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Just 10 Minutes

Class Ring

1. Use the Tapered Square Shank to get started. 6mm top thickness,
2mm bottom thickness, 18mm top width, and 8mm bottom width.

2. Draw a 20mm wide rectangle and center it above the silhouette. Use
it as a guideline to create a flat top for the class ring.

3. Be sure not to cut or replace the silhouette or the rebuild ability of

the tapered shank will be lost.

4. Rebuild and save.

5. Affordable or free vector clipart can be found online. Load your

selected clipart and type out all the text you need for the ring.

6. The quickest way to draw the side panel borders is to draw a single
edge, mirror it, join and close with straight lines. Then mirror to the
other side of the ring.

7. Place your artwork and vectors.

8. Use the Envelope Tool to dress up your text.

9. Putting a .1mm bevel on your lettering maes it stand out more. Use
the shape editor with a pyramid limited to .1mm.

10. Vector clipart is generally easy to create a complex looking relief

with just two steps. First, use a 20 degree round shape editor on the
outermost vector. Give it a start height of .4mm.

11. Then select all the remaining vectors and unselect the outer vector and apply the
shape editor again. 20 degree round and a start height of .1mm.

12. Add a background texture.

13. Add a bezel set stone in a 90 degree bezel using the Rotary Flush Setting Tool.
Select position on ring.

14. Nudge into position and scale the stone if necessary.