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My Vision of an Ideal Classroom Environment

Imagine an environment where children feel safe, focused, and free in
mind, heart, and body to explore fun while learning. Can we say that
this environment will provide children with the opportunity to explore
their full learning potential? This learning environment would need to
be a place where they can remember, understand, apply, analyze, evaluate, and then create their
thoughts on a higher level of critical thinking. Yes, Blooms Digital Taxonomy in corporation
with Charlotte Danielsons Framework for Teaching, (Planning and Preparation, The Classroom
Environment, Instruction, Professional Responsibilities) will form the basis for my teaching
This been said, I envision a classroom where children will enter, happy to start their
learning day. The children will understand their daily routine and work to manage that routine. I
see structure as important for the young learner. By letting the children know early in their
developmental level the importance of structure, routines, and schedules they will come to see
how important these strategies are to their ability to focus on the instructional material provided.
Ensuring the childs mind, heart, and body is working to its full potential is what is needed in
todays 21st Century Classroom. I recognize the following questions will assist me in furthering
my thought process on how to frame the learning environment that will be conducive to my
young learners wanting to own their learning potential.
How will you create an environment of respect and rapport?
Even though there will be structured learning, free from chaos, the classroom
environment I envision will provide a setting for children to be creative with their learning. This


environment will give them the freedom to explore and understand that in most cases there is
more than one way to arrive at a solution to the lessons learning activities. Further, it is ok to
talk and have fun in its own time and place. Work first, then if time permits have a little wiggle
time. And so, we see here that this will be a structured classroom where the children will
recognize every step of the way what comes next in their daily routine. Through daily repetition
of their posted schedule that reflects through words and pictures their daily routine, the children
will have structure in their learning process.
My students will understand Im there for them, as their leader, mentor, and guide.
Further, that I respect them as a person as well as their ability to learn. They will be shown this
through actions and words. And so, through mutual respect on both sides the class should run in
harmony. Through employing effective classroom management strategies the children will
recognize as long as they can work with their low, inside voices they may do so as appropriate.
Also, through their recognition they will gain clarity regarding the why, behind keeping the noise
level conducive to everyones learning potential, (e.g., special needs, Autism spectrum students,
ESL students, and regular learners).
How will you establish a culture for learning?
I envision the culture of learning in my classroom, will be to have a safe, organized,
designed classroom that will allow my students to see and move around the classroom freely.
Hopefully, my classroom will accommodate an area that will reflect areas for large group, small
group, and individual group learning as needed. Further, I see space for children to be able to
have a reading center, computer area, reading and writing area, math area, listening area, art area,
a quiet area when the child needs time to relax and re-group, and other areas as needed. The


children will have opportunities to interact with their classmates through assigned seat
assignments which will change periodically. I see this as needed for the child to understand the
importance of communicating and interacting with a diverse population of people. Also, the
child needs to feel comfortable with peer interaction. If the child feels isolated by his or her
classmates the learning process will be interrupted. This is so because the child will be unable to
focus properly due to feeling isolated and unworthy. So, every opportunity will be taken to
ensure my students feel secure in their learning.
What procedures will you establish for managing the classroom?
Through various readings I have developed a concept for managing my classroom.
Developing the students behavior is all important to the success of their learning potential. By
establishing the pattern of the student within a group as a positive member, speaks to his or her
educational focus developing. So, I see the need to reach young learners early in their entry into
school. One essential aspect of their learning is how the class will function. Through providing
a daily routine, structure, expectations, and a proper means of identifying the classs attention is
needed, should work towards building a properly managed class. Further, I recognize the tone
that I present to my students as their teacher and leader will determine how they respond.
Another important aspect of my classroom management will be to have published classroom
rules and procedures. This is necessary because it is essential that students understand their
boundaries and limits within the classroom. By doing this my students will feel comfortable and
safe within their boundaries to flourish and learn. Additionally, it is important that my students
understand the published school rules and procedures. I will ensure these rules and procedures
are modeled for my students. I consider this as very important because I recognize that the child
has to understand the expectation that is set through action and words.


What procedures will you establish for managing student behavior?

Classroom rules, procedures and consequences will be posted for the children to see and
follow. The groundwork will be set from day one of school for the children to understand and
follow throughout the school year. This is important to the children understanding there are
rules, expectations, and boundaries that will have consequences if not followed. With this in
mind I plan to adopt the following strategies to manage my students behavior. I fill this can be
done by creating a positive classroom atmosphere.

Interact as much as necessary to talk, teach, and communicate positively with my


Begin each class by greeting the class full of students with smiles and while
standing at the door at the beginning of class extend a warm welcome to the class

Encourage my students with possible feedback whenever possible

Cover the walls of my class with positive messages

Try to utilize positive words in everything I write and talk about as appropriate

Establish a positive word for the day and start a discussion on it

Create a class dictionary on positive words with the students involved in the

Decorate my class with warm, and inviting colors

Ensure my wall displays are educational and developmentally appropriate

Set rules that provide consequences and that correspond to the action

Model and practice the classroom procedures the first day of school


Ensure my classroom provides both structure and flexibility for my students

Work to ensure my students maintain their dignity through redirection and

How will you organize the students for learning?
A cohesive classroom speaks to the students feeling safe and secure in their learning.
The emotional safety that a cohesive classroom can provide will allow the student to speak freely
without the fear of been put down by their peers or teaching support. I see the importance of
establishing this atmosphere from day one. To an impressionable young learner how their
learning experience starts will most likely set the tone for their future learning experiences. So,
the students will be arranged to establish a classroom climate of safety. One that says we are one
unit, free of situations that will distract from the learning process (e.g., cliques, diversity).
Organizing my students for learning speaks to utilizing my observation skills to anticipate
problems that may arise that would distract from their learning.
Recognizing the need for an environment that results in learning, I will provide personal
space for my students as well as the materials and resources necessary to do so. Additionally, I
will incorporate the arts to further my students creative side, and plenty of hands on activities to
further their intellectual learning, and provide for physical activities to keep their bodies active. I
also plan to include a place for whole, small and individual language. The 21st Century
classroom I envision is a truly student centered one. This classroom would be capable of
including all students in the learning process. Even thou, the students desk placement is
important, their diverse learning styles are essential to know as well. This is where knowing my
students will be very important to draw from during this planning process. The end results of


creating this safe learning environment will allow for organizing the students seats based of their
diverse learning styles.
Most classrooms today have a yellowish cream, or tan color. While speaking with my
CT she feels if she had a choice she would chose a gray, brown or neutral color to provide
calmness for the young learners. Her impression is that the greys speak to calmness whereas
yellows speak to happiness or excitement. I agree with her impression that young learners need
calmness to focus and develop the intellectual skills they will apply throughout their learning
years. So, imagine a classroom where soft music plays, with walls that speaks to calmness, with
designated areas for class activities, where children have adequate space to move with ease
around the room, where all work together to create a cohesive unit.
How will all of this enhance the teaching and learning process?
Charlotte Danielsons Domains are all interrelated. The Classroom Environment
provides the setting for learning to take place. We have determined the classroom setting has to
fit the learning needs of all the students in order for intellectually learning to take place. With
this in mind when I look at creating this environment it will have to compliment the other three
domains. Managing relationships with students and ensuring relationships among students are
positive and successful will provide the essential groundwork to a warm, rich, learning
environment for the students. Also, by providing a culture of learning speaks to the atmosphere
in the classroom that reflects the educational importance of the work undertaken by the student
and the teacher. Further, managing classroom procedures reflects the prerequisite to a smoothly
functioning classroom that allows the child to feel free to learn. Additionally, managing student
behavior speaks to having engaging classroom environment strategies that will involve the


student deeply with the content. In order for this to happen the environment should feel safe for
the student to remember, understand, apply, analyze, evaluate, and then be able to create their
thoughts on a higher level of critical thinking for learning to take place. And lastly, we have
organizing the physical space of the student. The student should have their personal space where
they can explore learning free from safety hazards, student conflicts, and have access to the
proper materials, resources, and support that will advance their learning. As I prepare to enter
my idea environment, I will carry with me the tools, strategies, ideas, and other reading resources
acquired from Drexel University, and other resources and strategies I continue to be exposed to
during my student teaching experience at The Odyssey Charter School in Newnan, Georgia.


EDUC 540 Weeks 1-4 Readings