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Name: Chelsi Gibson

PART A: Students could use Movie Maker to do a project on anything they would want. This is a great opportunity for the
students to research and discover new information on a certain topic. The students would use higher order thinking to complete a
project like this.
Grade Level: 1st
Content Area: Science
Technology Used (check all that apply):





Other: (list)

Content Area/Grade/Standards/Topics Addressed: S1P2. Students will demonstrate effects of magnets on other
magnets and other objects.
a. Demonstrate how magnets attract and repel.
b. Identify common objects that are attracted to a magnet.
c. Identify objects and materials (air, water, wood, paper, your hand, etc.) that do not block magnetic force.
Brief Description of Learning Experience: What learning standards will be addressed? What will students and
teachers do? How will the project be introduced? How long will it take to complete? What audience will use/care about
the multimedia projects students are creating? How broad is this audience? How will student work be assessed and by
whom? Who will provide feedback to students about their work? The students will have a complete understanding on
why magnets attract, and repel, and what objects have a magnetic force. The students will have a prior knowledge of
Movie Maker and how it works. This task can be done by anyone, although some students may need teacher assistance.
The teacher will provide feedback on the students work.
Student Engagement/Higher-Order Thinking: What LoTi level would this lesson be and Why? Which indicators of
Engaged Learning are strong and why?
The LoTi level for this task is a 5 because the students incorporate higher order thinking, analyzing, and applying their
knowledge to create something.
Importance of technology: Why is using a multimedia authoring tools critical to the project? Could the project be
completed without this technology? What would be lost without using it? What other types of technology, if any, are
going to be used in the learning experience?
Using Movie Maker for this project helps the students think about what they have previously learned. The students will
have to think critically and thoroughly to show the teachers what they have learned, while keeping the task fun.
Inspiration (optional): If you used existing multimedia projects as a model for your project (whether in part or whole),
include the URL(s) so we can visit. Explain what concepts you borrowed from others.

Internet Safety and Student Privacy: Briefly discuss some possible issues surrounding internet safety and student
privacy that could arise while implementing this learning experience and explain how youd minimize risks to
students/yourself, alleviate any fears by parents/administrators, and follow school districts Internet Safety/Use Policy.
While completing this project the students could veer off task because they will be using a computer. I would set the
computers so that the students could only use images of the task at hand and send permission slips home to parents
making sure their student was allowed to access the computer. I would also monitor the students by walking around the
classroom to make sure everyone stays on task.
Other comments about your proposed student multimedia authoring activity: