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Chapter 1:

A Social Gathering
(The Summary of Noli Me Tangere)a
Capitan Santiago de los Santos, or Capitan Tiago, hosts a dinner in his house at Calle
Anloague. While waiting for the meals to be served, the guests converse with one another.
In these conversations, the readers are introduced to some of the novels characters, such
as Padre Damaso, Padre Sibyla, Lieutenant Guevara, Laruja, Doa Victorina de Espadaa,
and Don Tiburcio de Espadaa.

Chapter 2:

Crisostomo Ibarra

(The Summary of Noli Me Tangere)

Capitan Tiago enters the sala and introduces Juan Crisostomo Ibarra y Magsalin to the
guests. Crisostomo, he informs them, is the only son of the late Don Rafael Ibarra, and he
has recently arrived from his studies in Europe. Crisostomo is puzzled when Padre
Damaso, whom he thought was a friend of his father, arrogantly denies that he was ever a
friend of Don Rafael Ibarra.

Chapter 3:
The Dinner

(The Summary of Noli Me Tangere)

At dinner over Tinola , the conversation of the guests centers on Crisostomos travels to
several countries. Padre Damaso belittles Ibarras trips, saying that what he has learned
from them can be learned even without leaving the country. Embarrassed, Ibarra excuses
himself from the guests and leaves, even after Capitan Tiago informs him that Maria Clara
is coming to dinner.