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Title of Experience/Artifact:

Date Experience Completed:

School of Education Portfolio

University of Wisconsin Platteville
Artifact Reflection
Hours Sheet for Pre-Student Teaching/ Lesson
Plans 1-3

November 24, 2014

Describe your educational experience/artifact:

The artifacts that I have are from my pre-student teaching hours. One is a sheet that
documents my hours spent in the classroom working with students and with my cooperating
teacher. I was able to go to student teaching almost every Monday and Wednesday from the end
of September to the beginning of December. The other artifacts that I am using are the lesson
plans 1-3 that I worked on and collaborated with my cooperating teaching on. I worked on these
with the help of my cooperating teacher guiding me through activities and giving me suggestions
on how to make the lesson go smoother.
Wisconsin Teacher Standard Alignment

These artifacts goes along best with standard number 10, Collaboration. Teachers are
connected with other teachers and the community. The teacher fosters relationships with school
colleagues, parents, and agencies in the larger community to support pupil learning and wellbeing and acts with integrity, fairness and in an ethical manner.
I believe that these artifacts best aligns with standard ten because I have been able to
create a relationship with my cooperating teaching to complete my pre-student teaching hours
and my recommended amount of lesson plans. During my pre-student teaching I had to discuss
lesson plans for teaching the students in the school district. The hours sheet artifact show that I
spent the recommended time needed to complete my hours as well working with my cooperating
teacher. I was able to plan effective lesson plans by working with my cooperating teacher to help
understand the students that I was working with. I worked with the teacher to help her
understand my style and ideas of teaching, as well, as learning what she could offer me to better
improve my skills as a future teacher.
UW-Platteville School of Education Knowledge, Skills, Dispositions Alignment

These artifacts I believe best aligns with KSD 4b. Maintaining Accurate Records which
states, The candidate values, understands, and can maintain accurate records and assessment
data including a system for student completion of assignments, information concerning student
progress, and a system for non-instructional activities with all record systems reflecting student
contributions to their establishment and maintenance.
These artifacts align best with KSD 4b. because I was able to keep a record of all the
hours that I was able to be at the school district doing my pre-student teaching. I was also able to
complete an accurate lesson plan template when working with my cooperating teacher on ideas
and activities for my three lesson plans. I was able to work with my cooperating teacher to have
her validate that hours that I spent in the classroom, as well as, comment and give suggestions on
my lesson plans. These artifacts have shown me how important it is to have a record that can be
shown to hold you accountable to the responsibilities, as well as, having complete lesson plans

that can be used as a guide when teaching. I had to work with my cooperating teacher to make
sure that she would sign my hours sheet to prove that I was there, and to make sure that my
lessons were on track. I have to remember to write down the date and the amount of time that I
spent there and also be able to obtain a signature, as well as, completing a whole lesson plan
template a week prior to teaching that actual lesson.
Secondary KSD Alignments:
-KSD 4e. Growing and Developing Professionally.
-KSD 1d. Demonstrating Knowledge of Resources

Explain what you learned about teaching/learning from this experience:

I found out through this experience that I was able to keep an accurate record of my
time spent as well as collaborate with my cooperating teacher on lesson plans. I was also able to
becoming the teacher and was able to cooperate with people that were around me. I learned that
it is important to keep the idea of collaboration open. It is an important part of teaching that aid
in the success of being a teacher. The more support there is while teaching makes it easier to
become more successful in the classroom. It is just as important to be able to keep accurate
records so that students are able to learn more exciting content. I have learned through this that I
have a willingness to grow into a great professional and work to be the best teacher I can be,
while keeping an open mind and open heart to those people around me willing to help me on my
Explain what you learned about yourself as a prospective educator as a result of this

With these artifacts I have learned that I am able to collaborate well with my cooperating
teacher. I feel like I have a great sense of communication as well by being able to talk with my
cooperating teacher on ideas for the lessons that I was teaching, as well as, having her validate
my presence in the classroom. I also found that I am a fast learner. I was able to recognize the
opportunity for improvement from the feedback that was given to me through my cooperating
teacher and jump at the chance to grow professionally because of it. It is easier for me to focus
on an activity that I have much interest in, which in physical education and health is most of the
time. I have also noticed that it is important to make sure that I am open to collaboration and
communication with administrators, community members, and parents in the school district I
will be in. I have learned that I am able to create a sense of positive attitude in myself that I
received from my pre-student teaching experience. I am learning that every day that I am
learning something that helps me become more professional. I have learned that in the future as
an educator I will need to be responsible, respectful, communicate, and be able to collaborate in
order to get the support needed to become and stay successful.