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Running head: Week 3 - WRITING PIECE DOMAIN 1

Framework for Teaching: Domain One - Planning and Preparation

My Reflection

Reflecting on todays mathematical lesson on addition and

subtraction, I understand there were several areas of opportunities
and several areas to sustain. Much thought went into the planning
and preparation of this lesson. With the developmental levels of the
students in mind, I designed the lesson to meet their individual
Because I recognize that one shoe doesnt fit all differentiation was incorporated into the
lesson planning. In an extension to the lesson, students who were proficient with solving each
type of addition and subtraction problem were encouraged to write their own problems to solve.
(This is an aspect of owning their work). As an intervention, students were able to work with
smaller numbers as needed. Reflecting on the lesson, I noted changes that can be incorporated
into future lessons for enhancement. Danielsons Framework for Teaching was used as a model
for my analysis.
Domain 1a - Because I understand the prerequisite mental relationships kindergarten
students need to develop their mathematical thinking, I was able to design learning outcomes to
represent and compare whole numbers, initially with sets of objects, then through describing
shapes and numbers. Additionally, since the focus on the lesson was more on the process than
the product, I would say the instructional intent of my lesson planning and preparation was met.
By using If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, I was able to incorporate interdisciplinary learning into
the lesson, thereby, meeting the requirements of content-related pedagogy.

Running head: Week 3 - WRITING PIECE DOMAIN 1

Knowledge of content and discipline structure was met through the learning outcome.
The students were provided with learning centers that were rich with hands on activities. : I
observed that students felt comfortable enough in the learning environment to ask questions and
make comments that expanded their mathematical thinking.
Domain 1b - When designing my lesson, I took into consideration the different learning
levels of the students. Therefore, I planned for scaffolding the lesson, using differentiated
teaching methods that were based upon each students prior learning. Students were allowed to
create and solve additional problems and were given a smaller number count as needed. From
observing and working with the students, I recognized and understood the needs of those who
were English Language Leaners (ELL) and students who lacked focus, or had differing
developmental levels. Some of my students needed me to motivate them by standing at their
desks and encouraging them to complete their work. A critical aspect of this is enabling
students to want to learn. Students were allowed to work with partners, if needed.
Domain 1c The instructional objective for the lesson was for the student to take away
an understanding of how to:

Understand addition as putting together and adding to, and understand subtraction
as taking apart and taking from
Use expressions to represent and understand basic addition and subtraction

Create and solve basic addition and subtraction problems

Develop and / or reinforce addition and subtraction mathematical skills

As an extension of the instructional objective or outcome the students were to not only
try to solve the problems, but also be able to explain their mathematical thinking through
pictures, words, and or numbers as to how they arrived at the solution. When asked how you

Running head: Week 3 - WRITING PIECE DOMAIN 1

arrived at the answer six, one student said I counted it in my mind, another said five plus one is
six. When asked how you know five plus one is six, he proceeded to say I counted on my
fingers, one hand plus one finger.
Domain 1d - The resources used
were developmentally appropriate
to enhance the students learning.
Each center was provided with
hands on material for the students
to exercise a higher level of critical thinking while doing their work.
Additionally, the students were provided with age appropriate manipulatives to solve their
mathematical concepts. Further, the resources that were used ranged from internet sources, use
of the Georgia standards, and interdisciplinary material.
Domain 1e - As I reflect on Designing coherent instructions I see the students placed in
small group activities to further their learning. The lesson plan provided structure to the lesson
with various learning resources to further the students ability to exercise a higher level of
critical thinking. Using the Promethean Board allowed the students to manipulate number sense
while using a built in number line, work their problems, as well as reset their problems and start
over. This provided the students with an opportunity to work with technology while doing their
work. The animal crackers provided a realistic twist to the lesson as we used a book that
referenced cookies. Further, the lesson theme for this week speaks to animals, as well as the
students have a field trip planned to the zoo.

Running head: Week 3 - WRITING PIECE DOMAIN 1

Domain 1f - The students level of understanding was designed to be assessed by their

ability to understand:

What counting strategies were used to separate or combine information?


What the story, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Numeroff was asking
them to find out?


What strategy they will use to solve the given problem (e.g., fingers, number line,
tally marks, mental math)?


Is there another way to solve the problem?

My lesson plan was designed to have a direct correspondence between the assessment
and the instructional outcome. The students were informally assessed from observation in
whole, small and partner group as they completed their assigned work. Students at the start of
the learning activities were aware of the learning outcome and the expectation that they would
have to understand that addition is putting together and adding to, and understand subtraction as
taking apart and taking from. Further, that they would have to create and solve addition and
subtraction problems.
Learning opportunities include follow through on ensuring the proper resources are on
hand. Even though my lesson was designed in advance and I knew the resources and materials
that were needed to accomplished the lesson, I missed a few things and had to pull it together
during my planning period. Also, I had to adjust my lesson plan to further my instructional
outcome. Because I see a plan as a framework to be built upon, I feel it was okay because the
changes were positive ones, meant to further my students higher level of critical thinking.

Running head: Week 3 - WRITING PIECE DOMAIN 1

In sum, as I reflect on Domain One I feel it went well but is open to improvement. I will
use the feedback, once received from my corresponding teacher, to improve on future lessons.
However, I was able to use feedback from a prior lesson analysis to find ways to keep my
students occupied while working with a student one on one to solve their mathematical
concept. The other students were given whiteboards to work the same problem, with or without
a partner, that was been worked at the board by individual students to keep them focused. Other
areas of opportunities, as I look to Domain 2, The Classroom Environment, I can see that further
practice in keeping the students attentive and focused is needed on my part. I embrace this
challenge for I realize that practice makes perfect.