was the
reincarnation of Swami Adishankaracharya.He was invited to India with full
enthusiasm and respect for spreading the message of Hinduism in a way direc-
tion altogether. He reminded Indians about the great work and mission lying in
front of us. He made it very clear that it is really great indeed to be born in a
country like India. He said that it is due to spirituality that India would always
remain eternal throughout the ages. According to him, India transformed into a
new horizon.
It was the hard work of Vivekananda that Hindu religion got its recognition in
the world. One would be surprised to see that Hinduism was spreading like a fire
in a jungle throughout the world. It was the thirst for both microcosm and
macrocosm knowledge. He did not appreciate the ruling of British over India. He
was reminded bout his own sufferings and pains when he saw the prevailing
agonies and exploitation in the hands of the British. Every nationalist leader was
studying and practicing the great lessons present in
Gita,Ramayana,Mahabharat,Veda and Upanisads.There was some kind of desire
to sacrifice their own lives for the name of Hinduism.There were innumerous
sacrifices to mark this and one cannot count them at all.
Swami Vivekananda is
popular personality and
well being in the whole
world. He considers his
pious actions to be the form
of swami Param Hansa
only. According to him,
there was a divine reason
for the birth of Swami
Ramkrishna.He wrote a
letter to his Guru brother
that it is due to the birth of
Revered Gurudev that the
holy mother land has
witnessed the good and true
times. And at the appropri-
ate time only the Satyug
would begin. However, why
are such situations prevail-
ing now in the world?
There are problems every-
where and is a sign of
danger for each and every
person. There is no place
for the culture of Europe to
be prevailing in the current
times. They have crossed
the limits of patience. It is
now the empire of disre-
spect and uncultured
society. The religion is also
on the shaky grounds. If
people speak about pious
and good things, they are
thrown out or totally ig-
nored. The European
culture has established
such a culture that the rate
at which such wrong ac-
tions are taking place is
increasing day by day.
The British were trying their best to suppress the In-
dians and their revolts. They were scared of the national-
ist revolts and movement against them. They were cer-
tain that they had to leave our country some day without
any kind of choice left out for them.However, they wit-
nessed the strength of Indians and the power of the thirst
for free India. There was no differentiation between Hindu
and Islamic person. They started identifying themselves
as Indian and began their mission. The British adopted
“the policy of Divide and Rule” and were successful in
their cruel intentions of breaking the national unity among
They designed a plan in the year of 1835, through the
plan of the Education system of Michael, they launched
there intentional plan and succeeded in it. In this, Indians
lost their cultural, intelligence and wealthy powers to the
British. India was maintaining agricultural sector, taking
care of the animals like cows and rearing of the
cattle.However, the new educational system pointed and
attracted them towards the industrial and governmental
sectors and somehow the interest in our own sector di-
minished permanently and forever. In this manner, the
British made a strong hold over the Empire over India. It
was Vivekananda who took the initiative to break this
forever and stood up to fight against it.
Anyone who adopted the new educational plan, they
were exploited and were aware of the fact that Indians
were being maltreated by the British. He met lot of people
and great leaders to discuss this issue. He left his own
legal practice and fully focused on the national move-
ment. Mahatma Gandhi also invited many people to join
him in the ahimsa movement.Maharishi Arvind is another
example of this. He participated in the nationalist move-
ment after giving a farewell to his I.C.S.degree.He was
finally settled in Pondicherry with his mission and vision.
Though India received its freedom, however, we were
unable to come out of the exploitation traps that were laid
down by the British in our country. The country was
divided into two different classes. The Indian constitu-
tion was not designed as per the requirement of the coun-
try. This is the main reason why certain dreams are still
unfulfilled in India. It is inevitable that Vivekananda had
hoisted the flag to promote Hinduism at its excel in the
world, attracted the admiration from all corners of the
world and established the sanatan dharma of Hinduism
and it is the truth.However,our country turned out to be
called “India” rather than “Hindustan”. We were all asked
to be fully aware and were awakened from deep sleep
through the great lecture of Vivekanand, still we are at
this stage and we all need to put our thinking caps as
soon as possible. This is something we all need to think
upon very seriously.
Christianity tried to bring in changes in the Buddhism
and include the new transformed meaning of the wheel in
their religion.However,it was futile because they did not
think properly in a rational manner. They did not attempt
to full comprehend the philosophy of Buddhism. It is quite
true that the disciples of Buddhism refused and agreed to
worship without idols. This was because they had for-
gotten the importance of the idol worship and the time
that is spent on it. They did not try to understand its
significance at all. Every method of worshipping is best
and it gives us the feeling of being calm and quiet, peace-
ful and provides happiness to us. They did not use their
intelligence and were blind towards it. There were many
amendments and changes in the religion itself. Buddhism
did not encourage fights and wars. It is interesting to
note the fact wherever Buddhism was spread; there was
not a single drop of blood dropped on the earth.Thats the
power of the religion. Buddha was a great religious leader
and he was not at all interested in the politics or to ac-
quire any kind of political role.
The humanity is totally lost with the introduction of
the concept of commerce or economics. This kind of
culture is based only on the principle of give and take. In
India, the religion of Hinduism is a scientific study. Ac-
cording to the Hindu Dharma, the life of a human being
depends on the all kinds of living organisms and believes
in the utilitarian philosophy. There is no movement or
importance given to our economics, protection of the
cows, protection of the wild life and environment, pro-
tection of the earth and water. In the ancient times, none
of the above mentioned categories ever had any kind of
danger from human beings. We are worshipping the dei-
ties like sun, moon, air, water, wealth, etc.; at the same
time we focus on its nature and quality also. We do not
neglect or ignore its utility for us in all manners in our
lives. We do accept the presence of Gods and goddesses
in the form of the birds or animals; we are readily taking
care of our environment also. Such a society was never a
follower or devotee of non-vegetarianism. In the current
time, the religion of Hinduism is totally lost and there is
no adherence to it principles also. This is due to the ex-
ploitation on all due to the foreigners.
Swamiji did not stop after giving an explanation to all
of us. He was an idol person with the quality of unifying
everybody. He decided to open an institution in the name
of his Guru and run it without any hesitation. In this man-
ner, we have Ramakrishna matt and Ramakrishna Mis-
sion in India. The main headquarters of this is at a place
called Belur near Kolkatta.The main motto of this insti-
tute is “Atmano Mikshartha Jagaddhitay Ca”.It means this
institute is dedicated for one’s own freedom and welfare
of the world through self-knowledge and service to the
humanity. This is a great gift from his side to the entire
He took Samadhi before he could reach 40 years of
age and left us.Hoever, we cannot think and match his
contribution with the number of years or age. It was
during the span of 10 years that he provided immense
help and support to humanity and made them aware of
the fact that development and progress is possible with
true and correct intentions. His thoughts were very ex-
traordinary and invaluable for us. His contributions can
be divided in to two main classes-national and interna-
tional. It was worthwhile to note that his contributions
towards each one of them is beyond comparison and
cannot be put into words.
The element of time is a very precious ornament. One cannot de-
scribe its form, quality and nature. The five elements are earth, water,
fire; air and akash are known to be non elements. Time does not have
any smell, juice, form, sensation and word for it. Thus it is nonsensory
part of our knowledge i.e., we cannot pursue it through sense-organs.We
cannot determine or be undetermined about it and it is also not its nature.
It does not even have the quality of intelligence or the egoistic thought. It
is the life of the human beings which is determined by the lord himself
and the limits of the time have not been verbalized by anyone. The hu-
man being does not know in unlimited time. The individuals with three
qualities fall within the time limit. It is said that the cosmic creation,
position and destruction are within limits of time. In this way the principle
of the three qualities of time has been established. The nature of the
truth is knowledge, comfort, peace, sacrifice, sympathise- compassion
do not fall under the limits of the time. The time is also not limited to
Rajoguna like desire and comfort the qualities of the tamas like lazy,
ignorance, sleep, etc.- all are away from the time.The question arises
that what kind of matter is time?
Every thing cannot be established through the evidences or proofs of
the principle of three qualities of the time. Thus it is better to establish at
the moment. The only object is the qualified element- the element is soul
and the ultimate being also.
The soul cannot take birth. Time also cannot take birth at all because
every thing is born within the limits of the time. Which means time is
beyond birth and within it every thing is born and established. All cre-
ation takes place within the time.
Soul is eternal. Time is also eternal because time specifies the length
of survival for each and every thing in the universe. It is within this time
limit that the death also takes place. In other words time establishes
death of each and every thing.
The soul cannot be destroyed. Time is non destructible by nature
because it destroys everything by remaining nondestructable.
Soul is present every where and time also possesses the same quality
because the ultimate destroyer of all atoms takes place continuously
with in the time and it is present in each and every atom.
Soul is present in every thing yet it is differentiable by nature. Time
Jayraji Vashishtha
Time does not have any smell,
juice, form, sensation and word
for it. Thus it is nonsensory part
of our knowledge i.e., we cannot
pursue it through sense-
organs.We cannot determine or
be undetermined about it and it
is also not its nature. It does not
even have the quality of intelli-
gence or the egoistic thought. It
is the life of the human beings
which is determined by the lord
himself and the limits of the
time have not been verbalized by
anyone. The human being does
not know the unlimited time.
The individuals with three
qualities fall within the time
limit. It is said that the cosmic
creation, position and distine
are within limits of time. In this
way the principle of the three
qualities of time has been
established. The nature of the
truth is knowledge, comfort,
peace, sacrifice, sympathise-
compassion do not fall under
the limits of the time. The time
is also not limited to Rajoguna
like desire, comfort and the
qualities of the tamas like lazy,
ignorance, sleep, etc.- all are
away from the time .The ques-
tion arises that what kind of
matter is time?
also has the same quality and cannot be described be-
cause time does not have any friends or enemies or
relatives or someone who can be near and dear to it.
Soul is similar or even in the world, soul is time also.The
reason is that time cannot be partial towards particular
action or nonaction.It is within time that all activities
takes place equally and participate without any differ-
entiation. In other words time is like a coin with two
Soul is eternal, so is time because everything is tak-
ing place within this time.
Soul cannot be separated, so is time also. Because
time establishes the theory of separateness for each
and everything in the present,past and future tenses. it
has the capacity to become the past tense to end some-
thing which has started off in the past.
Soul is unlimited and time also possess the same
quality because it limits everything within its
unlimitedness.Soul is away from the field of knowledge,
so is the time. The intelligence is itself within in the
bound of the time - so how can we cognize something
which is imperishable?
Soul is all-pervading. This is because time besides
the end of each and every thing.
Soul is not an object of cognition. Time is also
noncongnisable by nature because it is not self proved
and proves the existence of everything in the world.
From the above study of various qualities of both soul
and time, it seems that there is no differentiation be-
tween them., Is it the case that soul and time are same
object with two different names? In this way time seems
to be present everywhere and besides the fate of each
and everything in the universe. With this logical argu-
ment can we raise the question whether being identical
to soul; can time really destruct the soul?
Soul is aid to be self illuminated and with this light,
other objects are recognizable the world. The awaken-
ing of the soul is same as illumination, When the self
awareness is present in the intellegence,then it illumi-
nates the intellegence.In a similar manner it is known to
be giving radiance to brain , sense organs, heart or cog-
nitive faculties and the physical bodies. It illuminates
every thing in the cosmos and establishes their reality.
Without this light in the world they can be no
ontellegence, contemplation or corgnation, memory is
lacking, one cannot determine or undetermined some-
thing, eyes cannot perceive properly, ears cannot hear
properly, nose looses it smelling sensation, skin looses
its power of sensation and tongue looses its capability
of recognizing some flavour.Is it the case that soul func-
tions only when there is the illuminating factor? Thus
this is the question about the concerned cognitive facul-
ties? Did we get or hear or see something if this king in
our lives? The answer is absolutely no. It is the time
which gets illuminated through are self awarness.this is
proved through self awareness only. Without self aware-
ness there can be no evidence for intelligence, percep-
tion, sense organs, material body, state, time, thing and
world. It is the first specification for the difference in
the soul and the time.
Soul is all powerful by nature. It gives power to one
atom. Similarly the whole universe gets it power from
one single soul. Does it mean that time is also all pow-
erful by nature? Can time give its power to micro and
macro cosmos? Again the answer is simply no. Its main
purpose is to give time, calculation and time
measurment.the time combines with all powerful soul
to be in continuous motion and is proved by the soul
only. How can it give power to something else? This is
the second clear-cut specification for the difference
between the soul and the time. The soul is known
through knowledge and experience. This is not true for
the time because time cannot be proved through the
knowledge and on cannot experience by time, it would
be paradoxical by nature.
Time is said to be noncognative element and soul is
said to be an element or cognation. This has been es-
tablished by the scriptures where in soul is said to be
the time for the time itself. Thus the time cannot de-
stroy the ultimate being or soul.
Is it the case that everything has been created within
time and this includes the ultimate being also? We would
understand it through the sentence ‘eko - ahum bahu
The ten members created by the God’s determina-
tion are desire, the par of piousness, boundaries, time,
motion, the three qualities, ego, punchabhut, number and
the living being. The desire has the capability of multi-
plying more and more in numbr.The ethical values are
again pre-determined by nature and is totally depen-
dent upon the Divine Will. Each and every play and act
is dependent on God’s will only. This is the power of the
action. The ego and three qualities also co-exist in the
world. It is with the help of the five elements that the
entire cosmos is created. It is within the limits of the
space and time. There is also presence of self-intelli-
gence and ego-intelligence also.
All this is due results of the Divine Will. This with
the help of the ten members created by the God, the
whole world is present.However; time is not created at
all. The nature of the time is to set the purpose of the
time limits. This is extended to all elements, material
bodies, world and external worlds, etc.Thus, the main
function of the time is to set the limitations and measure
each and every thing. Time is the ultimate end for all.
How do we experience this Nirakar form of the time?
We sleep in the night, wake up with the ringing sounds
of the temple-bells and comment that it is morning after
hearing the chirping of the birds. In case there is ab-
You might watch various programmes on Yoga, Ayurveda, and health and enjoy your-
self and motivate others to know the benefits of them
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Asia Pacific Region
sence of all these activities, then we might not be expe-
riencing any kind of time or it form at all. There would
be no usage of the tenses in our language also. In other
words, the very existence of events and circumstances
proofs the existence of time and are the measures of
time also. In this way, it is very clear that time is re-
sponsible for all kinds of changes, events, circumstances,
etc.It is very paradoxical nature of the time, it is form-
less and it is said:
n ¢rª¤fa¤tr¤rtr fªf¤rr rrr :¤ fafraaì
¤ =rrtaª ¤rªrªnr-nrª ¬t¬¤r= ¬a ìì
f¤r¤ ¤ ¤ oa-nr·r = ftºra f¤r¢r nr¤¤rì
s r¤t ¢r ¤ftf-ø-ª ¤r¬ ªrª¤¤an faªrìì
(Shrimad Bhagwatam 3 l 10 l 11-12)
The nature of the time is to bring in chnages.It is self-
formless and nonproved entity. The God makes himself
to be undifferentiated form through this nature of time.
Reverend Swami Ramdev Ji Maharaja has five important
goals and they are the following:
1) 100% voting
2) 100% Nationalist Thoughts
3) 100% out casting of the foreign companies from India
4) 100% encouragement to use svadeshi products and to
collect all people
5) 100% establishment of “Yoga Maya” India and to pre-
pare it.
The main goal of the “Bharat Svabhimaan” is to create a
healthy, wealthy, and cultural India. This would surely bring
in true and new kind of independence, new administration
and India would be a popular country. Along with these
changes, there would be complete removal of the biggest
problem of corruption. This would pose to be the final jolt
and answer to the society also.There are five oaths taken
from the side of Honorary Swami Ramdev Ji Maharaj and
they are enumerated in the following manner:
1) Teach Yoga religion and enlightenment through it for each
and every individual
2) To establish healthy growth of body, heart and thoughts
3) To enrich the person’s character and through it to create
a proper character of the nation
4) Train the teachers properly in the specially organized
camps for Yoga
5) Oath should be taken by all the individuals participating
in these camps
One might motivate and take self-oath and make any
teacher, practitioner, special member, official, ordinary mem-
ber and any other citizen of India might take this oath to
establish a healthy, wealthy and culturised India. This should
be a determination for each person and abide it thoroughly
without any excuses. Following should be taken care of:
1) We would vote only those candidates who are true devo-
tees of the nation, loyal, powerful, and intuitive and can
see immediate effects of certain things in the immediate
future. We ourselves would participate and cast our votes
in 100% and make others to do so.
2) We would collect and gather only those people who are
devotees of the nation, are responsible for their actions,
enlightened beings, thoughtful, perceive properly and are
loyal by nature. We would even invite all powerful groups
of the nation and work hard to establish a new kind of
freedom, new set up and introduce new amendments. This
would enable India to be a powerful and the best country
in the world.
3) We would abolish all foreign things made with the help of
the pure technology and we would use and encourage
only svadeshi products.
4) We would 100% follow our own religions like Hindu, Is-
lam, Sikh, Christianity, Buddhism and Jainism in our daily
lives. Yet these differentiations would disappear at the
national level and we would strive to work hard to be a
true Indian and Hindustani.
5) We would make India a 100% country of following phi-
losophy of Yoga and create a healthy atmosphere around
us. We would bring in the realizations among all residents
in the country and remove all kinds of corruptions, un-
happiness, hatred towards one’s self and fraud and these
are due to wrong facets of our own personalities. Every
individual must recognize himself or herself with full re-
spect and this must be awakened as soon as possible.
This would enable us to regain our own self-respect by
constructing our country with the development of per-
sonal and nation’s character.
The creation and various activities of the Bharat
Svabhimaan (Trust) are the following:
By following the above mentioned oaths, there would be
healthy, hygienic, wealthy, self-made, free from all kinds of
corruptions, unemployment and free from poverty. This kind
of atmosphere in the country and this would be our primary
goal and vison.In order to achieve this determination, follow-
ing institutions and movements have been present: 1) Divya
Yoga Mandir(Trust), 2) Patanjali Yoga Peeth(Trust)-in India
and international levels), 3) Bharat Svabhimaan International
(Apravasi Bharatiya Sanghtan), 4)Patanjali Chikitsalaya,
6) Patanjali Yog Samiti, 5) Mahila Patanjali Yog Samiti
All these above mentioned institutions would be associ-
ated with 15 different groups and all of them together would
bring in revolution of the Yoga and enlightenment among the
people. The groups are:
1) Youth Wing
2) Academicians Wing
3) Doctors Community
4) Taxable Service Class
5) Advocates and Retired Judges to form Judiciary Group
6) Ex-army individuals
7) Farmers Group
8) Industrial and Mining Group
9) Laborers Group
10) Owners Group
11) Service Class
12) Scientific and Technical Group
13) Arts and Cultural Group
14) Media Class
15) Extraordinary and Special Citizens Group
In other words, there would be 15 groups working to-
gether. These groups would be present in various districts
and in total, there are 21 groups. In a way, these 21 groups
would make 21st century to be the best time for India to reach
to its goal and mission in every possible way and manner.
Every district our 1100 Yoga teachers would create 2100 more
teachers. They would in return prepare 5000 members which
would in turn be 11000 official members of the Bharat
Svabhimaan (Trust).later we would have around 11 lakh ordi-
nary members. One might associate with one of the above
institutions of the Patanjali Yoga Peeth and contact either
Patanjali Yoga Samiti or Patanjali Chikitsalaya to be either our
teachers or members. This is the invitation from the side of
our Reverend swami Ramdev Ji Maharaj.
According to the Indian culture the store house for
all knowledge and sciences are the Vedas. We cannot
find any other ancient literature in the world other than
this. The science of Ayurveda is said to be the sub Veda
or subcategory of the Vedas.
The Samhitas of Charaka and Sushruta are known
to be the literary forms of the Ayurveda in a compiled
form. Many researches have been conducted in order
to form the Ayurvedic literature.
Before we could discuss more about Ayurveda, it is
necessary to understand the Vedic scriptures. Under
the Vedic categories, we have Samhitas, Brahmana,
Aranyaka, Upanishads and Vedanta literature. The four
Samhitas are Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samveda and
Atharvaveda.These are all known as the four catego-
ries of Vedas. They are popular because of various
branches of studies in them and some of them are not
available to us. According to great philosopher of lan-
guage - Patanjali - there are 21 branches for
Rigveda,100 categories of Yajurveda, 1000 branches of
Sam Veda and 9 branches of Atharveda.There are many
different varieties and interpretations given with respect
to the subcategories of Vedas. In the contemporary times
we have only different branches namely Taittiriya,
Maitrayaniya, Katha and Kapishthal - Katha.The nine
different branches of Atharveda are Pippalad, Taud,
Maud, Shaunakiya, Jajal, Jalad, Brahmvad, Devadarsa,
and Charna Vaidya.
There are different names given to Atharva namely
1 Atharva Veda
2 Atharvagirsaveda
3 Agirasaveda
4 Brahma veda
5 Bhrigvagiroveda
6 Chandoveda
7 Mahidveda
8 Kshatraveda
9 Bhaishajyaveda
Introduction to Atharva Veda
There are twenty chapters of different topics of
Atharveda.The first chapter discusses about the nature
of different diseases, digestion, destruction of those dis-
eases, attaining pregnancy and long life. In the second
chapter, there are mantras with respect to the destruc-
tion of the diseases, destruction of the enemies, destruc-
tion of the worms, long life etc.The third chapter in ref-
erence to the wars methodologies and techniques. The
fifth chapter focuses on Brahma vidya ,destruction of
the enemies, attainment of divine weapons etc.The sixth
chapter defines about the methods and processes of
the destruction of various diseases, bad dreams, attain-
ing strength, agricultural growth etc.The seventh chap-
- Dr. Jyotir Mitra
The store house for all knowledge and sciences are the Vedas. We cannot find any
other ancient literature in the world other than this. The science of Ayurveda is
said to be the sub Veda or subcategory of the Vedas. The Samhitas of Charaka and
Sushruta are known to be the literary forms of the Ayurveda in a compiled form.
Many researches have been conducted in order to form the Ayurvedic literature.
ter discusses about atma, anjan, fullmoom, amavasya,
etc.The eight chapter describes about the attainment of
longlife, procuring of precious jewels, etc.The ninth
chapter focuses on madhuvidya,how to treat the guest,
destruction of the yakshas etc.The tenth chapter is the
description about the destruction of the poisonous snakes,
to be victorious, to become ultimate being, etc.The elev-
enth chapter is about Brahma, destruction of the en-
emies, rudra, life, etc.The twelfth chapter focuses on
the importance of the earth,cattle,etc.The thirteen chap-
ter gives the detail description of the spirituality. The
fourteen chapter discusses about the various rituals and
culture of conducting various kinds of marriages. The
fifteenth chapter discusses abut the brahma etc.The
sixteenth chapter discusses about the eradication of
unhappiness and pain. The seventeenth chapter is to-
tally based on the prayers to the ultimate
consiousness.The eighteenth chapter gives the detailed
description of the ancestors and the ceremonies asso-
ciated to them, The nineteenth chapter gives the de-
scription about the Yajna, purush, sukta,stars, various
gems Atharva Veda and its divisions etc, and the twen-
tieth chapter is the description of Soma Yajna.
Kaushik Sutra:
Kaushik Gruhya Sutra is also known as Kaushik
Sutra. This is very important sutra in order to get the
knowledge of different topics of the atharveda.in this;
there is good description about the 16th cultures and
the different Suktas of the Atharveda.In this we even
come to know about the various mantras which are
used in the magical studies.
The eight categories of Ayurveda and Atharva Veda.
We get the detail description of the eight categories of
Ayurveda in literatures like Charaka samhita.However,
prior to this; we have three different varieties of Vedas
giving us the description about the remedies for various
kinds of pains and agonies. These are based on spiritu-
ality, spirits, animals and material things. It is very diffi-
cult to give the name of the first person to start of with
Ashtanga Ayurveda.In the times of Samhita there
are different kinds of specialists for different branches
of Ashtanga Ayurveda.For e.g.: Maharshi Kasya,
Kaumarbhritya and agadtantra were special teachers.
Similarly we have Bhasuki for Shalyatantra, Bharadwaj
for skin treatments and may others.
The Sushruka Samhita gives the following descrip-
tion for its eight different branches which are enumer-
ated in the following manner:
1 Shalya/surgery - This discusses about the surgery
and its different forms. A detail description about its
methodologies and processes are discussed.
2 Shalakya - This discusses about various diseases
associated with head, eyes, nose, etc.
3 Skin treatment - In this we have an explanation of
fever, leprosy, etc. and its treatment also provided.
4 Skills to treat these spirits- This is meant for the
Gods and Gandharvas and the treatment to remove
the evil spirits from them.
5 Kaumarbhritya- This explains the various ways and
methodologies to keep the children healthy, examine
the mothers health etc.
6 Agadtantra - In this, various kinds of treatments
and remedies have been provided for the various
animal bites like snakes, insects etc and to remove
their poison from the body.
7 Tonics and syrups - Various tonics and syrups are
prescribed in order to lead a long life, to attain strength
and energy etc.
8 Bajikaran- In this there is a description about the
removal of various kinds of defects caused during
young, old and childhood, etc.
The logical discussion of Ashtanga Ayurveda:
1. The techniques of surgery in atharveda.In and
Atharva samhita : It is a surprising to know the
fact that the ancient, surgical literature is far more
advanced than the other literature on the surgeries.
The ancient surgery priest a doctor use to treat a
simple disease in a very simplified manner. The hu-
man body has been compared to the various parts
of a chariot. So it is said that if we take care of
chariot properly the person traveling on it will not be
able to find any problem while riding on it.In the simi-
lar manner one should take care of their physical
bodies to be free from all kind of diseases.
2. The various treatments of the upper part of
the body : In this we get various description of the
diseases associated with the different portions of the
head. Various treatments and remedies have been
suggested to cure them.
3. Treatment of the skin : A detailed description has
been provided for the different kinds of treatments
for the skin, there are herbal treatments to eradicate
the diseases. There are more than hundred agonies
and diseases described for the skin. It starts of with
the diseases of the head and gives a description of
various problems.
4. Names of some special diseases: Some of the
names are takman,a asrava, mutravarodh,nadivrana,
jalodar, shirshakati. kaas, kilaas, mutravarodh,
jayanya, apachit, sleshma, balaas, harimaa and
5. Hard and small time diseases : Palit, Paapya-
kshma, ajnatakshma, akshat, visar, prushthayamaya,
ashrik, vishrok, vishalyak, vidradhi. kshipta, hridyot,
jalaji, shool, pama,etc.
Special and long-spanned diseases : Takman,
Asrava, Mutravarodh, Nadivrana, Jalodara,
shirshakati. kaas, kilaas, mutravarodh, jayanya,
apachit, sleshma, balaas, harimaa and
6. Hard and short spanned diseases : Palit,
Paapyakshma, ajnatakshma, akshat, visar,
prushthaya- maya, ashrik, vishrok, vishalyak,
vidradhi. kshipta, hridyot, jalaji, shool, pama,etc.The
literature of the Atharveda.In gives a long list of the
different kinds of diseases or skin treatments. They
never differentiate this mission for example the dif-
ference given in the books of Charaka and
Shushruta. In this book, we find that they have given
a very neat and clean description of all the diseases
of human beings.
7. The spiritual knowledge : The one branch of
Ashtanga Ayurveda is the study of the spirits in which
we know the way gandharva, Yakshas, Rajas, graha
etc enter into our body and polluted. In such cases,
we need to introduce some kind of activities like giv-
ing money performing puja, etc. this is called as the
knowledge of the spirit. All these are present in
Atharveda only. We have many scriptures describ-
ing such activities in the literature of Charaka,
Shushruta, etc.
8. Kaumarbhritya : This is also one of the branches
of Ayurveda. It focuses on onset of pregnancy, tak-
ing care during the pregnancy, protection of preg-
nancy, methods and processes of good delivery of a
baby, etc are discussed. It even talks about various
kinds of medicines, mantra and amulets.
9. Agadtantra : This is another branch of Atharveda
discussing about permanent poisonous and nonpoi-
sonous cases like poison, bites from various animals
like snakes, Scorpio, etc. We have a long list of
mantras to cure such cases. There are clear de-
scriptions as to how to remove the poison and ex-
planation of all different kinds of snakes have been
described. Many different kinds of methods and pro-
cess have been described in various chapters to help
human beings to be away from such conditions.
10. Rasayana tantra : In this we have description about
various kinds of tonics and syrups which help in re-
moving diseases and gaining our health. The tonics
are also meant for longevity and to remain young. It
helps in removing all kinds of bodily defects and many
herbal treatments have been described.
11. Bajikaran : Atharveda gives us description about
our development and progress in our lives. There
are various kinds of mantras which guide us to per-
form sacrifices like horse, elephants, bulls, etc to
achieve our own goals and motives.
Especially in Atharveda, different kinds of methods
and processes are spread to make us leave a happy
and a comfortable life. We need to follow some of
them so that we realize their important in our lives. In
this way, Ayurveda and Veda are associated with each
other and clearly mention about their association.
It is the vision and mission of Swami Ram Dev to free
human beings from different kinds diseases and to lead a
peaceful life. With this desire, he started two main centers
called Divya Yoga Mandir and Patanjali Yog Peeth.In this
center, many people are members and have great respect for
the country, to free from the diseases and a center for spiritu-
ality has been opened.
Now with the pious determination, it has been decided to
open many Patanjali medical centers in each and every cor-
ner of the country in order to free people from the diseases.
In this way, there is no need for required people to trouble all
the way to Haridwar. Right now in India, all the medical cen-
ters are opened and actively helping people to cure diseases.
They are very respected and skilled doctors appointed at
these medical centers to cure simple and extra ordinary dis-
eases with out charging any kind of taxes. From these cen-
ters, we get all kinds of medicines, litterature, C.D.s, VCDs
and “Yoga Sandesh “magazine. In this addition, we are pub-
lishing our contact list for all Patanjali medical centers so that
people can easily reach and contact them.
1. AndhraPradesh: (1) Adilabad, Mob: 09423702333 (2)
Badi Chavadi , Hyderabad ph : 040-24735946 (3) Langan
House, Hyderabad, Mob : 09441076855 4. Tarnak,
Secunderabad, Mob: 09490313580, (5) Hyderabad, Mob:
09490313580, (6) Ameerpet, Hyderabad, Mob :
09618010106 (7) Dilshukh Nagar, Hyderabad, Mob :
09866064716 (8) ECL 2, Hyderabad, Mob : 09866473009
(9) RamNagar, Hyderabad, Mob : 09948424365, (10)
Vijayawada, Krishna District, Mob: 09000009054 (11)
Mehboob Nagar, Mob: 094411670679, (12)Nizamabad,
Mob: 09246782555 (13) Kalilawadi, Nizamabad, Mob:
09000009061 (14) Cellar-22, Secunderabad, Mob:
09440952684, (15) Vishakhapatnam, Mob: 09490807512
2. Assam: (1) Bongai gaon, Mob: 09435020020, (2)
Dhibrugadh, Mob: 09435031987, (3) Dhabari, Mob:
09954092126, (4) Dispur, Guwahati, Mob: 09864062661, ph:
0361-2229159, (5) Guwahati, Mob: 09954710807, (6) Zorhat,
Mob.: 09435844839, (7) Karimganj, Mob.: 09435074560,
(8) Kokarajhar, Mob: 09435026515, (9) Silchar, Mob:
09431575380, (10) Silchar, Kachar, Mob.: 09435787174, (11)
Tejtur, Sonitpur, Mob: 09864541111, (12) Tinsukia, Mob:
3. Bihar : Shahjaanand Nagar, Begusarai, Mob: 09835064517,
Khaliphabagh, Bhagalpur, Mob: 09334286034, Badi
Chowk, Aaraa, Bhojpur, Mob: 09430622667, Motohari, East
Champaran, Mob: 09955511608, Betiya, West Chemparan,
Mob: 09334666858, Gayaa, Mob.: 09334863037, Jahanabad,
Mob: 09334343019, Katihar, Mob: 09709697004,
Madhubani, Mob: 09470031001, Muzaffarpur, Mob:
09334448910, Patna, Ph : 9931102523 Purnia, Mob:
09308203772, Raksaul, East Champaran, Mob:
09905212882, Saharasa, Mob: 09430965047, Samastipur,
Mob: 09431208642, Sitamadhi, Mob: 09835049755, Hazipur,
Vaishali, Mob.: 09431026377.
4. Chattisgarh : Bastar, Mob: 09424281238, Bhilai, Mob:
09425245593, Bilaspur, Mob: 09425583197, Dhamatari,
Mob: 09406084790, Durg, Mob: 09893865010,
Janjgirchampa, Mob: 09425223286, Jashpurmob.:
09425275600, Korba, Mob.: 09826111738, Mahasmund,
Mob: 09752094819, Raigarh, Mob: 09425571089, Samata
Colony, Raipur, Ph : 0771-4020983, Shankar Nagar, Raipur,
Mob: 09329482700, Rajnandgaon, Mob: 09827181617,
Sarguja, Mob: 09752094824,
5. Chandigarh: Chandigarh, Mob : 0172-6535156, Sector-45,
C, Chandigarh, Mob.: 09417059821.
6. Daman and Dui: Daman, Mob.: 09228757365
7. Delhi: Mayur Vihar, New Delhi, Mob.: 09350233882, Burari,
Delhi-84, Mob.: 09811663038, Samayapur, Delhi-42, Mob.:
09899996960, Preet Vihar, Delhi, Ph: 22548254, Naya Ba-
zaar, Delhi, Ph: 23985167, Model Town, Delhi, Ph:
27224985, Hari Nagar, Delhi, Mob.: 09811444809, New
Rajendar Nagar, Delhi, Ph: 42411100, Near Uttam Nagar,
Delhi, Mob: 9910182525, Cohat Enclave, Pitampura, Delhi,
Mob: 09891974743/44, Mehrauli, New Delhi-30, Ph:
26806693, Dwaraka, New Delhi, Mob: 09811211785,
Dwaraka-kakarola Road Delhi, Mob.: 09818274240, Saritha
Vihar New Delhi-76, Ph: 26977777/8, Greater Kailash-1,
New Delhi-48, Mob.: 09811526515, Narela, New Delhi,
Mob.: 9911276396, Nazafgarh, New Delhi, Mob.:
09871020444, New Friends Colony, New Delhi, Mob.:
09760006293, Lakshmibhai Nagar, New Delhi-23, Mob.:
09810015266, Mahipalpur, New Delhi-37, Mob.:
09899924290, Piragadhi, Delhi, Mob.: 09811542351, Sam
Vihar, New Delhi-43, Mob.: 09212509673, Shahdara, Delhi,
Mob.: 09910266293, Vivek Vihar, Delhi, Mob.: 09873183337.
8. GOA: Mapusa, Goa, Ph: 0832-2266424, Upper Bazaar,
Ponda, Goa, Mob.: 09766621189.
9. Gujarat: (1) Anand, Mob: 9427054031, (2) Bharuch, Mob:
09428329027, (3) Bapu Nagar, Ahmedabad, Mob:
09428479899, (4) Maninagar, Ahmaedabad, Mob:
09428076578, (5) Paladi, Ahmedabad, Mob: 09898225311,
(6) Savarmati, Ahmedabad, Mob: 09724336806, (7) Sanand,
Ahmedabad, Mob: 09374226256 (8) Satyam Mall,
Ahmedabad, Mob: 098253969900 (9) Shahi Bag,
Ahmedabad, Mob: 09825549661, (10) Banasakantha,
Mob: 09925047338 (11)Baroda, Sri G, Mob: 09898702548,
(12) Manjjalpur, Baroda, Mob: 09428151333, (13)
Bhabangar, Mob: 09898201194, (14) Bhuja Kuchch, Ph:
02832-255335, (15) Gandhi Dhan, Kuchch Mob:
09426454902, (16) Tagore Road, Gandhi Dham, Kuch, Mob:
09909005268, (17) Nadiyada, Khera, Mob: 09825472915,
(18) Nakhatarana, Kuchch, Mob: 09898612295, (19)
Bilimora, Mob: 09427469333, (20) Himatnagar, Mob:
9426361816 (21)Junagadh, Mob: 09724336808, (22)
Mahasana, Mob: 09426405519, (23) Rajkot, Ph: 0281-
223223, Mob: 09426987888, (24) Surat Mob: 09824760059,
(25) Surendranagar Mob: 0942623388, (26) Wapi Mob:
10. Himachal Pradesh: (1) Bilashpur, Mob: 09425583197, (2)
Hamirpur, Mob: 01972221797, (3) Mehare, Hamirpur Mob:
09816688072, (4) Dharamsal, Kangra, Mob: 09418234000,
(5) Kangra, Mob: 09816120109, (6) Kulu, Mob:
09817082310, (7) Lahaula Sphiti, Mob: 09418574366, (8)
Mandi, Mob: 09816351133, (9) Mandi, Mob: 09418042540,
(10) Saraka ghat, Mandi, Mob: 09418805394, (11) Nalagadh,
Mob: 09416274893, (12) Neharan Pukhar, Kangra, Mob:
09811031069, (13) Palampur, Mob: 09816726064, (14)
Diyoga, Shimla, Mob: 09459089435, (15) Nichali Phagali,
Shimla, Mob: 09816254479, (16) Rampur Bushehar, Shimla,
Mob: 09418152025, (17) Talanta, Shimla, Mob: 09218533333,
(18) Solan, Mob: 09218533333 (19) Paravanu, Solan, Mob:
09218633333 (20) Una, Mob: 09418043126.
11. Haryana: (1) Bahadurgadh, Mob: 09315520980, (2)
Bhiwani, Ph: 01664-242253 (3)Ambala Cant, Ph: 0171-
2633064 (4) Ambala City, Mob: 09813852392, (5) Charkhi,
Dadri, Bhiwani, Mob: 09416504480 (6) Faridabad, Mob:
09311268177 (7) Sector 37, Faridabad, Mob: 09818399047
(8) Palwal, Faridabad, Mob: 09811693737, (9) Fatehabad,
Mob: 09315381356, (10) Friends Colony, Gurgaon, Mob:
09911220500, (11) Arya Samaj Mandir, Hisar, Mob:
09896170938 (12) Hisar, Ph: 01662-234123 (13) Shop - 24,
SD College Road, Near SBI Hansi, Hisar, Mob:
09255103637, (14) Jhajjar, Mob: 09315520980 (15) Govind
Colony, Kaithala, Mob: 09813219136, (16) In front of the
Naravaniya Building, Kaithala, Naravaniya Building,
09812040507 (17) Karnal, Mob: 09896347831, (18)
Kurushetra, Mob: 09416026571, (19) Mahindragar, Ph:
01282-025003, (20) Panchkula, Mob: 09417042837, (21)
Panipat, Ph: 0180-3201230, (22) Sector 12, Panipat, Mob:
09760006293, (23) Rewari, Mob: 09416499887, (24) Shila
byepass Chowk, Rohtak, Mob: 09416312445, (25) DLF
Colony, Rohtak, Mob: 09416401037, (26) Vinay Nagar,
Rohtak, Ph: 01262-266292, (27) Sirsa, Mob: 0925412145,
(28) Mahalana Chowk, Soniphat, Mob: 09466569636, (29)
Sector 14, Soniphat, Ph: 0130-6451642, (30) Professor
Colony, Yamuna Nagar, Mob: 09896880051, (31) Near
Nirankari Bhavan, Yamuna Nagar, Mob: 09416459506.
12. Jammu and Kashmir: (1) Purani Mandi, Jammu, Mob:
09419193602 (2) Jammu Tawi, Mob: 09419893360, (3)
Uddhampur, Mob: 9469093542.
13. Jharkhand: (1) Bokara Steel City, Mob: 09334783470, (2)
Bokara, Sec 4, Mob: 09431128267, (3) Devgarh, Mob:
9431003654, (d) Dhanbhag, Ph: 0326-2224447, (5) Godda,
Mob: 09939163678, (6) Jamshedpur, Ph: 0657-3297260 (7)
Mango, Jamshedpur, Mob: 09204485892, (8) Ramgarh,
Mob: 09934300002, (9) Ranchi, Mob: 09931102522, (10)
Adityapur, Saraikala, Kharsava, Mob: 09431183825.
14. Karnataka: (1) Bangalore, Ph: 080-26768560 (2) RT Nagar,
Bangalore, Mob: 09342886181, (3) Belgaum (4) Hauspet,
Mob: 09448120443, (5) Hubli, Ph: 0836-2237511, 12 (6)
Mangalore, Ph: 0824-2211040.
15. Manipur: (1) Imphal, Mob: 09436027817.
16. Meghalaya: (1) Shillong, Mob: 09436100482, (2) Police
Bazaar, Shillong, Mob: 09436101262.
17.Maharashtra: (1)NaviPeth, Ahmednagar,Mob:
09372416555, (2) Savedi, Ahmadnagar, Mob: 09420344777,
(3) ShriRampur, Ahmadnagar, Mob: 09822806349, (4)
M.G.road, Okala, Mob: 9373220021, (5)Near L.R.T. Col-
lege, Mob: 09822699398 (6) Amaravati, Mob: 09823651112,
(7) Aurangabad, Mob: 09822391825, (8) Bid, Mob:
09822670053, (9) Parli-vaijanath, Bid, Mob: 09822503465,
(10) Bhandara, Mob: 09422804236, (11) Buldhana, Mob:
09860555034 (12) Khamgaon, Buldhana, Mob:
09822699398, (13) Nandura, Buldhana, Mob: 09890519051,
(14) Dhulia, Mob: 09421531300, (15) Lane Number-6,
Dhulia, Mob: 09823695054 (16) Gadhchirauli, Mob:
09421808129 (17) Gorelal Chowk, Godiya, ph:
07182&231314 (18) Hingola, Mob: 09860555034 (19)
Chandrapur, ph: 07172-258283 (20) Bhusawal, Jalgaon ,
Mob: 09326190209 (21) Jalgaon, Mob: 09422772126 (22)
Jalna, Mob: 09823068050 (23) Shahpuri, Kolhapur, Mob:
09226340955 (24) Ichalkaranji, Kolhapur, Mob:
09860808048 (25) RajaramPuri, Kolhapur, Mob:
09226340955 (26) Latur, Mob: 09421445577 (27) Udgir,
Latur, Mob: 09422471525 (28) Andheri (East) Mumbai, ph:
022-32954412 (29) Andheri (West), Mumbai, Mob:
09322328094 (30) Bandra (East), Mumbai, Mob:
09892261817 (31) Borivili (West), Mumbai, Mob:
09819811471 (32) Chembur, Mumbai, Mob: 009821211177
(33) Dadar (west), Mumbai, Mob: 09619158989 (34) Dahisar
(East), Mumbai, Mob: 09820275929 (35) Ghotkopar (west),
Mumbai, Mob: 022-32408989 (36) Lalbagh, Mumbai, Mob:
09322590678 (37) Marine lanes, Mumbai, ph: 022-66396525
(38) Belapur, Navi Mumbai, ph: 022-67214071 (39) Sector-
28,Vashil,Navi Mumbai Mob: 09819856592 (40)
Worli,Mumbai, Mob: 09821118765 (41) Dr.
A.B.Road,Worli,Mumbai, Mob: 09821118765 (42) Sion
(East), Mumbai, Mob: 09969543668(43) Ambedkar Chowk,
Nagpur, ph: 0712-2778283 (44) Suyog Nagar, Nagpur, Mob:
09422804236 (45) Lokmat Bhawan,Nagpur, ph: 0712-
2448283 (46) Sadra,Nagpur, ph: 0712-2528182 (47) Station
Road, Nanded, Mob: 09823068808 (48) Shivaji Nagar,
Nanded, Mob: 09423702333 (49) Malegaon, Nasik, Mob:
09371255588 (50) Tidaki Colony, Nasik, ph: 0253-6990208
(51) Arabian, Mob: 09403525301(52) Oudh, Pune, Mob:
09822025236 (53) Baramati, Pune, Mob: 09422331597 (54)
Chinchavad, Pune, Mob: 09850453774 (55) Ghorpadi,
Pune, Mob: 09371002301 (56) Hadapsar, Pune, Mob:
09822437298 (57) Kasarvadi, Pune, Mob: 09872109737 (58)
Nana Peth, Pune, Mob: 09890581884 (59) Pimpari, Pune,
Mob: 09823320060 (60) Rastapeth, Pune, Mob:
09371006718 (61) Gulistan Poona College Road, Pune,
Mob: 09372583838 (62) Pune Nagar Road,Pune, Mob:
09371000367 (63) Alibagh, Pune, Mob: 09822832378 (64)
Panavel ,Raigarh, Mob: 09224273173 (65)Sangli, Mob:
09372141415 (66) Vishram Bagh, Sangla, Mob: 09422615570
(67) Satara, Mob: 09422062979 (68) Sore gaon, Sholapur,
Mob: 09822079039/09970916089 (69) Dutt Chowk,
Sholapur, Mob: 09823025501 (70) Kudal, Sindhudurg, ph:
09421261352 (71) Ratnagiri, Mob: 09422966106 (72)
Bhivandi,Thane,ph: 02522&248729 (73) Dombivili (East),
Thane, Mob: 09324024343 (74) Navapada,Thane, Mob:
09823121738 (75) Tendi Naka,thane, Mob: 09320615412
(76) Vagle Estate, Thane, Mob: 09324023024 (77) Vayale
Nagar,Thane, Mob: 09987043484] (78) Vashim, Mob:
09422522749 (79) Aarni Road, Yavatmal, ph. :
07232&327743 (80) Dhaam Gaon, Road, Yavatmal, Mob:
09421845067 (81) Ingole Chowk,Vardha, Mob: 9372854555
(82) Bachelor Road,Vardha, Mob: 09325653177.
18. Madhya Pradesh: (1)Bhopal,ph: 0755&6454990 (2) Bhopal,
Kolar Road, Mob: 09752591900 (3) Balaghat, Mob:
09300626243 (4) Betul, Mob:09425002724 (5) Bhind, Mob:
09826761407 (6) Chhatarpur, Mob: 09893327808 (7)
Chhindvada, Mob: 09425834141(8) Damoh, Mob:
09425455434 (9) Devas, Mob: 09424874397 (10) Guna,ph:
07542&254548 (11) Gwalior, ph: 0751&2237112 (12)
Hoshangabad, Mob: 09827513029 (13) Indore, Mob:
09302120554 (14)Anand Bazaar,Kharana Road, Indore,
Mob: 09752975147 (15) Jabalpur, ph: 0761-6451291 (16)
Katni, Mob: 09425412630 (17) Khandava, Mob:
09425927931 (18) Khargaun, Mob: 09425313567 (19)
Mandala, Mob: 09993881531 (20) Muraina, Mob:
09752591934 (21) Rajgadh, Mob: 09752591901 (22) Ratlam,
Mob: 09893330555 (23) Riwa, Mob: 09827329630 (24) Sagar,
Mob: 09329238999 (25) Satna, Mob: 09425173657 (26)
Sivani, Mob: 09425873745 (27) Shahdol, Mob:
09752591942 (28) Ujjain, Mob: 09425093688.
19. Nagaland: (1) Jitendra Tower,Dimapur, Mob: 09436019729
(2) Sikosi Building, Dimapur, Mob: 9436007288
20.Orissa : (1) Angul, Mob: 09861080789 (2) Balasaur, Mob:
006782&262812 (3) Bargadh, Mob: 09777433044 (4)
Berahampur, Mob: 09437122776 (5) Bhadarak, Mob:
09437297497 (6) Bhubhaneshwar, Mob: 09937929834 (7)
Bolangir, Mob: 09437124211 (8) Kaushal Kalamandal
Road, Bolangir, Mob: 09437570677 (9) Chowdavar,Cuttack,
Mob: 09437666028 (10)Bajarakabati Road,Cuttack, Mob:
09438369660 (11) Madhupatana,Cuttack, Mob:
09437016323 (12) Jajpur, Mob: 09437027310 (13)
Jharasuguda, Mob: 09937728187 (14) Klahanie, Mob:
09437070764 (15) Khurda, Mob: 09437480348 (16) Koraput,
Mob: 9437236687 (17) Baripada, Mayurbhanj, Mob:
09437320079 (18) Naya Gad, Mob: 09438362035 (19)
Nuvapada, Mob: 09437119634 (20) Puri, Mob: 09437000060
(21) Chind Colony, Raurkela, Mob: 09437248788 (22)
Sambalpur, Mob: 09438150381(23) Sundargadh, Mob:
21. Punjab: (1) Amritsar, Mob: 09814808121 (2) Tarantaran,
Amritsar, Mob: 09915045404 (3) Lawrence Road, Amritsar,
Mob: 09417253060 (4) Barnala, Ph: 001679&234461(5)
Bhatinda, Mob: 09316074066 (6) Kota Kapura, FaridKot,
Mob: 09417582111 (7) Ferozepur, Mob: 09855649490 (8)
Gurdaspur, Mob: 09814575387 (9) Hoshiarpur, Mob:
09463024851 (10) Nakodar Chowk, Jalandhar, Mob:
09417540510 (11) Nakodar, Jalandhar, Mob: 09878081766
(11) Shahkot, Jallandhar, Mob: 09815188103 (12) Shri Devi
Talab Mandir Charitable Hospital, Jallandhar, Mob:
09417006231 (13) Kapurthala, ph: 01822&325438, (14)
Khanna, Mob: 09878992927 (15) C.S.F., Khanna, Mob:
09878992927 (16) C.N.Tower, Link Road, Ludhiana, Mob:
09878992927 (17) Civil Lines, Ludhiana, Mob: 09878506023
(18) Near Shringar Cinema, Ludhiana, Mob: 09988005756
(19) Raikot, Ludhiana, Mob: 09357535333 (20) Mansa,
Mob: 09217290767 (21) Muktasar, Mob: 09815962929 (22)
Moga, Mob: 09988337227 (23) Mohali, Mob: 09417042837
(24) Navamshar, Mob: 09814880088 (25) Pathankot, Mob:
09216440999 (26) Patiala, Mob: 09417015804 (27) New
Officer’s Colony, Patiala, Mob: 09878901185 (28) Nabha,
Patiala, Mob: 09417158861 (29) Phagwara, Mob:
09872217062 (30) Ropar, Mob: 09876464417 (31) Dhuri Gate
Road, Sangarur, Mob: 09217223442 (32) Patiala Gate,
Sangarur, Mob: 09876566696] (33) Sunaam , Sangarur,
Mob: 09463676768.
22. Rajasthan: (1) Ajmer, Mob: 09829523111 (2) Tej Mandi,
Alwar, Mob: 09414017756 (3) Bus Stand Road, Alwar,
Mob: 09414401321 (4) Banswada, Mob: 09414567567 (5)
Balotra, Badmer, Mob: 09460461427 (6) Bharatpur, Mob:
09414715377 (7)Bhilwara, Mob: 09414115423 (8) Boondi,
Mob: 09414176312 (9) Saradalganj,Bikaner, Mob:
09413557138 (10) Rani Bazaar, Bikaner, Mob: 09252063246
(11) Churu, Mob: 09413378935 (12) Dausa, Mob:
09414821189 (13) Doong- garpur, Mob: 09460022133 (14)
Kotputali, Jaipur, Mob: 09414823635 (15) Mansarovar,
Jaipur, Mob: 09414821188 (16) Near Sindhi Camp, Jaipur,
Mob: 09414071022 (17) Sanganer Gate, Jaipur, Mob:
09829064334 (18) Sanganer, Jaipur, Mob: 09414071022 (19)
Tonk Road, Jaipur, Mob: 09414053776 (20) Vaishali Nagar,
Jaipur, Mob: 09413236785 (21) Vidyadharnagar, Jaipur,
Mob: 09461664099 (22) Jalaur, Mob: 09413502428 (23)
Jhunjhuanu, Mob: 09950893550 (24) Jodhpur, Mob:
09829598255, (25) Hanumangadh Town, Mob:
09828529123 (26) Hanuman Gadh Junction, Mob:
09460392575 (27) Bhadara, Hanumangadh, Mob:
09828836218 (28) Hindaun City, Karauli, Mob:
941430794142 (29) Kota, Mob: 09414406430 (30) Kunadi,
Kota, Mob: 09799498452 (31) Sumerpur, Pali, Mob:
09829504787 (32) Rajsamand, Mob: 09414169792 (33)
Shriganganagar, Mob: 09414094874 (34) Sikar, Mob:
09413463177 (35) Durga Nursery Road, Udaipur, Mob:
09351324806 (36) Bata Gali, Udaipur, ph: 0294&2410626.
23. Sikkim : Gangtok. Sikkim, Mob: 09434029507.
24. Tamil Nadu : Chennai, Mob: 09283234444 (2) Mandaveli,
Chennai, Mob: 09003074296 (3) Coimbatore, Mob:
25. Tripura : (1) Agartala, Mob: 09436126559 (2) Saraseema,
Belonia, ph: 03823&222427 (3) Teliamura, Mob:
26. UttarKhand : (1) Dehra Dun, Mob: 0135-6456898 (2)
Ballupur Chowk, Dehra Dun, Mob: 09219280321 (3)
Vikasnagar, Dehra Dun, Mob: 09411192708 (4) Haldwani,
Nainital, Mob: 09837023498 (5)Pithaur Gadh, Mob:
09897089882 (6) Roorkee, Mob: 09897046386 (7) Kashipur,
Uddham Singh Nagar, Mob: 09917384346 (8) Rudrapur,
Uddham Singh Nagar, Mob: 09412120763.
27. Uttar Pradesh: (1) Barah Khamba Road, Agra, Mob:
09897500500 (2) Kamala Nagar, Agra, Mob: 09897007181
(3) Sector-16 B, Agra, Mob: 09897327755 (4) Aligarh, Mob:
09359512771 (5) Ambedkar Nagar, Mob: 09919567035 (6)
Ajam Gadh, Mob: 09415208437 (7) Kurmi Tola, Ajam Gadh,
Mob: 09415208163 (8) Kareli Bagh Colony, Ajam Gadh,
Mob: 09335137703 (9) Ram Bagh, Allahabad, Mob:
09415236885 (10) Balia, Mob: 09451551467 (11) Barabanki,
Mob: 09415007404 (12) Bareli, Mob: 09411091083 (13)
Basti, Mob: 09415037104 (14) Bijnaur, Mob: 09837392151
(15) Bulandshahr, Mob: 09456250215 (16) Devria, Mob:
09889665041 (17), ETa, Mob: 09412896921 (18) Itawa, Mob:
09760095209 (19) Faizabad, Mob: 09451205999 (20) Khyali
Ram Memorial Society, Hospital Road, Fatehgarh,
Farukhabad, Mob: 9450005482 (21) Ferozabad, Mob:
09837369291 (22) Patel Nagar, Ghaziabad, Mob:
09871161867 (23) Sector -10, Rajnagar, Ghaziabad, Mob:
0120-2822285 (24) Vaishali, Ghaziabad, Mob: 09899522277
(25) Gazipur,ph: 0548-2220024 (26) Gorakhpur, Mob:
09839820080 (27) Jail Road, Mob: 09451049610 (28) Greater
Noida,Gautam Budh Nagar, Mob: 09910407269 (29) Greater
Noida,Gautam Budh Nagar, Mob: 09891408721 (30) Greater
Noida,Gautam Budh Nagar, Mob: 09313110330 (31) Hapur,
Mob: 9312633918 (32) Jaunpur, Mob: 09935853010 (33)
Jhansi, Mob: 09415030154 (34) Hanuman Mandir Road,
Kanpur, Mob: 09336102101 (35) Aradhana
Complex,Kanpur, Mob:09838835001(36) Vishnupuri,
Kanpur, Mob: 09336206670 (37) Lakhimpur Khiri, Mob:
09451904034 (38) Lal Kuan, Lucknow, Mob: 09839640205
(39) Vices Nagar, Luck Now, ph: 0522-2738555 (40) Matura,
Mob.: 09412727288 (41) Mau, Mob: 09336312446 (42)
Hanuman ghat Road, Mau, Mob: 09450757698 (43) Merit,
Mob: 09897044107 (44) Modinagar, Mob: 09837371444 (45)
Chandausi, Moradabad, Mob: 09411009512 (46)
Moradabad, Mob: 09927069521(47) Kanth
Road,Moradabad, Mob: 09927069521 (48) Muzaffar Nagar,
Mob: 09359317793 (49) Noida. Sector-26, Mob:
09811688223 (50) Sector-34, Noida, Mob: 09837094135 (51)
Noida, Sector-8, Mob: 09910032999 (52) Pratap Gadh,
Mob: 09839029569 (53) Rai Bareli, Mob: 09839129116 (54)
Saharanpur, Mob: 09411959905 (55) Sant Kabir Nagar,
Mob: 09936248265 (56) Shahjahanpur, Mob: 09451645099
(57) Sitapur, Mob: 9235736718 (58) Renu Koot, Sonbhadra,
Mob: 09453324857 (59) Roberts Ganj, Sonabhadra, Mob:
09415679062 (60) Sultanpur, Mob: 09451494301 (61)
Unnav, Mob: 09450365426 (62) Sigara,Varnasi, ph: 0542-
221062 (63) Durgakund Road,Varanasi, Mob: 09452309100
28. West Bengal: (1) Bankura, Mob: 09835174777(2)
Asansol,Bardvan, Mob: 09474122128 (3)Bardwan, Mob:
09332100418 (4) Burnpur, Burdwan, Mob: 09333469723 (5)
Bon Masjid, Burdwan, Mob: 09732049803 (6) Durgapur,
Burdwan, Mob: 09434002234 (7) Rani Ganj, Burdwan,
Mob: 09434002234 (8) Kuchbehar, Mob: 09434748722 (9)
South Dinajpur, Mob: 09434120786 (10) Hugli, Mob:
09831296592 (11) Uttarpada,Hugli, 09433195993 (12)
Sirampur,Hugli, Mob: 09433061901 (13) Tarakeshwar,Hugli,
Mob: 09422615570 (14) Nadiya, Mob: 09434949776 (15)
Nadiya,Krishnanagar, Mob: 09434343094 (15) Pradhan
Nagar, Siliguri, Mob: 09832066480 (16) Bardwan Road,
Siliguri, Mob: 09832041418 (17) Howrah, Mob:
0033&32421357 (18) Shibpur, Howrah (19) Jalpaigudi,
Mob: 0943405876 (20) Baliganj Palace, East Kolkatta, Mob:
09883017969 (21) C,I,T, Scheme, Kolkatta, Mob:
09331260507 (22) DumDum, Kolkatta, Mob: 09433532864
(23) Chittaranjan Avenue, Kolkatta-73, Mob: 09830665005
(24) Parvati Ghosh Lane, Kolkatta - 07, Mob: 09330105000
(25) Chinar Park, Kolkatta, Mob: 033-27116454 (26) Betik
Street, Kolkatta-1, Mob: 09830077899 (27) New
Alipur,Kolkotta, Mob: 09007789242 (28) Barasat, 24
Paragana, Mob: 09830325795 (29) Baruipur, 24 Paragana,
Mob: 09831832733 (30) Kanchapara, 24 Paragana, Mob:
09331022220 (31) Shyam Nagar, 24 Paragana (North), Mob:
09331036752 (32) East Midanapur, Mob: 09932208029 (33)
Murshidabad, Mob: 09932488979 (34) Shri Rampur, Mob:
29. Nepal : (1) Kathmandu, ph: 009771-4674666 (2)
Roopandehi, Butval, ph: 0097771-544714 (3) Kaski, Pokhra,
ph: 00977-9856027826.

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