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Instructions for a practical paper, oral or poster presentation

Practical papers should emphasize information that practitioners could readily use
(e.g. new approaches, methods, strategies or techniques). Abstracts must comply
with the following fixed submission format, all in sentence case.
Session format
Each session will be 90 minutes, typically including 6 x 15-minute presentations (10
min talk + 5 min Q&A). Selected poster presenters will be invited to participate in a
moderated poster session, which will allow the author to conduct a short 5 minute
presentation during the congress.
Abstract submission format
Abstract length: maximum 800 words. Each must contain the following:
Abstract title (Arial 10pt)
Author name(s) (Arial 10pt)
Affiliation, COUNTRY (Arial 10pt)
Introduction: General statement to orient the reader to the area of your study.
Practice innovation: Exactly what your paper will demonstrate or explain.
Sources of information: How and where you gathered relevant information, or a
detailed description of your idea, product, system or concept.
Findings: A summary of the relevant information.
Discussion: Practical applications and implications drawn from the findings.
References, tables, figures: Provide full references for all citations in this proposal.
For references, please follow the American Psychological Association (APA) format