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Project Reflection Sheet for UDL Educators Checklist

How did you use technology to implement the 9 UDL guidelines? Explain in the nine boxes below.
Resave the file as Group # UDL checklist
I. Provide Multiple Means of Representation:
1. Provide options for perception
1.1 Offer ways of customizing the display of
1.2 Offer alternatives for auditory information

1.3 Offer alternatives for visual information

2. Provide options for language, mathematical

expressions, and symbols
2.1 Clarify vocabulary and symbols

Your notes
1.1 Students will be using Activ-Inspire Promethean Board,
and the ELMO projector.
1.2. Whole lesson will be uploaded in detail using JING This will enable students who have
difficulty staying on topic to keep them on track with the
other students.
1.3 Each student will have their own handout with
adjectives on it. Also, for the pumpkin activity, the students
will have their own pumpkin to write on. It will make it
more fun and motivational for learning.
2.1 Old vocabulary (nouns, verbs) will be reviewed with the
students. New vocab (adjectives) will be introduced using
ELMO and each student will receive the same handout that
is presented on ELMO.

2.2 Clarify syntax and structure

2.3 Support decoding of text, and mathematical
notation, and symbols
2.4 Promote understanding across language

2.5 Illustrate through multiple media

2.2 As a warm up, students will be given 2-3 sentences to

read and re-write all the nouns, verbs, and adjectives that
they believe are in the sentences.
2.3 After students finish the warm-up they will share their
answers with a partner for about 2 minutes. Then, class will
get together as a whole and go over any questions or
concerns they have.

2.4 Using the new handout with the adjectives, students

will create a couple of their own sentences starting with,
Fall is_____________________________.
2.5 Students will be given the handouts, or they can use the
computer to do the assignment (which will be saved in that
particular class folder) to be used for different learning

3. Provide options for comprehension

3.1 Activate or supply background knowledge

3.1 Students will review nouns and verbs.

3.2 Teacher will highlight various words on the handout that

3.2 Highlight patterns, critical features, big ideas, and will be appropriate for the continued fall themed lesson.
3.3 Guide information processing, visualization, and

3.4 Maximize transfer and generalization

CAST 2011

3.3 , 3.4 The lesson will be broken down into various

- Review nouns and verbs (handout with circled words
by students)
- Adjectives will be introduced
- Sentences will be made and gone over
- Sentences will be read and written on promethean
board and other students will use new knowledge of
adjectives to highlight the other students words from their

UDL Guidelines Educator Checklist Version 2

- Pumpkin activity to shown how they learn about


II. Provide Multiple Means for Action and Expression:

4. Provide options for physical action
4.1 Vary the methods for response and navigation
4.2 Optimize access to tools and assistive
5. Provide options for expression and communication
5.1 Use multiple media for communication
5.2 Use multiple tools for construction and
5.3 Build fluencies with graduated labels of support
for practice and performance
6. Provide options for executive functions
6.1 Guide appropriate goal setting

Your notes
4.1 The students who did not get the chance to share their
sentence on the promethean board will be the ones who
will come up to circle the nouns, verbs, and adjectives in the
4.2 The students will have the ability to use computers for
online directions and additional ways of learning the
5.1, 5.2 Students can use Activ-Inspire to create their
sentence with different pictures if they want. Or they could
just use it to type up their sentence to share with class.
Also, markers and pumpkins will be used to complete the
5.3 Students who do not come up to promethean board and
share their sentence will be evaluated after the class
sentence sharing.
6.1 After the whole lesson is completed, the end-of-day
Mad-Libs worksheet assignment will be given to students to
verify comprehension on the activity.

6.2 Support planning and strategy development

6.3 Facilitate managing information and resources

6.2 Once sentences are created from the first warm-up

activity students will be sharing with other students to see
if they got the same answers and any questions will be
answered either from the students or teacher.

6.4 Enhance capacity for monitoring progress

6.3, 6.4 Students are given handouts and computer access
to different adjectives.

III. Provide Multiple Means for Engagement:

7. Provide options for recruiting interest
7.1 Optimize individual choice and autonomy
7.2 Optimize relevance, value, and authenticity

Your notes
7.1 Students will be working alone during their pumpkin
activity. At the end of the activity they will be given a short
time to share and compare with classmates the adjectives
they have chosen to describe the pumpkin.
7.2 With the pumpkin activity the relevance is to create an
understanding of how to correctly describe something using
their senses.

7.3 Minimize threats and distractions

7.3 Students will be able to sit wherever they feel

comfortable to provide a successful learning experience. If a
problem occurs, they will be asked to move to a different
spot to continue their lesson. This will ensure a great
learning environment for all students.

8. Provide options for sustaining effort and persistence 8.1 Lessons and objectives (including directions) will be
8.1 Heighten salience of goals and objectives
8.2 Vary demands and resources to optimize
8.3 Foster collaboration and community
8.4 Increase mastery-oriented feedback

CAST 2011

written on the dry erase board to ensure clarity of activities

8.2 The students who have different challenges will be given
more time and/ or helpful hints/tools to successfully fulfil
their learning disability.
8.3 Students will be able come up to front and share
sentences and their descriptions of their pumpkin.

UDL Guidelines Educator Checklist Version 2

8.4 Students will be able to place their pumpkin anywhere

they want outside of the school to display their hard work.

9. Provide options for self-regulation

9.1 Promote expectations and beliefs that optimize
9.2 Facilitate personal coping skills and strategies

9.1 Students will have all the information they need to

understand the lessons. The teacher will have expectations
throughout the lesson. (I.E. Time, Noise level, Group
activity, etc.)
9.2 Teachers will encourage the students to share with
other classmates if they want.

9.3 Develop self-assessment and reflection

9.3 Students will be able to write a sentence or two about

how they felt about the lesson and if they did well. The
other students who have difficulty writing sentences will be
able to explain how they felt about the lesson plan by
voicing opinions to the teacher.

Activ-Inspire Promethean Board: Using the promethean

board would be fun in the activity and inspire student
participation. All handouts will be on Activ- inspire so that
the students and teacher can write on them.
JING: Will help the students have a better understanding of
the lesson. Gives them more of an explanation then would
How did you integrate technology into the goals, materials,
in normal class setting and will help them follow directions
methods, and assessment for this lesson to improve students
understanding of content?
ELMO: Will help to show the adjectives handout so that it is
visually bigger and student will be able to follow along with
teacher while looking up at the projection.
Dry Erase Board: Used to have directions, time limits, and
expectations of classroom setting during particular activity
up on board.

What technology was used? By whom? Why was this

appropriate technology to integrate?

CAST 2011

Activ-Inspire Promethean Board: Teacher and students.

Helps bring participation into play.
JING: Teacher created, Student used. Helped give a better
understanding of content.
ELMO: Teachers. Helps the students that are visually
impaired to see easier and is a good way to get attention to
class by making all students look at projection.
Dry Erase Board: Teacher. Allows students to keep looking
at what needed to be and when and how long they have left
to work on an activity.

UDL Guidelines Educator Checklist Version 2