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Question ID: 545 - Namaskarams, While explaining about Viswarup in the battlefield.

You said that

Lord Krisha gave a special set of eyes to Arjuna and Sanjaya forthe Viswarupa Seva. But on
09/10/08 program, while worshipping "Karagathan" yousaid that all of them in the battle field
including Gowravas had a chance toViswarupa Seva...Please Explain whether all of them in the
battle field of Mahabharatha got Viswaroopa seva. Seeking the blessings of Ramanuja..... Vinodh Question By - Vinodh,
The complete visvarupa was visualised only by Arjuna and sanjaya. Krishna wanted tom a k e
Bhishma Drona and the like awe struck and Duryodana and his
a l l i e s freightened. For that He made them see a part of visvarupa enough to make them feelso or
gave them that feeling alone which one might get by seeing the visvarupa. If Arjuna
alone had seen, without anybody expressing any feeling, then Arjuna maydoubt that
the whole visvarupa is an illussion. Now seeing the reaction of others he was assured
about the truth in visvarupa and supremacy of Sri Krishna.
Question ID: 544 - Swamin, Nanmugan Thiruvandhadhi pasuram 63 ends as'vaNangi vazhipattum
pooosiththum pokinen podhu'. Adiyen is the leader of a groupthat is more like .... 'suNangi'
vazhipattum 'pusiththum' pokinen podhu. But, of late,this leadership role of mine is ever so
slightly but progressively being shaken asadiyen continue listening to devareer's upanyasams.
Thank you so much forproviding us the guiding light. --------- adiyen's question is here swami:
Asaranagathan should pray only for kainkaryam to Him. Is it acceptable for thesaranagathan to
pray to ramanujar or perumal that an other person (not a relative)should lose his bad habits and
ways and should become congruent to his father's
noble way of life? Or would that be equivalent to asking something to perumanwhen He knows
what to do when, and so the sarangathan should not pray suchthings? - Question By - Raghu,
We can certainly pray for every fellow citizen to become a bhakta. This is not wrong.
Question ID: 543 - 1)I am basically a thengalai sect Iyengar. When and why didthis two sects come
into existance? 2)What are vaikanasam, panchrathram andmunithram? 3) In some thengalai
temples, vadagalai battars are performing pooja.How and why? - Question By - SUKUMAR A,
1. I am not aware of the date. 2. vaikhanasam and pancaratram are two methods of worships in
temples. 3. munitrayam is a sampradaya being followed by one section of vadakalayars. 4. There is a
long history for each temple and how vadakalai bhattarsare serving in tenkalai temples and tenkalai
bhattars are serving in vadakalai temples. You will have to study the history of those temples.
Question ID: 542 - swamy, the geetha says surrender your thoughts and actionsand prayers to me
and i will protect you.yet we see situations in day to day life thatcertain prayers we sincerely offer
to the lord sometimes repeatedly sometimes overmany years seem to be never answered or
remedied.yet the geetha recommendstotal surrender. while I understand that the ultimate goal of
human birth is mokshafor those of us still mired in responsibilities and looking for divine
interventions forsome life issues where reasonable human interventions doesnt seem to work
,should one accept that it is strong prarabdha which even the bhagwan cannotresolve .In that case
isnt bhagvans promise that he will rush to any bhagavathacalling out to him at anytime sometimes
doesnt happen. what is the explanation forthis, and how do you still keep faith. - Question By ukodiyalam,
One has to necessarily exhaust his karma before attaining moksham. When
w e surrender to Sri Krishna he wipes our sanchita karmas and re schedules our prarabdhakarma to
experience the effect of them from the day of saranagati to the last day. Onthat last day all karmas

get exhausted and we attain moksham. So when He says thath e r e l e a s e s o f o u r k a r m a

H e d o e s n o t m e a n H e r e m o v e s t h e m o n t h a t d a y o f saranagati and then on
keeps us happy till the last day. If we enjoy in that period wewould again get attracted to samsara
and lose interest in srivaikuntha. the more weexperience pain the more we long for moksham. So
Krishna's promise for release fromkarma is once for all and not for a temporary period
while we are in this material
world. So we must take our suffering in the right spirit that we are exhausting
ourkarma in this last birth. It does not mean that karma is stronger than krishna. He
isonly taking us through a progressive path.
Question ID: 541 - Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan, Dear Swamiji, Can you please suggestme a good book
in Tamil on Srimad Baghavatham? Also suggest the place where thebook is available.
Namaskarams - Balaji - Question By - Balaji,
There are not many. You can find a couple of editions in jayalakshmi indological booksopposite to
mylapore anjaneyar temple.
Question ID: 540 - Respected Swamin, Dasasya Vignyapanam. I've a questionabout lineage. Tamil
SriVaishanvites are said to be from the linegae based onGuruparamparai that extends upto the
present day Acharya.We also have Gothrams.For eg., My father's Acharya swami is Sri.Sri.U.Ve.
Koil Kandadai Appan Swami of Sriperumpudhur and my father's Gothram is Bhardwaja My fatherin-law's , who inturn is our respected acharya, is Sri. Sri. U.VE. Sirupuliyur Suddha
Satvachariyarwhose Thirumaligai is in Srivilliputhur and our family Gothram is Gargeya
Gothram.How can we trace our lineage? Is it based on gothram or Acharya swami?
GargaMaharishi is the son of Bhardwaja Maharishi. How are there 2 different Gothramsbased on
both of these great sages? Vasaga Dosham Kshamitharulavum. AdiyenRamanuja Dasan - Question
By - Vidhya Vasudevan,
Kindly do not confuse between gotram and acharya. you can refer to the answer to qno 529 for an
explanation of gotrams. Gotrams sutram etc are based on our birth in aparticular varna which is more to
do with our body. Acharya sambandham is eventuallyfor Ramanuja sambandham which reac hes the
atman to srivaikuntha. so acharya sambandham relates to the atman.
Question ID: 538 - Respected Swami, Guru ve Charanam. AdiyEn 33 years oldwomen thengalai
Iyengar. AdiyEn have been listening to Swamin?s ?Upanyasam?everyday for the past one year and
trying to follow everything possible. AdiyEnhave few basic questions in my mind, kindly clarify
them. 1. Is there any specificnumber of times to do Namaskarams for God, Acharyas & elders? 2.
There is ?Gagendra azwar? sannidhi in some Vaishnava temples. Is it in our Sri
VashnavaSampradhayam? Is there any meaning for the ?Aadhyantha prabu? piture.(Gagendra and
Jai Hanumar)? 3. Can AdiyEn keep my ?iraiyadi eidhina? mother's andinlaw's photos in the pooja
room? Can AdiyEn offer them the ?kandarul
prasadham?of Sriman Narayana before AdiyEn eat? Guruve thangalThirupadhangale Charanam! Question By - Latha Kannan,
1. tenkalayars prosprate once before god or acharyas or parents. 2. Gajanana placedat entrane of Sri
Vishnu temple, is a chieftain in the army of Vishvaksena who in turn isthe senapathy of Sriman
narayana. I am not aware of the picture which you have mentioned 3. You can have the
photos of your inlaws. Tiruvaradhanam is offered onlyto perumal azhvar and acharyas.
Question ID: 537 - Namaskaram, I read 'SRIMAD BHAGAVATHAM' , in that it isgiven there are seven dvipas .I
am having a doubt that whether this dvipas are inthis earth or in this galaxy ? If it is so , it should

be visible for reseachers ? But theyhave not reported like this ? Or that can be seen only when
atma attains moksha?Sorry for asking so much questions.My name is HARISH.R, I am from
chennai. -Question By - Harish,
Bhu; is the first of upper worlds (there are totally 7 upper worlds). It's extent is muchbigger than the
world we know from japan to california. this bhu: is divided into sevendvipas, the central one where
we live is jambu dvipa. The extent of this is 10,00,000miles which is way beyond the world we know.
As accepted by the researchers manymore galaxies, stars and planets exist. They may be found in
the coming years.
Question ID: 536 - Dear Swamy, Please let us know if food cooked in microwaveoven can be
offered to perumal. Also kindly let us know the type of vessel (eg.silver, eversilver etc.) to be used
to offer food to perumal. Can food offered in themorning be reheated in the evening and taken for
dinner? Many thanks in advancefor your guidance, adiyen. - Question By - GeethaKrishnan,
No it cannot be. You can offer in silver, bronze, copper, lead, brass utensils. Reheatedf o o d
cannot be offered to perumal and so we cannot consume. Instead you
c a n consume food offered to perumal in the morning without reheating in the evening. Butthis should
not be done for the next day.
Question ID: 534 - Namaskaaram to Swamigal.. In Bhagavad Gita, Verse 2.18,Bhagawan says
"..nithyasyoktha sharirinaha..". I am intrigued by the use of theword "uktha". Lord Krishna, as
knowledge personified, can categorically state that"the embodied atma IS eternal". Why does he
have to use the term "uktha" to mean"it is said that" while making the above statement?
Respectfully, Murali - QuestionBy - Murali,
Any day, the words of the learned and noble souls are more clear and meaningful thanthe words of
Bhagavan. Krishna after preaching gita, suggests to dharma putra to goto bhishma and receive
his preachings before the later departs. krishna in gita also says in sloka ...tad viddhi
pranipatena pariprasnena sevaya... that we must listen tothe gnanis. The words of the learned
would appeal more to us as they are also jivaswho are appreciate our sufferings and needs better.
Question ID: 533 - aham ramanuja dasi, adiyen ramanuja dasan swamigalthiruvadigale saranam,
swamin...... i heard that Sundara Kaandam is a mine of spiritual power, reading which devotees
can gain mental strength, swamin,due totime constraint, can i read(paarayanam) the Sankshepa
Sundara Kaandam,(since iwill not be able to spare enough time to read the whole sundara
kandam) ? ...pleaseadvise me .. - Question By - godhalakshmi,
Kindly recite the complete sundara kandam even if it takes two months.
Question ID: 532 - My question (more a QUEST) relates a doubt which has beennagging me for
long. I am a septuagenerian (about to complete my 70 by 8 Dec2008) & during my seventy years
life I have listened to a lot of spiritual Discourses.My Grand father himself (after whom I have
been named) was a Sastrigal inTirunelveli. I have an unshakeable faithin the Doctrines & sacred
utterings of (late)Kanchi Periyaval. Kanchi Periyaval in his book "THE VEDAS" (translated by
anothersacred soul Late Shri NSS Rajan) says that KARMA is Summum Bonum (meaningSupreme)
and that a soul face the consequences {Punya for Good Karma & Sin forbad karma}and that
nobody can escape this universal rule. But the VEDAs say (orthe Lord Shri Krshna in Geetha says},
"Renounce everything, follow me and Youwillultimately reach ME, I will pardon/dissolve all your
sins and I will grant youRelease from all your sins". My ultimate doubt is what will take effect,

whether theKarmas done by you or after doing all (good & bad karmas} seeking the
Lord'sprotection. - Question By - KNellaiyappan,
Our cycles of birth and death are decided by our karma only. It is true for all that karma
rules. When we realise this truth and want to be liberated, we seek protectionfrom Sri Krishna. Sri
Krishna's compassion is powerful than karma. Krishna chooses the
one to be protected and destroys the karma of that atman. So we have to either
gothrough karma phala or krupa phala. If there is no end to karma then it would meant h a t
there is no end to birth and death. So there would be no meaning
i n t h e preachings of any acharya. The tool to end karma is krupa which is what
Krishnaassures in gita.
Question ID: 531 - Adiyaenin namaskarangal. I am srinivasaramanujam, my age is23. I am having
doubt on visvekshenar and vinayakar? I heard they are not thesame. I need a clarification on this Question By -srinivasaramanujam,
They are not the same. vishvaksena a nityasuri (ever liberated soul) living
i n Srivaikuntha is the chieftain of Sriman Narayana. He controls this universe with a staff in his hand.
vinayaka is the son of Siva.
Question ID: 530 - Please kindly accept my humble obeisances unto your lotusfeet! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1)From your lectures iohave heard that there are
brahmana-abrahmana restrictions in chanting of mantrabut not the case with nama.That means
can we say that a person though born inmlechha family,if trained in brahminical qualities and
undergoes pancha samskaraetc will be now be able to chant the vedic mantras.By specifying
brahmana-abrahmana,did you mean with references to qualities or sacred thread or birth.2)I've
read from Srimad Bhagavatam,prahlad mahj says to his friends"we must notwork hard for
economic development because material happiness is automaticallyobtained by the interaction of
the 3 gunas.I also heard a vaishnava say that even if you work very hard to increase economic
devp you will only get what you deservedaccording to our past karma.But i feel still that aren't
things partially under ourcontrol also? For eg if i finish my 10th std and go for a job,or if one
finishes hisengineering and goes for a job,there will be a difference in the amount he is paidand
his material comforts than the former isn't? very humbly and patiently waitingfor your reply! Question By - kishan,
1. No he should not as per the sastras. There are two ways in determining caste - bybirth and by
conduct. all are free to chant namas. 2. I am not clear on this question.However let me try to
answer. Yes things are under our control. That is why we musttake a decision to be spiritualistic and
not materialistic. Inspite of this realisation, whyare we so materialistic - because of our inseparable
involvement with three gunas.
Question ID: 529 - Namaskaaram Swamy. Adiyen would like to know the meaningof
abhivaadhaye. What does aavatsaara; aashraya pravaraanvitha, aapasthambashutra signifies? My
gotra is Naithruva Kaishyapa Gothra. - Question By -raghavan,
abhivaadanam is a polite humble introduction of one self
p e r f o r m e d d u r i n g prostration. It identifies one self with reference to the pravara,
gotra sutra and thebranch of veda. We belong to the lineage of three rishis (pravara), we belong
to a rishiby hereditary (gotra) in performing rituals we follow the method of a rishi (sutra) webelong
to the stream of a studying brahmam through a particular veda (sakha) . this isa general explanation
of the terms we use. I am not aware of specific gotrams.

Question ID: 528 - Swamiji, Would like to know the speciality of Deer's skin.Apartfrom its usage as
a floor spread for seating renowned acharyas, small pieces of itare also tied to Poonool's of
bramachary's. - Question By -Kannan,
only some tie it to yajyo pavitam and that too only for the first time and not
later.K r i s h n a m e n t i o n s t h e u s e o f d e e r s k i n i n t h e s l o k a s u c h o u
d e s e . . . c h e l a a j i n a kusottaram while explaining the method of performing yoga.
Question ID: 527 - Please kindly accept my humble obeisances unto your lotusfeet! ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1)Since Nama sankirtanaas the main medicine for today is
prescribed in Srimad Bhagavatam and otherupanishads, has Ramanujacharya on any of his
commentary written anything aboutnama sankirtana as the medicine for the day? 2)I heard in
your lecture about 'NamaSankirtana' that one of the alzwars had spoken,wanted his devotees to
performcongregational chanting and dancing of the holy names of the lord,but why
isn'tcongregational chanting and dancing performed as a practise in any of Mutts of
sriramanujacharya,instead sophisticated and the difficult practise of chanting vedichyms etc
performed as a principal sadhana unlike other mutts like Iskcon.Isn'tperforming it very difficult for
the common man of this age? Very humbly andpatiently waiting for your reply! ------------------------------------------------------ - QuestionBy - kishan,
Nama sankirtana is a medicine which cures our diseas e of indifference
t o w a r d s Bhagavan and makes us absorbed in His auspicious attributes. It is a
constituent of bhakti yoga but not a substitute. For a prapanna it is a pious way to
spend his lifetime. A prapanna (following Ramanuja sampradaya) also chants but not as a means
for liberation but as a pastime. It is not a substitute for nitya/naimittika
k a r m a anushthana or prapatti or bhakti. It is not a direct means for liberation. Azhvars havetold us
to chant. They have also sent birds as messengers, sung in bridal mysticism( nayika bhavam) which
all we cannot repeat. So we take their message and only do itas demonstrated by our purva
acharyas. Ramanuja in his gita bhashya has talked about nama sankirtana in the commentary
to the verse - satatam kirtayanta:...
Veda vyasa is not an individual. It is a post with a responsibility to which a noble soulgets nominated
in each dvapara yuga. we are in the 28th caturyugam now . 25th wassakti 26th was parasara and
28th is krishna dvaipayana 29th would be asvattama. Yes.suka brahmam was the son of krishna
dvaipayana. You can find all these details in theveda vibhaga adyaya or sri vishnu puranam.
Question ID: 525 - Adiyen Anantha kodi namaskaram swamy having the doubt whywe are wearing
to lord the silk clothes, we are killing some insects to weave silk know swamy? kindly guide to
clear the doubt. Namaskaram - Question By - chithraraj,
Sri Krishna, in gita, has permitted usage of chela (silk cloth) while doing yoga. So
itmust be right
Question ID: 524 - adiyen ramanuja dasan swamiku adiyenin namaskaram.i belongto tirumalai
nallanchakravarthy vamsam we are also suyamacharyas.but there is noacharya left who can

perform panchasamskaram for me .whom should iapproac.kindly guide me - Question By aravamudhan,
There are still acharya purushas in tirumalai nallan chakravarty vamsam who
areperforming samasrayanam. Kindly contact me after 20th of november. I would let youknow.
kindly send an email to this effect to you would get areply
Question ID: 523 - Swamigal Thiruvadigale Saranam. Dear Swami, I am an avidlistener of your
upanyasams. To my delight, I noticed that your US Upanyasamswere uploaded on your website,
and have listened to them all. I just have a questionregarding your upanyasam 'azhwars
prescription for liberation'. I noticed that youhave mentioned that the azhwars' time period as per
mythology is early dvapara-late kali yugas, and as per history is 7-9th centuries AD. Swami, my
doubt isregarding the word 'mythology' which primarily indicates a hypothesis, or legend. Iwas
wondering if you used this word selectively for the audiences in the west,because normally you
have always advocated the tradition(such as avatars of Lord,Acharyas, Azhwars, etc.) as a fact and
not as a hypothesis/legend. Kindly clarify mydoubts. Please excuse any errors I may have made. At
your lotus feet, Vidya P. -Question By - Vidya P.,
I had already clarified the right meaning of mythology in another lecture in the US. Itseems they
interpret mythology from the word myth which is not right. I then used only the word
purana in my future lectures.
Question ID: 522 - NAMASKARA! According to shastras, is a Brahmin male allowedto marry a
Kshatriya female as a primary and only wife ? If so (or if not so), are theresultant progeny
considered Brahmins ? Dhanyavaad, -Question By - RAVI CHANDRASEKHARA,
Varna sankaram is a papa as per first chapter of Gita
Question ID: 521 - My Dear Pujya Swamy, My humble obeisances to your lotusfeet. I have had my
samasharnayam from the present pontiff of Sri Ahobila Madamin 1996. I am presently
participating in all activities of ISKCON, I am yet to takeBhranyasam from my jeer After taking
Bhranyasam can i continue my activities inISKCON and also can i take initiation there. I was
working in Dubai and back to Indiaform last 1 year, I am planning to relocate once again back to
Dubai where ISKCONcongregation is there, hence the above question. Yours Eternal Servant
Srinivasan -Question By - srinivasan,
You can get bharanyasam and then join in the bhajans of ISKCON. But you cannot getinitiation
there. More importantly, be clear about the philosophy of Sri Vaishnavism.
Question ID: 518 - ***Om Sri Kooresaya Nama*** Dear Swami, By the grace of Perumal and
through perumal bhakthi invoked in me by your upanyasams, adiyenhad stayed away from certain
ill-habits that were with me for more than 10 years.But I do not know why, adiyen had consumed
liquor and had certain unwanted foodhabits last week, after a gap of keeping away from them 4
months at a stretch.adiyen is now feeling guilty to adorn the SriChoornam, which I am used to
wearingeveryday. The fear and guilt is not about having had liquor - but about the fact
thatsomething else has interested me more than Perumal. Please let me know a way outof such
practices. Also let me know whether I can continue to wear Sri Churnamagain. Swamigalin kamala
paadhangalukku samarpanam, adiyen madhavam -Question By - Sundararajan Arumugam,
It is only a priority problem. If we do not realise that pleasing bhagavan is our
firstpriority then we indulge in such acts. If we have no fear or papa and naraka then weindulge in

such acts. Better knowledge of these would enable us abstai n from suchacts. You can wear
srichoornam if you repent and promise not to repeat
Question ID: 517 - Swamin Whether adoption is allowed in our sampradaya, isthere any
restrictions on it... Eventhough my heart pushing to adopt a child, on oneside I don't want to go
agiaint our sampraday... I need your advise on the sameAdiyaen Ramanuja Dasan - Question By Hari,
Adoption is allowed in our sampradaya. Kindly refer to your family brhaspati swamy forthe right method.
Question ID: 516 - Dear Swamin, Your sevice to our society is unvaluable. We getlot of wealth of
information from you to lead our day to day life. I have a question.We say mostly Rama and
Krishna are all lived with in Indian Geography. When theirexistence, were America, Africa and
other continent existed or not. That is thequestion. Regards, P.S.MURALI - Question By - P.S.MURALI,
all these countries would have existed. purana talks about a 10,00,000 miles jambudvipa which is
much much bigger than the world - between japan and california - weknow.
Question ID: 515 - Dear Swamin Adiyen wants to understand what is "kaivalyam".Normally what i
hear is that all who practice Yoga abhyasam reach this stage andbecomes one with bhagavan.
However there is a negation also that is mentionedwhere in it is said that these people do not
serve god and always in atmanubhavam.Does our emperuman state so in Geetha ? when a yogi
who controls his senses andtakes so much effort in knowing the antaryami , should he not get the
same as thatany other saranagatha would get ? why does he not go to Sri Vaikunta ?Is this whyour
acharyas do not encourage Karma,Jnana yoga or even Bhakthi Yoga ? WhenSwami Ramanuja
himself is a great Yogi,Bhaktha, why our Udaiyavar did not teach Yoga rahasyams ? Even Acharya
Nathamuni was a great Yogeeswaran parexcellence? Why do they discourage anything that is not
saranagathi ? Pleaseenlighten adiyen. What i can see today is there is no Sri Vaishnava who knows
yogarahasyams. I may be wrong. Kindly pardon if so. Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan. - QuestionBy Bharadwaj G,
Nathamunigal was a master in Yoga rahasyam. However his sishya uyyakkondar denied
receiving it from him and instead chose to receive and propagate 4000 divyaprabandham. The
reason he gave was "pinam kidakka manam punarvaar undo" Whent h e r e i s a d e a d b o d y a t
h o m e , w i l l w e p r e p a r e f o r a w e d d i n g ? i e y o g a w e d s a n individual with
bhagavan. When the whole samsara is withering without spriritual knowledge (similar to
death) can I alone enjoy bhagavan through yoga. Instead I wouldp r o p a g e 4 0 0 0 d i v y a
p r a b a n d h a a s a n e l i x i r t o a l l t h o s e s a m s a r i s . S o o u r p u r v a acharyas have taken a
conscious decision that yoga is not the right prescription for theyears to come. Kindly refer to
azhvar's pasurams like 1. periazhvar - edu nilattuiduvadan..,2. Nammazhvar - irugal
irappennum gnanikkum appayan illayel etc. for theplight of kaivalyarthi.
Question ID: 514 - Dear Swamin Adiyen wants to know why geetha was taughtonly in Dvapar Yuga
that too in the fag end of that yuga. Is it meant only for thepeople of Kali ? Geetha is one single
grantham which shows very clearly thatBhagavan is only one and that is our Sriman Naarayanan.
Then who did people inKrta, Treta and Dvapara yuga worship ? Why is god wanting to establish
truth onlyat the fag end of 3 yugas ? I may be wrong. Kindly excuse. And all these other nonhindu
religions were also created by him only right ? does he mention anythingabout creating many
religions in geetha ? - Question By - BharadwajG,
Gita is before the two popular religions and so there is no mention of other
popularr e l i g i o n s . h o w e v e r b u d h i s m a n d j a i n i s m w e r e t h e r e . T h e s u b j e c t o f
gita was notpreached by krishna for the first time. Krishna mentions in the

b e g i n n i n g o f 4 t h chapter that He had preached the same to vivasvan 28th caturyugams ago. So
it is notonly for kali yuga but for all yugas. Krishna also mentions that Janaka who lived
intreta yuga practised karma yogi for atma saksahatkara.
Kindly go through guruparampara prabhavam, peria tirumudi adaivu, veda
vyasabhattar tirumaligai vaibhavam. They carry a detailed note on his glory, works
Question ID: 512 - Sri guruByo namhah, I hail from a SriVaishnava familybelonging to the
Vadakalai sampradayam, affiliated to Sri Ahobila Mutt. We carry afamily name(or title?) - "Asuri"
or "aasoori" (I have seen it written only in tamilscript). I read from some sources that Maharishi
Asuri was one of the foundingfathers of the Samkhya philosophy. And interestingly, I also read
that AcharyaRamanuja inherited the name, and was called Asuri Ramanujacharya, though
thefamily title/name was not popularly associated with him nor with his cousin EmbarSwamy. We
belong to Harita gothra and hail from Konerirajapuram village inThanjavur district for atleast 400
years from now. I have been trying to find thesource of this name/title to our family, with very
little success. While trying tointeract with a few people from Melukote circles, who also carry the
name/title; Andthey had a version to say that, all the rishis who originally belonged to
Samkhyaschool inherited the title. Adiyen would be grateful if Swamy could throw some lightinto
this matter, or suggest some reading where I can find the history how Samkhyaschool graduated
to Vedanta. Thank you. - Question By - SriramRaghunath,
The propagator of Sankhya school was Kapila (an avesa avatara of Sriman Narayana). Iknow nothing
more about this lineage. This must be your family name. I have not seenrishis names attached to
anybody's family name. Rishis a re related to our gothram sutram and pravaram only.. so it
must have something to do with your family. You canrefer to asooriyar at melkote or
sriperumbudur or srirangam. They can guide you better.
Question ID: 511 - Dasoham. We understand that the common attributes formukthas/ nityas/
piratti/ srimannarayana are saalokyam, saarupyam, sameepyam.What are the differenciating
attributes (incl saayujyam- pls explain this also) amongall these personalities? Kindly elucidate for
the laymen like us to understand.Danyosmi desika dasan - Question By - Desikan V,
I am not quiet clear on your question. However, let me answer. All the qualites whichyou have
mentioned are the same for nityas muktas and piratti. Kindly do not addNarayana to
this list as salokyam or sameepyam are only with reference to Him. h o w e v e r , P i r a t t i
has the uniqueness of being His patta mahishi (consort) andPurushakara
b h u t a i . B u t t h e r e a r e m a n y c o m m o n f e a t u r e s b e t w e e n p i r a t t i a n d nityas/muktas
(samya shatkam mentioned in acharya hrdayam). Sayujyam is enjoyingHis divine attributes (sosnute
sarvan kamaan saha brahmana vipaschita). Moreover,nityas are ever enjoying these virtues but
muktas have it only now.
Question ID: 510 - Swamikku adiyenudaye kotana koti namaskaram, would like toknow whether it
is mandatory for a srivaishnavan to get samashrayanam done to beeligible to do shraddam and
thiruvaradanam . - Question By - K RAJAN,
Yes it is mandatory.
Question ID: 509 - Dear Swamiji, Adiyen Ramanuja daasan. Recently i heared fromsome
upanyasam that a person should not chant "Naalayira Divya Prabandam" onhis own. It should be

advised by some eligible person. I not able to find the rightperson near by my residence. But i had
a doubt that some years back i used toattend and chant Thiruppavai in the month of Margazhi
near by Perumal Koil. Can itreat that as "advise" or should i go to a person? Kindly clarify my
doubt. - QuestionBy - R.Narasimhan,
If you want to memorise, then you would not be successful on your own. You need tofollow santhai
method through an acharya. if you just want to read with a book, thereare cds available now. I
suggest you go to an acharya and get tutored for atleast twodays everytime you begin a new
prabandha and then continue at home with the cds. This is only a compromise.
Question ID: 508 - Dear Swamiji, Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan (this is the first time iam introducing
myself in this manner & i proud for that also), My spiritual lifestarted for the past 1 year bak only, i
used to attend upanyasams regularly, andhear that in cd's. i am satisfied that Bhagavan Sri
Krishnan is guide me in a rightpath. I have a doubt about Vadakalai & Thenkalai samprathayam's
in Sri Vainavam.Myself is following Vadakalai sampradayam. What is the difference between
thesetwo? Why our acharya's are following this? When it got splited and by whom? Iasked many
questions to you. Kindly consider my question and clarify my doubts? -Question By R.Narasimhan,
There are about 18 conceptual differences between the two. Books are
availablee x p l a i n i n g t h e m . I d o n o t k n o w t h e d a t e o f s p l i t . A s y o u a r e
f o l l o w i n g v a d a k a l a i sampradayam, spend whatever time you have in knowing more about that.
Rememberthat all belong to Sri Ramanuja and further the azhvars. Study divya
prabandham,works of Ramanuja and Sri Vedanta desika stotras.
Question ID: 507 - Swamy, Adiyen Ramanujadasan. Please help me understandwhat sampradyam,
is followed in Thirupathi Thirumalai, whether Thenkalai orVadakalai. Many say that both the
sampradayas are followed, is it so. And is thatthe reason, the Thirumann on Srinivasa Perumal in
Thirumalai is different, likebelonging to both Thenkalai and Vadakalai. Sorry for taking your
precious time,Swamy please enlighten me on why the Thirumann of Srinivasa Perumal is
different.- Question By - Rajesh Skylad M,
I just do not know why and when that tiruman became so. The best source for
ananswer to your question would be Srimad paramahamsetyadi Peria kelvi appan jeerswamy (peria
jeer swamy of Tirumala)
Question ID: 506 - Respected Swamy,Pranams to your divine feet1). It is belivedthat swami
ramanujar had his samasrayanam done by his acharya inmadurantakam. and again on a panguni
uthram swami had saranagathi to Sriranganathar with sridevi nachiyar. where Namperumal
promised moksha to swamiand to his sampandhis. and instructed swami to chant dwayam till the
period swamisheds his body. Here according to our sampradaya prapathi should be done onlyonce
during samasrayanam, now why swami had another saranagathi to lordranganatha. 2)Namazhwar
was born 42 days from the departure of krishna tovaikuntha which is in the dwaparayuga and in
the starting of the kali means its inB.C. The other madhas like Budha madham, Samana Madham
were all born in A.D.Then how was it possible for namalwar to mention about these madhas in his
works.Please excuse me in case of any ignorance in these questions. - Question By -Balaji,
1. yes. Ramanuja was administered panca samskraram at madhurantakam which waswhen he
surrendered. What he did on panguni uttiram is on our behalf / for our sake ashe is Jagad acharya
and karuna murti. This is explained in 'kala trayepi' verse of yatiraja vimsati and 'inda
arangattu inidu' pasuram of arti prabandham. However, there may be two opinions on this.
so it would be advisable to request your acharyanfor a clarification. 2. the goutama buddha we know

of in history is not the founder of buddhism. He was also a follower. Buddhism and jainism were in
vogue even duringthe period of Vyasa in dvapara yugam.
Question ID: 505 - Swamiji,I have heard that the Lord does creation,preservationand destuction by
taking forms of Sankarshana, prayumana and Anirudha etc., howis this different from the duties of
bramha, vishnu and shiva - Question By -guest,
It is from the holy naval of vyuha vasudeva (ksheerabdhi sayi) Brahma gets created.So Pradyumna
creates brahma and then creation is continued by Brahma. In turnBrahma creates Siva for
absorption which again is done by sankarshana as the powerb e h i n d . I t i s a n i r u d d h a w h o
r e c l i n e s i n t h e o c e a n o f m i l k a n d t h i n k s / p l a n s f o r sustaining this world which is executed
by Vishnu
Question ID: 504 - Pranam It's been told that Dhasaratha did not attain Mokchambut attained only
Svergam. Kindly let me know the difference and the reason forDhasaratha's plight. Thank You. Question By - yugandar,
Dasaratha should have been concerned more about Rama's wellbeing rather than hispromise.
Dasaratha's promise is a samanya dharma. Rama's wellbeing is a visesha dharma.
Whenever there is a conflict between samanya and visesha dharma, viseshadharma should prevail.
Question ID: 503 - aham ramanuja dasosmi om namo narayanaya adiyen submitsmy aneka koti
namaskarams to swamis thiruvadi... swami , why should bhagawansimplify the bhakthimarga
from yuga to yuga.... he would have toldnamasankirtanam itself in kruthayuga no ????? if the
questions are silly please
porutharula vendum....... adiyen ramanuja dasan thanking you, narayanabhakthan ,ramanuja
dasan - Question By - narayanabhakthan,
the means for libertaion must be befitting the skill of the individual. In krta yuga theknowledge,
longevity and power were at their best and so the difficult marga. As theydwindle, the means also
got simplified.
Question ID: 502 - aham ramanuja dasosmi om namo narayanaya i submit myaneka koti
namaskarams to swami's feet...... please clear my doubt swamy.... ingajendra moksham,
bhagawan kills the crododile first the crocodile gotmotcham first since it got
sudarshanaazhwar's sumbandham .... isnt it??? what isthe tatparyam of this swamy ??? (if the
questions are silly, please porutharulavendum) "kaan amar vezhamkai eduththalara karaa athan
kalinai kathuva aanayintuyaram teera pulloorndu.................." adiyen ramanuja dasan thanking
you,narayanabhakthan - Question By - narayanabhakthan,
The crocodile got released of its curse. It is not that when someone is
k i l l e d b y bhagavan he / she would attain moksham (srivaikuntham). If so, then we would haveto
accept the same to tataka subahu and many more. Moreover the word mokshammeans a mere
'release'. When you find that word in the itihasas or puranas it does notnecessarily mean
srivaikuntha prapti.
Question ID: 501 - Adiyen Ramanuja daasan. In poikai azhwar's pauram it iswritten in the second
verse after vaiyam thagaliya............. the pasuram goes likethis " Enru kadal kadainthathu?
Evvulagam neeretrathu? Onrumathanaiunaren naanAnru athu adaithu udaithu kanpadutha vaazhi
Idhu nee padaithidanthuundumizhndha paar.The question is Is this about the Ramar sethu bridge
and if so itis mentioned that the bridge is blocked and broken what exactly is the meaning forthe
same. I request ur holiness to clarifty this for me.Thank U. Adiyenananthasayana daasan. Question By - R.Ananth,

This and a few other pasurams also menti on about building and then breaking
thebridge symbolically in a corner so that the bridge is no more used for transport
butused only for worship
Question ID: 500 - I am currently an E-member. Is it possible to become a lifemember by paying
one time subscription - instead of paying quarterly? If not pleaseconsider introducing that option
as well. Thanx and regards - Question By - RamjiGovindarajan,
Life membership option is not available. Our purpose is to keep regular contact andcommunication
with you
Question ID: 499 - I would like to come to India to learn Sanskrit and all thevaishnava literature. Is
it possible learn at your place? how long it will take and howmuch it would cost? Also I would like
to contribute specifically to your " SriRamanuja Siddhanta Vidya pitham at Srirangam " Can you
please kindly send methe details of this school and how I can contribute? thank you. - Question By
- RagulKanagaratnam,
Kindly send an email to with your details address and timeavailable for
your study. A programme is now being arranged for people overseas. They would reply
Question ID: 498 - Dasan's vinamra prarthana Is it possible to purchase the entirecollection of
swami's Audio and Video CDs and ship to my address. Adiyen will payfor the entire collection and
bear all the necessary expenses. Look forward to afavorable response. Dasan Ramji - Question By RamjiGovindarajan,
Kindly send an email to kinchitka with your details address
andrequirement . They would reply.
Question ID: 497 - Please kindly accept my humble dandavat unto your lotus feet!----------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm currently in my 4th yearengineering,1 more semester to
go,am an uninitiated follower of iskcon.Two yearsback when i was completely confused about my
duty,and my path,somehow i hadthe opportunity to associate with your grace personally.Your
grace has completelydestroyed my illusion,and clearly set my goal.Further you have invoked
within mecauseless service attitude unto your lotus feet. Your Grace had instructed me,1)Right
now i have spiritual duty to my peer group,you must make your son avaishnava,duty to the
society. The suprising thing is,I still do not know from whomcan i hear the spiritual discourses and
therefore serve my society,or peer group. By
browsing through the writings of vaishnava acharyas,i came across a writing whichsays:- "By
Krishna's mercy one comes in touch with a Guru.If your Pada PradashakaGuru does not inform you
who your Guru is, then you have missed the actual Gem."My situation is the also the same. I have
read in one of your writings that "TheAzhwars always kept guessing the lord's mercy on them,but
if one surrenders untoguru,there is no need of such confusion of liberation." Now what should i
do?Shouldi again keep waiting for the lord's mercy when he would send me to a Guru?,orshould i
surrender unto my Pada Pradarshaka Guru? I can understand the pain i hadguessing the lord's
mercy upon me before i took the dust of your lotus feet.PleaseKindly guide me. Very humbly and
patiently waiting for your reply! - Question By -Kishan,
If you are well convinced about the philosophy and principles of Visistadvaitam andSrivaishnava, kindly
approach an acharya and first get related to Sri Ramanuja throughsamasrayanam. You are then eligible
for rahasyatrayam and bhagavad aradhanam w h i c h a r e a m u s t f o r

mukti. If you need guidance kindly send a mail

t o with your details. We would reply
Question ID: 496 - Respected Swamy! koti pranams unto devareer's LOTUS FEET.Adiyen ramanuja
dhasan. When I read various quest and ans of this site's spiritualquest, a splash of doubt(two type)
arose when I read question No.413 wherein itwas mentioned about VALAMPURI SHANKU and
BHARANYASAM. Quest.No.1: What isthe difference between valampuri shanku and
idampurishangu(if any )really- I donot know about this) and why so much importance given for
valampuri shanku.Quest.No.2. What is the meaning of Bharanyasam and how it differs
fromsamasrayanam and bharanyasam. So many adiyars spell out about this when Ihappened to
have any discussion with them. If samasrayanam is done ,then is thereany necessity for
bharanyasam. Adiyenukku idhu romba naalaga puriyavillai. Irequest devareer to clarify this doubt.
My advance dhanyavadh . Vachika doshamkshandhavya!! - Question By - kalyani venkatesh,
I am as ignorant as you are regarding valampuri sankham. All that I know is
t h e physically appearance of it bending towards the right or left and caving in or
out.R e g a r d i n g q 2 : t h e r e i s a d i f f e r e n c e i n t h e p r a c t i c e b e t w e e n
Tenkalayars andv a d a k a l a y a r s i n s a m a s r a y a n a m a n d b h a r a n y a s a m .
B o t h a r e p e r f o r m e d b y vadakalayars but for tenkalayars it is only samasrayanam.
So you need to decidebased on which sect you belong to. Kindly approach your acharyan to
know more indetail
Question ID: 495 - adiyen. In devareer's answer to question 400, it is mentioned"1. Vedas are time
immemorial and talk with the knowledge of past present andfuture. That is why we find mention
about future rishis too ." As future is alsomentioned in the vedhas, could it be possible that some
of the rishis mentioned in
vedhas and upanishads are yet to be born and some of the incidents mentioned areyet to happen?
Are there any vyakyanams by our acharyans which allude to thispossibility? - Question By - Raghu,
Hypothetically it is possible. But in fact since all the four yugams have cycled for manytimes now, all
the rishis and their related events would have happened
Question ID: 493 - Dear SWAMI namaskarams to you. I am 18 years old collegestudent. I and my
family members will listern to your discourses regularly. Thediscourses are so divine and
nice.Swami a very very very long time ago a member of my family had comitted some mistake so
it is said that our family members shouldnot go to THIRUPATHI SRI VENKATACHAPATHI TEMPLE. I have a
strong faith inperumal and i am a devotee of HIM. I have surrendered to HIS HOLY LOTUS FEET. Ihave a strong
desire to go to THIRUPATHI. What can i do ? Please help me. -Question By - R.karthik,
Sri Venkatesa is ever compassionate. He would certainly forget and forgive.
Kindlyrequest your parents / acharya about this and go along with them
Question ID: 492 - 1. When there is a death in the family , if 10 day theetu isapplicable to the head
of the family, is that applicable to his sons as well. Doestheetu vary depending on the
generations? 2. Also Please let me know if theetu,madi all that is only for the physical body and
not for the mind, why should peoplefollow that strictly. Is that all required? - Question By ParimalaNarayanan,

He is subject to teettu if married. Yes, teettu is for 7 generations. For the last querykindly refer to the
answer for q no. 480
Question ID: 491 - Respected Guruji, i am venkatesh I am a bachelor and belongto naidu cast in
tamil nadu where your activities all take place and improtant isgiven to perumal from birth to
death rth. i have good faith in god and , perumal hasstolen me and i am proud that i am also a
great bhakthan of perumal. Manybhaghavathas told me to take samasrayanam .Please tell me
what is that how itshould be taken? where can i take that?what are the rules to be followed.
pleaseadvice me - Question By - R.venkatesh,
Sri Sudarsana is a nitya suri (the ever liberated) and so is associated for ever. I haveno clue
whatsoever of the story which you have cited.
Question ID: 444 - My humble salutations to Velukkudi Krishnan swamy. Do plantshave soul?What
do our scriptures say regarding this?Do we take birth as plantsbefore going into cycles involving
animals and humans?.I frequently encounter thequestion that even strict vegetarians kill plants
(knowingly) and hence commit thesame paapam as people who consume non-vegetarian food, in
the sense that theydestroy life. How can this be justified?I have heard about pancha yagnam in
yourdiscourses. Does the bhootha yagnam cover this kind of paapam also? - Question By- Anand,
Yes there is an atman in every insentient. However its gnana in flora and fauna
isalmost nill and that is why cutting or eating them would bear no effect on them. Buttheir gnana
in animals is better that they feel pain. panca maha yagna and other prescribed karmas would
remove these sins also.
Question ID: 443 - Swamy, I am blessed with panchasamaskaram by Sri U.Ve.K.K.Su Sirupuliyur
Thiruvazhi Annan Swamigal. I perform Nithya Karma & chantThiruppavai & Thirupallandu. I am
based out of chennai & like to learn DivyaPrabhandham. Please let me know whether you are
taking any Divya Prabhandhamclass in chennai. - Question By - Madhavan,
We do not conduct any divya prabandham classes. If you contact our volunteer in yourarea, they
would guide you to an tutor who takes classes.
Question ID: 442 - Dear Poojya Swamin! Humble namaskarams to your feet!Adiyen would like to
know this - Absolutely everything originates from Brahmam.Then why ever do rajas and tamas
exist, that trigger papam? Also are jeevathmanscreated or are they also anadhi - anantham?
Namaskarams, Lakshmi - Question By -Lakshmi,
Prakrti - the primodial nature which is a part of brahmam (sareeram) and the materialcause for
creation of this universe, it called as mixed satva ie which has a mixture of satva rajas and tamas.
The essential nature of Brahmam and Nitya vibhuti is puresatva (devoid of rajas and
tamas). The concept is that the jivas who are born in this
universe must follow a discipline and elavate themselves from this prakrti to
reachsrivaikuntha. Jivas are never created. They are anadi and so are their karmas. Jivas areanatam
but their karma have antam. Once karma ceases, jiva reaches vaikuntham andnever returns.
Question ID: 441 - hi I was not sure where to ask this question. I had bought a fewof the wonderful
Upanyasam CDs from Kinchitkaram trust, and about 3 audio fileswere corrupt. I was wondering if
there is a way you could help me get those mp3files (download from online??). I could give you
more details. Madhusudhanan -Question By - Madhusudhanan Srinivasan,
Yes . you can get them replaced. They can't be downloaded. Kindly call 044 24992728.

Question ID: 440 - Respected Swami,Namaskarams to your lotus feet.As alreadymentioned in the
earlier question,I am only a beginner and want to followSrivaishnava Sampradayam very
sincerely.Even though i was born in a Srivaishnavakulam,my interest towards Srivaishnavam
developed very recently.But i amconstantly undergoing some sort of difficulties which ultimately
make me think thati should follow some other path and not srivaishnavam.But at the same time,I
think Srivaishnavam is the only correct path and there is always a confusion which makesme feel
very helpless.When i told this to my close relative i was told that this was"thapathrayam".Please
tell me as to why i am undergoing such troubles and is it theresult of any bagavatha apacharam or
is it due to my past karmas? could you pleasesuggest me something for this? - Question By ramanujadasi,
Of course all these confusions are effects of our birth and the cause karma. You arevery disturbed
for no reason. Even if you follow any other sampradayam you may continue with the same
confusion. You will have to sit down, reflect and choose.
Question ID: 439 - adipanindhEn vinnappam, swAmi. In Sri Ramayanam, whenMandodhari
laments Ravana's death, she mentions that Sri Seetha is not equal toher in kulam, beauty, etc..
Looks like she is so full of herself and does not realizewhom she is comparing herself with!!! Is this
not a bhAgavatha apachAram?However, our AchAryAs have considered her words of praise about
the Lord (esp.where she identifies the Lord as the Supreme) in a serious light. I think They
wouldhave had some reason to have ignored her strange and incorrect words aboutThayar. Have
They stated that reason anywhere, swAmi? Kindly enlighten adiyEn.devareer thiruvadigalukku
pallaandu. - Question By - SudhaR,
Let me suggest again. There is an answer to all questions. However we must not spend
time on trivial matters. Since you believe in our acharyas, just focus on knowingthe esoteric
meanings of the four slokas of mandodari as described at length by SriPeria vacan pillai in tanislokam. You
will get a reply for your question there.
Question ID: 438 - adipanindhEn vinnappam, swAmi. When one reachesparamapadham, we
honour the great soul by saying that S/He reached AchAryan'sthiruvadi. So, in paramapadham,
will one get to directly serve His/Her AchAryan likeone gets to do in this vibhUthi? Or will serving
the Divine Couple (and thus makingthe AchAryan happy) is the only form of kainkaryam available
there? Kindly clarifyand grace adiyEn. devareer thiruvadigal vAzhi. - Question By - SudhaR,
A mukta would serve the divine couple and all the nityas and muktas there. Our acaryan
would also be one of them.
Question ID: 437 - adipanindhEn vinnappam, swAmi. I gather that there can be aliberation from
samsAram even in the form of kaivalyam where one will enjoyoneself and stay in the nithya
vibhoothi without ever coming back but at the sametime will not be able to serve the Lord and
thAyAr. I believe they will be stationedon one bank of srI virajA without bathing in it and will not
be purified by srIamAnavan. Is my understanding correct? Kindly clarify and grace adiyEn.
devareerthiruvadigal vAzhi. - Question By - Sudha R,
A kaivailyarthi does not travel through arciradi margam at all. He lives for ever in
aplace beyond the viraja without entering Tirumaa mani mandapam. He neither servesthe Lord at
Srivaikuntha not returns to this material world.

Question ID: 436 - Ref: Reply to Question ID: 349 namaskArams, swAmi. Thank you very much for
your clarifications regarding why our AchAryAs chose srI krishNacharama slOkam (over srI rAma
charama slOkam) for upadesham. One more queryin this context: From the sharaNAgathan's
perspective, doesn't srI rAma charamaslOkam sound more inviting and inclusive i.e. doesn't it
enable (with more ease thansrI krishNa charama slOkam) the person who wants to do
sharaNAgathi to shed allfears and doubts and approach the Lord? If the sharanyan is a "thEvai
idAdhAr",doesn't His words give more confidence and hope to people (and thus lead them to
approach the Lord)? What is the samAdhAnam given by our AchAryAs to this? Kindlyclarify and
grace us, swAmin. Pallaandu to devareer's thiruvadigal. - Question By -Sudha R,
The same set of reasons as I gave last time. Let us spend more time in knowing
themeaning of both the caramaslokams rather than comparitive argument.
Question ID: 435 - namaskArams swAmi. Amongst the 12 AzhwArs, srI pEyAzhwAralone is hailed
as "thamizh thalaivan" - I have 2 questions wrt this: (a) Is srIrAmAnuja nootrandhAdhi the first and
only text where srI pEyAzhwAr is referred tothis way? (b) Why is srI pEyAzhwAr alone referred to
thus? Is there any specificphrase or approach He used in moonraam nootrandhAdhi that paved
way to this?Kindly enlighten adiyEn, swAmin. Pallaandu to devareer's thiruvadigal. - QuestionBy Sudha R,
All azhvars are hailed as tamizhars. Much before iramanusa nootrandai, azhvar himself has sung as
"paalei tamizhar isai karar pattar....". Specially t he mudal azhvars arecalled as
tamizhar. Mudal azhvars claim to be perum tamizhan nallen. the same iramanusa
nootrandai reveres poigai azhvar as "sendamizh tannayum kootti". So thisonly a common title to all.
Question ID: 434 - My Humble namaskars to swamiji. I am 36 yrs old staying awayfrom my
family..Recently I am having an inclination to chant some slokas about thelord and I started
listening to Vishnu Sahasarnamam. But when I wanted to chant it,I get disturbed a lot and I am
unable to recite it continuously. Need your guidanceas to how should I start and where to start. Question By -P.R.Arun,
It is surprising that you are not able to chant sahasranama. Let it not be mental. It canbe oral. Just
take a book and read through which may take about 20 minutes. If it is difficult just join
the group which chants SVS in your town and make a beginning.
Question ID: 433 - Swamigal Thiruvadikku Shathakoti Pranamangal, swamy i wentto
bhadrachalam recently, there was one place with the name paransala, the peoplein that place told
that, this is the place where ravana took sita to lanka, is it true,if thats not the place , swamy could
you please tell the place where ravana took sitato lanka, one more request , if it is possible is
there any chances of listing the
rama,krishna,ramanuja yatra places in the website, so that it will be useful for thedevotees to go
to those places whenever we get time. Adiyen Prabhu RamanujaDasan. - Question By - Prabhu
ramanuja dasan,
I am not going to contradict the claim or bhadracala vasis. It is our fortune that Ramaset us lotus
feet throughout the length and breadth of India. However there is aninterpretation to
Rama being at parnasala near bhadracala. It was when Ramadasa b u i l t t h e t e m p l e
f o r R a m a , b o t h S i t a a n d R a m a a p p e a r e d a n d s u p e r v i s e d t h e construction living in
this parna sala. All this is in kali yuga. Ravana abducted Sita frompancavati near present day Nasik.
We had publised a book on both these yatra. Wewould try to post it in the website.

Question ID: 432 - Respected Swami, Please accept my humble obeisances at yourlotus feet. I am
extremely grateful to you for answering my earlier doubt (Q 386).However, I have yet another
question, which I hope you will clarify. Please excuseany ignorance on my part. Swami, I have
been conversing with some people whoclaim to be Sri Vaishnavas. These people tell me that while
Vishishtadvaita acceptsSavisesha Brahman, with all kalyana gunas, we do not limit Brahman to the
form of Vishnu, as described in the scripture. These people told me that Sriman Narayana'sform
with the lotus, mace, conch and discus is simply a symbol to be assumed formeditation, and that
Brahman in reality is above all forms. So basically, we canmeditate on Vishnu's form or even Shiva
and get moksha. They also were of theopinion that the avatars/lilas of Narayana as described by
the Puranas is allegorical,and their historicity is not required as far as our sampradaya is
concerned. Theyalso say that the Puranic accounts of creation does not tally with science, and
henceare to be considered as metaphors (For instance, Bhagavatam's description of theUniverse is
not in accordance with science as it describes the Universe as 5 billionmiles across). My question is
- Is what these people are saying true? I have alwaysfelt that Sriman Narayana, while not being
limited to forms, still has taken thisbeautiful thirumeni for devotees. I am a firm believer and have
utmost faith in ouralvars and acharyas, who have beautifully described emperuman's
thirumeni.However, these people too claim to belong to Sri Ramanuja Darshanam, and hence,
Ifeel it appropriate to clarify my doubts. To say that Vishnu is allegorical seems toomuch for me,
because our sampradaya is based on the fundamental tenet thatBhagavan incarnates from time to
time to mingle with Jivas and show His kalyanagunas. Please forgive me for any sort of ignorance I
may have exhibited. The idea of Sriman Narayana's beautiful thirumeni being an allegory is quite
distressing, andthe people I spoke to appear to be quite erudite as far as philosophy is
concerned,hence a seed of doubt crept into my mind. Kindly address this issue. At your lotusfeet,
Narayana. - Question By - Narayana,
You are quite clear in your understanding. Just do not be concerned about what othersc l a i m o r
argue. Follow our acharyas. Let us not waste time. Nobody is above
S r i Ramanuja or azhvars.
Question ID: 431 - What is meant by Bhagavatha Dharmam ? Did our acharyasalso preach and
follow it ? Is it the same as Sri Vaishnava Dharmam ? - Question By -BHARADWAJ,
Srivaishnava lakshanam and bhagavata dharmama are one and the same. It is listed inSri vishnu
purana, Gita and purvachaarya works. Our purvachaaryas we re livingexamples of the
Question ID: 430 - What is the opinion and message of azhwars on chanting thenames of the
Sriman Naarayana ? Do they prescribe it as a mokshopayam ? What isthe opinion of our Sri
Vaishnava Acharyas on the same thing ? Kindly enlighten -Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan - Question By BHARADWAJ,
Neither the azhvars nor acharyas prescribe naama sankirtana as mokshopaya. It onlyaids in 1.
service to the Lord 2. useful past time during our lifetime after saranagati. 3.nurturing bhakti 4.
enjoying the auspicious attributes of bhagavan. It is an indirect upaya which may lead to
bhakti or prapatti which are the direct upayas. Bhagavan isthe only means for liberation.
Question ID: 429 - swamin small clarification about swamy answer for questionno:393 (thanana
thirumeni in sri rangam) the answer was -Not the original tirumenipreserved. till today we
believed all three thirumeni i.e.,thammugarntha,thamarugantha,thanana thirumeni we teaching
to our youngergeneration also about this tnanana thirumeni normally we take swamy word is

finalword but this gives us mis-direction. In history says sri ramanuja thirumenipreserved in sri
rangam temple. swamin please clarify this again in details. adiyen -Question By - govindarajan,
I never said that it is not known as taanana tirumeni at Srirangam. However,
theoriginal tirumeni is not preserved there. It is under the earth beneath the
presentmandapa. It is revered as taanana tirumeni as this is where the final tirumeni was laidto
Question ID: 428 - Namaskarams. 1. I am a widower. 2. I have no children 3. Myfather passed
away last year. 4. My mother is old and fragile. 5. I have an elderbrother. 6. I want to perfrom the
srardham (first year srardham) for my father atVaranasi. Should I do it in Varanasi or Gaya? 7. Can
I perform Srardham in Gaya formy ancesstors. (My mother is alive). 8. Can I perform Srardham for
my wife in Gaya?Namaskarams. - Question By - srinivasan,
My suggestion would be to perform later. However kindly refer to your
f a m i l y brhaspati.
Question ID: 427 - My respectful pranams to Swami. My doubt here is thataccording to temples
and Sri Vaishnava Sampradayam, we celebrate Sri Jayanthi(avani - rohini) and not gokula-asthami
for Lord Krishna but we celbrateRama Navami(chitirai - navami) and not on chitirai-punarvasu for
Lord Rama.Inshort ,why do we celebrate Krishna's birthday according to star and Rama's
birthdayaccording to tithi??? - Question By - Arun,
Rama's birthday is popularly identified as Sri Rama navami. But, It is also calculatedbased on the
asterism punarvasu only.
Question ID: 426 - adiyen Ramanuja dasan. Swamiyin Thiruvadihaluku
adiyenathunamasakarangal. Swami, is it true that Lord Rama had maamsam. i dont believethat.
some people are arguing that Rama is a kshatriya and he is having full rightsto have maamsam.
they are giving some verses from Valmiki Ramayana ( SundaraKantam -- Hanuman to Sita prati ) ...
?Na mamsam Raghava bhunkte, na chaivamadhu sevate, Vanyam suvihitam nityam bhaktamsnati
panchamam.? Swami, plstell me what is the exact meaning of that verse .... - Question By VaradhaRajanRenganathan,
Rama did not have maamsam. Hanuman is only describing the plight of
R a m a suffering from the pangs of separation. Although a kshatriya can have under
certaincircumstances Rama did not have.
Question ID: 425 - Adiyen Sridevanathan Namaskaram. Recently I saw in awebsite the other
religion evangalists say that our Vaishnava and Saiva, and Hindusiddanthams are from them. The
St. Thomas who came here was the origin and fromhis teachings only our Hinduism came. These
propogandas makes my blood boilingand my heart wants to do something to crush it. I loose my
mental balance and
anger occupies my mind. Is it not necessary for us to crush this? Our Youngergeneration will be
spoiled by this. I pray my Krishna to solve this. Else what can wedo? - Question By - sridevanathan,
Yes many would like to go your way but they would not solve the issue. We need
tohave a structured spiritual education programme for children so that they are
notcaught in the web of wrong propaganda or material pleasure.

Question ID: 424 - Please kindly accept my humble dandavat unto your lotus feet!------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recently maya created such atricky situation,that i got
bewildered,and although within my heart i carefullyconsidered the lord as the only upayam,the
situation prompted me to displayahankaram,and went against my free will,and caused apacharam
in my mind untoyour lotus feet.I personally deeply regret my mistake,but on the
otherhand,sincerely speaking i was completely helpless.From this krishna has revealed somany
things to me,how dangerous bhagavata apacharam is,and how tricky andpowerful maya is.Unlike
before the tendency to commit bhagavat apacharam hascompletely gone,but this happened
suddenly.Although i wanted to plead forforgiveness personally,but because of severe pain,guilt in
my heart for many days,ifeel something like a stone covering my heart,which prompted me to
ask forgiveness thorugh e-mail.I promise that i shall sincerely strive to not commit suchoffences
again.Sincerely begging for kshama. your servant -------------- - Question By- kishan,
Yes bhagavata apacaram is cruel. Kindly go directly to the bhagavata whom
youoffended and convey the same to him or her. Only that would nullify the offence.
Question ID: 423 - ** Om Sri Kooresaya Nama ** Dear Swami, In Q.354, you hadreplied to my
question that as adiyen does not have a vaishnava lineage, I cannothave Sri Koorathazwan as my
maanaseega Acharya. You had also advised me tocontact an acharya and do samashraNam first.
As adiyen do not belong to the SriVaishnava parampara, I cannot consider anyone else but your
kind self as myAcharya, next to Koorathzwan. You were the one who had inculcated the spirit
of Perumal Bhakthi and have also guided me in many ways (through your upanyasams)to come
out from certain practices & habits which are not considered as good. It ismy humblest request to
you to allow me - to accept you as my Acharya. Can youplease advise me of the needed
procedures for me to obtain samashraNam underyour holy guidance as my Acharya. Seeking your
blessings, Adiyen Madhavn. -Question By - Madhavan,

Question ID: 331 - Please kindly accept my humble dandavat unto your lotus feet!-------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1)Samhita vakyam "bhaktyaparamaya vaapi prapatya va
mahaaa mune" A jiva reaches vaikuntham eitherthrough bhakti or through prapatti." Here what
does Samhita vakyam mean?,does itmean that it is written by azhwars to help us understand the
process.Can you namethe vedic literature where this has been mentioned? Very humbly and
patientlywaiting for your reply! ------------- - Question By - kishan,
Samhita is not authored by azhvars. They are in Sanskrit. They are a part of sastraswhich are
explanatory. To name a few vihagesvara samhita, vishvak sena samhita etc.Pancharatra also has samhitas like
Parameshvara samhita Padma samhita etc.
Question ID: 329 - respected swamy, my pranams , i would like to post thefollowing questions- 1.
in charma slokam, bhagavan says "maam yekam saranamvraja" does this means the yekam
represents only perumal or the divya dhampathis(perumal and piratiyar) and is there any poorvars
samadhanam for the yekam? 2. ihave once learnt from an old swamy that even piratiyar (thayar)
also has equalpower of giving moksha as perumal stills she wantedly takes purushakaaram.please
explain me on this with pramanams. - Question By - S. Hari krishnan(ramaapprameyan),
As there are two different schools of thought in this, I suggest you personally get thisclarified from your

Question ID: 327 - My namaskarams to Velkudi Swami !! My question is aboutiyers and iyengars;
Iyers claim to follow "Advaita" philosophy of Adi Shankara. AdiShnakara himself askes everyone
to worship Govinda in "Bhaja Govindam". He askeseveryone to chant Vishnu Sahasarnamam "Geyam Geeta naama sahasram". Youalso have mentioned in one of your discourses that Advaitis
are also Vaishnavitesonly (even though there are small differences between Advaitam
andVishistadvaitam). Given all this, how did the modern iyers claim that they are"Saivites" while
iyengars are "Vaishnavites". How did this wrong message startpropogating ? Is there some
intermediate guru or acharya who started spreadingthis wrong message to create division? (like
Kulothunga Cholan II or someone?)Thanks for any insights. - Question By - Sriram Sampath,
It is a misnomer to call Iyers as saivites. They are vaishnavites. This cult is recent. Thatis all I know.
Question ID: 326 - My Namaskarams to Swami Velkudi Krishnan !! 1. BothMadhurakavi Azhwar
and Nadhamunigal have met Nammazhwar - so are bothMadhurakavi Azhwar and Nadhamunigal
contemporaries ? 2. Kavi ChakravarthiKambar created KambaRamayanam ; if Valmiki Ramayana is
considered as Vedas("veda vedyae bare pumsi.. slogam), then Kamba Ramayanam is also
equivalent toVedam. Also Kamban did a separate work on Nammazhwar - Sadagopar
Anthathi.(similar to Madhurakavi's Kanninum Siruthambu). Given this, why is Kamban
notregarded on the same level as our Azhwars and Acharyas. He is not mentioned onthe same
breadth. 3. Like Dravida Vedam (all of Nammazhwar's works) exists, dosimilar works exists in
other Indian languages like Hindi, Telugu etc ? If not, whyspecifically in Tamil ? This sort of proves
to me that Tamil is a very special language,probably only next to Sanskit. I am not asking this for
an air of superiority, but I feelblessed to have born with tamil as my mother tounge. 4. When I am
in stress, isthere a good slokam to cool down? Usually I pray Anjaneya with "Manojavammarutha
thulya vegam, jitendriyam buthi madam varishtam.." slokam. Any othergood ones? Thanks a lot! Question By - SriramSampath,
1. They are not contemporaries. Nathamunigal was about 4000 years later
toM a d h u r a k a v i g a l . M a d h u r a k a v i g a l m e t N a m m a z h v a r w h e n H e w a s
a l i v e b u t Nammazhvar appeared before Nathamunigal again to grant 4000 divya prabandham.2.
There is no comparison. There are many poets who have sung in praise of Bhagavanbut all are not
azhvars. Even our acharyas including Sri Ramanuja are not revered asazhvars. Azhvars are those
who have been specially and effortlessly blessed byBhagavan with gnana b hakti and
vairagya but others have earned them with their e f f o r t s . V a l m i k i R a m a n a y a n a i s
a n i t i h a s a s u n g b y V a l m i k i w i t h t h e b l e s s i n g s o f Brahma. Valmiki had the darsan of
Rama, the privilege of bringing up His children andteaching Ramayana to them. 3. Yes. Tamil is only
next to Sanskrit in time and glory. Iam not aware of similar literature in other languages. 4.
You can chant azhiyezhasangum villu mezha or Nammazhvarm, apadam apa hartaram...
Question ID: 325 - Namaskarams. I had a very strong faith and belief with Himand was a very strict
srivaishnavan. But my children have gone on their own ways.If this is due to my karma, why my
Lord has not stopped this. If karma has morepower than Him, what is the use of surrendering to
Him? Why this misery of lifecame to me? The involvement I had with Sriman Narayana is less now.
How can Irecollect my faith and belief back? Please show me a way to get peace of mind anddo
my daily rituals with full faith and belief. (Ref.Q.No.227+ - Question By -r.shanmuganathan,
You have said that it is due to your karma. If you mean what you say then you mustblame only you
and not Bhagavan. Why should we blame Him for our karma. Let us trywhole heartedly to destroy
our karma by surrendering to Him. Once He destroys them,the next moment we are not going to be

here. Your saranagati was for moksham andnot for a pious child. Moreover for a saranagata
He destroys our left over papams during this time and not immediately. Till such time we will
have to suffer. Saranagatiassures you of moksham and not a life of material pleasure. The more you
reflect onthese, you will certainly realize that there is no reason to find fault with Him and
thatrealization would restore your faith in Him. Now coming to the point of your children,you can
plead to Bhagavan to guide them rightly. We must try our best relentlessly forthe same. It would
certainly happen but slowly.
Question ID: 324 - Sir, I was told that people who have done their samasrayanamand bharanyasan
cannot celebrate their Sashtiabda poorthi or Sadabhishekam. Is ittrue ? The children are eager to
perform their parents sadabhishekam - Question By- shanti soundararajan,
Nothing like that. You can celebrate by having veda and divya prabandha parayanamgiving
importance to vaidika methods.
Question ID: 323 - Dear Swamiji, Koti koti pransms I am practising yoga &Pranayamam taught by
Pujyasri. Swami Ramdevji maharaj I would request you tokindly explain me in detail the method
and other relevant requirements asdescribed in Bhagavat Geeta. I also look forward to meet you
in person for holdingGeeta upanyasam in Tamil related to Yoga & pranayama for our teachers in
Chennai,numbering more than 200 who render honorary service in teaching free yoga forpublic
every day. At present our yoga and pranamaya classes are conducted in morethan 40 centres in
chennai city. - Question By -N.SURYAKUMAR,
I am not a yoga expert. You have already learnt it from a great yoga master. I only know
a little to practice for myself. Kindly excuse me.
Question ID: 321 - Namaskarams. I am a Smartha by birth. From the discourses Ihear, I am made to
believe that vaishnavites are more closer to GOD than otherhuman beings. Is there any way for
becoming a vaishnavite? - Question By -Natarajan,
All smartas are vaishnavites. Sri Maha Vishnu has been the original God right from SriAdi Sankara's
period. You need not worry on that aspect. You will have to decide whether you believe in
advaitam or visistadvaitam as a philosophy. Kindly study bothof them, listen to scholars from both
sides and then choose.
Question ID: 320 - **Om Sri Kooresaya Nama** Dear Swami, Adiyen has beengathering details
about 108 Divya Desams thro' the internet and other availablebooks. I also purchased one related
book from our Trust. But I find that the dpetailsavailable on the internet are either less or they are
not in completion. I havedecided to host a new site that would give complete details about the
DivyaSthalams in all aspects. Recently, I had been to Thiruvarangam, Koviladi & ThiruAnbil. Could
you please guide me to other people / sources from where I can addauthentic data to be hosted in
the site, which will be useful to all concerned. Thesite has been registered as: Swamigal paadhangalukkusamarpanam. Adiyen, Madhavan. - Question By Madhavaraj,
The best way is to collect the original text of sthala puranam in Sanskrit and
drawdetails from them. You can visit the individual divya desams and talk to the vidvansthere. They
would be able to guide you rightly.
Question ID: 319 - Please kindly accept my humble dandavat unto your lotus feet!----------------------------------------------------------------------- 1)I heard from someone thatthe phylosophies of vadagalai
and thengalai are slightly different.Is it so?If sowhy?Since both have roots to the same
acharyas,alwarzs how could there be even aminiscule of a difference?how have both

emanated.There should be only srivaishnavisim isn't? 2)What does your grace suggest for a
person,who althoughsincere,but because of his past karma is unable to do even bhakti?You
mightsuggest saranagati here as his only means,i.e he must now realizeseshatvam,paratatvam
qualities of the lord isn't?But realization is only possiblewhen his mind becomes cleansed of
anarthas isn't?for this he must do bhakti isn't?but the problem here is,he finds it difficult to
perform his daily bhakti also.What doyou suggest here? 3)Although my parents are not much
sincere,i'm daily performingthe required pooja to the lord.The point is my parents feel that i'm
ignoringthem.They are not satisfied.The point is only after i finish my daily routines forkrishna i.e
chanting,hearing lecture,reading Bhagavatam that i come outside myroom.But when i'm free my
mother is engaged with her friends,or is busy,my fatherwould have just left for office and comes
late in the night.Please suggest me howcould i change myself to please krishna? Very humbly and
patiently waiting for yourreply!! ----------------------------------------------------------- - Question By -kishan,
1.At times, We find contradiction even in our own conduct in two different
t i m e periods. Small differences are inevitab le. It is not difference of opinion
(abhiprayabhedam) but only a difference in interpretation (yojana bhedam) in research level.
Itshould have no bearing on a common man seeking peace and vaikuntham. 2.
Ourpapam is not destroyed by practicing bhakti. It is the other way round. Only when ourpapams
are cleared can we begin bhakti yoga. Performance of nitya and naimittikakarma would only
clear our papam. In the case of Saranagati that is also done by Bhagavan Himself. As
saranagati is nothing but accepting Bhagavan as the means formoksham it is enough you realize
absolute servitude and believe that as a belongingof Bhagavan I would be protected by Him. 3.
Morning is the time to perform to karmaand bhagavad aradhana. As you have said you
cannot waste it by chatting. But youmust find some time to talk to your parents or serve them
if they are in need. Do notfeel much if they blame that you do not find time to chat with them.
Service to them ismore important.
Question ID: 316 - Swamiji my respectable pranaam to you. I have been practicingbhakti yogam
since last two years. I am gradually progressing but I have my ownpitfalls too. While performing
devotional service I cannot concentrate on mymaterial duties i.e. I am least interested in my
studies and I have no rasa in studies.But this will create problem for me in future. Let me know
what should I do? ShouldI study as service to Krishna and if yes plz reveal the process unto me...
Waiting foryour reply eagerly and submissively.Thanking you Your servant. - Question By -Ashish
If you are absorbed by Sri Krishna then you can renounce everything else
a n d concentrate on His service. However it is better that you first complete your studieswhich
would satisfy your parents. I presume that you are now a bachelor and then onyou would become
a grhastha. You can practice bhakti in both these asramams. All c a n n o t b e c o m e
s a n y a s i s a n d t h e y n e e d n o t t o o . A s f a r a s y o u r e a l i s e t h a t y o u r household duties
are duties which also supplement our spiritual progress, it is fine. Wemust not give our material
duties a status that contradicts spiritual progress.
Question ID: 315 - Dear Swamin, I would like to know if there are infinite numbersof Jeevathmas.
Or is it fixed with every Athma progressing across different janmastowards human life and then
ultimately to Mukthi? What happens to a Muktathmaover yugams - Is the Jeevathma liberated
infinitely, or is there any possibility thateven after moksham the same soul gets birth after
kaliyugam ends?? Is the growinghuman population, that too with India having the biggest share
reason to believethat souls are progressing towards liberation? I dread to think of the possibility

being born in another country or even here without satsangam. Even here we areseeing falling
levels of dharmic behaviors. Humble namaskarams, Lakshmi -Question By - Lakshmi,
The number of jivas are infinite. A jiva through bhakti or surrender sheds its karmasand reaches
Srivaikuntham from where it never returns. Po pulation growth is noindicator for progress
towards mukti. Being a Ramanuja sambandhi and a follower of his commands, you need not be
worried of rebirth.
Question ID: 314 - Please pardon my ignorance. I have to cross seas to do myMasters. 1) Is it ok to
do Santhiyavandhanam there? 2) I have visited 82 DivyaKshetrangal. I will not be able to visit the
others as I have to leave soon. Is it ok if Ivisit them after I come back after crossing the seas? Question By -Naresh,
Wherever you are kindly perform sandhyavandanam. yes you can come back and forsure the
divyadesa emperuman would be eagerly waiting for you
Question ID: 312 - Please kindly accept my humble dandavat unto your lotus feet!---------------------------------------------------------------------- 1)In this age Nama sankirtanamhas only been prescribed as
the yuga dharma by the sastras,but i've especially seenin srivaishnava sampradaya,devotees do
practically all fire sacrifices,omams,otherkarma kanda activities .Aren't they deviating from the
actual yuga dharma? 2)SinceRamanujacharya's sampradaya is based on the phylosophy of
surrender,why don'tthey initiate people from all caste(foreigners also?) 3)Since in Sarnagati The
lord ishimself the only upayam,not even the demigods,then why do the devotees doohmam?Isn't
ohmam means demigods are invited for their share?If so then itdeviates from the phylosophy of
surrender. Very humbly and patiently waiting foryour reply! - Question By - kishan,
Let me first clarify some misconceptions. 1. Varna and asrama dharmas are to
beperformed by every inidivual who wants to attain moksham till his last breath.
2.W h e t h e r h e i s a b h a k t i y o g a n i s h t h a o r a s a r a n a g a t a p e r f o r m a n c e o f n i t y a
a n d naimittika karmas are a must. 3. Up anishads and puranas say that the only way
toplease Bhagavan is performance of nitya and naimittika karmas irrespective of
theyuga. 4. It is a misconception to say that Nama sankirtana is a sufficient means
toreach moksham. It is yet another way to fruitfu lly spend our rest of the life
aftersaranagati till the moment we attain moksham. 5. Yes Ramanuja sampradaya wouldaccept
anybody as a Sri vaishnavite irrespective of caste or country provided the
individual follows the prescribed rules. 6. Only homams that form part of nitya
andnaimittika karmas are done by saranagatas and that too towards Sriman
Narayanawho is the antaratma of all devatas.
Question ID: 311 - Swami, Adiyen would like to clarify more with regard to Q 273.Even though
there are so many Anda Kadakams, everything is surrounded by SaptaAvarnam with a defined size
(10 times more than previous one). It gives a picturethat prakrti mandalam is finite as size is
defined. When prakrti is finite, no. of jivasresiding should also be finite which implies Srihsti and
Pralayam should have anend. Pl. clarify. - Question By - Srinivasa Raghavan,
Leela vibhuti is a third of size and Nitya vibhti is thrice the size of leela vibuti. this isthe only
measure mentioned in the vedas and so jivas are infinite. Thus, Srishti andpralayam
are perpetual. There are many instances in science even where there is infinite number
of particles within a finite surface.

Question ID: 310 - Dasan. Adiyen had listened to the aaru varthai CD.I belong toKanchee.I have the
following quires. 1. betha /abetha sruthigal inupanishaths.Ekameva Advitheeyam/Ksharatmanam
etc. These are contradictingeach other.whether anywhere in vedhas is given as to where these are
applicable.If yes 2.What is vajasaneyam,Ithareyam,Mahaupanishad etc. 3.Padhartham
forthe following:a)sadeva somya ;ithamagra aseedh ekameva advitheeyam.b)bramhava ayameka
evagra azeedh.c)eko ha vai narayana azeedh nabramhanesaanaha.d)neha nanasthi kinchana
e)sarvam kalu itham bramha.f) ksharampradhanam amruthaksharam haraha.g)ksharadhmanam
veesathay dhevaekaha.g)thva subarna sayuja. 4. whether achith thathvam is applicable
inparamapatham since chith or jeevathma only is acting as sariree to paramathma inparmpatham.
Adiyen dhasan. vachaga - Question By TTParthasarathy,
1. Bheda sruti distinguishes Paramatma, Jiva and achit. (bhokta bhogyam preritaramca matva)
Abheda sruti (neha nana asti kincana) confirms that Brahmam is unique, allthe cit and acit are
inseparable from Him, and there is nothing in the universe that d o e s n o t e n j o y
B r a h m a m a s t h e a n t a r a t m a a n d a l l c i t a r e e q u a l a s t h e s a m e Paramatma
resides in them. 2. Vajasaneya is the veda revealed by surya taking theform of a horse. Itareyam
and Mahopanishads are the final part of vedas known as vedanta or upanishads. 3. I have
explained all these in detail in the same aaru varthaicd or you can refer to upanishathil kadaigal cd.
These are to be clarified or heard to
You can contact Tirukkana puram Sri Sathakopan swamy (he resides at W Mambalamand conducts
regular santhai and he is the adhyapaka of Kesava perumal temple atMylapore) or Malola coordinator.
They may be able to guide you.
Question ID: 288 - Dear Swamy, In Bhagavat Gita, Lord Krishna says, "Kalanjam naBhakshayeth",
ie, we should not eat "poondu" and "Vengayam". What about othervegetables? What are the
vegetables that a true Sri Vaishnava can take? Somepeople say that even potato and tomato are
"English" vegetables and not to beeaten by us. Kindly let us know what are the vegetables allowed
to be taken as perour sampradayam, adiyen. - Question By - GeethaKrishnan,
Potato and tomato are not to be taken. There are many vegetables that you can takeviz. vendai
kattari vazhaikai vazhai pu vazhai tandu seppan chakkara valli avarai pudalai pagal senai
are some which we can consume.
Question ID: 286 - Humble submission: If related Divya Prapandha pasuram ishighlited with each
Geetha verse during your discourse on Podhigai TV, the richnessof Divya Prapandham also reaches
the devotees. Hopefully expecting. Pranams.T.Sridharan - Question By - T SRIDHARAN,
There is no related divya prabandha pasuram for every sloka o f gita. We
t h e upanyasakas add pasurams for better understanding and joy of listening.
Question ID: 285 - Pujya Swami! Namaskaram. Recently I heard a Dhyana Shlokaon Sri Krishna in
one of the Gita Lectures of Pujya Sri Swami Omkarananda. Theshloka describes in a very excellent
way, the posture of the Lord in which Hedelivered the Divine Message to Arjuna. Since then, I
have been trying my best tolocate the source of this shloka, but failed. My humble request to you
is to enlightenme about the exact source of this following shloka. Is it from Srimadh
Bhagavathamor Mahabharatha or from any puranas like the Gita Mahathmyam from
VarahaPurana. The (Transliteration of the ) Shloka is as follows: " Agre kruthvaa kamapicharanam
jaanunaikena thishtan pashchaath paartham pranaya rasajushaachakshushaa vekshyamaanaha.
savye thothram kara sarasije dakshine jnaanamudraam aabhibhraano rathamadhivasan paathu

nah suutha veshaha".Eagerly awaiting your reply. With Namaskarams. S. Adhinarayanan, Question By -S. Adhinarayanan,
I am sorry that I do not know the source of this slokam. I would let you know if I traceit.
Question ID: 284 - Poojya Swamin, my humble Namaskarams! I have a huge fearthat the chances
of getting even a life similar to this life, with knowledge of MuktiMargam or even being born as a
vegetarian, is very low in this yugam. With the helpof your divine guidance, Adiyen has learnt that
by practising Bhakti andSharanagathi, it is possible to attain Moksham for oneself. Is there
anything one cando for a beloved person e.g. parent's soul to attain Moksham, even after death?
Ihave another doubt. I understand that by means of Sharanagathi, Sriman Narayanwill guide us
through the right path and avoid further papam. Is there any way todissolve purva janma papam,
that too of a beloved person other than self? AnekaKoti Pranams! - Question By - Lakshmi,
Technically it is not possible to do something to clear the papam of another departedsoul. Our right
and duty is only to perform the prescribed ceremonies. However we canplead to Bhagavan. It is
for the particular individual to take birth again and reach moksham by saranagati.
Question ID: 283 - Garuda, Chakrathazhwar, Panchajanya and Hanuman alwaysguard Sriman
Narayana. Three of these are nithyasooris what about Hanuman? In Yamuna's chatussloki there is
no mention of thiruvadi ( not siriyathiruvadi)Hanuman. In Periazhwar's pallandu there is no
mention of Hanuman. In allour logos Hanuman is always depicted. Is he a sentinel only in the leela
vibhuthi? Isthere any pramana that Hanuman did saranagathi? I have heard of
someparamaekanthis not going to Hanuman's sanctum as he is a mere chiranjeevi andnot a
muktaathma. I request swamiji to clarify these points. To most of us Hanumanis a baktha
shiromani and is one of the very few to get Perumal's alinganam. He is aconsistent varaprasadi
and the most loveable of all Ramayana characters, the heroin fact. Why is he not mentioned by
purvacharyas? What is the esoteric truth thatmany of us have missed? Dr.S.Sundar Rajan, Trichy - Question
By - Dr.S.Sundarrajan,
Hanuman is to be worshipped. Our purvacharyas have abundantly quoted instancesfrom the life and
history of Hanuman. The fact that He is not quoted by some wouldnot deny worship. Sri
Parasara Bhatta quotes in his Sriranga raja stava as "hanubhusha vibheeshanayo: syam
yatamaviha moksham upekshya..." ie Hanuman and vibheeshana glorify together at
Srirangam. It is a treat to have darshan of Vishvaksenaa n d H a n u m a n t o g e t h e r c o n d u c t
t h e m r i t s a n g r a h a n a p u j a o n t i r u m u l a i d a y a t Srirangam. Periazhvar has
exclusively allotted one decad 3.10 for the conversationbetween Hanuman and Sita . Sri Vedanta
Desika equates Hanuman to our acharya in
his sloka "darpo dagra dasendriyanana mano naktam....hanumat samena guruna...".He refused to
go to Srivaikuntham and so stays here. His sloka "sneho me... bhavo nanyatra gacchati " is
revered in atleast 50 places in purvacharyas vyakhyanams. Hefinds a place equal to Garuda in
vahana purappadu also. He is not a nitya suri.
Question ID: 282 - Adiyen Ramanuja dasan. Swami, there seems to be a lotdifference on
Ramanuja's year of exile to Thirunarayanapuram and the chola kingwas involved (whether
Kulothunga I or II)? This also affects the exact lifetime of Swami Ramanuja. If we accept Swami's
life time to be 1017-1137 then it has to beKulothunga I who reigned between 1070-1120. Could
you please make it clear forthe benefit of all? - Question By - Ramanujam,
There are many publications including Koil ozhugu on this. Our members can
gothrough them. Ramanuja's period as per Guruparampara is 1017 to 1137. Let us stickto that.

Nampillai in his Eedu vyakshyanam calls krimi kantha chola as avyapadesyanie one, whose name is
not to be uttered or told. So let us not get into that debate.
Question ID: 281 - Dear Swami, I have two questions. Please forgive me for askingthis first
question. I know this question should not be asked. Sorry.. 1) Sri RamanujaNootrandadhi is also
included in 4000 Divya Prapabdham? if it is included meanshow come Nammazhvar gave 4000 to
Nadamunigal? Why Periyava added SriRamanuja Nootrandadi into 4000 Divya prapandam? 2)
Swami our friends will shareour knowledge across sidantas. One of my Madva friend told me
that"maadhweergAvO bhavantu nah..means follow only the words of Acharya Madhwaand none
other".. I Do like Aananda Theerthar as a great Saint, But I think hemisinterpreted this sentence.
Please tell us the meaning for this... Swami pleaseforgive me, If I asked anything wrong or as
Vidandavatham.. Dandam SmarpikirenSwami.... - Question By - Vijayaraghavan,
Iramanusa nootrandadi is included in 4000 divya prabandham in the sense that 1. it isnot recited
during anadhyayana kalam. 2.As Namperumal wanted to listen to thatduring His
customary procession in Srirangam it gained equal importance and got included in 4000.
Even today it is being listened by Namperumal during purappadu. 3. The same is true with
Tiruvengadamudayan also - He listens to it exclusively on the2 2 n d d a y o f a d h y a y a n a
u t s a v a m . H o w e v e r w h i l e c a l c u l a t i n g t h e n u m b e r 4 0 0 0 divyaprabandham this
need not be included. Nammazhvar revealed 4000 without Iramanusa nootrandadi only.
Yes. Your friend's interpretation is wrong. In no way thewords mean so.
Question ID: 280 - Adiyen,Pranamams to your divya Padukai,What is thesignificance of
Brahmotsavams in temple.?What do the vahana sevai in particularsignify?Thanks in advance. Question By - indumathipatalay,
Brahma utsavam is supposed to be conducted by the four headed Brahma himself. Allthe utsavams
and vahanams are to get the bhatas attracted to Him distracting fromm u n d a n e w o r l d .
P u r a p p a d u i n s i m h a , g a r u d a h a n u m a r v a h a n a a r e t o r e i n f o r c e confidence in
the minds of the devotees - Here comes our strong protector. Let us s u r r e n d e r t o
H i m a n d l i v e w i t h o u t f e a r . H e m a r c h e s a s a r m y m a r c h e s t o i n s t a l l confidence in
a riot hit area.
Question ID: 279 - SRIMATHE RAMANUJAYA NAMAHA Adiyan Dasan. Swamy I seek Your guidance in my
present predicament. Before seeking Your valuable Guidancehere's the preamble. I have benn
performing the Shradhatha of my parents inSrimad Andavan Ashram from 1986.I perform the
prescribed way by giving Vastramsto both Vadhiyars and the main Vadhiyar.In addition to the
Dakshina given by theAshram I with pleasure give Dakshina to all three Vadhiyars in additon to
theparicharakar. The whole ritual was going smoothly.I was performing at the Ashramsince I live
in a flat where it's not possible perform such a ritual. But since last threeyears the condition has
detoriated every Year.I have been patiently bearing itwithout leaving it.Vadhiyars were sitting for
two Shradhas on the same day and alsothe tahligai was commonly done.What's more'the
performing Vadhiyar wasdisturbed half way thru to do in the other room and also he will sit for
bhojanamand then come and continue.I have been pushed to the precipice just two monthsback
appaling things were done.Even the mantrams were said fully or properly.There is a nexus
between the paricharakas and Vadhiyars. Noe Iam not complainingnor asking You to interfere
because I know it's beyond repair!!My appeal to You pl.gide is there any manner I can continue
this Vaidhika Karma by poor Brahmanafeeding or like Ama Shradtam?? Pl.enlighten and HELP!! Question By - N SRAJAGOPALAN,

When we are physically and financially fit to perform regular sraddham we

cannotswitch to other methods. If you are in India, you can perform sraddha in a flat.
Youmight have to arrange for some bricks and sand to safeguard the floor if you are in arented flat.
You will have to get some well water from near by well if you do not haveone. The best way to do is
in your flat.
Question ID: 278 - Dear Swami. My parents have inculcated us in thesrivaishnavite tradition. We
have been strictly adhering to the nitya anusandhanam.A few years back, my brother went
overseas and moved away from our tradition by
taking to drinks, non vegetarian food and worst of all, physical relationship with aforeign woman.
However, thanks to piratti?s forgiving nature, and thanks to theausterities observed by my
parents, he has realised the errors of his ways,separated from that woman, and lives on his own
following the nityaanusandhanam. Piratti?s karunai is limitless and now his marriage has been
fixed toa girl whose family also obey the sasthras. My brother now wants to make myparents
happy by following the path shown by them. He also wants to live as asrivaishnavite and marry
this girl who obeys the sasthras. But he has one bigdilemma. Is it forbidden by the sasthras to
marry a woman after he has had aphysical relation with another woman? If so, how does he
reconcile this issue. Howdoes he make his parents happy and follow the srivaishnavite tradition?
We are in acritical situation and look to you desperately for guidance. - Question By -Kanakavalli,
Sastraas do allow remarriage for men. However he has to do prayaschittam for
theearlier one. Kindly contact your family brhaspati for the ritual. He should also
takeacharya sri pada tirtham after that.
Question ID: 277 - Swami, Pranams, Adiyen Kalyan Krishnan. I had a chance of hearing your
upanyasam on Bakthi Neeri. I am at present hearing Nam Azhwar?sapproach towards sriman
narayana. In that I have a small doubt like Nam Azhwar isthe first azhwar of Kali yuga, he was born
42 days after Dwapara yuga came to anend and lord Krishna went to paramapadham. But
Madhurakavi Azhwar, who is adisciple of Nam Azhwar, was elder to him. If that is the case he
must be the firstAzhwar of Kali yugam. I also presumed that this may be because like
MadhurakaviAzhwar became ?Azhwar? after seeing Nam Azhwar only, correct me if I am wrong. Question By - Kalyan Krishnan,
Kindly follow the postings in the blog discussion in our website on this subject. You willget the right
conclusion shortly.
Question ID: 276 - srimathae ramanujaya namha, swami after panchasamaskaramwe all were
thirumen in 12 stanams of the body to show that our mind ,body, heartand soul are devoted of
Sriman narayana, i also heard that thirumen andchisernanam represents feet of sriman narayana,
swami then why in alankaras of perumal in temple (moolavar) we put thirumen for them too
swami? - Question By -adiyen venkatesan,
Bhagavan is adorned with Tiruman 1. as a decoration. 2. also as He is fond of wearinganything that
His devotees wear with love.
Question ID: 275 - Pranams. Nowadays everybody is talking about OrganDonation. If the last rite
of offering our body to Agni Bhagawan is also a"samarppanam" to God, can it be an "incomplete
offering" that is, a body without allits parts in it? Is it allowed in vedas? What do the Shastras say
on organ donation?Some say it is allowed while others say it is not allowed. I request you to
pleaseenlighten us on this once and for all. - Question By -Kannan,
Saastras do not allow voluntary organ donation. Nothing wrong if an organ is lost in anaccident.

Question ID: 274 - 1.I am having the question on the status of piratti beforeKsheerasagara
Madanam. Mahalakshi Thayar arose out of Paarkadal duringchurning and married Perumal. What
was the status of thayar before heravatharam? Was Perumal alone in Sri Vaikuntam. 2.You have
also explained in youranswers that Aandal is an avatharam of Bhoomi piratti and not Neela Devi.
But inThaniyan of Thiruppavai, we chant as Neela thunga...... So can please clear mydoubt on
Andal. 3. Also, please explain who is neela devi? - Question By -Vijay,
Amruta mathana Hari is one of the incarnations as Rama and Krishna when Piratti alsoincarnated as
Lakshmi like Sita and Rukmini. Srivaikutham and the union of Narayanaand Lakshmi are eternal.
Tiruppavai tanian refers Neela as a consort of Krishna anddoes not refer to andal and Neela. In
fact this slokam of Parasara bhatta clearly distinguishes Neela and Andal - as Neela is sleeping
along with Krishna and andal iswaking them. Neela is the third important consort of Sriman
Question ID: 273 - adiyen ramanuja dasan. swami, I have a doubt. I have heardthat jevaatmaas are
anadhi. If I assume that all jevaatmaas would reach themoksham at one point (after several
several several srishtis/pralayams), Then 1)Will there be no jevaatmaas (outside vaikundam) at
one stage? 2) And will that beTHE END to the srishtis/pralayams? 3) Or, is my assumption wrong? - Question By - Raghavan,
There will be no end to srsti and pralayam. The number of jivas is infinity. Till now orany day the
number of jivas who have left this world is infinity. Infinity (minus) infinityis always infinity and never turns
tobe zero.
Question ID: 272 - Swamigal Thiruvadikku Shathakoti Pranamangal. Swamiji, .Adiyen has a few
questions that have been disturbing me. What do you do if somebody asks you to perform
devathantaram's poojai. Please let me clarify thesituation further.We(my Husband and I) go for
the Vishnusahasranama recitationevery saturday evenings. For the last several months, these
recitations are beingheld at the ISKON temple (the ISKON priests have been kind enough to let
thePerumal Koil Priest to conduct those there). On one such recitations, one of theiskon
devotees/volunter came to us and urged us to participate in a Spiritual Quizwhich comprised of
questions about our lifestyle, our nature, our attitude towardspeople and circumstances etc... ,
the devotee looked at our scores (for Satva, Rajasand TamO guna) and told us about Bhagvat
Geeta. In the end, he gave us a BeedMala to recite 4 cycles of Hare Krishna....Hare Rama mantra.
He also asked us tochant one initiation Mantra about Chaitanya mahaprabhu before starting the
actualMantra cycle. Eventhough we took the mala from him (we did not want to hurt himby
refusing to take it), we have just kept it at our Perumal Sannadhi. Swamyji,adiyen has been trying
to practice principles of visishtadhvaitham for the last fewyears now and dont want to recite
anything other than our Sampradaya slokas andpasurams. So now my questions are: 1. What do I
do with the bead mala? 2. Howcan I simply refuse to indulge in any other
Sampradayam/devathantharam?(I amasking because I am not sure if I am comitting apachAra by
refusing/hurting aBhagavathan-ISKON is after all Krishna namasankeerthanam) My Other
Questionsare: 1. What do you do if somebody asks you to take devathantaram's prasadam
likeVibhuti etc...? 2. My In laws go to devathantaram temples also. How do I refusethem if they
ask me to come and moreover how do I divert them to resort fully andonly to our SrI
sampradayam? Thank you for reading patienly and hopefully I havebeen able to put forth my
questions in a clear manner. Doshangal irunthAlkshamikka prarthikkirein. Adiyen Srividya
BadriNarayanan. - Question By - SrividyaBadriNarayanan,
You can use the tulasi bead mala to chant tirumantram. Nothing wrong in it. As
as r i v a i s h n a v a p r a p a n n a y o u w i l l h a v e t o g e t s a m a s r a y a n a m a d m i n i s t e r e d
w h i c h represents marriage with sriman narayana and so you cannot look upon other devatas.If

somebody forces you then you have to politely but firmly convey your unwillingnessand also try and
correct them. It is not an apacharam at all as we are not dishonouringor disgracing any devatas. The
fact is that we firmly believe that Sriman Narayana isthe only moksha datha and so stay away
from others who may occasionally grant some wordly pleasure.
Question ID: 271 - Swamin, Adiyens pranams for you. If I question wrongly, plspardon me. Jivan's
Sathhai (existence), Sthithi (Living), Pravruththi (Action) aresupposed to be in an existing
condition, because of Paramathma's inner existence,that too he is gazing always the soul's
saththa, sthithi, pravruththi. If we go deepfurther, Pravruththi of jivan is determined or continued
because of following one of the relationship with bagavan. 1. He has to allow us to do the deed,
then only wecan do or continue or 2. He should stimulate or 3. He should be watching the actionas
an intermediate Then only Pravruththi of jivan is possible. Like that, Are thereany common factors
to saththai & sthithi of jivan. kshamikka Prarthikkiren. -Question By - M.Gopalakrishnan,
Bhaagavata aparacharam can be pardoned by that bhaagavata only and not
b y Perumal. You will have to seek aparadha kshaamanam from him. It would be pardonedonce you
repent for it.
Question ID: 246 - Srimathae Ramanujaya Namaha:===================== Swamin, Please
accept the danda samarpanam. Ihave the following two doubts in the Vykyanam for Thiruppavai
released by PuthurSwamigal. 1) Almost in all the 'avatharigai' composed by Periavacchan
pillai,Azhagiya Manavala Perumal Nayanar and ThiruNarayanapurath Ayi, when referringto the
age of thayar says the following phrase "Oru Kol Kombilae VaikkumParuvaM". Can you please
explain this phrase. 2) When doing Vykyanam for theword "Narayanane" in the first Pasuram
composed by Thayar,Azhagiya ManavalaPerumal Nayanar says that "VyThalum Per Solli Vyathal
Vendum; KakathaiyumSisubalanaiyum pola" . Here Sisubalan reference is that his activities
towards LoRdKriShna. Is my understsanding correct? Also what "Kakam" [Crow] refers
to?Periavacchan pillai Thiruvadigalae saranam Azhagiya Manavala Perumal
NayanarThiruvadigalae saranam ThiruNarayanapurath Ayi Thiruvadigalae saranam.
AdiyenRamanuja Dasan, Sutharsan - Question By - sutharsan,
Bhagavan's age is confirmed by Vedas as 'yuvA kumara:'- ie one who is always in thebeginning of
youth (youvanam)having crossed the age of koumara. Similarly piratti age is 'yuvatishca
kumAriNi' one who is in the beginning of youth having crossed theage of koumara. This does not
mean that they were of the same age but it means thatthey were rightly matched in their age.
Kodiyai kol kombile vaippadu means when acreeper grows to an extent then it is ready to wind
around a tree - similarly this pirarrtithe tender creeper has grown to an age when she is
ready to wind around the wishgranting kalpaka tree - Perumal. This example talks about her
tenderness, right age formarriage and the fact that she is always wound around Perumal dependant
on Him.Irrespective of the purpose, the use of Bhagavan's holy names do good as in the caseof
Sisupala who attained moksham by uttering His name to reprimand Krishna - ketparsevi sudu
keezhmai vasavugale vayyum sisupalan tiruvadi tatpaal adainda tanmai arivarai arindume
- nammazhvar. This reference is taken to prove that sisupala had areason to be pardoned - uttering
the holy name. However the episode of Kakasura isnot quoted by the author for uttering the holy
names of Rama - It is taken to show thatkakasura had a reason to be pardoned - surrender. So,
surrender for kakasura, anduttering holy names for sisupala, were lame reasons which were
magnified by Perumalto pardon them.
Question ID: 245 - Pranams to thyself; there is a sequence in the worshipping intemples that the
worshipping sequence is first Aazhwaracharaaryas, AnanthaGaruda Vishwaksenadhis, Thaayaar
and then the Emperumaan. Similarly is there

any such sequence in the daily chanting of sthothras that First Lakshmi Ashtothramand then the
Vishnu Saharanamam? . In temples first Vishnu Saharanamam isrecited and then the others
including Lakshmi Ashtothram. I seek your clarifificationin this regard. - Dhasan - Question By AdhijegannathaRamanujadasan,
Yes. First is Sri Vishnu sahasranamam and then Lakshmi ashtottaram. The order
of nitya anusandhanam is as published in the book.
Question ID: 244 - my sincere namaskarams to you. my working hours are 6PM inthe evening to
03.30 in the early morning, Also i sleep during the day time. But Istill manage to pray the supreme
everyday. Please advice will this lead to papam asper sastras. Where can i get cd's/dvd's of your
upanyasams ? Seeking the blessingsof Lord Srinivasa........... Vinodh L - Question By -Vinodh,
It is not advisable to sleep during the day time and work during the night.
Howeverconsidering your circumstances which is common to many, as soon as you
returnaround 4.30 have bath and co mplete your anushthanams (both
Sandhyavandanammadhyanhikam, and tiruaradhanam by 7.30 am and then go to sleep.
Question ID: 243 - Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan, I have a doubt about thekaivalyarthis. In vaishnavite
Upanyasams generally I have heard that SrimanNarayana has taken this 'Archavadhara' Especially
in Srirangam taking a oath thathe will one day or the other take all the 'bathathmas' from this
leela vibhoodhi tokalanga peru nagaram 'Srivaikundam', till then he will be in the sayana
thirukolamin archay . For the 'mummoochoos' attaining vaikundam is sure. But for thekaivayarthis
who have attained the kaivalya moksham they dont have a sareeram,birth,death,nothing other
than only the atma just twinkling. As from yourdiscourses adiyen came to know that atma by
himself cannot do anything . He justhas only gnanam. So how its possible for the kaivalyarthi's to
attain 'kalangaperunagaram' if the atma attains that gnanam or how srimanarayana will fullfill
hisoath if some jeevathma's have attained this kaivalya moksham where nothing isthere except
the atma. Will the atma realise that? pizhikal irrunthal porutharuga. -Question By - Vidyalakshmi
Sri Ranganatha would certainly elevate all the baddha atmas from this mundaneworld.
Not the kaivalyarthis who have been blessed what they wanted and left this leela
vibhuti. Kaivalyarthi would not reach Sri Vaikuntham and bhagavat kainkaryam(as per Sri Pillai
Question ID: 242 - Dandavath pranam, request Swami to clear adeyen doubtregarding... can we
Yes. You can recite. The stories related to it are only a myth.
Question ID: 240 - Respected Swamy!! Pranams!! in podhigai devareer mentionedin the Gita
programme in Podhigai that panchayudha stothram can be chanted but adoubt here is that can
ladies also chant that or only male people? Adiyen ramanujadhasan. - Question By kalyanivenkatesh,
On any question regarding chanting sahasranama or related stotras kindly refer to your

Question ID: 239 - ***Om Sri Kuresaya Namaha*** Dear Swamy, I was worshippingLord Shiva so
far, but now I'm pulled towards Perumal. I am wearing the ShriChurnam everyday, commencing
the day by daily worship at home & taking foodafter offering it to Perumal , as advised by you
earlier. When worshipping Shiva, Istarted loving the Naalvar and 63 Naayanmaars more than Shiva
himself. Now I'mslowly getting to learn about Azhwars and Acharyas. (as I follow the belief
thatAdiyar sevai is higher than Andavan sevai). Am I right in doing so? I came to knowthrough a
couple of my friends that Lord Shiva was the first disciple of SrimanNarayanan. Is it a general
belief or is it mentioned anywhere in the scriptures?Swamigal padhangalil samarpanam, Dasan
Madhavaraj. - Question By -Madhavaraj,
Yes adiyar seva is supreme to bhagavat seva. Since Krishna says vaishnavanam ahamsambhu: Siva is
said to be an ardent vishnu devotee.
Question ID: 238 - ***Om Sri Kuresaya Namaha*** Dear Swamy, Adiyen had beento
ThiruKannapuram divya desam last saturday. To much of my astonish, the vaikasibramotsavam
was cancelled this year. When we enquired the reason, it was toldthat the sripadham thaangigal
had asked for an enormous sum this year. Even
though that could be arranged, the local people told that the temple administrationwas not in
place and that is why they did not have the intention to collect themoney. But it is really paining
to note that in a Divya Desam as holy asThiruKannapuram, such an event has occurred. Please let
me know what I could doin this aspect. Swaamigal paadhangalukku samarpanam, Dasan
Madhavaraj. -Question By - Madhavaraj Madanagopal,
Yes it is paining. I too tried my best but in vain. You can represent to The CommissionerHR & CE board. There is a
kainkarya sabha at Tirukkannapuram who are also tryingtheir best to solve this.
Question ID: 237 - Respected swami, Aneka kodi pranams. Would like to know theexact reason as
to why a lady should not enter kitchen and cook during the monthlymenstrual cycle. I strictly
follow this and do not enter kitchen during these days,though not knowing the reason. The
purpose of this question is many people whodo not follow ask me for the reason (for which I
cannot answer) and also they say itis right to enter kitchen and cook. They feel there is no specific
reason for this, forwhich I don?t agree. I am sure there must be some valid reason. - Question By Gayathri Rajesh,
As I have been writing time and again, the first reason is since the sastras direct us todo so.
Dharma sastras are the supreme commands of Bhagavan Him self which wecannot afford
to disobey. We can concoct many more reasons for ladies directed toabstain from household
activities during their menstrual cycle. But we need not go intoall those. My suggestion would be kindy distance yourself from those who want toquestion the sastras. Will they dare a
contempt of court? This is much much more serious contempt of Divine order.
Question ID: 231 - Swamy, Pranams. I had a chance to listen to Sri Bhagavatham,it was awesome
to hear and i gained lots of knowledge by that. Basically 2questions rose in my mind while i was
hearing that. 1) In an instance you mentionedthat if we think something at the end of our life the
next birth will be determined onthat only, example Adhi jada Bharathar's Birth as a Deer. You also Mentioned
likeonce a person does charanagadhi, this rule does not apply. I cannot understand thispart alone
and could you please explain in detail on some of the charanagadhathathuvam... 2) Is there any
instance in the krishna avatharam or rama avadharamthe previous avadharams of Sriman
Narayanan has been praised or worshiped? -Question By - Kalyan Krishnan,

1. Bhakti and saranagati are two means (upaya / sadhana) to attain mukti. Bhakti
isaccomplishment by our efforts. In saranagati, Bhagavan Himself is the upaya.
Wea c c e p t H i m a s o u r u p a y a . N o w c o m i n g t o t h e c o n c e p t o f a n t i m a s m r i t i t h i s i s remembering / meditating bhagavan during the last moments in the death bed
ino r d e r t o r e a c h H i s l o t u s f e e t . T h i s i s m a n d a t o r y f o r a b h a k t i y o g i b u t n o t
for asaranagata. In the case of saranagata the responsibility of
r e m e m b e r i n g i s o n Bhagavan . He remembers His saranagata and escorts the jiva to
Srivaikuntham. Thisis as per the 4th phrase of Sri Devaperumal to Sri Ramanuja ' antima smriti
varjanam'and varaha carama sloka. 2. Yes. Sri Ramayanam bala kandam refers to
vamanaavatara when visvamitra narrates the story of vamana to Sri Rama at siddhasrama.
Question ID: 226 - SwamigaLin thiruvadigaLukku adiyEnudaiya theNdansamarppiththa
vigNYapanam. What is meant by braHmavidyA? How it differs fromour divya prabandha
vyAgyAnangaL? xamikka prArththikkirEn - Question By -E.Venkatesh,
Brahma vidya - vidya is upasanam or bhakti. Brahma vidya is knowledge
a b o u t brahmam and its upasanam. There are many vidyas suggested in the
upanishadsnamely sad vidya, dahara vidya, bhouma vidya and many more. I do not understandthe
second part of your question on divya prabandha vyakhyanangal.
Question ID: 225 - Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan, The bhagavat Geeta discourses onPodhigai TV dated
22 and 23 of May 2008 you were explaining about the Brahma'sage as thousand of sahasra yuga
will complete one day of Brahma . While Brahma'snight comes all the three worlds Boohu, Buvaha
and suvaha will be demolished .Again will be created on the next day morning of Brahma. Adiyen's
First doubt issince while the four yuga cycle finishes and when the next cycle is starting willthere
wont be any modifications in the worlds . The last stage of the sahasra yugasis Kali in which the
earth will be exploited to the maximum extent as we are seeingnow itself like there is ozone crack,
pollution,Adharma's . Will there wont be any bigdestruction at the end of every kali yuga.
Secondly, As we are celebrating SrimatRamayanam, Mahabharata, Sri Bhagavatam,Bhagavat Gita,
Azhwars, Acharyas, theirSrisookthis' like Nalayira Divya Prabandham, Stotra Ratnam,
Kuruparamparai, 108Divya desams, Sahasranamam,etc. whatever we have got in this sahasra yuga
whichis presently running will be again repeated by Sriman Narayana in every sahasrayugas or will
they be dated to that particular sahasra Yugas and continuedcelebrating these great treasures. In
depth my doubt is will Ramanuja andNammazhwar will take birth for every sahasra yuga? Question By - VidyalakshmiRamnujam,
There would be a total change in the standing of dharma but no big destruction aftereach
caturyuga. To facilitate a smooth change over each yuga has a sandhi before theyuga and after
(purva and uttara sandhi) ie an intermediary transition period. They may very well take
birth in every catur yuga. At a macro level creation and absorptionfollow the same pattern.
Question ID: 224 - Adiyaen's pranams to you. In the "Hare rama Hare rama, ramarama hare
hare....." mantra, is "Rama" indicating "Sankarshanan" or Lord"Ramachandra". Please clarify.
Srimathae Ramanujaya Namaha Sri vara varamunaiyae namaha Hare krishna - Question By krishnakumar,
As we do not have any text in vedas or itihasa puranas or purvacharya vyakhyanamsgiving details of
this mantra I cannot give a valid interpretation. It is so sweet to chantthis even with its simple and
direct meaning of Rama and krishna.

Question ID: 223 - I pay my obeisances unto you. Could you please differentiate'Brahman' ,'
Paramathma' and 'Bhagavan'? I learnt that, only by realizing Bhagavan,one can attain Moksha and
not by understanding the 'Paramathma''/'Brahman'feature of lord - i.e. the reason why Bhakthas
are more closer to the God than Yogis,who realize "Paramathma". I am waiting for your
advice/opinion in this. SrimathaeRamanujaya Namaha. Hare krishna. - Question By -krishnakumar,
All the three are different epithets of the same Sriman Narayana. Brah mam is
thatw h i c h i s b i g . P a r a m a t m a i s t h e a t m a n w h i c h h a s n o n e e q u a l o r s u p r e m e
t o i t . Bhagavan is one who by nature has the 6 great qualities of gnana bala isvarya viryas a k t i
and tejas in abundance. All these are the attributes of the same
S r i m a n Narayana.
Question ID: 222 - Dear Swamiji - Thanks for your replies. My query is how can"Chitta Vritti" be
stopped /stunted. What procedures /rules are recommended as perSri Vaishnava siddantham
towards this? humbly yours Dasan - Sriram - Question By- Balaraman Sriram,
chitta vritti cannot be stopped. We have to only redirect them towards bhagavan andHis devotees
and they would automatically get controlled.
Question ID: 234 - Dandavath Pranam. Adeyen request your goodself to explainmeaning of the
THODAR'. Adeyen Ramanuja dasan.- Question By - SARANATHAN RAMANUJAM,
nastika, astika and astika nastika are three categories of peo ple. Sri
M a n a v a l a Mamunigal advices us to analyse their characters and move away from the first andthe
last and follow the middle. An astika nastika is one who apparently looks like anastika but truely not
Question ID: 233 - I pay my obeisance to you for the excellent discourses that youbring in every
day. I am greatly immersed in your speeches. I have been followingthe three stages of humans
who strive to be either a , Aishwayathee, kaivalyatheeand Bhagawat-bhalarthi. Of the three you
mention that the last one is supreme. Is itpossible for people like us living in this mundane world
to attain be a Bhagwat-bhalathri with our daily routine in the world? If so how? - Question By Raghavan,
We can certainly reach moksham even in the present circumstances. Kindly refer tothe answer to
question no 62 for the practices to be followed.
Question ID: 232 - my sincere namaskarams to you. I am listening "kanninaramudhu" in podhigai
everyday. As you said To attain the lotus feet of the supremelord pure bhakthi is essential, that
too a person should consider lord as "unnumsoru, parugu neer and thinnum vethilai". Will
marriage become a hindrance for purebhakthi. Seeking the blessings from Sriman Narayana and
you - Vinodh - Question By -Vinodh,
Marriage would not be an obstacle to bhakti marga or mukti. Grhastha dharma is heldin high esteem
by the dharma sastras. Kindly choose a spouse who has the inclinationto obey the sastras.

There are references about gita in divya prabandham 1. seyan aniyan siriyan....
of tirumazhisai azhvar 2. arul kondadum adiyavar inpura... of madhura kavi azhvar 3. ivardeiva
terinil seppiya geetayin.. of tiruvarangattu amudanar. are some of them.
Question ID: 170 - Please accept my humble dandavat unto your lotus feet!----------------------------------------------------------------- Recently i had been with myparents to sri ahobilam madam for my
parents initiation ceremony.I heard the jeerswami saying that only ramanuja sampradaya is
saranagati,others are bhakti yoga,ialso heard your cd on 6 questions answered by devararaja
perumal toramanujacharya,you had also said the same.Is there a sarnagati MUTT and a
Bhaktiyoga MUTT?Does krishna's acceptance of our saranagati depends on the MUTT weare
initiated into? Very Humbly and Patiently waiting for you reply! - Question By -kishan,
There is nothing called Bhakti mutt or saranagati mutt. I do not know why you got such
an opinion. Bhakti is one way moksham and saranagati is another way moksham.Sri vaishnava
sampradayam nurtured by azhvars and acharyas advocates saranagatia s t h a t i s t h e a p t a n d
p o s s i b l e p a t h u n d e r t h e p r e s e n t c i r c u m s t a n c e s . A l l t h e mathadhipatis of this
sampradaya preach the same.
Question ID: 169 - Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan. Generally we celebrateThirunakshathrams of Azhwars
/ Acharyas / Perumal during their Natchathram. Butwhy do we celebrate Sri Ramar's and Sri
Krishna's (Sri Rama Navami and Sri Jayanthi respectively) during their Thithis (Navami and Ashtami
respectively) ratherthan their natchathrams? - Question By - KannanGovindan,
We celebrate Sri Rama and Sri Krishna jayanti also on nakshatrams only. It
i s punarvasu and rohini. Navami and ashtami are only added features.
Question ID: 168 - SwamigaLin thiruvadigaLukku adiyEnudaiya theNdansamarppiththa
vigNYapanam. Any atman will have to undergo five stages asmentioned in the panchAgni vidya
before being born. How to relate thisSAstrArththA with the birth of any organism by test tubeswhere the union of male& female cells takes place in a test tube or cloning-where a single
male/female cellis artificially stimulated to life without union of the two. This sometimes reminds
meof DrOnAcAryA who is born in a drOna. Our mudalAzhwRs (but they are avathArapurushAs) are
also ayOnijars. How can these be understood through our SAstrAs /vaidiga SampradAyam? Question By - E.Venkatesh,
Instead of matru garbha it would be a flower or a test tube. Instead of physical union itw o u l d b e
a clinical union. However nothing is replicated or cloned without
t h e sambandham of retas or a purusha / stree.
Question ID: 167 - Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan, Anantha kodi Dandan for u. Swamin,Thank u for ur
mercy upon me by giving ur answer to my questions withoutconsidering my triviality & imprudent.
I want some clarification in Mumukshupadigrandham, that there is a sutra that (Samsarikalukku
Ishtam Soru, thanneerAnishtam : Sathru peetadhigal. Mumukshukkallukku Ishtam moksham
AnishtamSamsaram. Nithya muktharkalukku Ishtam kainkarya Vruddhi, Anishtham:Kainkarya
Haani). Here, we can easily come to conclusion that Nithya mukthas areunder the threat of

kainkarya hani even in Sri Vaikuntham. My humble question isthat 1) in Vaikuntham everybody
has the power of sathya sangalpathvam, sathyakamathvam. But why they fear about kainkarya
hani? 2) If it is true that they arereally under the clutch of kainkarya hani, why it is commonly said
that Anthamilperinbathor naadu. 3) If they get kainkarya hani, then we can easily presume
thatthere are some obstacles to everybody. But our poorvacharyas have stronglyconfirmed that
there is no distress or obstacles. It is only the place for obstacle-freekainkaryam & bagavath
anubavam. Kshamikka prarthikkiren. - Question By -M.GOPALAKRISHNAN,
There is no kainkarya hani at Srivaikuntham. The fear is born out of the reverence andlonging for
kainkaryam. Piratti says "irayum agalagillen.." inspite of the fact that she isnever going to separate
from His divine chest. If the object which they are enjoying isso valuable, it is common to have
an unexplainable fear that they should never be separated from it. Srivaikuntham is no
exception to Bhakti and the resultant confusion(kalakkam). Confusion born out of agnana is
condemned but confusion born out of matured gnana is lauded.
Question ID: 166 - swami..please accept my koti koti pranams to your lotus feet asa
srivaishnava,sharanagatha, can we perform satyanarayana pooja?since we alwayssay..."piratti
munnitt... " for everything,and that , there is no piratti for satya
narayana,does our sampradayam accepts this pooja? - Question By -godhalakshmi,
Satya narayana puja (as it is popularly known) is not in practice in Sri
Vaishnavas a m p r a d a y a . H o w e v e r w e h a v e S a t y a n a r a y a n a p e r u m a l k o i l
a n d s a t y a n a t tirumeeyam whom we worship.
Question ID: 165 - Namaskarams. Pleassse enlilghten me as to who is Acharyanand what are his
importances. Iam smartha and i am interested to have knowledgeabout this. Also about Swami
Nammalwars reply to shriMadhurakaviSeththadhuvayithil siriyadhupirandhal eththaithinru engess
Kidakkum ? - QuestionBy - s.mohan,
Acharya is the one who 1. has m astered all the sastras and esoteric meanings
forhimself 2. preaches it to others and makes them follow the same. Sriman Narayanagrants
moksham based on the recommendation of an Acarya - who is Sri Ramanuja.W E g e t r e l a t e d t o
S r i R a m a n u j a t h r o u g h t h e 7 4 s i m h a s a n a d h i t p a t i s w h o m h e established. Panca
samskara is the procedure which an acharya administers on a sishya to make him eligible
for Ramanuja sambandham and eventually moksham Youcan find the answer to to madhurakavi
azhvars questions in the archives.
Question ID: 164 - swami dasan srimathae ramanujaya namha swami what are theslokas or
prapandams which can be recited by everyone with out any descripitionlike bhramna,vaishya and
etc adiyen ramanuja dasan - Question By -RAMAN,
4000 divya prabandham and purvachara stotrams can be recited without
a n y discrimination.
Question ID: 163 - Swamin!! Adiyen has a longing desirie to listen to thevyakyanam of One of the
very great Alwars Sri Thirumazhisai Alwars' divinepresentation "THIRUCHANDHA VIRUTHTHAM"
from Swamy's divine coral mouth. Thechandham in all the pasurams are very inspiring but some of
those when we readcould not understand deeply. That is why on behalf of the adiyaar goshti,
adiyen'shumble appeal to your highness to present upanyasams to adiyars on the captioned

subject after your busy schedules. Adiyen dhasan to your lotus feet!! - Question By samandhagamani,
I too wait for this opportunity.
Question ID: 162 - Respected Swamy!! firstof all I am very sorry for makinginconvenience to your
highness by sending a cumbersome question. Adiyenresubmit to your lotus feet with an appeal for
kshama from your highness.Manythings are understood to some extent ( that too only after
listening to your verygreat upanyasams ) but still a splash of thought of quest a follows:( which
might besilly also and if so again beg your pardon) As a general rule Lord Srimannarayana isthe
sole authority to hold Panchayudhas viz. counch, chakkar, discuss ,Sarnga,etc.But in all the
temples the vishnu dhuthas jeya and viyaya appear on bothsides withsome of the sacred
equpments. Why this is so? Are they Nithyasoori category or a jeevathma and if so whey they are
given such a preference and why not for alwarswho are beloved to God always.? Perhaps this
might not be a competent question toask pl pardon me. Secondly this is a pracitical experience
which any baktha couldhave had. Suppose a baktha(i)could not get a darshan due to any
circumstancesgetting angry for god since that baktha does not need any materialbeings but
onlygod, his paripoorna krupa kadaksham premam etc. Is it agreeable to get annoyedover God? In
some of the history of Divyadesa it is told that one Alwar went fordarshan in Thinnanoore
Bakthavathsala God but got refusal.He got angry but wentto thirukkanna mangai where he
offered mangalasasana for the sameBakthavathsala god.This reference is not to gain any
competency to ask thisquestion since adiyongal are far far away to stand before Alwars.Just a
mention forknowing that whether we can have that type of tendency over God.Knowing wellthat
baktha has no right over that. But if it comes from the thiruppavalam of Swamywe can follow in a
right path.Pl......ease clarify this doubt. Adiyen ramanuja dhasan.- Question By - samandgagamani,
All the nitya suris have the same ayudhas and abharanas as Sriman Narayana. Jaya a n d
Vijaya are the dvara palakas in Vishnu loka and they too possess the
s a m e ayudhas. In fact all of us would also get the right to possess them when we becomemuktas.
The deities of azhvars whom we worship in the temples are archa forms of their
vibhava tirumeni and so they do not hold sankha and chakra. Amongst manymerits of
moksha one is saroopyam in which we are blessed with the same form asSr iman
Narayana. A bhakta has the right to get annoyed with his Perumal. But he is consoled
quickly by his Lord. Individual experiences have to be accepted as they areand are never to be
Question ID: 161 - What is the mangalasasana of thirunindravur? Who is thefather of ramanuja? Question By -Madhusudhanan,
"Ninravoor nittila tottu ...." by Tirumangai azhvar. Asoori Satakratur Kesava SomayajiSwamy was the
father of Sri Ramanuja.
Question ID: 157 - Please kindly accept my humble dandavat unto your lotus feet!------------------------------------------------------------------------ Is it a fact that any one whoperforms japa (in his mala) or in
mind a sign of bhakti yoga. ,or does it depend onwith what consciousness we chant the names of
the lord. Is Dhruva Maharaj abhakti yogi or a saranagatar? 2)in ramanuja sampradaya the ultimate
doctrine issaranagati,is it true that anyone(a beginner)initiated into any sampradaya firstperforms
bhakti yoga and only then after many births of realization the beginssaranagati,because in your
previous mail you had mentioned saranagati is a state of mind which is difficult to achieve. 3)How
could we understand whether avaishnava(acharya) is a bhakti yogi or a saranagatar. Are there

different degrees of sarnagati,if so kindly explain. VERY Humbly and patiently awaiting your reply.
-Question By - kishan,
Japam is not only a part of bhakti yoga but a saranagata also performs it.
Thedifference is whether it is a means to moksham or a self satisfying
s e r v i c e . T h e moment I realize that I am an absolute servant of Sriman Narayana and shed the
lastbit of independent will (svaatantryam) I am eligible for saranagati. When I recognizethat I am His
belonging, then I realize that protecting me or elevating me is no moremy responsibility, which is the
state of a saranagata. A State of mind that is difficult toachieve does not mean it would be a
delayed achievement. It can happen any day. Bhakti yogi is one who clings to his own efforts
in attaining moksham. On the contrarya saranagata leaves it to Bhagavan.
Question ID: 156 - Pranams to Swami. I read in Cho's Hindumahasamudram thatSri Ramanujar
gave 82 instructions/advices to his disciples at the time of hisvaikuntaprapthi. The article gave
only a sample of them. I request you to pleasegive this in your article in the site. Perhaps you can
give us an upanyasam on thistopic. Pranams again adiyen ramanuja dasan - Question By venkatesan,
I am aware of only the 6 directions (which everyone is aware of)which he gave to hisdisciples. Kindly
contact your acharyan for the others.
Question ID: 155 - Swamikku aneka thendam samarpitta vigynapanam. I amunable to understand
why we should plead for Moksham in our siddantam? Can wenot just plead that He keep us
engaged in His service, His thoughts and so on? Isthere a difference between these two kinds of
prayers? Even going to temples,delighting in his worship cannot happen unless He wills it. Is it not
a great blessingto just be engaged in His service and not have our minds turn to more trivial
worldlythings? The reason for my question is - it is very difficult (for my mandha buddhi)
tocomprehend what moksham means but the joy of a darshan at Srirangam orOppiliappan koil is
easy for our limited minds to understand. Edhenum aparadhamirundal kshamikka venum. adiyen Question By - SriranjaniRanganathan,
There is a large difference between the two. This is a mundane material world whereone is
haunted by many evils such as senses, ego, material body, karma, birth and death, pain
and pleasure. One cannot be in absolute service in this world. Almost none- r i g h t f r o m t h e
r i s h i s t o a z h v a r s a n d o u r a c h a r y a s h a v e f e l t c o n f i d e n t o f e t e r n a l service in this
world. At best we can serve for a few years expecting to leave this forever i.e. the period between
the day of acharya samasrayanam and the last breath. If w e c a n n o t c o m p r e h e n d m o k s h a m
a s i t i s a b s t r a c t , t h e n w e c a n n o t c o m p r e h e n d Paramatma too. Comprehension is not
through our finite senses alone, but through thepreachings of Vedas, the only eternal source of knowledge.
Question ID: 154 - swami..please accept my koti koti pranams to your lotus feet..we are really
blessed for having you as our spiritual leader...margadarshi... who hassubstituted srimad
Ramanuja himself.!!! in one of your discourses at satyanarayanatemple, you have said
"satyanarayana swamy thiruvadigalakk vanangi... so on"according to my mother she says there is
no satya or asathya narayana... there isonly one .. he is sriman narayana.. so she avoids going to
sathyanarayana poojas..she wants to know whether she is right or wrong.. is it prescribed in
ourvedas/shastras? even i am confused.. please take time to clear out doubts... we
aresharanagathas.... adiyen ramanuja dasi.. godhalakshmi.. 9341926643 bangalore -Question By godhalakshmi,
Satya narayana whom I mentioned is the Perumal of Tirumeyyam. Azhvar sings
as'meyyaan' Here satyam means nityam and nirvikaram. So question of satyam
andasatyam does not arise. This satya narayana is not the one on whom satya narayanapuja is
popularly performed.

Question ID: 152 - Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan. Adiyens pranams for you. Swamin, Mysmall and basic
doubt. Pls claify. If I ask silly, pls pardon me. In our Guruparamparai,Vishwaksena is treated as one
of Guru. If we see all acharyas they have donepanchasamskara from their gurus. Even nathamuni
has done panchasamskara from
nammazhwar. 1) But Where we have evidence from our guruparampara thatnammazhwar has
done panchasamskara from vishvaksena. 2) Whether Vishvaksenahas done panchasamskara from
thayaar or not. 3) If it is yes means, Normally haslady got right to do panchasamskara to his
sishyas? Kshamikka prarthikkiren. -Question By - M.GOPALAKRISHNAN,
Bhagavan is the direct acharya for all azhvars. Nammazhvar is the
a m s a o f Vishvaksena. By the unconditional grace of Sriman Narayana when everything
aboutbrahmam became known to azhvar, all the samskaras are also implied to be done bythe
respective nominees. Vishvaksena is a nitya suri and so his panca samskrara wasnot administered on
a particular day. It is ever done for him. So the second questiondoes not arise.
Question ID: 150 - Swamikku adiyen aneka thedam samarpitha vignyapanam. Ihave a few
questions (not all related ) but I will ask them together because I am notsure how to categorize
them. 1. There have been several unfortunate instances inour life which I believe have happened
because Perumal wanted us to realize thatwe are not doers and all things happen in accordance
with a divine plan.Fortunately, we have had Panca samskaram through our acharyan and I feel
wehave found the path. But there is still a lot of restlessness in me and I want to findpeace . Can
Swami suggest some methods to follow? Following samasrayanam, Ihave taken up the chanting of
dvayam. 2. In a household, where the male membersare not available to do Thiruvaradanam, is
there a way for women to submit thaligaito perumal without the aradhanam? Specifically, can
they offer to saligramamwithout touching the perumal, if the food is prepared in a pure manner?
3. What isthe story behind specific nakshatrams to Ranganathar (why Revathi) andMahalakshmi
(Panguni Uthiram)? As they are anadi, how come we are ascribing acertain nakshatram to them? I
can understand nakshatrams for vibava avataramsbut the above is not clear. 4. What is the way to
train children in our sampradayamin today's world when they are exposed to so many different
things outside of home? adiyen, Sriranjani - Question By - SriranjaniRanganathan,
You are on the right track. Kindly perform your nitya karma anushthanas regularly andchant dvayam
as many times as possible. Read or listen to the stories of avatarams. Think for a while whether
you were born for these miseries or for eternal bliss and shirk your itching botherations.
Take up some service to a temple / acharyan or to thesociety for the needy and involve yourself. Do
not allow spare or rest time, when youremotions or mis happenings can overtake you. When the
male members are away, thefemale in the family can open the koil azhvar, offer flowers, and food
by chating, allt h e r e l e v a n t a z h v a r p a s u r a m s a n d a c h a r y a s t o t r a m s . N o
t i r u m a n j a n a m o r o t h e r offering that requires touching the saligrama murti. The
nakshatram celebration inpractice in almost all divyadesams. This would be the day on which
the deity first gave
darshan to a devotee (in most cases a rishi) or the date on which the Lord took to deityform.
Question ID: 149 - srimathe ramanujaya namha swami dasan i am not a brahminsome say i should
read any slokas or any thing but i used to read and tell slokas of vishniu sahasranamam can
icontinue it or stop, adiyen ramanuja dasan - QuestionBy - kannan,
Kindly refer to your samasrayana acharyan and act according to his directive.
Question ID: 148 - Please accept my humble dandavat unto your lotus feet! Saranagati is a mental
thoughtbetween us and paramatma.Does formal saranagati depend on the sampradaya weare

intitiated into?,only in sri sampradaya but not in others. Vey humbly andpatiently awaiting your
reply! - Question By - kishan,
Saranagati is a doctrine suggested in Vedanta. It is common to all. It is a state of mindwhich is
difficult to achieve. Sri sampradaya is a misnomer. None of our acharyas haveused this
nomenclature. It should be addressed as vaidika sampradaya.
Question ID: 147 - Srimathe Ramunujaya Namaha .Adiyan . Pl. enlighten whetherSri Ramunuja has
visited Badrihashram and also Sri Krishna's birth places likeMathura,Gokulam,Dwaraka and others
there semms to be no mentionanywhere.Where to look for ? - Question By - N SRAJAGOPALAN,
Sri Ramanuja did visit all the holy shrines which you have mentioned. It is quoted int h e s l o k a
"srirangam karisailam anjanagirim...saligrama girim nishevya
ramateramanujoyam muni:" and descriptively given in 6000 padi
g u r u p a r a m p a r a a n d ramanujarya divya caritai.
Question ID: 145 - Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan, Ananthamana dandan for you.Swamin I use to hear
lectures only about our Thennacharya Sri VaishnavaSampradaya Vishayam. Krishna premi swami
even though he is not oursampradayam, I listen to him only the lecture of our sampradayam. He
will talk withfull evidence as he is mahavidwan. In one of his lectures, he said that
Nilathingalthundan which is in Ekambareswara temple and Kallapiran in Kamakshi temple arenot
divyadesams. They are treated like parivara devadas by dikshidaas of thosetemples. He has given
lot of evidence to prove this fact. He ascertained that onenilathingal thundathan is in the backside
of the Ashtapujathan. Another one isnearby kanchi devaperumal varaha sannidhi. He requested
not to treat asdivyadesams, presently we are thinking as divyadesams. He put his
authenticatewish that we have to raise new temples for those divyadesams if we do not
considerhis two evidences for those two temples. I request u to clarify in this
regard.M.Gopalakrishnan - Question By - M. GOPALAKRISHNAN,
I have no idea on this. Kindly refer to the acharya purushas of kanchi.
Question ID: 144 - swamiyin thiruvadikku en namaskaram.i want to get aclarifications for the
following questions 1.did acharyan alawandar composestoraratnma and chatusloki on sree
renganatha and renganayaki thayar or upondevaperumal and perundevi rhayar? 2.adiyen is a
lecturer in management studies.iwant to be best at it .may i know which slokas can i continue to
chant so much sothat i can emerge as the top-notch lecturer in my profession? question may
soundsilly, but unless one has the benediction of periya perumal and renganayaki thayar,one's
talent just remAIN just that , a please let me know the slokas thatwill help me aquire
the expertise i need to shine through in my career? - QuestionBy - n.r.aravamudhan,
Alavandars stotra ratnam was towards Sriman Narayana and not to any particulardivya
desam. I am sorry that I am unable to suggest you any slokams. There is no room in
srivaishnavism to recite slokas for material pleasure.
Question ID: 143 - Pranams 1. In the thathvathraya concept of Chith, Achith &Easwara - will the
Athman be in Achith vasthu also? If Athman exists in Achithvasthu, how can we call a vasthu with
Gnanamaya Athman as Achith? If notwhen/how the Achith becomes Chith due to existence of
Athman during theAthman's travel in various births? 2. Five forms - Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and
Sky.Are they in the Jeevathma Goshti / Achith Goshti? Sometime they are referred to asBhooma
Devi, Parjanya Devada, Agni Deva, Vayu Deva, as Jeevathma Goshti,othertimes they are referred
to as Achith goshti. Are both these statments correct?This concept is not understandable. 3. Can
you please oblidge to renderUpanyasa/Spiritual discourses on the following grandhas a) Yathiraja

Vimshathi b)Varavaramuni Prabaththi Adiyen Radheeka Jegann - Question By - Radheeka Jegann,
Cit may be found inside every acit. For example our body is ruled by an atman. Body isacit and
atman is cit. All the acit would ever remain as acit only and can never becomecit. cit dwells in
acit but does not become one with it and so it cannot be termed as acit. Panca bhutas are
all acit only. There are devatas who control them and they areall cits.
Question ID: 142 - Srimathe Ramanujaya namah. Madurakavi alwar thiruvadigalecharanam.
Dandavath pranam Swami. Is there any anustanam and austerity oneshould observe during alwars
and acharyas appearance and disappearance days.?Kindly explain me. Adeyen Ramanuja dasan Question By - saranathanR, SARANATHAN1964@YAHOO.COM
We have to recite their prabandhams , taniyans and vazhi tirunamams
Question ID: 141 - Adiyen is studying B.E. Adiyen has doubt regarding what"Athma Gnanam" is
and also wants to know if bakthi alone can give athma gnanam ?Also, adiyen learnt from swami`s
upanyasam that there are certain people who donot come back to bhoolokam and also do not
reach paramapadam and they arelonely in someplace. Adiyen wants to know what should not be
done to preventbeing trapped in such a pathetic situation ? Adiyen requests swami to clarify
thisdoubt. Dasan, Jagannathan - Question By - Jagannathan,
Atma gnanam is a prerequisite to bhakti. It is gained by learning the scriptures andlistening to the
acharyas. All the upadesams and sastras are to prevent any one fromdesiring kaivalyam. We
should only try and educate them about the blemishes of kaivalyam and the merits of
Question ID: 140 - Namaskaramas. This question relates to the Thiruman Kaappu(UrDhva
PuNdram). Any mis interpretation and even this question iteself, is purelydue to my ignorance,
and hence kindly bear with me. Thiruman Kaappu signifies theLotus feet of Sriman Narayanan and
the middle red line denotes Sri Mahalakshmiwho is ever present with Him. We adorn our
forehead with this sacred symbol todemonstrate our eternal prerogative to be in His service. What
is the significancebehind this Thiruman Kaappu adorning Perumaal as well, as part of the
dailyAlankaram in the Divya Desams and in all Perumal Kovils ? With Sincere Regards, R.Srinath Question By - ramamoorthysrinath,
There are a few reasons Bhagavan wearing tiruman kappu 1. Kurathazhvan says
'uddharat upari bhakta janan iti - urdhva pundra tilakam bahumanaat ' - The lord
isadorned with tiruman pointing upwards to physically show His bhaktas that it would liftyou above
this samsara. 2. Bhaktas enjoy wearing tiruman. Bhagavan wanting to knowthe secret of this joy
is trying out for Himself. (appayya dikshitar says ' vaishnava bhogya lipsaya va') 3. It is an
alankara to Him.
Question ID: 139 - REspected Swamy!! Humble pranams!! adiyenRamanujadhasan. Adiyen request
you to present your reply for the followingquestion: Regarding Ekadhasi anushtanam, it is now
clarified through an adiyar'squest. In addition to that suppose when we receive any koil
prasaadham during theday before ekadhasai are we eligible to take that prasadham(which is
includingpuliyodharai-being a rice variety).Adiyen, due to anaemic problem, not able to
fullymaintain poorna vradham , if so shall we take sweets and koil prasadham. Swaminpl clarify
adiyen's doubt. The main thing is sleepfulness. How to avoid this malady.?Adiyenin prnams to
your divine feet. dhasan - Question By -samandhagamani,

Yes we do receive a little amount of prasadam at the temple. Yoga is a way

t o overcome sleep. Take up some kainkaryam that you enjoy and get absorbed in it. Itwould keep you
busy and not allow you to sleep excessively.
Question ID: 136 - Respected Swamin: Namaskaram. I am an avid listener to yourupanyasams and
recently I was listening to Koil Tiruvaimozhi. You were describingwhy Sri Nammazhwar starts with
U (uyarvara), followed by M (mayaravara) and A(a) in the first pAsuram and traced it back to the
nama UTHU from the Upanishads.My question is this: Since Sri Nammazhwar explcitly performs
sarnagathi to Pirattiand Perumal ( agalagillEn iRaiyum enRu alarmEl mangai uRai maarbhan ..) and
Ustands for Piratti, could Sri Nammazhwar have placed U first as a dedication toPiratti? The last
word in tiruvAimozhi in uyarndE - if one bows in front of Piratti (U inthe first word) and then to
PerumAl (A), then one reaches paramapadam (uyarndE -the last word) - is this a resonably
consistent interpretation also? Thank you somuch. Respectful Regards to you. Vasudevan Question By -Vasudevan,
In your interpretation, U stands for piratti is right but uyarnde does not end with thes y l l a b l e ' A ' .
T h e f i r s t l e t t e r i n S a n s k r i t o r t a m i l w h i c h i s ' A ' s t a n d s f o r p e r u m a l (akaaraartho
Vishnu:). But the last pasuram of azhvar does not end with this. It ratherends with the eighth syllable
'E' which does not give the meaning of Perumal. Inspite
of all thse, We in vaishnavism cannot give any interpretation of our own which is notsuggested by
our purva acharyas.
Question ID: 135 - Respected Swamy, Adiyen Ramanuja Dasi. Many Pranams toyour lotus feet. I
would like to follow up on my question on the significance of theVarnashrama Dharma. Does it
mean that Varnashrama dharma today, is somethingto be followed parallel to our normal
profession(doctor engineer, whatever)? Thank you very much for your time.. Pizhaigalai
khsamikka prarthikkiren Adiyen - QuestionBy - Deepa Vijayaraghavan,
Varanasrama dharma is a must for everybody. Kindly also check whether
y o u r profession is as per your varanasrama dharma.
Question ID: 133 - Swami - namaskarams from adiyen. I remember listening toyour "Aazhwargal
yaar" upanyasam; in that you have said that long long time back Veda Vyasa has quoted that
narayanan's bhaktas would be born in Dravida bhoomi,near river banks like Tamirabarani banks as
"Azhwars". I would like to know thequote and the place where Vyasar wrote this. Thanks a lot, Sriram - Question By -Sriram,
In srimad bhagavata purana ' kalou khalu bhavishyanti narayana parayanA;....kvacitkvacit
mahabhaga dravideshu ca bhUrisa....'
Question ID: 132 - In the ancient days, Tamil nadu extended far south than todayin the Kumari
kandam (lumuria) - because of several natural disasters like tsunamisand continental shift, the
world map has become like today. Also, we have read thatvarious tamil scriptures from the olden
days were LOST - for example, even inIymperumkaapiyangal of tamizh, Kundalakesi and
Valayapathi are not found fully.My question is - have our great Azhwars composed only 4000
prabandams? Or didwe get hold of only 4000 ? Have we lost some more treasures which we could
notrecover ? How can we be sure that they composed only 4000 prabandams. Thank you very
much, -Sriram - Question By - Sriram,
Our azhvars have composed only these 4000 verses. This has been stated
b y Nammazhvar himself when he blessed all the divya prabandhams to nathamunigal. Itis true that

Tirumazhisai azhvar composed more but it was perumal's will that only twoshould survive and so the
others were lost during the lifetime of azhvar.
Question ID: 131 - ananthakoti namaskarangal to swami's thiruvadigal i just wantto clarify a doubt
,azhwars have did mangalasasanam to perumal's by singlepasuram also but they have left some
sthalams likevaduvoor,mannargudi,maduranthakam but have done to kshetrams very near
tothem for ex:they have done mangalasasanam to thanjai mamani koil emperuman'sleaving
vaduvoor and mannargudi is it that these kshetrams didn't exist duringazhwar's avatharams or
these do not have a specific reason adiyen ramanuja dasan- Question By - gosakan,
We have no specific historical records to date these divya kshetrams. But as per thepuranas these
are ancient. It was only the choice of Perumal to draw a particularazhvar to Him to
benedict a divya desam. Sri Ramanuja submitted oru nayakampasuram to melkote and
Manavala mamunigal submitted unnittu matroru deivam thozhal to mannargudi.
Question ID: 130 - Respected Swami, My pranams to your respected and holy feet.I am one of the
regular devotees who watches your upanyasam - KannaninAramadhu and I should say I was
blessed to attend your upanyasam live -Ramayanam in Vani Mahal. I do regret that my interest
towards understandingPuranams and Karma's started only after 26years of life on this Holy earth.
Since ihave been blessed with one of the best parents on earth - i have followed just whatthe
Paramatma likes - Something that keeps haunting my mind is: > Why doesVedas not support
Ladies being everything to their parents - i.e - when men do thelast rites to their parents and do
the Amavsya Vritham and do everything that isrequired to help their parent's soul rest in peace why are Ladies not allowed to doit - after all Ladies were created to be ladies only by HIM. Our
hearts does sufferwhen we lose our dear ones right? How is this justified Swami? > Could you
pleaseadvice one simple slogan/ Mantra that can be recited at all times? I WAS ONE ONEOF THE
Swami - for i have startedviewing my life in a completely new perspecive only after listening to
your sessions.After my daily Prayers - i do the following namaskaram in my heart -- to my
mother,father, GURU - ( Shree Raghavendra and YOU) and then Lord Vishnu( in Vaikundam)ellamey ennoda Karpanaila Dhan anal manasigama panrein. Regards and BestWishes for your Seva
to reach the needy - Gayathri Krishnan - Question By -Gayathri Krishnan,
Vedas have delegated certain duties to certain relatives of an individual. It
h a s nominated the son to do all the kainkaryams to his father along with his wife. Ladieshave
responsibility towards their in laws. So it is not that Vedas have barred ladies
from vedic kainkaryams - only the recipient is different. You have to chant dvayamalways after
getting panca samskaram from your acharyan.
Question ID: 129 - Swamikku adiyen dhendam samarpitta vigynapanam. I waslistening to your
Ramayana discourse (on CD) and two questions arose: 1."Naamaga poi vizhunthal Avan
kittuvathillai". In the instance of Bharata and Guha,Bharata did not commit any papam. In fact,
both him and Guha were only practisingbhagavat-bhakti. In the absence of any papams, why does
perumal choose one overthe other? If we commit papams (which we do), the only way to please
the Lord is toconsciously engage in his service (to temples, to poor or other service). What
youmentioned seemed to suggest to me that there is no hope for us..we can keep doingthe punya
karmas specified but neither material gains might come nor His Gracemight come. Have I
misunderstood the comment in your upanyasam? 2. In theSubahu- Mareecha episode, you likened
it to the papams of someone that hasperformed saranagati. In the practical sense, how does

"papangalai vilakki viduvan"work? Do a saranagatan's papams go afflict someone else? Or does a

saranagatan'sact not even get classified as papam just because of his saranagati?
Aparaadamedhum irundhal, kshamikka vendum. -Sriranjani Ranganathan - Question By -Sriranjani
We do not know the extent of papam and punyam of bharata and guha and so
wecannot conclude that both had equal karmas. Bharata might have been forced to beseparated
from Rama due to his papams even. Moreover his karmas forced him toleave Rama for
a short period and go to his maternal uncle's home which played a major role in all the
mishappenings. Even though Perumal has all the right to arbitrarilychoose to bless anybody, He
follows all the rules set by him. So kindly do not lose hope that in spite of punyams Perumal
may not choose us. Your question has assumedthat you are doing only punyams or more of punyam
than papam. Is it possible in thisssmsara. Even our azhvars and acharyas lament that they are unable
to be so. So, canwe ask perumal to grant moksham as a right? The only alternative is to plead to
Him.Let me now explain a more important point here. Let us accept the supremacy and
thearrogant (!) authority of Perumal over this jiva. At His will He can arbitrarily
chooseanybody to bless. Why cannot we plead to Him to c hoose us arbitrarily and
grantmoksham. Punyam is not an eligibility to attain moksham. In fact it is a hurdle
tomoskam. It only qualifies us to join the band of short listed people. It is finally
theunconditional mercy (and the arbitrary choice) of Perumal that grants us moksham.Passing +2
exam qualifies you to join a college but cannot give you a seat in any c o l l e g e . O n e
has to shed all the papams and punyams to attain
m o k s h a m . Saranagata's papam gets distributed to his offenders and punyam to his well wishers.
It is true that Garuda is known as Peria tiruvadi but it is a misnomer in the case
of Hanuman as Siriya tiruvadi. He is known as Tiruvadi only. Garuda is the embodiment of all the
Vedas and he is the asanam and vahanam of Sriman Narayana. A s Vedasportray the
glory of Bhagavan so does Garuda by bringing Him physically on hisshoulders. Let us
not confuse one issue from some religion with another issue in Srivaishnavism. Snakes
mentioned in other religions has no relevance with Garuda.
Question ID: 110 - Please kindly accept my humble dandavat unto your lotus feet!1)Yes,the lord
acts only as the witness and provides the resultant reactions to theconditioned souls.The lord has
provided him with all facilities for him to understandKrishna and attain him,but isn't it a fact that
Krishna only influences him(thatsudden force) avan dane thoondi udaran by the 3 gunas,and the 3
gunas are undercontrol of Krishna,even in Bhagavat Gita Krishna smiles and says to arjuna, i've
tiedhim,so he cannot come out of his own means, Kindly help!! - Question By -kishan,
I think this is the tenth time such a question is posted in this column. Kindly
note"Avan tanAga toondi viduvadu illai". He does it only on us choosing to act in
therighteous or the unrighteous way. Adiyen's request to all those who are
repeatedlyblaming Bhagavan for this and trying to prove something against all the sastras andour
pUrvacharyas - kindly think and answer for yourself "why should Bhagavan thrustpapam on us ?"
"Does He derive any pleasure out of it" "is He than a vesha dhArihoodwinking us by
giving so many sastras, avataras, gnanam, bhakti, azhvars, and a c h a r y a s f o r t h e
u p l i f t m e n t o f h u m a n i t y ? " " C a n a n y b o d y b e s u c h a s y s t e m a t i c cheater" Kindly
write in this column after giving a honest answer to all these points.
Question ID: 108 - Dear Swami, Please advise what are the divya prabhandams tobe recited by the
lady of the house while cooking food, also what are the stotras tobe uttered. Adiyen Geetha
Krishnan - Question By - GeethaKrishnan,

All the prabandhams / stotrams that are included in the nitya anusandhanam list asper the
publication of your acharyan.
Question ID: 107 - Dear Swami, I have a few questions regarding theanushtanams to be followed
by a Sri Vaishnanva. It is said that only food offered toGod should be partaken by us. However,
please clarify what does 'Food offered toGod' mean? Does it mean only the food offered to the
'Salagrama' moorthy at homeor does it also include food that we offer to pictures of deities at
home. Also, whatabout food cooked in the evenings? Should it again be offered to Salagrama or
onlyto the photograph will do? Kindly clarify so that we can follow according todevareer's advise,
adiyen Geetha Krishnan. - Question By - GeethaKrishnan,
Yes. It is food offered to sala grama murti only. Food is offered to Perumal as a part
of tiruvaradhanam which is done only in the morning and not in the evening. If you areorthodox
enough to practice all the anushthanams in the evening also then kindly refer to your
acharyan and offer in the evening also.
Question ID: 106 - hare krishna, Swami adiyen by birth not a srivaishnavan. now ihave been
attracted towards this fantastic way. Please forgive me if i am wrong. Ihad been to
Thirupullani(Adijegannatha perumal-padmashani thayar temple) lastyear. i was told by the
archaga swami that dasaradhan came and worshiped at thedivine SantanaKrishnan sannithi and
then only he was gifted as the father of SriRaman. But Ramaavatharam was before than
Krishnaavatharam. then how diddhasaradhan worshipped SanthanaKrishnan. Can you please
clarify.. - Question By -Subramanian,
The holy name Krshna, His divine power to grant a heir and His deity form are eternal.Santana
Krshna need not necessarily be after Krshna avatara. Moreover Krshna did nottake birth only once.
He might be born in another catur yuga.
Question ID: 104 - Respected Swami, Aneka kodi namskaram. Would like to knowwhether there is
any difference between Panchasamskaram and Samashrayanam orthey mean the same? Thanks Question By - GayathriRajesh,
Samasrayanam is surrendering to ones acharya. Panca samskara is
t h e f i v e sacraments that are administered to the one who has surrendered to an acharya withan
objective of getting Ramanuja sambandham and eventually attaining moksham.
Question ID: 103 - REspected Swamy!! Pranam!! each and every familyisbelonoging to aparticular
gothram which is nothing but origination from the rishiof that gothram. Here the doubt arises.Is
there any connection between themoolapurushar of that paramparai that we belongs and the
moola rishi of thatparticular gothram. Some confusion over this because if a person commit any
pavathat is followed upto 140 birth or 7 thalaimurai and the same is transmitted to thechildren
also. But it is said that moksham is obtained after leaving this body. Butthis pava is punya is
transmitted to our children means we are taking rebirth againto experience that sin or punya in
the grand daughters or grand son rupam. Utterconfusion in this . In fact I squeezed my brain to ask
a question like this only butstill I am not even able and clear to ask you properly but your highness
canunderstand what adiyen wanted to ask you regarding this. Still I have doubtwhether I have
presented this question to you perfectly. Such is the debth of doubtin this subject. Kindly clarify
this doubts swamy!! Pl pardon for anywrongperseverence over this question. - Question By samandhagamani,
Kindly do not squeeze your mind on simple matters which are well explained by ourpUrvAcharyas. 1.
All those who leave this body ( on death) cannot attain paramapada.2 . o n l y t h o s e w h o
h a v e e x h a u s t e d a l l t h e p a p a m s a n d p u n y a m s c a n a t t a i n Srivaikuntham.
(tadA vidvan puNya pApE vidhUya niranjana: paramam sAmyam upaiti)3. One who has attained
srivaikuntham never returns to leela vibhUti under anycircumstances. (na ca

punarAvartatE... mAmupEtya tu kountEya pun arjanma navidyatE). As karmas are the only
cause for an individual to take birth, once he shedsthem then he would never take birth. 4. We
cannot take rebirth as our son or daughter.It is deemed that son is self, as the son is supposed to
carry on with the mission of hisfather. I do not know whether I have clarified your doubt. If not
kindly write to us.
Question ID: 101 - Pranams Swami. Recently I read an article by PradipBhattacharya -this is the
link of the
article:( was
trying to put things in totally different perspectives or I would rather sayconnfusing. In this
particular article, the author was trying to say that according toSri Vyasa's Mahabharata, Draupadi
during her vasta harana was saved by Dharmaand not by Sri Krishna as we have know. Is not Lord
krishna himself Dharma? Iwould like to know whether Mahabharta really mentions that Draupadi
was savedDharma and if so, how is the meaning to be taken? Another aspect that article took on
,was Bhishma's attachement to throne- the author tries to say that Bhishma wasattached to the
the throne and used his oppurtunity to weild power with a blindking on the throne. This particular
view is so outrageous. Bhishma is almost assacred and divine as Sri Krishna, who had the potential
to give us Sahsranmam.That is what I know. Then why do people keep interpreting things in such
ademaning manner? How does Mahabharta actually portray Bhishma ? - Question By -Surabhi,
Draupadi surrendered to Krishna only by chanting 'gOvinda pundarIkAksha rakshamAm
saranAgatAm" and it was Krishna who blessed her with clothes. Krishna on a
later date feels sorry that He was only able to protect her modesty but not able to beby the side of
her to soothen her - "gOvindEti yadAkrandat krshnA mAm dUravAsinam"Pillai lokacharya mentions
this as "draupadikku ApattilE pudavai surandadu tirunAmavaibhavamirE" meaning that it was the
holy name of Krshna that protected draupadi. The point here is whether it is dharma or the holy
name both are non sentient and sodo not have the thinking power to protect. The Lord is
pleased when we obey Hiscommands viz practicing dharma or chanting His names and
protects us. When weswipe our digital id card or e ven by sensing us the automatic
door opens - do wepraise the door or the one who designed it. Krshna is Himself
dharma - ("krshnamdharmam sanAtanam") is evident from His direction 'sarva dharmAn
parityajya mAmEkam saranam vraja" The second point is baseless. The only mistake which
Bhishmacommitted was - he gave more importance to rAja dharma than Krshna, the
absoluted h a r m a . H e s h o u l d n o t h a v e w a t c h e d t h e d i s r e s p e c t t o d r a u p a d i a f t e r
s h e h a d surrendered to Krshna. Krshna loved and revered bhishma a lot. When He suggestedto
dharma putra to listen to bhishma's preaching He praises Bhishma as a great gnAni(bhIshmE
lOkAntaram gate gnAnani alpI bhavishyanti) - when Bhishma was departinghe meditated on Krshna
and it seems Krshna's mind journeyed to bhisma eventhoughHe was not physically present there
(mAm dyAti purusha vyAghra..)
Question ID: 99 - Respected Sir, Our dharma is stongly believing that our Athmahas rebirth
immediately after the death according to its Karma. At the same time,we are supposed to give
PINDAM and THARPANAM during srardham till we live toour ancesstors. It creates confussion to
me. How can that PINDAM or THARPANAMgo to our ancesstors, when their Athma has attained
REBIRTH in another form. Canyou clarify this confusion. Thanks and NAMASKARAMS to you. Question By -K.Sankar,
Firstly, Any atman need not necessarily be born immediately. It undergoes five stagesof oblations
as mentioned in panchagni vidya in the Upanishads. It may even be wandering as atma
punja for many years without taking the next body. All these aredecided based on its karma.
Secondly, when the atman is permanent, why do you feelthat the panda would not reach. Furthering

your opinion, if the atma does not take animmediate rebirth will our pinda reach it. The panda and
teertham which we offer doesnot physically reach it in any case. When we perform the
rites as prescribed in thes a s t r a s , B h a g a v a n i s p l e a s e d a n d H e c o n v e y s i t . I t i s
b h a g a v a n ' s p l e a s u r e a n d displeasure which are called as punya and papa.
Moreover, we perform the rites toavoid papam (to us) of non performance.
Question ID: 98 - swamin, i kindly request you to clarify this doubt of mine - whyis Srirangam
referred to as Bhooloka Vaikuntam? also, i had read in one of thebooks of Mr Vaidyanathan on
Lord Guruvayurappan, published by Bharatiya VidyaBhavan that Guruvayur is Bhooloka
Vaikuntam. Can you please clarify if bothSrirangam and Guruvayur are referred to as Bhooloka
Vaikuntam, for the knowledgeof all? - Question By - Vijayakrishnan,
Srirangam is called as bhooloka vaikuntham as mentioned in satadhyayi
a n d dasadhyayi. Kaveri viraja seyam vaikuntham ranga mandiram sa vasudevo
rangesa:p r a t y a k s h a m p a r a m a m p a d a m . A p a r a l l e l i s d r a w n b e t w e e n
s r i v a i k u n t h a m a n d srirangam, viraja nadi and kaveri due to the aradhana kramam, practices,
customs etcbeing followed in srirangam that are similar to Srivaikuntham. It also houses the
1000pillared mandapam,tirumamani mandapam and vimanam as in srivaikuntham.
OnSrivaikuntha ekadasi day Namperuma l enacts a jiva leaving this material body
and journeying through archiradi marga and attaining parama padam. These are a
fewreasons which earned the status of Bhooloka vaikuntham to Srirangam. I do not knowmuch
about Guruvayoor. You have to search for the reasons given in the book whichyour have referred.
Question ID: 95 - Swamin, adiyen pranams to you. I have one doubt onDivyadesams. Last fortnight
I had been to one of the 108 Divyadesams, viz.Thirikkoshtiyur in Sivaganga District. The
Bhattachariar and also the guide thereinformed us that Thirukkoshtiyur is the first of the
Divyadesams. I queried themwith my limited knowledge, if Srirangam was not the first
Divyadesam. Both repliedsaying that Thirukkoshtiyur was considered the first Divyadesam since
the firstpaasuram of Naalayira Divya Prabhandham, viz. Pallandu Pallandu was composedreferring
to Thirukkoshtiyur. Adiyen would be pleased to get the clarification andenlightenment on this
subject from you. Adiyen's mail id is -Question By - Vijayakrishnan,
Kindly clarify in which aspect you mean 'first divyadesam'. Do you mean that it wascreated first? We
are not sure of the date of any divyadesam and so we cannot cometo any decision on its
chronological order. If it is because all the azhvars have sung, allthe acharyas lived there, and
being the head quarters of Srivaishnavism then it is S r i r a n g a m . I n c i d e n t a l l y
t i r u p p a l l a n d u i s n o t t h e f i r s t p r a b a n d h a m . I t i s m u d a l tiruvandadi.
Question ID: 94 - Sri Pranams My question may sound silly. But this is lingering inmy mind for
quite some time. Only Hindus believe/preach/follow Ithihasams andPuranams.. What about the
people of other continents. Does it mean that during the
various avataras of Vishnu, other continents did not exist? Or the people of othercontintents
followed some other religion or faith, as Christianity could not havebeen followed since it is only
2000 years old . Shall we presume that the wholeworld followed Hinduism and after the birth of
Jesus and Allah, they got convertedinto those religions. - Question By - S.Malathi,
All continents would have existed in different states. Not only this world which
weknow of but also many more dveepams exist where sanatana dharma was and is
beingpracticed. There would have been many religions which worshipped vayu,
surya,Chandra, venus etc which are also puranic characters. The whole of Egypt and Romewere
worshipping nature. It is true that majority of the nature worshipping persons gotconverted in the
past 2000 years.

Question ID: 93 - Sri Pranams While committing suicide is not approved, why/howSita Devi
thought of committing suicide , unable to bear the separation from LordRama, using her hair.
(reference your upanyasam at Vani Mahal, T Nagar on 29thand 30th March 2008) With warm
regards S Malathi - Question By -S.Malathi,
Committing suicide is not approved; it is not wrong to think about it even in a dejecteda n d
separated mood. Even if Hanuman had not appeared Sita would no t
h a v e committed suicide as she is well aware of dharma sastram.
Question ID: 92 - Adiyen Swami Dasan, Ananthamana dandan for you Swami, Ihave a humble
request to you swamyi, i want to hear thiruvaymozhi kalakshepamfrom your mouth, is there any
plannings in your mind swamy to conductthiruvaymozhi kalakshepam in the near future, i heard
that ur father has donethiruvaymozhi kalakshepam in triplicane, i am only 24 years old, so i didnt
have urfather kadakshem to listen the thiruvaymozhi kalakshepam, i am eagerly waiting forur
kadakshem to listen the thiruvaymozhi kalakshepam.This is my Humble request.Srimadha
ramanujaya namaha. Azhwar Emberumanaar jeeyar thiruvadigalasaranam. - Question By - prabhu,
Not in the near future. I pray that it happens at least in a few years.
Question ID: 91 - My humble salutations Swami. I have heard different thingsabout the uththara
kaandam in Valmiki ramayanam. Is it true that Lord Rama exiled
Seetha devi to the forest after listening to some ordinary person's words aboutwhat was being
spoken about her?.I also hear people telling that Seetha devi'sshorter span of life was because of
this incident. Few give this as an example of gender inequality of our ancient society. To do away
with such problems it is putforth by a few that this uththara kaanda was not written by vaalmiki at
all but was alater addition. Since I have not read the original verses please explain what
exactlyhappens in the last kaandam. Since Rama was brahmam himself in human form withall
kalyana gunams manifested, he could not have acted wrong.So kindly explainhow to interpret
these events and also anything that I am missing out here. -Question By - Anand,
Uttara kanda was also authored by Sage Valmiki only. When Sita was pregnant Ramawanted to fulfill
any of her wishes and requested Her to spell out. Sita wished to liveamongst rishis in the forest
during Her pregnancy and delivery. Thus Rama sent Her tothe forest. The words of dhobi were only a
lame reason given to send Sita as per Herwish. But for that reason, the citizens of Ayodhya would
not have allowed Sita to go tothe forest as per Her wish. All these are mentioned in uttara
kandam itself. I havewritten a detailed article on this about 3 years back in kalki deepavali malar.
You canrefer to that.
Question ID: 90 - respected sir, i am lakshmi studying in class 10.i have beenlistening to your
kannanin aaramudhu from the beginning .in the seventh chapteryou said that this universe is
created by the lord.sir, during creation the lordassigns some body for the atmas sticking to
him.i.e,one atma is given an ameobabody and other is given ahuman body,say.then the one with
human body elevatesfaster when comparred to the ameoba body.and we know that depending
upon ourkarma we take the form or body.but this is the creation in the beginning and wehave no
paapa or punya .then on what basis the lord determines the body of aatma.kindly excuse me if i
had questioned wrongly. - Question By -lakshmi,
As this atma has no beginning so are its papam and punyam. There was no day whenthis atma was
devoid of papam and punyam. Karma is anaadi. This atma has been entangled in
samsaram from time immemorial due to its karma.

Question ID: 89 - namaskaram swamiji, I heard your visit to mumbai is confirmed,can i know the
dates please? i have a doubt, we planned to conduct upanayanam formy brother in law's sons
who are aged 11(11/96) & 8 (9/99) years completed, atwhat exact age upanayanam is conducted?
Is it ok if we conduct the upanayanamfor both at this age? we wish to do it together only.. there
are some confusion aboutthe age to do upanayanam. so i would like to clarify.. kindly clarify my
doubt. Weneed your blessings too. thanks - Question By - radhamohan,
Sastram says ' ashta varsham brahmanam upanayeeta ' ie. Eight years
includinggarbham. So effectively the right age is 7. You have to seek other clarifications withyour
family brhaspati.
Question ID: 88 - Respected Swamy, Adiyen namaskaram. Pranavam is found invedas. Ladies are
not supposed to chant vedas. If so, how can ladies chantthirumantram (Which has Pranavam in it).
Kindly clarify. Thanks. - Question By -Satya,
There is a difference between two sampradayas in this. Only in tenkalai sampradayamt h o s e
ladies who have undergone panchasamskaram chant pranavam. But
thise x c e p t i o n i s o n l y w h e n p r a n a v a m i s c h a n t e d b e f o r e
t i r u m a n t r a m . S r i m a d paramahansetyadi Ayodhya Ramanuja jeer swamy has written a
small book on this,giving reasons. You may refer to that with Tirumala peria jeer mutt.
Question ID: 87 - Swamyin We are enjoying your gifted KANNANIN ARAVAMUDU inDD for more
than a year.In addition to your giving explanation to each gita slokayour giving particular speciality
in each DIVYADESAM makes each one in inducing tovisit these places.before visiting these places
particulars you give would be veryuseful in not missing anything in those places. I would like to
know whetherKINCHITKARAM or D D are planning to comeout with DVD/VCD for cost;Most of
thedevotees would like to have.These DVD/VCD would be A TRESSURE for
cominggenerations.Adiyen has a quite a good collection of cds released byKINCHITKARAM.After
hearing I am preserving for my son,grand children and others.Kindly inform about GITA
programme broadcast daily in DD would be available atleast at a latter date. DASAN LAKSHMI
This is a programme by Doordarshan (Prasar Bharati) and so they ha ve the rights. They
do have a plan to release this as DVD in future. Regards.
Question ID: 84 - Swamin, adiyen pranams for you. If I question wrongly plspardon me. In one of
QA section, you have answered that "total age of dwaparayuga is 864000 years. In 720000th year
krishna ascended to vaikuntha.Mudalazhwars belong to uthara sandhi (72000 years) of dwapara
yuga. So it is aptto have sung about sri krishna". I have heard in your upanyasam that
Nammazhwarwas born in kaliyuga after 40 days of lord krishna's ascension to vaikunta. But it
seems like contradictory when I see both matters. Kindly correct me for the abovedoubt. Question By - M. GOPALAKRISHNAN,
This is a valid doubt. Our purvacharya vyakhyanams mention that Nammazhvar wasborn 42 days
after the birth of kaliyuga and so there was an ambiguity in my mind.After probing further it is
clear that Nammazhvar was born much later ie after theuttara sandhi of dvapara was
over Vyakhyanams do not mention that Nammazhvarwas born 42 days from the
departure of Krishna. They only mention that azhvar is relatively proximate to the date of
Krishna rather than other avataras. (This confusionwould arise if we assume that Krishna departed
on last day of dvapara uttara sandhi.But in fact He departed on the last day of the actual dvapara
Question ID: 83 - Adiyen Swami Dasan, Ananthamana dandan for you. Swamin, Itis a doubt I have
kept in mind such a long time without any proper clarification. Ibeg you to clarify this doubt. My
question is that same Rama, Krishna, Kalki avatarswill take incarnation again and again with same

events. And the same events fromsatya yuga to kali yuga will repeatedly happen without any
change but only thesouls will change. For example, swami velukkudi krishnan (you) won't come
nextkaliyuga, but another soul with same name, form and events will come in next kaliyuga. If
these points are right, My humble question is that where we have gotevidence to testify these
facts very clearly from scriptures without any round aboutway. Second question is if we get the
evidence from scriptures for these facts also,how can god put the burden of good deeds and
misdeeds on the pitiable souls asthe events are happening in a prearranged manner. If I have
asked wrongly, plspardon me. M. Gopalakrishnan ( - Question By M.GOPALAKRISHNAN,
It is true that avataras repeat (dhata yatha purvam akalpayat) But the name,
form,place etc of individual souls would may not necessarily be t he same. At the
macrolevel sthavara jangama manushya deva etc are created. But at a micro level
theirnames forms and places may change according to their papa and punya. There wouldbe sadhus
and dushtas owing to their own karmas. In every yuga many would practicebhakti or saranagati and
attain moksham. Our karmas and pain / pleasure as a result,is not inflicted by Bhagavan. It is our
own deed. I have explained this while answeringanother similar question in this section a few days
ago. Kindly refer to Question ID: 36for more details on this.
Question ID: 82 - Swamiji i am feeling very very guilty because all my problemsinmy family is due
to my ignorance and carelessness only. is iam only person
responsible for what happened ?.is it because of karma? - Question By -meyyammai,
We are, due to karma, responsible for the happenings in and around us. However weare not the only
one responsible. There are five factors which coordinate any actionand result - sareeram, pranam,
indriyam, atma, paramatma. We must reflect on thisa n d d e v e l o p a s t r o n g s e n s e t h a t I
a m n o t t h e d o e r . T h i s i s k n o w n a s a k a r t r v a anusandhanam. Neither this absolves
us of our papams nor does it approve us to commit papams. . We must strictly adhere to
sastric principles and in the process if weinadvertently commit any mistake, it would not affect us.
For a saranagata, any papamis removed if we repent for it and resolve not to commit it again.
Question ID: 81 - Pranams! Dear swamiji. We all have the practice of doingSanthayavandhanam
daily. but we do not know for what santhyavandanam is beendone and also please let me know
the purpose of doing it. Namaskarams! - QuestionBy - A R Hariharan,
Kindly contact our information centre at 044 24992728. There is a cd released
byVaikunthavasi Sri U Ve Srinivasa raghavachariar swamy (srikaryam of andavan asram)which was
published by Sri Suresh Krishna of TVS Madurai. This is free. It would giveyou all the information you
require about sandhyavandanam.
Question ID: 80 - Pranams! As per your advice lastweek"Certainly anjaneyaswamy would give you
whatever you want. From your questions it seems that youwant a lot. What do you want at this
age ? A tip for your practice - do pradakshinamchanting Rama namam for a week just for the sake
of pleasing Anjaneya swamy(without requesting anything from him) and let us know the result.
You can chantsundara kandam regularly". I went to anjaneya swami temple just for
pleasinganjaneya swami without asking for wants.I am just starting to feel confident onmyself and
also i am getting the Bhagyam of hearing Ramayanam from you at vanimahal, Chennai. I feel this
had been the greatest gift. Thanks for your advice. Alsoplease tell me any other practice to do
daily other than santhyavandhanam which ido it regularly. Namaskarams! - Question By - A
Kindly chant important stotras of acharyas, tiruppallandu and tiruppavai.

Question ID: 79 - I wonder, Why Mangai Mannan (Thirumangai Azhwar) did notvisit Thothadri
(Vaanamaamalai) which is a Swayam Kshetram and one among 108,inspite his being in
Thirukurungudi, which is very near?!!! He visited lengths andbreadths but still left the cited
Kshetra!!! Any specific reason to know? Withrespectful Pranams, T.Sridharan - Question By T.SRIDHARAN,
There are a few more instances also like this. No specific reason.
NAMO NAMAH! acharyan Thiruvadigalecharnam Mudal alwargal birth time most of the acharyas
described in dwaparayugam. But in their pasurams they were mentioning about krishna leelas.
Like thatThirumazhasai piran in his pasuram mentioned about samana and sakyamatham....'. As
per the history samana madam just 2000 years before. Kindly clearmy doubts. adeyan Ramanuja
Dvaparayuga consists of 864000 years out of which 720000 years is the actual yugaa n d 7 2 0 0 0
y e a r s o f p u r v a s a n d h i a n d 7 2 0 0 0 y e a r s o f u t t a r a s a n d h i . S r i K r i s h n a departed
this material world on the last year of the actual yuga i.e. 720000th year. Mudal
azhvargal were born after Sri Krishna during uttara sandhi kalam. Regarding theother question,
bouddha and jaina were existing much before these recent buddhasand jainas. It is evident from the
fact that Sage Veda vyasa condemns these faiths inhis Brahma sutra which belongs to dvapara yuga.
Question ID: 76 - I understand that you have started sending the charts to somepeople
(Kinchitjkaram - 3 months - Rs 1280 - donors). I would be very grateful andblessed one if I get the
charts which I feel enable me to go thro again and again andthereby improve my knowledge and
self. - Narayanan Sridharan. My earlier questionis below: ===== Respected Swamiji, I have the
Baghyam of listenng "KannaninAaravamudhu" (both morning andf evening) in Pothigai Channel
on Mondays thro'Fridays. Due to my poor & inadequate retentions, whenever you explain the
Stanzasby chart or using "padigal" I am finding it difficult to recollect the same. Hence Irequest
your goodselves that these charts / "Padigal" may also be made available inour website so that
many perople like me would get the benefit of repeatedly goingthro them and our spiritual thurst
wouid get quenched. - Question By - NarayananSridharan, ---- The
answer received is : ---- Yes we woulddo that. ============== I await. NarayananSridharan - Question By - NarayananSridharan,
The charts are on our website under the URL Pictures talk. Kindly go through.
Question ID: 75 - Swami, India has 2% of World's land, while the share onpopulation is 20%.With
due consideration to other beleifs, more than 95% of World'spopulation, may not be following
either Saivam or Vaishnavam. Is it a Divine plan, topopulate India more, such that they are
initiated into the attainment of Moksha,atleast after some lives? India is still predominantly a
poor country [as per Materialstandards] with many beggers. Does our scriptures prescribe
begging?US/Europe/Japan are prospering with healtheir and wealthier citizens, while in India,with
excellent Spritual tradition, many are struggling to live. I am pained at this andhence this
unorganized question ? - Question By - KalyanapuramKannan,
Bharata desam is the karma bhumi as mentioned in Sri Vishnu puranam. All the sastricdeeds here
bear fruits in moksham. I remember to have read somewhere that onceIndian Prime Minister Sri
Lal Bahadur Sastri landed in China along with a few vedic scholars. The then Chinese Premier Mr.
Mao Tse Tung greeted them along with chinesescholars. He had conveyed the belief in china to our Prime
Minister - "To take birth inBharat is the penultimate step to attaining salvation." Poverty in India is
due to 1. Webeing robbed of our wealth by many foreign invaders. 2. It depends on the definition
of wealth. We have been taught to develop our inherent and eternal power of meditationrather

than material wealth. Our focus is on the invisible atman and paramatman butothers focus on
visible wealth and this perishable body. For them, material wealth,which is di fficult
and painful to earn, is the means for pleasure but for us, bhakti or saranagati, which are
easy and enjoyable to practice, are the means for absolute bliss.F o r u s b o t h t h e m e a n s
a n d t h e e n d a r e e n j o y a b l e . 3 . S r i K r i s h n a s a y s ' y a s y a anugraham
icchami tasya vittam haramyaham - "I rob the wealth of those whom Ichoose to bless".
Hope this divine statement dispels all doubts.
Question ID: 74 - Poojyasri Swamiji, I wanted to share with you 2 dreams I hadrecently. Few days
back I had a dream of someone explaining about a temple, whichhighlights the importance of the
name "Rama". I dont know which temple he wasreferring to. Couple of days back I had a dream
where someone is showing me abook with lot of images of god and devotees. One picture I can
remember clearly isof Lord Narasimha and in that dream I can remember someone chanting the
verse"Naarasimha vapuh sriman Keshavah Purushottamah" from Sri VishnuSahasranamam. I
request swamiji to guide me on the significance of these dreams.Is it pointing me to some temple
or to do something specific? I do Sri VishnuSahasranama Parayanam daily along with Lakshmi
ashtotthara and other slokhas.Should I be doing something in addition? Humbly request you to
guide me on this. -Question By - Sivakumar PR,
I am sorry that I do not know about interpretation of dreams. One thing
t h a t t h e Upanishads admit is that dreams are a result of punya and papa karmas. This
is anintermediary state to deep sleep. All objects in the dream are created by Brahmam. Itis good
that you had dream of Perumal.
Question ID: 73 - Swami, The Kali yuga is of 438,000 years. The current year-Circa 2008 AD
corresspond to Kali year 5109.In the Arithmatic perspective, noteven 1.2% of Kaliyuga has passed.
In this light, how long will be the impact of teachings of Adi Sankara, Ramanuja, Vedanta Desika...
on mankind. They had livedin the last 1500 years and will their impact be felt in the ever changing
world?.Sorry if my ignornace has not been framed correctly. - Question By - KalyanapuramKannan,
Their teachings would be relevant and alive till the last day of kali and then on
forever. The number of people practicing them may diminish but would never becomezero.
Question ID: 71 - Moksham - To be very precise, when I was having darshan of Lord Vardaraja in
Kancheepuram (Thatu Thirumanjanam), I had a feeling as if salvation is a state where one forgets
oneself in divine ananda and in that processforget onself and also Him. It was a very palpable
feeling. I should say I was literallyable to see Him there. Is salvation really like that? - Question By surabhi,
Moksham is getting relieved of the pain and pleasure of this mundane world.
Whilehaving darshan of Perumal and experiencing His attributes, since we are absorbed in itwe get
such a feeling. However this ecstasy vanishes once we are out of sight of Perumal as the
clutches of this world arrest us. It requires a lot of yogam to extend thisecstasy even when we are
away from Him. This pleasure becomes permanent whenwe reach Sri vaikuntham which is parama pada
Question ID: 70 - Namaskarams. This doubt relates to Thirumangai Azwar. WhenSriman
Narayanan wishes to place his lotus feet on Azwar's head, Azwar declines. Inaddition he states I
prefer to serve your Bhakta than you, as elucidated by yourdiscourse last week at Saranatha
perumal divya desam. What is the philosophybehind this and, why does the Azwar prefer the
service to Jivatama in the presence
of paramatma? Kindly pardon my ignorance. With sincere regards, Srinath -Question By - Srinath,

This is due to many reasons 1. Bhaktas are the ones who lead us to Bhagavan sowingt h e s e e d
of bhakti - we need to be grateful to them more than
B h a g a v a n . Ezhutharivittavan iraivanagum. 2. They are the lotus feet of Bhagavan - serving
themis serving Bhagavan Himself. 3. Our objective is to please Bhagavan the Master - He ismore
pleased when we serve bhaktas than serving Him. 4. Bhaktas share our pleasurewhile enjoying
bhagavat vishayam and share our agony due to His separation or thetorture of this material world. 5.
They correct us when we err. 6. Being humans, in away they understand our plight better than
Bhagavan can.
Question ID: 69 - Namasthe, I would like to know, how one can develop thesathvakunam,in the
context of this fast and speedy world and the Second questionis what to do with the coconut that
was offered in the purna kumpam to the saintwhen they do the "ponnadisathudal" at our home in
view of the sastra that weshould not eat the food touched by the saints as per Agaraniyam by
swami Desikan.Kindly clear my doubt. with pranams, S.raghavan - Question By -S.Raghavan,
Ahara suddhi (controlled diet and consumption of satvika food), knowledge about
theshortcomings of rajas and tamas, knowledge about our well being and feeling
of satisfaction when satva guna improves, focusing our sensual organs on the
suddhasatva deity of Bhagavan, meditating on the divine attributes of Perumal, nitya
karmaanushthanam are some of the ways that help us develop satva guna.
Question ID: 68 - anahakoti namaskaram swamiji, kindly pardon me if am wrong...This year
calender is excellent and its worth preserving it in good condition formillion years unlike the other
regular calender... one of my relative asked me to buythe calender, so i purchased it and gave it
her as a gift as i thought she will read &enjoy the whole concept of the calender. but i came to
know from my mother in law ,she did nt keep in the house rather she didnt hang it near mandir or
perumal 'splace. though my mother in law would like to read it but its not available to hersight
too. As i heard she bundled and kept it inside... my mind is really disturbed bythis act... many
times my mind provoked me to ask the same and give the same tosome one (i know many
deserving prople who are kannanin devotees) but my othermind is also preventing me , not to do
that.. i am also thinking as you said i did mykarma and forget the outcome. but my least
expectation is the " conceptialcalender" supposed to utilize well by us as bhaktas.. I really cant
think beyondkrishna & Lord Uppliappan ... please kindly give me the strength to control
mythought and fruitful reply to my question. then i am sure my mind will be satisfied
by your answer only. sorry for adiyens' quest. radhamohan - Question By -radhamohan,
Nothing wrong in asking her as to the fate of the calendar. You can even suggest her acouple of
times to read it. If all these attempts fail, you can request her to give it toany of her friends who
would read it. We should not spare any attempt to induce people to bhakti without getting
Question ID: 65 - vanakkam ayya. mathurakavi aazhwarukkumnammaaazhvaarukkum idaye aana
'seththadu vayitril siriyadhu kidappin......" enumuraiyaadalukku vilakkam aliththamaikku miikka
nandri. melum , atharku veroruvilakkam ulladhaaka koorineerkale!! athayum thantharula
iyalumaa? - Question By -ambarish,
That is the one found in all books and that is why I did not write. Settadu is achit siriyadu is jiva - Where would it live and enjoy - it would enjoy material pleasure andbe bounded in
cycles of birth.
Question ID: 64 - Dear Swami, adiyen was listening to your discourse on'Devaperumal's Aaru
Vaarthai' (CD) where devareer has mentioned about'Swarakshane Swaanwayam'. The examples

given by you for the same are two - 1.Rani not relying on her Raja and asking the neighbouring
State's Raja to protect herand 2. A lady not relying on her husband and going for work for her
sustinence.While the first example is understandable, I have a question regarding the secondone.
Do you mean to say that women should not go for work and depend on thehusband's earnings
only to run the family? This might be true or applicable evenuntil fifty years back, but in this
modern age, how can we ask women to stay athome, especially since they are also equally
competent (if not more) in most areasof work like men. Please forgive me for raising this but
wanted to seek your viewson the subject. Adiyen, Geetha Krishnan - Question By GeethaKrishnan,
I understand your view but the dictums of the sastram remain the same. It is the male's
duty to sustain his spouse as per the mantras he had chanted.
Question ID: 63 - Pranams. Human body (any living being) is comprised of croresof cells. These
cells have individual life span. (this is evident from the fact that even
after the soul leaves the body, body parts are transplanted and function well inother body) During
their life span they are nourished by the whole body functionunder the influence of Jeevatma. Is it
appropriate to say that: (1) nucleus of eachcell is `chit` (Jeevatma) (2) surrounded by protons and
electrons `achit` (3) the`Jeevatma`of the whole body becomes the `Paramatma` for these
individual cells.(4) ie., `chit` &`achit` of all cells collectively form the `achit` or `body` of the`atman`
inside the whole body. Please throw light. Respectful pranams. T.Sridharan- Question By T.SRIDHARAN,
All cells, atoms including protons neutrons and electrons, molecules are all achit. Theatman resides
in them due to karma. They may be many atmans in any part.
Question ID: 62 - Respected Swamin you have mentioned that samashrayanam isnot a mere ritual
and that one has to follow the internal and external prescriptions.What are they? could you please
be more specific. what does one have to do toincrease the mental inclination of total surrender
and mature us spirituallyespecially if one has not got it even after samashrayanam? What
importance dochanting of dwayam and ashtaksharam have in post prapatti days? i find that a
lotof people do not chant these two mantras but do chant other slokas othersrivaishnava
acharyas. is this approach correct? - Question By - GeethaRangarajan,
A direct interaction with your samasrayana acharya would be the only right reply toyour question.
However, I state in brief Internal qualities - realize that Me, the eternalatman, is different and
superior to this perishable body, not offend anybody throughmanas vaak or sareeram, control of
sensual organs, steadily develop a detachment toanything material, develop an attachment and love
towards Brahmam Brahmam, shedh a u g h t i n e s s , p r a c t i c e n o n v i o l e n c e a n d p a t i e n c e ,
h o n e s t y i n m a n a s v a a k a n d sareeram, speak only the truth, practice dyanam on Perumal for
atleast 30 minutes aday, think about the glorious berth in Srivaikuntham that is waiting
for us and thepath, archiradi marga, which would lead us there, bhagavat bhagavata
acharyapratipatti, absolute belief in the truth that Sriman Narayana, the supreme is my
onlysustainer and giver of Moksham, dwell and reflect on bhagavan's divine
attributeswhich gives immense pleasure, ensure that our entire family in this same
wavelengthExternal qualities : support your parents till their last day, allot atleast 2
hours in aw e e k t o s e r v e s o m e b o d y i n n e e d , l e a r n t o l i v e f o r o t h e r s , p e r f o r m
n i t y a k a r m a anushthana as per varna asrama dharma, consume only satvika ahara that is
offeredt o P e r u m a l , w e a r t i r u m a n , g e t s a m a s r a y a n a m
a d m i n i s t e r e d , r e c i t e n i t y a anusandhanam and perform tiruvaradhanam to
Perumal daily, contribute our little mite to acharyan and divya desams in cash or kind or

physical service or all the three,attend kalakshepams to enrich our understanding on

Bhagavan, chant dvayam and
Bhagavan namams as many times as possible daily, be thankful to the purva acharyaparampara
which blessed us with this treasure
Question ID: 61 - Respected Swamiji, I have the Baghyam of listenng "KannaninAaravamudhu"
(both morning andf evening) in Pothigai Channel on Mondays thro'Fridays. Due to my poor &
inadequate retentions, whenever you explain the Stanzasby chart or using "padigal" I am finding it
difficult to recollect the same. Hence Irequest your goodselves that these charts / "Padigal" may
also be made available inour website so that many perople like me would get the benefit of
repeatedly goingthro them and our spiritual thurst wouid get quenched. - Question By NarayananSridharan,
Yes we would do that.
Question ID: 60 - Pranams! I am 26 yrs Old. I am a bhakta of Anjaneyar Swami. Idaily go to
anjaneya swamy temple in my place. But now-a-days people come andsay to me that Anjaneya
swami does not give what you need in instance or quick time. so it is good for to rather go to some
Vishnu temples or Pilayar temples. BUt icertainly believe that Anjaneya swami will not let me
down. I request you to kindlytell me the pooja and stothras to chant for anjaneya swami and also i
request you totell me how many pradhakshanams should i do for anjaneya swami. A.R.Hariharan Question By - Hariharan,
Certainly anjaneya swamy would give you whatever you want. From your questions itseems that you
want a lot. What do you want at this age ? A tip for your practice - dop r a d a k s h i n a m c h a n t i n g
R a m a n a m a m f o r a w e e k j u s t f o r t h e s a k e o f p l e a s i n g Anjaneya swamy (without
requesting anything from him) and let us know the result. You can chant sundara kandam regularly.
Question ID: 59 - Pranams! I would like to clarify certain doubts which have beenin mind for a long
period. I had seen so many elder person do all the mistakes attheir young age and when they
become old they certainly change viceversa. At theolder age they do all their duties, go for
upanyasams.temples, perform homamsetc.. but they forgot that when they are young, they where
the person who does notrespect their parents or elders. I certainly believe that, all those sins u did
at theyoung age will certainly have the replica at the olderage. Kindly advice whether mythinking
is correct or not. - Question By - A R Hariharan,
Yes. we have to experience the result of any karma. Karma can be burnt through twomeans 1. by
experiencing or 2. by prayaschittam. The first route is too long and we donot know the procedure for
the second route. Saranagati is in lieu of prayaschittams.Once you surrender, repent for the
previously committed papams and do not repeatthem, our karmas are pardoned by Sriman Narayana.
Question ID: 58 - Respected Swamin!! adiyen humble pranams!! Your highnessmay kindly present
your reply for the following two questions: 1.As per rule whenthe couple seeking blessing and vice
versa , spouse stands on theright side of herhusband where as the idle or divyamangala vigraha of
Ramar in tirucherai orwherever we see the pictures in the frames, Goddess sita is standing on the
leftside of Ramar or to say thayaar standing on the left side of perumal. Pl clarify thereason behind
this. 2. It was told in one of Devareer upanyasams that when kuchelamet Lord Krishna He took
handful of Aval from Kuchela and when he started takinga second morsel of aval Rukmini thaayaar
forced him not to take since already forone morsel Lord krishna is after kuchela and if he takes
one more morsel eventhaayar would be a slave of kuchela. Here the doubt arises to me that out of
premaihe is taking more. In this context question of slavery of thaayaar to kuchela whyarises ? If
bagwan wish he can even shrink his wealth to the extent needed to him .Then why thayaar should
be slave for taking aval out of love on kuchela. This is onlya question out of inquisitiveness and not

to hurt the principles behind this. Purelyout of ignorance this is raised. Pl pardon me for this and
kindly consider as aquestion asked by an ignorant child asking to father. Adiyen ramanuja
dhasan!! -Question By - kalyani venkatesh,
The explanation given to me at Tirucherai was - this tirukkolam is of vana vasa ramarwhere they are
at will and so the common rule of spouse being to the right does notapply. Whether Krishna
consumes the second morsel out of love or compulsion, theresult would be the same.
Question ID: 57 - respected swami, from your geethopadesam i slowly attainedsathvika mind. and
i came to a conclusion that only lord krishna is important in thisworld and no other thing is needed
so all desires and wishes has ceased from mymind slowly. but one day i was insulted by one of my
friend . i felt so bad that wholeday. in such situations how i have to react. whether i should
reinsult or fight ormaintain silence that god takes care of everything. i am not able to
thereany answer for this in geetha. please give me a solution. - Question By - aishwaryaramanuja
Your friend can only insult your body and certainly not your atman. You
are toexperience pain as a result of your karma and your friend is an
i n s t r u m e n t i n implementing it. It is your Karma that makes Bhagavan to influence
your friend to
insult you. Violent response would add to your karma. Just think in these lines - you willnot respond
and not be disturbed.
Question ID: 56 - Dear Swami, May I know the significance of calling SRIRAAMANUJA as Acharya and
SRI KOORATHALWVAR as ALWAR though latter is thedeciple of SRI RAMANUJA ?. What is the role played
by Acharyas & and Alwars ?Kindly clarify. - Question By - RAMAN.PADMANABHAN,
Your question has the clue to the answer. Azhvars are those who are more absorbed indivine
experience and bhakti and less focused on preaching. On the contrary acharyast o o k u p
preaching as their prime responsibility and experience was
s e c o n d a r y . Koorathazhvan was an exception amongst acharyas who was more inclined
towardsdivine experience and outpourings which won that title to him.
Question ID: 55 - Hello my name is gautam.i am in class x i would like to knowwhere and how did
come. - Question By - gautam,
You are created by the Almighty God through your parents in this birth. You are a partof the same
Brahmam. As your limbs are a part of you, you are a part of ParamatmaSriman Narayana. Think
about Him as many times as you can in your day, listen to Hisstories and you would progressively
realize that you are His part, supported by Himalways and protected by Him in all circumstances.
Question ID: 53 - Mathsyavathara: Why Sri Hari took Asuras along with Devas forchurning the
Ocean? Is it that good and bad in balance are required for action? Whythe karmaphala, ie., nectar
was not shared to Asuras who were also part of the saidKarma, ie., chruning? If the outcome was
to be reached to the deserving, ie.,SriLakshmi to Sriman Narayana, Aalakala poison to Shankara,
Nectar to Devas etc.what Asuras got out of the said Karma? Please clear my ignorance.
RespectfulPranams. T.Sridharan - Question By - T SRIDHARAN,
Bhagavan is asrita pakshapaadi ie He is partial towards His devotees. Devas are Hisdevotees while
asuras are not. (quote: Vishnu bhakti paro deva: viparita: tathaasura:)A s u r a s w e r e d e n i e d o f
the nectar as a result of their papa karmas. Narayana
suggested that devas join hands with asuras as they could not have churned it aloneand also that
asuras strength diminishes by the poisonous exhale of vasuki.

Question ID: 52 - enadhu vanakkangal. aiyaa, nammazhvar kuzhandhayagairukkumpozhuthu

mathurakavi aazhvar avaridam "seththathin vayitril siriyadhukidappin eththai thindru enge
kidakkum ?" ena kelvi ketkiraar. atharku namaazhvar"aththai thindru ange kidakkum" endru vidai
alikiraar. Intha irandu vasanangalinmoolam ulagirku unartha vizhayum seythu yaathu? ithu
kurithu pala kshethrangalilperiyorgalidam vilakkam kettu vitten. avargal sariyaaga vilakka villai.
Dhayaikoornthu enakku vilakku veergala? - Question By - ambarish,
At the outset, let me place a request. While asking a question kindly do not write
oreven think that many have not answered your question earlier and so you are askingagain.
There are many great scholars in our sampradaya who can clear any doubt.Probably
you might not have had a chance to interact with them. Now about your doubt: This
saying has two interpretations and I am giving one here. Settadu - jivatmaladen with karma and
covered by agnana. Siriyadu - svarupa gnana - (i.e. if a jiva whohas been absorbed in the cycles of
birth and agnana is blessed with a little svarupagnana )ettai tinnu enge kidakkum - which
would be its way to attain Bhagavan andw h a t w o u l d i t e n j o y o n r e a c h i n g
A t t a i t i n n u a n g e k i d a k k u m - i t w o u l d a b s o r b Bhagavan's lotus feet as the only
means and enjoy serving the same eventually. Thepurpose of this statement is to convey that
Bhagavan is the means and He is t heaccomplishment (upaaya and Upeya)
Question ID: 51 - Ananthakoti dhandangal to Devareer's thiruvadi! Devareer'supanyasams have
been a constant source of guidance to me. i strongly believe thatSrimannarayanan alone is the
Parabrahman. I've heard people saying that God isformless,etc., Where does the concept of
nirguna/nirvisesha brahman arise as saidby the advaithins? Is there any mention about it in the
vedas/upanishads? -Question By - hiranmayi,
There are some portions in the Vedanta which apparently suggest nirguna brahmam.However when
read along with all other vakyas we can arrive at the correct conceptthat Brahmam is sagunam.
After establishing the auspicious qualities of Brahmam t h r o u g h s a g u n a v a k y a s , t h e
n i r g u n a v a k y a s d o n o t n e g a t e t h e s a m e a u s p i c i o u s qualities of Brahmam but the
inauspicious qualities.
Question ID: 50 - namaskarangal.Eventhough i do the duties correctly, still myself and patient
(wife) suffering like anything.She got kidney transplant last april, donoris myself. We are having
strong faith lord krishna thats what we are able to survivewith this difficulties.We sometimes lose
our hope.But after seeing your spiritualdiscourse thro' " POTHIGAI" we convince ourselves. Still
she is having some healthproblems .Can you pl guide us to pass the hurdles . - Question By dayalan,
I am moved by the way you have taken things positively seeking solace in Sri Krishna.At times He
puts His bhaktas through many hardships. It is like gold subjected tohardships to
decorate the neck of somebody. Here we can be assured that we wouldbe a necklace around the
neck of Sri Krishna. Kindly chant His holy names as much aspossible. You can chant Nammazhvar's
1st centum 7th decad "piravittuyar ara..." (11verses) which would reduce your agony. Sri Krishna would
certainly stand by you.
Question ID: 49 - I pay my obeisances unto u. With reference to one of the versesfrom Srimadh
Bhagavatha Mahapuranam, adiyaen infer that Krishna is theBhagavan or Svayam - meaning he is
the seed/creator of this Universe and the lastpart says, the different incarnations happen when
there is a disturbance. So, itwould mean to say that the Krishna avatharam is the Svayam
Avatharam or the Godhimself came to earth? and all other incarnations are his portions? Also, i
would liketo know if Krishna, Sriman Narayanan, Maha Vishnu are interchangeable and theyrefer
to the same name. Please correct me if i am wrong. Thanks. Hare Krishna -Question By - Srikanth,

Svayam only means it is Sri Mahavishnu Himself who incarnates. This usage does notgive any room
to say that all other incarnations are of Sri Krishna. Sri Krishna avatarais read along with all other
avataras. When it mentions that Narayana or Hari or Vishnui n c a r n a t e s , i t m e a n s t h a t
S r i m a n N a r a y a n a i s t h e a v a t a r i a n d S r i K r i s h n a i s H i s avataram. Let us conclude this string
of questions with this reply.
Question ID: 47 - Hails to Sri Hari. Your Discourse on Bhagavat Geeta on TV is verysimple superb
are the ways you try to push the meanings into the listener. But still,if some listeners are like me,
at the end of 18 chapters, we will end up in the middleof the road, confusing between which yoga
to practice. In Kali, it is fast, evenwilling to reach Sri Vaikuntha by `hook or crook`, means, `we cant
perform yogasstrictly as per norms, but still sincerely WISH to reach SRIMAN
NARAYANA`sSRIPADHAM. So, I submit that you may have to give an easy CAPSULE at the END
OF18 CHAPTERS, which is practical and easy to `swallow` or FOLLOW by any commonman in this
Kaliyuga - like `Om Namo Narayanaya Namaha` by SriRamanuja - whichtakes us TO HIM. Doctrines
are bound to get crossed in Kali and hence solution
suitable for Kali is required. Respectful Pranams. T.Sridharan - Question By - TSRIDHARAN,
We are not going to invent new yogas. Saranagati is the right medicine in kali yuga.H o w e v e r
using phrases like hook or crook would only demean the greatness
o f saranagati. Even saranagati fetches moksham only if performed with realization andmaha
Question ID: 46 - Pl give very simple definition that even a layman can understandclearly - for
Advaita, Dwaita and Vishishtadvaita. Also, when all paths are leading tosame destination, what is
the need for the evolution of three Sidhanthas? Withrespectful Pranams, T.Sridharan - Question
Advaita - Only one real atman which is brahmam, other than that everything
elsewhether sentient or non sentient is illusion, jiva and brahmam are one and the same. There is
nothing second to brahmam. Brahmam is formless, attributeless. Realising that
everything is illusion and I am Brahmam is (ikyam) moksham. Visishta advaitam -all the three chit
achit and isvara are real and different. Chit and achit are inseperablydependant on paramatma.
There is nothing that is equal to the paramatma that is incommunion with chit and achit.
Brahmam assumes all forms, and is full of divine a t t r i b u t e s . R e a l i s i n g t h a t I a m
t h e a b s o l u t e s e r v a n t o f b r a h m a m a n d a t t a i n i n g Srivaikuntham to enjoy eternal bliss
(saamyapatti )is moksham. Dvaitam - chit achitand isvara are real and different. The jiva is not
entirely dependant on paramatma. Asyou can see all the three do not lead to the same destination.
So the need to rightlyinterpret the Vedanta.
Question ID: 45 - My respectable pranaam to you acharya ! ahdiyen haveplanbned for Sri Maha
Sudarshana Homam at my Home. I would like to knowinformation about Sudarshana homam. Can
we have Lord sudarshana photo athome? some pweople say we should not have it at home.
request you to pleaseclarify the same . Many Thanks - Question By - Vinodh,
Kindly contact your family brhaspati. He would be the right person to guide you.
Question ID: 44 - Respected Swamy, Adiyen namaskaram. Kindly request you toclarify my
following doubt. What is the difference between "Jeevathma as sareeramof paramathma" and
"Jeevathma as prakaram of paramathma". Thanks. Satya. -Question By - Satya,

atma as a sareeram of Paramatma is a dravya which forms part of His divine

body,being borne and controlled by Him for His sole enjoyment. Atma as a prakaram ? it isapruthak
siddha viseshanam of Paramatma ? inseparable qualification. All sareeramswould be prakarams
but not all prakarams are sareerams. The divine qualities of Brahmam is His prakaram but they
are not His divine body. Jiva is His sareeram as wellas prakaram.
Question ID: 19 - Swami sannidhiyil adiyen Ramanuja dasan thendamsamarpiththa vignapanam.
Swami, adiyen is blessed to have the thiruvadisambandham of Thirumani Swamikal of
Mudaliyandan Thiruvamsam (atThiruallikeni). adiyen has two daughters aged 7 and 4. adiyen is
confused abouthow and when they will get their samasrayanam and get Ramanuja
sambandham.Supposing adiyen had boys, they would have had their samasrayanam
immediatelyafter their upanayanam. But what about girls, Why do they have to wait till
theirmarriage? if so why this lowkika even called 'marriage' is preventing theiropportunity to get
samasrayanam? as an athma why are they having different rule?what if they don't live till they get
married? Can adiyen approach my Achryan for mydaughters samasraynam? Swamy kindly
enlighten. adiyen Ramanaja dasan SampathKumar Padmanaban - Question By - Sampath Kumar,
We have a practice of girls? samasrayanam after their marriage only. Do not feel thatthey are
denied till that age. Sastras wait till that age. For that matter even male children are
denied till the age of upanayanam. The point to be noted is that they arenot denied for ever. If a girl
decides to remain unmarried then she can approach heracharyan for samasrayanam. Even
practically speaking if they get samasrayanam before marriage and then after marriage her
inlaws acharyan would be different, willshe get samasrayanam again (which is not
permitted) or would husband and wife belong to two acharyans. So kindly wait till your
daughters get married and then theycan be administered samasrayanam through their in laws
Question ID: 43 - My respectable pranaam to you, My question is, sometimespeople think that
Lord Krishna is one among the ten avatars of Lord Vishnu, but myunderstanding is that Lord
Krishna is the source forms including Maha Vishnu,Garbhodakshayi Vishnu and Kshirodakashyai
Vishnu. These are 24 lila avatars like
Matsya avatar, Kurma avatar etc., and all these originate from Krishna. That ismentioned in
Srimad Bhagavatam (1.3.28) "ete camsa kala pumsa krishnas tubhagavan svayam" and on other
hand it is said Lord Vishnu is the bhagavan orsupreme lord. please can you clear my doubts. Please
forgive me if I have offendedyou or any of the sampradayas. - Question By,
There are hundreds of verses in Srimad Bhagavatam which talk about the supremacyo f S r i m a n
Narayana or Sri Maha Vishnu or Hari. The words in the slokas and
t h e purport are clear that 1. Narayana is the Creator and everything else is
created.(2.5.15,16)(2.6.30) 2. From matsya to kalki , not only 24, but innumerable number
of a v a t a r a a s a r e a l l o f N a r a y a n a . 3 . S r i v a i k u n t h a m i s t h e u l t i m a t e a b o d e
w h e r e Paravasudeva resides and where every atman has to reach some day. Just
browsethrough and rewind 5 slokas - 1.3.23. Ekonavimse vimsati tame v rishnishu
prapya janmani - ramakrishnou iti bhuvo Bhagavan aharat bharam. This sloka says that
SriK r i s h n a a n d B a l a r a m a a r e b o t h i n c a r n a t i o n s o f t h e s a m e V i s h n u l i k e a n y
o t h e r incarnation. They are also numbered as 19 and 20. In the 28th sloka which you
havementioned it differentiates Sri Krishna from the other avesa avataras like parasurama ,vyasa
and manus and confirms that Sri Krishna is one of the mukhya avataras. Againin 2.7.26 it is
mentioned that Sri Krishna and Balarama are the 21st and 22nd avatarasof the same Sri
Mahavishnu. In 9.24.45 it is said that Hari took birth as the eighth childKrishna. When the devas go
to the ocean of milk and plead to save them, Bhagavanassures to take birth as Krishna and

relieve them (10.1.23). Further in 10.2.16 it s p e c i f i e s t h a t a n a m s a ( a p o r t i o n ) o f

V i s h n u e n t e r e d t h e w o m b o f D e v a k i t o b e krishna. So, Sri Krishna, the most
beloved of all the azhvars, is an incarnation of Sriman Narayana.
Question ID: 42 - Swami Adiyen Ramanuja Dasi. My humble pranams. First of allthank you very
much for taking time off for ignorant souls like me, who, but for yourKalakshebam CDs would have
been totally lost in life ! My question is: What is thesignificance of Varnashrama Dharma in todays
world? I understand that doingkarma the Vedic way is important, but it looks like in todays world,
we do it inparallel to our other activities like education, work etc. When I try to look at theessence
of the Vedic Karma classification, I feel that we should also take theessence of it in our activities
today(not only Spiritual activities, but also normalactivities). For example, irrespective of a
person's birth varna, if he works as aSoftware Engineer(for example), or a Professor, it is a task
that involves moremental strain than physical strain.. For such a person, irrespective of his birth,
theextra muscle power from meat eating is not necessary. It will only lead to healthcomplications.
Similarly, a person working in the Army, irrespective of his birth,needs more muscle power. There,
we can see what the Vedas prescribe for aKshatriya, and follow it. So, the significance of the
Varnashrama dharma in essencein todays world, is what I would like to understand. I am not sure
if I haveformulated my thoughts well.. May be I will follow it up with more questions later..Thank
you very much for this opportunity. Pizhaigalai Kshamikka Prarthikkiren..Adiyen. - Question By Deepa Vijayaraghavan,
Varna and asrama dharmas are relevant for any day. They may deteriorate due to thechanging
yugaas and more due to the nature of people in the yugaas. Your suggestionthat we can alter the
prescribed dharmas according to their current profession cannotbe held valid as, prima facie, a
change in profession itself is not acceptable. When there is a rule that I should not cross the
yellow line can we formulate a fresh set of rules for driving across the line. In reality even if
many are crossing it cannot be justified or ratified. I would write further when you clearly come
up with your doubt.
Question ID: 41 - " It is the karma of dvarapalaka's which decided their demonaicbirth". I am
confused. Even if the souls (Dvarapalaks) at Sri Vaikuntam areinfluenced by karma and take birth,
which is the state attaining which neitherKarmas nor birth influence? Which is such state
`Saranagathi` takes the soul of no-return? Please throw light to my ignorence. Respectful Pranams.
T.Sridharan -Question By - T SRIDHARAN,
It is either karya vaikuntham or Sri Vishnu lokam where this took place. As you haverightly said Sri
vaikuntham is a place for those who have shed all their karmas and attained mukti and
this is why sanaka and sanatkumara could not have visited here.Further in Sri vaikuntham Bhagavan
never sleeps and so dvarapalakas could not havestopped the two citing Bhagavan's resting as a
Question ID: 40 - Swami, Kindly advise the apt timings of performing Sandhyavandanam and
Madhyannigam. Also request the appropraite timings of taking food,suiting the above. With due
consideration to my Karma, I am comfortable with thewestern system of Breakfast [8 [am]hours],
Lunch [1-2 p.m] and Dinner [7-8 p.m]. -Question By - Kalyanapuram Kannan,
You can perform prata: Sandhya between 5.45 - 6 am. Then
t i r u v a r a d h a n a m , madhyanhikam - 7.45 am. and then breakfast. Evening Sandhya between 5.30
and 6pm. I do not know whether you are still employed. If not, these timings and practicescan be
altered to better suit vaidic culture.

Question ID: 39 - Swaminh, Pranams I have some clarifications about ourSampradhaya. The
doubts may be quite absurd but please pardon me and oblige toclarify them. 1. Heard in
aupanyasam that there is a vyakyanam for Srimath
Baghavatham with vaishnavite / vishishtadhwaidhic principles other thanSridhariyam, which is
based on adwaitha. Would like to know about that. 2. SrimathBaghavatham is a saadhwika purana
as old as more than 1000 years ago. But heardthat Baghavatham - a collections of vedic mantras
came to this world only after theperiod of Swamy Ramanuja - is it so? 3. There is no quotation of
SrimathBaghavatham in the life history of Swamy Ramanuja either "like Ramayana,Baghavath
vishayam from five Acharyas but not Baghavatham like this" Why is itso? Is it due to that
Baghavatham contains also matter of devathandharaBhajanam? 4. Swami Ramanuja & Swami
Manavalamamuni both are sages. ButThiruvadhayanam (annual ceremony) is done for only
Manavalamamuni and but notfor Swami Ramanuja. Both are incarnations of Adhiseshan. Why this
discrepancy?Dhanyawaadh Adiyen Radheeka Jegann - Question By - Radheeka Jegann,
1. Veeraraghaviyam is the commentary based on vedic principles i.e. vishistadvaiticconcepts. 2 and 3
- Sri Ramanuja has neither quoted any verse from Bhagavatam inany of his works nor has he
mentioned about that in any of his discourses. So he couldnot have propagated it. Bhagavatam does
not contain any devatantara bhajanam. If soit would not have been categorized as satvika
purana. There is also an opinion that Bhagavatam in vogue today might have been authored by
a saintly poet of tamil originafter the date of Sri Ramanuja. All these are just comments without any
authenticity. 4. T i r u v a d y a y a n a m o f S r i M a n a v a l a M a m u n i g a l g a i n e d i m p o r t a n c e
a s i t i s b e i n g conducted by Sri Ranganatha Himself as a disciple.
Question ID: 38 - respected swami, i was able to understand karma yogam,bhathiyagam, prabakthi
yogam individually.but i am not able to get the differancebetween these three.because in all these
three one cannot go out of his duty.aperson following any yogam should do his duty perfectly
then in what way onediffers from the other. please explain.requesting your blessings. aishwarya. Question By - aishwarya ramanuja dasi,
Karma yogam is ancillary to bhakti yogam. Performing ones karma burns his papam. This is a
prerequisite to the dawn of bhakti. Both karma and bhakti are categorized assaadhya upaya - i.e.
which is accomplished by human efforts. Prapatti is siddha upayawhere the responsibility to do
anything to attain moksham ceases with humans andgets switched to Bhagavan. It is His effort that
reaches us to moksham in this.
Question ID: 37 - Respected Sir, 1. I am not learned in Sanskrit to study the vedasand comprehend
their meaning myself.I repeatedly find people telling that meateating was prevelent in ancient
India.One person also said Rig Veda Book 1 Chapter162 verse 12 shows meat eating was
encouraged. I believe that misinterpretation isthe order of the day and this is one such case but on
the other hand Lord Krishna
mentions in Bhagavad Gita " thraigunya vishayaa vedhaa.....", so I am not able tocome to a
conclusion . 2. It is emphasised that vibrations in vedic chanting is thekey to its role in our lives.A
recent issue has raised questions like "why cant we useonly tamil in temples as we understand it
well?".What is there in sanskrit that is notthere in Tamil?.Kindly explain the uniqueness of sanskrit
matras. - Question By -Anand,
Vedas do prescribe and guide one and all. Meat eating is allowed for some. They wouldalso
transform slowly. As you have said we have to choose our right recipe from theV e d a s b a s e d o n
w h o w e a r e a n d w h a t w e w a n t t o a c c o m p l i s h . C h a n t i n g t a m i l pasurams of azhvars
has been in practice for thousands of years in Vishnu Temples intamil nadu. This is nothing new. This
in no way contradicts vedic chanting. All tamilVedas have their source from Sanskrit Vedas
only which is verily mentioned in thetamil pasurams themselves. So no harm can be

done to Sanskrit Vedas. They areapourusheya and anaadi. Even one word chanted rightly from
Sanskrit Vedas wouldreach us to svargam. Now, the request is to chant tamil nayanmars
pasurams in aselect siva temple.
Question ID: 36 - I strongly feel Sriman Narayana is the one who design allKarmas for Jeeva. The
Dwarapalaks of SriVaikunta were just performing their duty.It is Sriman Narayana who advanceplanned for his ensuing Avatars and chose theDwarapalaks to act as His rivals in the Avtars (I think
it is again a testing for theDwarapalaks to ensure that they are competent enough to hold that
security post).This He got fulfilled thro the curse of Bruhu Rishi. So, all the acts/karmas of Hiranya,
Ravana and Kamsa with their brothers, are all pre-determined by SrimanNarayana HImself. Thats
why these Jivas went to the abode of Hari after the endand without any rebirth in the pretext of
Karmaphala. Being the creation of SriHari,this should be applicable for all Jivas, ie., their Kama,
Karma, and Karmaphala - arepre-determined by Sri Hari. At the end all Jivas automatically reach
His abode as perHis Plan. Why should I then worry for my Kama, Karma or Karmaphala, when it is
allHis? and not mine? I am acting only as His tool to satisfy His own Kama.!!! Plcomment.
Respectful Pranams, T.Sridharan - Question By - TSRIDHARAN,
I had replied to this question earlier too. However let me write again. Sriman Narayanadoes not
decide or pre determine the karmam of jivas. It is we who are responsible fort h e s a m e . H e
d o e s n o t i n f l u e n c e u s i n t h i s m a t t e r . H a v i n g g i v e n t h e r e q u i r e d infrastructure viz
body, mind, gnana and sastras He watches us perform. It is we whod e c i d e o u r a c t i o n s . T h i s
d o e s n o t m e a n t h a t H e d o e s n o t c o n t r o l u s . A l t h o u g h a common farmer has about
10 acres of land, and controls them all, he tills and watersthem equally, each tree or plant grows
according to their seeds only. Unlike this Goddoes not sow the seed. It is we who sow the
seed of karmas and grow accordingly. W h e n w e h a v e k n o w l e d g e a n d r e a s o n i n g
power why should God behave like as h e p h e r d , d e c i d i n g t h e s h e e p ' s
detailed course, with us. It is the karma of
dvarapalaka's which decided their demonaic birth and this was not influenced by Godto facilitate His
Question ID: 35 - Adiyen Namaskaram. Kindly pardon my ignorance. How did theAtma stray from
the vicinity of Sriman Narayanan to startwith and end up having toget trapped in bodily forms in
the lesser worlds ? Sincere Thanks and Regards,Srinath - Question By - Srinath,
Atma and its karmam is anadi (without a beginning). So it was not with
Brahmami n i t i a l l y a n d t h e n s t r a y . I t h a d b e e n s u f f e r i n g t h e s e c y c l e s
of births for timeimmemorial. But there is an end to its karmam
a n d b i r t h s t h r o u g h b h a k t i o r saranagaty.
Question ID: 34 - Dear Swami, Pranams. It is said that we should not practice "bhakthi" in
aticipation / with expectation of some thing ( material / peace of mind )from GOD. When we are
in distress we are bound to pray God with an appeal thatwe will do a particular thing ( anna
dhanam / anga prathkshanam / offering inhundi ) lest our beloved ones are rescued from their
sufferigs. Is it wrong to ask our( PITHA ) God what we want though He knows what we deserve ?.
SinceSARANAGADHI is NOT THAT EASY to practice. Kindly clarify. Adiyen Ramanuja dasan- Question
If saranagaty is tough bhakti is tougher. If we really realise God to be our parent andact according to
His wish we can request Him to cure our son or daughter or whoeveras he or she is also a bhakta.
Even without this request He would cure. We should notconfuse this with bhakti. Do we request our
father for something just because he is ourfather or because we love him ,maintain him, pay
him or prostrate before him. It isonly because we revere God as our father we ask for
something material in extremecircumstances (certainly not material wealth, buying a

property, profit in business,etc). Still we would not ask Him anything as a reciprocation for
Question ID: 33 - Respected Swamy! Adiyen pramam!! We the vaishnavite beingan Acharyan
sampandhi are not supposed to have Dhevathandhra Bhajan whichatleast by now most of us
might be well aware of this principle but till now from ourancestral period, during any of the
friday of the month of Adi and Thai , most of us(which means all the vaishnavites including
vaidhiga and non vaidhiga family) go toamman temple and pour Milk to Snake putru. If it is not
done we get frightened and
we will have an obsession that snake will come in the dreams. Is that principle rightand to be
followed still or why there is no such restriction to it. Swamy may plclarify. Thanks a lot and it is a
big boon for us that we are living in your period sothat many things are getting properly clarified.
Hats off to Swamy. Adiyen RamanujaDhasan. - Question By - kalyani Venkatesh,
As you said this is in practice. This is certainly not as per Srivaishnava
principles. T h o s e w h o a r e p r a c t i s i n g c a n s i t t o g e t h e r a s a f a m i l y a n d d i s c u s s
t h e i s s u e a n d discontinue. In case you do not arrive at a consensus of discontinuing due to
eldersnot agreeing or youngsters not agreeing, kindly do it temporarily to adisesha (nagar)in a
Perumal temple.. Change your understanding about puttru or paal and meditatethat it is an offering
to adisesha. Revisit the problem after two years. We would havem a t u r e d b y t h e n . W h a t I
h a v e s a i d h e r e i s n o t t h e r i g h t o r p e r m a n e n t s o l u t i o n . However it is a progressive step.
Question ID: 32 - A friend of mine asked "When the name `NARAYANA` is existingfrom the
beginning and prior to the birth of SriRamanuja, how it gets importance inShriRamanuja`s
pronouncing the same, from Temple Top and gets the status of Mantra for Moksha. Kindly throw
light to our Agnana. Respectful Pranams.T.Sridharan - Question By - T SRIDHARAN,
Narayana namam is eternal. Ramanuja did not invent it. The contribution of Ramanujaby preaching
it from Tirukkottiyur vimanam gains importance owing to the following :All acharyas before
Ramanuja were known as anuvritti prasanna acharya i.e. those w h o p r e a c h t o
s i s h y a s o n l y b a s e d o n s t r i n g e n t q u a l i f i c a t i o n s . R a m a n u j a w a s a revolutionary
who started preaching to sishyas not based on stringent norms but onwillingness and eagerness to
learn. This was the only qualification. Thus Sri Ramanujacame to be praised as kripa matra prasanna
Question ID: 31 - "However atman is distinguished by virtue of gnana from achit" -quote: Your
Highness. Doubt: Gnana & Agnana the duals - also outcome of SrimanNarayana`s Srishti Sankalpa
like `Achit` and `Atman, the Chit`?!. WhenGnana/Agnana, is the fuel or drive force to Actions in
the created world which alsoacts as a binding between Chit and Achit, is right to discard
Gnana/agnana to attainMoksha the abode of no-change? - Question By - TSRIDHARAN,
We have to drive away the darkness of agnana to accomplish moksham.
Isvarac r e a t e d e v e r t h i n g - s a t v a r a j a s a n d t a m a s , p o i s o n a n d a m r u t a ,
h u m i l i t y a n d haughtiness, mercy and cruelty, ravana and vibheeshana, hiranya and prahlada wehave to choose the right and follow.
Question ID: 30 - Respecte Swamy, Adiyen pranam!! Actually a thought of questarose reg yoga
whether it is accepted in srivaishnavism and if so why it is notimplemented or ended wih Srimath
Ramanujar, but after attending a splendidlecture by Your Highness in the Madras University two
days before, about the greatPhilosopher, Vedhanthi, and above all our sampradhayic Acharya,
some of the basicdoubts were clarified but yet the few following questions cropped up in

adiyen'smind which Swamy may pl clarify those quests. They are viz: 1. If a saranaagathanwho is
as well practising Yoga with the sole aim to realise ParamaathmaSakshathkaram without any
expectations, can the yoga be continued or does itaffect the principle of saranagathi since both
are the parellel lilnes of attainingmukthi and our Swamy Ramanujar thereafter realising the
difficulties of yogaprofounded the Saranaagathi principle in Srivaishnavism asan alternate ,
easymarga to attain mukthi. 2. Lord Kirshna had even laid emphasis on the Yogamargam and its
modalities wherein he also justified that if due to circumstantialdiscontinuity of yoga in the
existing birth , it can even be resumed in the ensuingbirth on asiswhereis basis. But here the crux
of the doubt is that yoga is the self effort to some extent whereas the same person being a
saranaagathan posingeverything to God. In such case the sanchithakarma will washed away with
thenirhethuga kirupai of God leaving the Prarabtha Karma which has to be cleared onlyby
suffering with the existing body inthe same birth . This is for the saranagathirule where as being
also a yoga person it seems whether the question of prarabthakarma arise since he realises while
doing yoga about the modus operandi ofit andcorrect himself with the mind control. So will it not
be( both the principles)contradictory to each other????Will there be any side effect since the sole
aim isonly to realise Kalyana Guna of God and motivate the Bakthi and premai on God. 3.If the
Meditation is done for long hours will that affect the weight of the body dueto over heat(?!!).
Swamy may pl parden me for presenting such a lengthy messageof quest making inconvenience to
your precious schedule of time. Pl forgive me adthank you in advance for accepting this quest and
awaiting very anxiously theanswers from your end. Adiyen Ramanuja dhasan. - Question By kalyanivenkatesh,
Yoga cannot be replaced. It can only be simplified. Yoga is necessary to
e v e r y saranagata in the last part of the day (yoga kalam). This above yoga is not a sadhanabut only
adhikari rupa or enjoying bhagavat gunas. The yoga mentioned in 5th and 6thchapter of Gita is
sadhana yoga. So let us drop that and its effects like burning karmas.For a saranagata it is only Isvara
kripai that does everything. A saranagata is supposedto serve Bhagavan and His adiyars for long
hours as prescribed and practice yoga onlyduring the last 6 nazhigai of the day. This would not affect the
metabolism of the body.
Question ID: 29 - Namashkarams. Adiyaen would like to know if the AbsoluteTruth, Supreme
Brahman and the Paramathma are one and the same. I have heardcomparing these three with the
Sun's core part, its rays and the Disc respectively.Also, would like to know, if the Absolute Truth is
Krishna and Supreme Brahman isMaha Vishnu - the reason i am hitting at this is - at the time of
Pralayam, therewould be void all around, except for Krishna, who floats in the water. Then, there
isadvent of Maha Vishnu and he takes differnt incarnations etc. Is the abovestatement true or
otherwise. I apologize if anything is wrong from my side. Pleaseadvice. Hare Krishna Srimathe
Ramanujaya Namaha - Question By - KrishnakumarK.,
The absolute truth - satyam, or Paramatma or Para brahmam are all one and the sameS r i m a n
Narayana. He is the omni potent Creator of this Universe. One of
H i s incarnations is Sri Krishna. Sri Krishna had returned to His abode Sri Vaikuntham at theend of
Dvapara yugam. During pralayam or srusti Sriman Narayana, the omni present,eternally permeates every
Question ID: 28 - This is with reference to my previous question on Pappa andPunya Karmas.
Thanks for the response. From the answer, i could infer that,devotion or bakthi which is carried
out to appease the Master/ the Lord and notexpecting anything in return would fetch Moksha. So,
all our devotional servicewhen intended for a particular thing - be it material happiness or even
Mokshaitself, wouldn't fetch us Moksha. But, the same, when done purely for thesatisfaction of
the Lord, that would fetch us Moksha. Please correct me if i amwrong. Thanks in advance. Hare
Krishna. Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha. - QuestionBy - Krishnakumar K.,

Just a correction in you second sentence. Practice of bhakti yoga expecting mokshamin return
would give moksham but this is inferior to svayam prayojana bhakti or saranagati where
we do not expect anything in return. We would by default be grantedmoksham. I sweat when I
pounded a kilo of grain in a mortar. I did not pound for thesake of sweating but it happened by
default. Similarly I practice bhakti not expectingmoksham but I am granted automatically. Bhagavan
is most pleased with these.
Question ID: 27 - Swamin Namaskaram.I heard in one of your upanyasam,that inpralayam all
jeevathmas are sticked to emperuman body.In that case,why ourpapams are not vanished as we
are nearer to god? - Question By -A.Banusekar,

We are always near God or rather inseparable from God. That would not clean
thek a r m a s . I t i s c l e a n e d b y p r a y a s c h i t t a m s , k a r m a y o g a a l o n g w i t h a t m a
g n a n a o r saranagati only. So pralayam does not alienate this agony. It is only a
temporarys u s p e n s i o n o f e x p e r i e n c i n g p a i n o r p l e a s u r e . I n p r a l a y a m w e d o
n o t r e a l i z e o u r inseparable relationship but lie low almost as non sentient. It is only gnana
ripened tosaranagati which leads us to mukti
Question ID: 26 - Dear Swami, Adiyen belongs to the Desika sampradayam, butcome from a
background where treating the Desika and Pillai Lokacharyasampradayams differently is not done.
Swami's message regarding not dwelling onthe differences (where we, in today's age do not have
the gnaanam of the mahavidvans of yore), in the Dayaa Satakam upanyasam also has a deep
impact on me. Yet, I feel I need to be careful in showing respects to elders, for example
whileprostrating before elders, or any such acts where the practices might be differentwith the
two sampradyams. So, as a case in point, is adiyen right in assuming thatwhen paying respect to
an elder/vidvan/acharya of the Lokacharya sampradayam, itis best to stick to the practices of the
Lokacharya sampradaym itself, even thoughadiyen belongs to Desika sampradayam? - Question
By - PraveenKrishnan,
Kindly follow the practices prescribed in the sampradayam which you belong to
(inyour case - Desika sampradayam) wherever or whichever situation you are.
Bothsampradayams preach respect and honour to elders eventhough the method
Question ID: 25 - Swamin,Myself and my son are visiting Sriperumbudureverymonth on
Thiruvadhirai day and visit temple and worship perumal Tayar andEMPERUMANAR.Our
SAMASRAYANA Acharya+s thirumaligai also inthe same place.If that day falls on Sunday or holiday
we go in the afternoon for thirumanjanam etcand before that we goto Acharyan thirumaligai and
after doing DHANDAM to Swamywe go to temple.otherdays since my son has to go to office we go
to templedirectlyfor Viswarupa sevai and then visit Acharyan thirumaligai.My doubt iswhether we
can go temple first and then visit Acharyan.Ofcourse we takeupaharams to temple aswell as
Acharyan.Kindly calify. 2 Once our acharyan told if we meet him at temple( not in sannidhi) we
should not Dhandan him as supremmePerumal is there.Since then whenever We meet him at
temple we don't do dhandenat temple. Is it alright? ADEYEN DASAN LAKSHMINARASIMHAN Question By - K S LNARASIMHAN,
Both ways are ok but it is preferable to have darshan of acharyan first. While takingupaharams there
is a subtle difference - take what you wish to offer to Perumal and take what acharyan likes to
acharyan. Kindly act as per your acharyan's instructions -not to prostrate in the temple - instead you
can do it at his tirumaligai.
Question ID: 24 - 'Matter' or 'Material` is the 'Sariram'/ 'Body' for the 'Sariree' /'Inner Self' inside
it. When all matters along with their Sarirees inside form theSariram of Sriman Narayana, how can

I differentiate good and bad, whether it is theact or the performer of the act! My inner self says it
is Sriman Narayana everywhereand all happenings are as per His Divine wish. So whether it is
Ravana or Naradha,when visualized as part of Sriman Narayana, both are respected in totallity
withSriman Narayana. They are just performing Sriman Narayana`s Wish and hence tobe
respected. Please clarify. Pranams, T.Sridharan - Question By - TSRIDHARAN,
Every jiva (chit) and all matter (achit) are sareeram of Sriman Narayana the sareeri.However atman
is distinguished by virtue of gnana from achit. Using this gnana as atool and with the help of sastras
the jiva acts driver by his karmas. Bhagavan does noti n t e r f e r e i n j i v a s d e c i s i o n t o a c t
w i c k e d . V e d a v y a s a i n h i s b r a h m a s u t r a s a y s "vaishamya naigrhunye na saapekshatvat"
meaning brahmam cannot be blamed fordiscrimination or mercilessness as the jivas act
guided by their karmas. Our body atman relationship would not be the right example to explain
this as our body is totallyachit (and so cannot act on its own) whereas Bhagavan's divine
body comprises of achit and chit. Every jiva has a right to decide in his first step to every action
and thenon Isvara support Him in his path. Bhagavan controls us but does not decide
everyminute first action of ours. I agree that we have to revere ravana or sisupala becausethey
form part of Bhagavan - but with a condition - if ravana and sisupala agree thatthey are a part of
Bhagavan. If they had agreed they would no mo re be Ravana orsisupala. Being a part of
Bhagavan alone is not enough but the realization of it is moreimportant. For example a holy dip in
ganges would clear our papam. Will it apply to allthe fishes living for ever in ganges. No. It is
the gnana that ganges is the sri paadatirtham of Trivikrama and a dip in it would fetch moksham that
Question ID: 23 - Respected Sir, Whether it is in order to worshipVinayaka? In allthe temples of
ours (Vaishnavites) the deity is installed and our archakas doperform archanas there. Whether it is
in order? - Question By - M K Sridharan,
This elephant headed deity in Srivaishnava temple is not the Vinayaka
(popularlyknown as the son of Siva). He is gajanana one of the military chieftains of vishvaksena.
He is worshipped by Sri Parasara bhatta in his invocatory verse in Sri
V i s h n u sahasranama bhashya - om namo gaja vaktradyai...
Question ID: 22 - Namashkarams. Would like to know about Punya karmas. Said inBhagavath Gita
that, if one is in devotional service, then reactions to all the pastPappa and punya karmas will be
burnt to ashes. In this regard, are visiting temples,chanting, Slokas, kirtans Punya karmas or those
which will give a status of Mokshato us? Please advice. Srimathe Ramanujaya namaha. Hare
Krishna - Question By -Krishnakumar K.,
I am not very clear on the question. However you can see whether this reply answersy o u r
question. Punya karmas reach us to svarga or any other loka of
m a t e r i a l enjoyment. Papa karmas on the other hand leads us to naraka for
punishment. Onehas to shed papa and punya karmas to reach moksham. All the services which
we dohere are a part of bhakti. If you expect anything in reciprocation to your bhakti thenthe result
would not be moksham. If you expect moksham in reciprocation of bhaktithen you are using bhakti
as a sadhana (means) to moksham which is a very difficultpath. If you accept Bhagavan himself
as the means to reach moksham then all the bhakti and other services which you do here are
to be treated as kainkaryam which aservant does to his master and not as means for
moksham. So going to temple oryatra etc are only kainkaryams and not means for mukti.
Question ID: 21 - Sir - I am fortunate to get to know about you and had theopportunity to listen to
some of your Upanyasams. I have a silly question - pleasebear with me. I am a Sri Vaishnavite and
has immense faith in our religion. But thisquestion has been haunting me since I started listening

to Bhagawad Gita. InBhagawad Gita all good things are preached by Lord Krishna... but why he
wasusing not-straight techniques to kill the opponents (kauravas)... If he has preachedDharma, he
should have made Arjuna to beat his opponents in the way Drona,
Bheeshma (using Shikandi), Duryodana (hit below thewaist against the rules)... If this is irrelvent please ignore my question... profoundapologies... - Question By - Srinivasan,
You are right that all rules are to be followed. But exceptions are inevitable when thewicked had to
be killed to save the society. Wherever you find a deviation from thecommon rule in Mahabharata it
would have been caused to fulfill another sapa (curse)or a boon or a vow (pratignya) . Both
instances mentioned by you fall unde r thiscategory. Krishna has the responsibility to kill the
wicked as well as upkeep the boons or curses granted by rishis or devatas. But for these exceptions
there would not be any deviation.
Question ID: 20 - Namaskaram. Iwant to know Bharata, Mentioned in SrimadBhagavatam is the
same Bharata born to Dushyan tha & Sakuntala. Kindly clarify,Adiyen. - Question By - Malathi V.,
I presume that you are referring to srimad bhagavata jada bharata who preached atmanityatvam to
Rahooguna. He is different and much earlier to Mahabharata bharata.
Question ID: 18 - what is the general rule for chanting the divya prabadha athome.also pls tell us
to how start and end the parayanam. with regards s.Raghavan- Question By - s.Raghavan,
We have to chant nitya anusandhanam viz tiruppalandu, tiruppalliezhuchi, tiruppavai,poochattal
kaappidal etc( many books are available for the same)daily. We start withd a y a p a t r a t a n i n a n ,
then on from tiruppallandu and finally conclud e with vazhit i r u n a m a m .
This should be done according to the practice in your
a c h a r y a n tirumaaligai or mutt.
Question ID: 17 - Is Sathva Guna also to be dropped to attain the state of Eternityor to reach
Gunadheetha, the Lord. - Question By - TSRIDHARAN,
Initially we have to nurture satva guna to remove rajas and tamas. Then
w h i l e attaining mukti we abandon this satva guna also. On reaching Srivaikuntham
themuktatma is blessed with suddha satva guna and sarira. This satva is not sieved fromthe mixture
of three but it is by nature satva alone. Sriman Narayana's divine body toois made of suddha satva.

Question ID: 16 - Dear Swami, my humble pranams. Kindly clarify my doubts. 1.Kodhai Naachiyar
sung Thirupaavai to attain Lord Krishna. We celebrate Bhogi as'Aandal thirukalyanam'. But after
singing Naachiyar thirumozhi only she finds LordKrishna in Brindavan. So my question is after
attaining Lord Krishna why should shesearch him? As far as adiyaen's knowledge she sang
Thirupaavai first.Please clarify2.I have a 'Perumal Thayaar' vigraham(panchaloka idol - perumal .75
feet thayar .5feet) in my perumal sannithi.I got this out of 'premai' and I used to dress my
aaathuperumal with various sathupadis. Initially I had doubts, whether one can havevigraham at
home and asked my family elders.They clarified that when a vigrahamis installed as per agama
(Pradhishtai), then one should not miss dailyAaradhanam.But if not installed as per agama we can
worship vigrahams same asthe photos.i did not install as per agama,but treating it similar to
photo. I offertheertham/fruits daily and render prayers also. Am I doing something againstagama?

Should I take it from perumal sannithi? Kindly clarify my doubts. - QuestionBy - Seshadhri,
Andal is revered for tiruppavai more than nachiar tirumozhi. Margazhi is
gloriouslyr e l a t e d t o a n d a l t h a n t h a i . T h a t i s w h y t i r u k k a l y a n a m t a k e s p l a c e
a t t h e e n d o f margazhi month. For that matter, Andal never got married to Sri
Ranganatha. Shetouched His lotus feet and vanished immediately. So all these
utsavams are for theanubhavams of bhaktas. What you are doing is right in terms of vigraha.
Question ID: 15 - Dear Swami, Why is there no reference to Rukmini piraati orSatyabhama piraati
in Thiruppavai but only references to Nappinnai piraati? Iunderstand that Thiruppavai is about the
Glory of the Lord but it does contain acouple of references to Nappinnai, and none for Rukmini or
Satyabhama. AdiyenRamanuja Dasan - Question By - Lakshminarayanan,
One should surrender to Rama avatara through Sri mahalakshmi (sita), surrender toVaraha avatara
through bhumi devi and surrender to Krishna avatara through nila devi(nappinnai). Since the gopikas
are surrendering to Krishna they chose Nappinnai. ONthe other hand, Andal has sung about rukmini
in her other work nachiar tirumozhi.
Question ID: 14 - Namaskaram. Please take the following question by adiaen.Would like to know
whether it was Maha Vishnu who took the form of Krishna, or isKrishna the Supreme Lord? From
Srimad Bhagavatham, i learnt that, Lord (in his 4thincarnation) became Nara and Narayana. So
before this incarnation, who was theLord? Does it mean that Krishna is the Origin and all other
incarnations are plenaryportions of him or is it Maha Vishnu, the seed? Previously i thought that
MahaVishnu is the seed and he descended to Earth in different forms such as Rama,krishna, which
served their own purpose - but i am confused now. Also, from theFlash Presentation in this site which had the Hierarchy of Paramapadhanathan->Ksheerabdhinathan->Krishna->Idol, i am getting
stirred up. Any connections inparticular? I know this is a basic question, but not too before, i have
taken to the study of the Absolute - hence the origin of this doubt. Please advice. Thanks
inAdvance. Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha. Hare Krishna - Question By -Krishnakumar,
Sriman Narayana is the supreme Brahmam and the cause for creation as confirmed byUpanishads.
He another epithet is Maha Vishnu. He is the Isvara. Krishna is one of Hisincarnations. Nara narayana
is also one of the incarnations of Sriman Narayana (do notconfuse the like name in this avatara) for a
specific purpose of preaching tirumantram.Srivaikunthanatha is the first form, ksheerabdhinatha is
the second form and vibhava(Krishna is one of vibhava avataras)is the third form. Let there not be
any confusion.
Question ID: 13 - My respected Pranams to Guru. I have a question regarding
theGrihasthashramam.1. As per our knowledge Mukti does not matter if one is bacheloror
Hrihasthashramam. Then WHY our Swamis like Rangapriyar or Prakala muttswamis or whoever
mahanswamis are following Bramhacharyam?? 2.I am in UK andI am not able to follow sanctity
very well though I take utmost care ......likeentertaining foreign guests in the house with
sometimes wine ... Will it lead to anykarmam ??? 3. Is there anything wrong in not wearing metti
as it is not possible inwearing it with shoes during cold climate?? 4. In Ramayanam Sita herself
wouldhave killed Ravana but she dint do it so??? Is it because she was not knowing herpower??
Waiting for your reply Srirama Jayarama JayaJaya Ram Sumana - QuestionBy - sumanaRaghu,
Mukti is common to all varnas and asramas. The swamis whom you have mentionedare following
sanyasa asramam as they have chosen that. Entertaining foreign guestsespecially when they are

non veg and alcohol consumer would amount to papam. Kindly abstain. You will have to
wear metti. I am sure you will find a way out of yourshoes.
Question ID: 12 - Respected Sir, While doing Thiruvathyenam,if some apacharamstake place do we
have to make re cooking the food offered to Pithru ?SomeVathyars say that by doing
prayachitham there is no need to remake the food.Kindlyclarify. Thanking you, Yours truly,
BharathiKumar - Question By -BharathiKumar,
I am not sure what type of apacharam took place. In these circumstances a
honestbruhaspati would be the best judge.
Question ID: 11 - Namaskarams to my Guru I am a saivaite(Smarta) bybirth.Actually I feel that we
do not observe any thing exclusively to identify us asSaivaites. The Great 12 Namas of Vishnu are
said during Sandhya Vandanam, TheShrardams are performed before " Prathyaksha Mahavishnu"
and most of theofferings made to AAdi Narayanan .and Sarvam is Krishnarpanamasthu . I do
believethat Sriman Narayanan is the Supreme Lord. I would like to start my religious questin a
more ardent way. Like the true Vaushnavite can have a Samashrayanam what ispossible for me
being a woman. Kindly clarify. Namaskarams Kala - Question By -Kala,
smarthas are not saivites. They are all vaishnavas only. You have rightly identified thatthere are no prostrations
to Siva in our daily anushthanams which itself proves theearlier statement. You can get
samasrayanam administered provided you have wellunderstood the significance of it. This cannot be
explained in mail. You have to meetan acharya in person to get all needed inputs about this.
Question ID: 10 - dear swami, i would like to know how to get dikshai forpancharatra
agamam,what does it mean, should we do santyavantam when i findarchagas in many temples do
nt do the same. are they exempted from doing thenithyaanushtanams,kindly explain .One more
question i am a CA practising andhave to restore to unfair and unethical practise while doing my
job as an auditor,cani console myself saying it is the karmayagam that i am doing as advised by
kannanin gita.I feel guilty to continue in practice after i did baranyasam. and i belong to
srisanndi.kindly help me as to what i should do.Eagerly looking forwrd to meet u inperson and i
am from Ambattur,chennai - Question By -S.Raghavan,
To get deekshai one has to undergo a 4 year course in pancharatra agama under
aa g a m a v i d v a n . T h e r e a r e a l s o p a t h a s a l a s f o r t h i s p u r p o s e .
E v e r y o n e w i t h o u t expception has to perform his nitya karma anushthana You cannot
convince that it iskarma yogam. Karma yogam is a sastric prescription which cannot be
against rule,ethics, or values. Either you have to abstain from those practices or take
a up a jobwhere these impediments would not be there.
Question ID: 9 - Adiyen Swami, In vishishtadhvaidha siththandham being thedhasa goshti of
Srimath Ramanujar, if any of the srivaishnavites do not have the boychild what is the fate of those
goshti since in our sampradhayam there is a sayingthat the boy child only is the sole authority to
relieve the pithrukkal from "PUTHNARAG". If they do have only female children what will be the
fate of them thoughthey follow the rules and regulations as laid down in our sampradhayam
properly. -Question By - kalyanivenkatesh,
This rule is only to those other than saranagathas. You being a Ramanuja sambandhiand saranagata
need not worry about this

Question ID: 7 - Please accept my humble obeisances unto your lotus feet!1)Krishna says that 'I
put the atheistic demonaic people repeatedly in the lowestspecies of life, on the other hand
during the vibeeshan saranagati, Lord ram saysthat he doesn't have any duality,he wanted
including ravana to live. Isn't it acontrary statement. 2)When lord krishna says "Just surrender
unto me , i willprotect you from sinful reactions,do not fear".How does a devotee percieve when
heis seriously affected by a deadly disease or accidents? 3)One's karma will alwaysremain with
him,but according to the tarpana system our good karma is shared byour forefathers,why is this
so? 4)Sir,i'm an engineering student(t.e),you hadinstructed me that"right now i have duties to my
peer group",but everyone in myclass thinks that i'm odd,how shall i please krishna. Please forgive
me for the longmail. Very humbly and patiently waiting for your reply! - Question By -Kishan,
Firstly Ravana was not an atheist. He was a siva bhakta. Further, Rama says that He isequal to all,
the wicked or rituous, but Bhaseagavan sends us to Svarga or naraka b a s e d o n o u r
punya and papa. As an impartial King He provided the
s a m e infrastructure namely, body sastra and knowledge, to both vibheeshna and Ravana.Both
chose their own ways for which Bhagavan is not to be blamed. So He is equal toall while providing us
this body and knowledge and at the same time He punishes orrewards according to our actions. 2.
Surrender is to relieve you of all sufferings and thecycles of birth. The birth in which we surrender is
the last. But we do not die and reachmoksham the next moment we surrender. In that case nobody would
surrender for fearof immediate death.. So it is at the end of this birth we are relieved. So between
theday of surrender and the last day of that birth we have to experience the results of ourpapa and
punya and exhaust them. Disease is as a result of our karma.. 3.Only the effect of our
karma is shared and not the karma itself. 4.You will please Krishna if youdo what He likes. He likes you
being good to all.
Question ID: 4 - ADiyen swami, Swami could you please explain me thesignificance of ekadesi
vratham(Fasting). Adiyen Prabhu Ramanuja Dasan. -Question By - Prabhu,
Both medically and religiously ekadasi fasting is a must. It cleans our digestive organsand rejuventes
metabolism. This vratam is so close to Sri Krishna's heart. There are 25ekadasis in a year and each
one is called by name. For example we call dhanurmasaekadasi as vaikuntha ekadasi as fasting and
darshan on that day gives vaikuntham. You are aware of ambarisha charitram which is a testimony to the glory of
Question ID: 3 - respected sir, i have been pondering for years together abouthow the rishis like
sage duruvasa,sage viswamitra and the like can be called "thegreat ones" because ,i have learnt
from mythological stories that these sages werevery short tempered and used to curse fellow
human beings whenever they thoughtthat some disrespect has been done to them by the
others.are not sages supposedto have renounced their likes,dislikes,love,hatredness towards the
world aroundthem?if so why this attitude of cursing others?if not,then how can they be reveredas
great humans if they are going to bring immense sorrow to those who are beingcursed by
them?and how God had given so much power to those sages despite thefact that they react more
equally like other human beings in showing theiranguish?plese clarify this doubt of mine. Question By - gayathriraghavan,
Their power is due to their tapas (penance and detachment). Yes they did have someunwanted
qualities. But they also knew to do prayaschittam, which is very difficult todo, to wriggle out of these
wrong deeds. We neither have tapas nor have knowledgeand power for prayaschittam. They did not
curse the good ones. They cursed only thewrong doers. They also advised the way out if the cursed

felt sorry. We hold azhvars ina higher position compared to rishis as they did not have these
Question ID: 6 - Respected Swamy, Pranams!! when we go to DivyaDesa or anytype of Yathras for
which we used to offer YATHRA DHANAM. In our case previouslyi.e. before attending your Upanyasam we
usually give Rs.11 to Lord VinayakarHundi and then after returning from j ourney we will haond
over to the priest of thevinayaka temple since it is told that yathra dhanam to be given only to
Pilliar hundi.Here a question arises as to whether it can be continued likewise. After
attendingsomany upanyasams adiyan had a doubt as to why we should put to Pilliar idle
sinceantharyami of that idle is only Sriman Narayana. But all along we followed theprinciple your
highness may pl clarify what to do further about the procedure tofollow in respect of yathra
dhanam. This is a pinching doubt in adiyen's mind. Basedon your clarifications adiyen wish to
follow the same. When we realise thesrivaishnava principles we feel embarrassed to go to pilliar
temple and giveofferings which hither to we followed .Sorry for anything wrong in
adiyen'squestions and awaiting anxiously your reply in this regard. Adiyen ramanujadhasan. Question By - kalyanivenkatesh,
Yatra danam is to a Brahmana. So do not stop giving it to the priest. But as
a Srivaishnava start giving to a Srivaishnava Brahmana. Your understanding that SrimanNarayana is
the antaryami to everybody is right and so we worship only Him. Do notfeel apologetic or guilty.
But as a srivaishnava we should respect (not worship) everybody including devatas.
Question ID: 2 - Namaskarams to my GURU. My husband and I are going on apilgrimage to Kashi
this March. to perform the Pithru Karyams. I would like to clarifya few things atleast now. It is said
that when the body perishes the Atmaleaves,Where would it go if it does not attain Mukthi?Will it
rest if it does not find asuitable body? Then what is this Tharpanams ,Annual and Gaya Shrardams
.If theAtma has no identity other than being, God Principle then how will our recalling the3
generations by their names will feed the Atman? Are we feeding the Atma or someother form?
Kindly clarify. Namaskarams Kala - Question By -Kala,
After getting released from this body the atman, 1. either reaches Sri vaikuntham onsheeding its
papas and punyas from where it never returns 2. or reaches places likesvarga naraka pitru loka and
many more as a result of its papas or punyas from wherei t r e t u r n s t o b h o o l o k a . O u r
o f f e r i n g s a n d r i t u a l s d o i m p a c t t h o s e o f t h e s e c o n d category. They do not
impact the first category. However more than influencing or ensuring a place for a
departed soul, these rituals are vedic prescriptions for us (theheirs). Only on performing these, we
would be relieved of our karmas. So more thansending my father to a loka through my karma, I
perform these religiously to reserve abirth for me in Srivaikuntham.
Question ID: 1 - Swamin, Pancha samskaram "seems" like a mere ritual, it doesnot seem to give
any spiritual experience. I would like to know how this actuallyhelps the evolution of the soul. If
one has done samashrayanam is mokshamguaranteed in this very birth. Under what
circumstances the moksham may bedenied? Do we have to do anything post samashrayanam to
ensure our liberation.Or does the Acharyan takes care of everything. Dasan, Sridhar - Question By
Samasrayanam is a certain way for liberation in the same birth. This relates us with SriRamanuja
who was assured moksham to him and his devotees by Sri Ranganatha H i m s e l f . I t i s
n o t a m e r e r i t u a l b u t a s p i r i t u a l e n l i g h t e n m e n t a b o u t t h e a b s o l u t e servitude
of jiva. As usual a few could have reduced it to a mere ritual but this iscommon
everywhere. Just because many jump s ignals or yellow line their usage

cannot be questioned. The almightly Himself is a mere stone (in idol form) if we do notsanctify. After
the samasrayanam we do have duties and responsibilities for the rest of the life eventhough
acharyan owns the single most important responsibility of grantingmoksham through perumal. We
have to follow internal and external prescriptions (6commands of Sri Ramanuja) which
progressively matures us. Moksham would be denied if we commit bhaagavata apacharam.