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Veroy Clarke

MiWay Customer Service Team Leader

905-615-3200 ext. 3815

To Whom It May Concern,

I have worked in close proximity with Vince Cancilla at MiWay (Mississauga
Transit) customer service for almost 8 years, serving as his Team Leader. Vince is a highly
professional and responsible employee who has been with MiWay since 2006. He is a
clear and able communicator who is very detail-oriented and provides accurate
information to our customizers daily, exercising care and patience while dealing with
customers from a wide variety of backgrounds, including foreigners whose first language
is not English, and those with disabilities who sometimes have difficulty communicating.

His role at MiWay also involves dealing with sensitive situations and emergencies,
and Vince has demonstrated tact and diplomacy in this area. His long-term experience
in dealing with the general public would definitely translate well into a school
environment in terms of interacting with people from all kinds of backgrounds and
nationalities and being sensitive to their unique challenges and needs.

Vince has also gone over and above his job requirements and demonstrated
leadership qualities in the roles of Lead Hand and Union Steward, and he has shown his
business acumen and creative thinking when he pioneered a prototype for a customer
service website which he presented to MiWays upper management. This project showed
a high degree of initiative and drive to think outside of the box and bring added value to
MiWays business. Vince has also led training sessions and taught the MiWay team about
software updates and business developments.

Additionally, Vince is a life-long learner and is known for always having a book in
his hand, and he is often seen reading or studying some subject of interest. Vince has also
helped to educate his peers in best business practices, and in how to use various software
tools to better fulfill their job duties and help customers.

Overall I think Vince would be a great candidate to become a teacher, as he offers
a wide range of gifts and skills and a high level professionalism and dedication.

Veroy Clarke