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Early Settlement of the

Philippines, Eastern Indonesia,

and Australia-New Guinea: A
New Hypothesis

Sundaland and Sahul

The region that includes
mainland SE Asia and
Eastern Indonesia

The continent/region that
contains Australia, New
Guinea and possibly Timor.

Other Hypotheses
Bellwood Austronesian
Hypothesis (based on

Landbridges/low sea level

Postulated Hypothesis of Fox et. al
Taiwan and Luzon
Celebes and Mindanao

These are connected

which paved way for
the peopling of the
Philippines and the
arrival of mammals
and other species.

Lower Sea Level

Coastal Areas were near each other
More Territories
Less Chances of going to voyages

Low Sea Level Hypothesis

Low Sea Level Hypothesis
Island Hopping could be possible yet with low
Earliest inhabitants discovered are dated at times
with High Sea level

The Proposed Hypothesis

Barbara Thiel
Author of the Journal
Associate Professor of
Anthropology in NKU
Had a field research in
the Philippines

The Proposed Hypothesis

Sea level Increase
53 000 to 45 000 sea level increase by 100m. (pic)
Overcrowded islands
High chances of voyages
Voyages varies
Currents cannot be traced because of New Guinea and
Australia being connected
Different Wind Patterns

Proposed Hypothesis
Importance of the study
If proposed hypothesis is true, archaeological
artifacts are impossible to exist older than 70000

Different races might be caused by

another Migration during this time