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ACTA ORIENTALIA EDIDERUNT SOCIETATES ORIENTALES DANICA FENNICA NORVEGIA SVECIA, LE LITTRUP, HAVIN HEIKKIPALVA, HELSINGLE ASKO PAROLA, HELSING TORBJORN LODEN, HOLME SIEGFRIED LIENHARD, HOLME — 11986), The Second Century ofthe Kanshs Fr, South Asion States 21-9 seam 282 mice ‘The Stver Cate Revised —A Few Notes ‘Afr “Heaven my Blanket, Enh my Pillow” appeared ia Aci Orematin” additonal internation hax become valible, whi ees i fh usefl ad accessary eit the top, Fis nal 2008 n Redna Menling? I fod te opportu in tre hows recone inkewions 0 peak about the tpi of the sl tothe Teal Me ne’ mas acho wre, 8 kngtine resken the Kyun lung res andere of test ving Spr of Kyung sa Rin po ce (1897-1085 aso knw Ga gy ges a a rao fe: Additions slevaet ablation also as ape in the Sanco Karmy felictaion volume a cotton by Roberto Vita con the Dy cue kings of Zang rg cel lo comments fn the loeion of Khsung lung dng mihi abd, i the sume “elu, there an ace hy Cares Ramble’ ea ars ga one ttn ‘in tin chen (TBD) —who, 0 ue preset Kewwadge, wat the fist peso to reso the Gur gyam mar gong beaten of guns depu mharin tin Separating the Sacred and the Profane Vil orwans ly fascinating and alo vey ong hype, Which my Knowledge a never en arucd sore, Min Based fn two passages rom he Gags ow dar cha he tings exh aegis contr and seen Khyung lang. he Kyu chen Spungs pet car Gur yam, which le alld agg he Believes lgous center and prs the seat of agen) fn “alba ater However, Khyung ng gal aia he song su residenoe ofthe Kyng lng Ba ran srs and atte i ‘ay hy dymsty, be placer mich fart west (here Toc algo pe {Deno from te present day Kg lng ya save tad fom Via’ evident, separation of te two seems posible if me ‘dee, lab! His conctsion is aly base a reno to a passe i the {Gang se dar chag? He cits a waits the pang. KASUNE ‘hen spungs ps maton a loss there x mk gon yong fg dng mari not weaned thre, bat ony lig lr Vil ths spe tht the ition be propose ma also ade by akira gr dong won he hil) ado his wt the ar ‘hag whieh later prestably is tase on now lost ee sous Vital fins coatamation nhs rating of) ant psa (p 538 8), whee he aes the pti "dang” in sung chen spngs po ding yong amg egal arto smpy separation Of thet std ats He bios hat his view wan ale sared by Khang spl Rinpoche, who bul his monastery in Gor gyn sar Ka gong "and Khyang chen spunae pi er that very tes ly Vitals tnalss, meray bap sates, who Ho ferent vw my have vefomed that ‘older understanding and this have gone the ‘pions of aut on the mater and ther indctan in sous Bose ea the evidence ha Via aces, is argent deed ‘appear plausible ora east deendable, Bt | shoul ket ade ‘oat writen and ral evidence tat tly nugget tt bth ‘kar ro grab shang and Khyeng spel Rin poche alcaly name ed mir ga he Kon as Sg Closing the Gap Ir we refer to anther pines pasage inthe Gent se' dar chag? it becomes clear hl the nen sagged pri nde es outer to rev gab dans ow dem on he mater kar rg Sang writs in ts section of hiv ar cho that i the note ‘lst of Zhang Zong there hung chen spans po et Kune lun dna ar Sofa no problem if we would read hs psn, as indo does Vial as reetng wo two septate aca. But her, toca aed note appears: Khyng Tong sgl ria swt oul glossed as Khar gong i Moreover in is ight the fe that Khyung cen spungs pi and Khong ins dog ar here appear apposition as mames eonacted othe sae pace, asses ener significance Needles to sty, when viewed in this light, the Wey of the jus chee sous pai Vocation an the whereabouts Kise lang dag ae remots lt pt into getion By the pasa tat Vial gota (ar chagp. 3765-8772)” When we conser bah ote ogter the ienty ses rather empty confimed. THe Fat tat Khyung chen spungs po and Rune ang egal kar fe both plowed ax Khar gong can nly he readin sch «wy ‘hat scoring to dKarr ga cang bth were inthe wane ln tnkhar plone They mat hereore consis bare been joined ppsition yng chen spungs pa (= Ketan dea mir. ‘This confi by Tocl anthers reselved wisdom fe relied by several stents of Khyng spl Rin oh), ‘These dau nee to e eed to Vials ftir evens ta the ‘vo names may pertain toto drt differen places, He quote, complex pssge on the subcutiation of Zhang shiny ge, ‘hug. arts seamen iter at), ait thee ach: gas, gon, an dbs ght et an center). These ae gai ‘viel tt spo, pug, and bar. Kyung chen apgs pad jong lg dal mika appear a bus ph.” Wi ees the 10g rr She Ds 87). SOK: Se i pit "dan spon bt md sey fe folowing lemmas (dus spo ba at go), pra dan singly fumerates hctions together with the buildings or stat ‘soled with hm ant sizifcantgeogrpisl separation sere Tobe ipl ceainly na someting ofthe one of mgt of he Aistunce betwcet Gur Eyam and Khyug lang ul sad. The eames in these pis perain to difltet eatgorie one a engrphil mat in the landscape: ea mooi: the ocr «sce xed ine ‘tar those whereabouts: cl. So ite othe conta the ‘eet hat thse pat ae har ied toetor plc that thy wee ‘hought to ave hee ose spprosintly othe sme ae, 2 ike ‘Tiscand Ma pang ve, out closer Te the gographial ayat othe sage tht Vil quotes on he spread of i bt bon teaching hte ls aeay i les ndestion [tethe entity ofthe Khoung chen pung p's mar un and ‘he aNgolmihar har posits: both teat in gro ne ‘erayes yl Eventhough the way Vit tana te pasage may ests suggest hers, he Tika suite nage he Iter, Kyung chen spn pa nkar song (ri) Kish a the «Spat mir hae po are suppose oe nthe se gong Her ‘igs elidel or som He a i sigh uly at Doth Kyung lang yl sa and Gu gam mK gong lactose far apt ide, could te cnsieed Yo be ised in ome rong Hyer ‘lo Khyag spral Ria po ce, mich l,i the bigraphy by Cian ine 12 Gin or hg son 179 385-572, ig 9s ‘ae tn hn ‘rurovmhen alia dal Pal dan tli gute explicit aout he Fact that he tought that Kbyeng lang dgal kha wes Toate ontop of te at mesa ‘alld mkhar gong. Probably the mst leat an anambguns Iserence apes wee Khun ng dag kbar sdong (eo) rmeioned (oka rin, vl. 27, p 408-13 Khyong op in po ‘e's understanding ofthe locaton apes que nantes on ‘cr psuger a, All inal there i no indstion for dase ‘slo o radical change by mer topo matte tod savant of dr undestundigs of dK grub dba ad Khyuse pl Rin 90 ‘Ge ofthe sity, a Vil concide, I ne review all he evidence, ‘hose ssumptionsinwnedtely evaporate, acts of eanslaton sudiacoples evidence “Lasly the eterene To Hho chu Gometiag ke molten et) i reo the site of ease ins ication Mo chu ments do ‘or Va to cones the ele wo Kiya lun yl sa othe wes, tt in evidence i mae gong ut may be near Kya ang sheymhas meng no ie, who copied down dPl shal’ ogrphy fot Kiyo sol Rinpoche, meta he as peso tat Unhtever watson top of Kar gong A was destojed by fi etn hey ound tices of fire and molten metal all ove! Themes ff kha gong ils i hat Fespet, provides a far beter mach than the fr-etche”slfsrows springs near Khyong. fang yu sma Needless way, a [have agua ia Aco Orewa, Lnovetilss think that we ave sulTieo eso ueton bah the Kyung Hing $alsmad and Gur am mXhar gong locations. 1 At rina 2; ge at bila ar Ts thepie of cmp bi Gan dar cs he nto ay poms ou thes se pobely et opie a ane ‘Sina Kasia eas ot sig order of Hr Kha) mots a aaa ange Ral RE, Vol. 3 2) 9-5: Khyngspal in ocd oto ap vel wih a Tah {eset eat, Pun Nya a 9S8) ae Se Sor mada matt ce eerence in Kh pa ma tha ren ol 233, cpp. 2 Sand 24318), Sedat ya eel tae ‘poe aay ding tsk it ancl, aprenly rt fad So jury sh rng eile ying tbe pay of cl moma eo th sop eat ice at yb p19 Kyunp su "woe to his ane” be proper paging tas, hee ta ua ye ROOK REVIEWS legate Prevost: Lanonure shade dant le Sud en IWU-XUr sel). Eifervesconce dune regton méconnae Helikis Academia Sccnaram Fetica 2008 4 pp. ISBN97K0-7619-36343, Stents of anchor ofen gt conflate thre major Beances of samy at Jot the Surat nd Sh The hr, thet for of Iso, hs ied scroet aad ted ie some ofthe more rent aets of the se word in Or the Sahara and in pacer long th nan Osu ce. Hosever twat nt aay so, Argubly. the TM, Khait ‘ranch a the it ote tt be oe andi th ely pf the slanie Mile Ags, twas am activist theology tat dante ‘most of North Afi, The Thais proved the Sh challenge to alpha more than cet a hei Non Aca heat etaly fell eo the Fatimid SH te ten cnt. Sine then, the thie were forced int the desert, where they stil Srv in the Maa ass in Algo, a it some pts of stern Toi, parila the hand of Db, “Tis histor is the op of Visine reve’ deed ad masrty thesis Nisam ato arte that ls dinate byte lage. bu Setered Work a the Pls HstoranTadcsr Lows nd Ime ecemtmonogags y Lich Retwock an zal Sage Prevost focus am southern Tenis, ate tia nora ee ofthis. She doer owever pu thi nt he hrge fe Sect of Maghibs tory, a the fate of the leat INA ae Intl led ota ofthe a state tse "The book vided into tao pare The firs, and long, & pula Hier of the Isa communities, ther ception an dit