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Amy Ballard

ED 312
Modified Common Assessment

Student H Student is gifted in math. He is currently taking Geometry. Has a 504 because
of ADHD. Parents are very involved and student is aware that he has problems focusing.

The first modification to this assessment is the spacing of questions on each page. For example, I
only have three problems on the first page. This is so that it is easier to differentiate between them
and hopefully that will make it easier for focus on each one individually. (Change in presentation,
I shortened the multiple choice questions from 3 to 2 in the next section and put them on their
own page so that there is a page break between the types of questions and he can refocus.
(Change in time, 328)
I cut the initial matching section in half so that it does not look as intimidating on the page and
does not require him to focus for as long. I also put more spacing in between each question so that
they do not appear to run together. Again, this section is on its own page so that it refocuses him
on something new. I also enlarged the size of the font in the box, and of the key words in the
questions so that they are more prominent on the page. (Change in presentation and time, 328)
I got rid of the latin prefix section on the test so that it can be put on a different assessment that it
is more closely related to. I did this so that the assessment has only one focus: context clues.
Ideally this will help him to keep thinking about the same topic. (Change in time, 328)
I put the directions for the opinion question with the sentences on separate lines so that the
question, and the directions for how to answer it are separated. Additionally I changed the
explanation requirement from write no less than two sentences to explain in any method you
choose so that he can explain it however it makes sense in his own head.(Change in response
I made the final short response section a take home section of the assessment so that he can
start and stop as many times as he like. I considered taking it out or shortening it, but I need him
to create something so that I can see that he really understands context clues in all of their
applications. (Change in time and setting, 328)
Ideally I would like him to be able to take the assessment in a separate test setting with a limited
number of other students in the room so that he has an easier time focusing. (Change in setting)
Whenever he is in my room Id like to have a small piece of velcro attached to the bottom of his
desk so that he can fiddle with it whenever he likes without distracting any of his peers or making
any noise.

In questions 1-3, define the bolded terms then explain which context clues led you to that
definition. (2 pts definition, 6 points clues)

1. Dignity: Even when the police officers put the handcuffs on my mother, she maintained her
dignity, holding her head up high as she was marched off the protest site.
What clues in the sentence lead you to your definition?

2. Yearn: Even though John had a good job and a nice family, he yearned for more.
What clues in the sentence lead you to your definition?

3. Detest: Everyone else at the party wanted garbage pizza but Tim because he detested
What clues in the sentence lead you to your definition?

In questions 4-5, use context clues to select the context clues to select the correct
synonym. (3 pts each)

4. The book of logic contained many conundrums - mind-exercising puzzles.

Using the synonym clue, the word conundrums in this sentence means
a. pictures
b. stories

c. answers
d. puzzles

5. There was pandemonium as people were trying to leave the rock concert.
Using the synonym clue, the word pandemonium in this sentence means.
a. silence
b. craziness or chaos

c. order
d. peace

(Questions 6-9) Match the meanings in the Word Bank to the bolded words in each
sentence. Each letter in the Word Bank will be used only one time. (3 pts each)

a. to move

b. incomplete

c. detective

d. wet

___6.A sleuth, such as Sherlock Holmes, can be very helpful in solving crimes.

___7.Birds that migrate, such as some ducks and geese, leave their home in the winter.

___8.Though Samantha's test was partially done, she received a low grade because it was not

___9.The saturated, dripping dog ran in the house after swimming in the lake.

10. Opinion: (10 pts: 2 points answer, 8 points explanation)

Is it easier to figure out the meaning of a word based on antonyms in the sentence, or from
synonyms in a sentence?
Explain in any method you choose (ex. writing sentences, making pro and con list, making
a chart, etc.).

Take Home: Short Response: (15 pts: 3pts per word)

21. Read the following paragraph and use context clues to understand the meaning of the
bolded words. Then write your own paragraph using those bolded words appropriately.
You may write your paragraph about any topic you choose.
Ben reached school just as the bell was ringing. He still was unsure of something funny he could
do today but he knew he could come up with something. He wanted to do something hilarious.
When he reached the class he saw that all the desks were separated. This left him a bit confused,
and bewildered. Then he remembered that there was a math test today. Even Ben knew not to do
something disruptive and rowdy during a test. His teacher was usually very lenient when he
misbehaved, but she would not be as forgiving if he was unruly during a test.