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To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Edmund Reinhardt and I am the pastor of the Apostolic

Christian Church located at 2840 Weston Rd.
I have known Vince for well over a decade and have had plenty of
opportunities to observe his intellect and communication abilities. One
particular project that Vince and I collaborated on was an outreach to an
under-privileged area of Toronto called Pelham Park. We were having
weekly Bible Studies with a group of young men from the public housing
complex there. Vinces involvement began in early in 2008 and continued
through the end of 2011. In the latter 2 years, Vince took a leading role
and shouldered a high percentage of the teaching. Vince was in
attendance and also taught in excess of 20 hours.
The students were aged between 12-18 (grades 6-12 roughly) and were
taught as a mixed group, both males and females. Some adults from
church also attended. Vince sometimes played guitar to lead us in a time
of singing, and also taught the class a lesson from the Bible (anywhere
from 30 mins to 1hr at times). There was also one on one mentoring time
spent through other activities, such as the Rocky Ridge camp and
community BBQs and sports, and personal in home visits.
The audience was challenging in that they were not only unfamiliar with the
subject matter but they had not been motivated to work on listening skills
and the understanding of literature. It took skill, perseverance and the
ability to connect on a personal level to reach these street-hardened youth
and motivate them into the study of spiritual matters.
My phone number is 905-854-6195 if you have any further questions.

Edmund Reinhardt