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Mayra Villarreal

EDR 321 Empower Students

Music is part of our life no matter what tune we listen to. However, the greatest thing
about music is that it is surrounded by cultural instruments that provide a rich beat, which
causes us to move our bodies and souls. Music was, is, and will be with us wherever we are in
the world.
In my lesson plans, I introduce students to the cultural musical sounds that surround our
community. I want to specifically focus on Spanish music genres heard in the United States of
America. I believe students will be able to cherish the Spanish music heard in their community
such as corridos, tejano, mambo, cha cha cha, Latino Rock, Latino Jazz, and other genres by
being informed through articles, meanwhile incorporating the KWL strategy. Students will also
be able to take into consideration the importance of the singers behind the rich music. In fact,
students will use the jigsaw strategy to teach their classmates about a chosen singer who sings
one of the Spanish music genres being learned. Another way students will respect the singers,
who are behind the creative Spanish music genre, is by being introduced to the types of clothing
being worn when the music genre is performed. Near the end, students will summarize what
they have learned by using the recall strategy. Students will also use the survey/questionnaire
strategy by asking their classmates specific questions regarding the Spanish music genres. In
order to inform me on what the students have learned, each student will present facts on a
particular singer that the students learned throughout the unit and will perform a song from the
singer, specifically the chorus. Students will also dress up like the singer, but not inform their
classmates the name of the singer because the purpose of the presentation is to allow the rest
of the classmates to guess the Spanish singer.
Students will fulfill the Spanish standards because they will be communicating via
writing, or oral form. Students will also compare and make connections to the Spanish music

genre with music heard in the students community. Each day, the Spanish standards will be
accomplished through engaging activities.
Students will be engaged throughout the unit because students already listen to their
own music, but the difference is that they will be introduced to the Spanish music heard near
their own community. Students will take responsibility of their own learning by teaching
themselves on a particular singer and teaching the facts of the singer to their classmates. By
allowing students to take control of their own learning, students will begin to feel appreciated
because they are treated as an adult. I want to inform students that it is safe to make mistakes
in my Spanish classroom because no one is perfect. I will provide a safe environment by using
the Spanish language with the students English native language. I believe students learn best
in a safe environment.