Rewa’s Curriculum Update
We continue with our exploration of folklore. Students have a folklore journal that we are using throughout the unit
that you will see come home when our studies wrap up! The work in this journal is so impressive! As we read these
different stories, students are drawing from a variety of strategies to increase comprehension and vocabulary. We have
already studied myths and fables. Students are finishing up publications of their own fables – showing that they
understand the story elements of this genre. It is also allowed us to revisit revision/editing techniques. We are now
beginning to explore legends and then fairytales. Fairytales, because we are already familiar with them, will be perfect
for practicing our retelling and learning how determine the most important information to then summarize. We are
using thinking maps to extend our thinking, which you will see in your student’s journal. These thinking maps are a way
to organize our thinking (they increase comprehension) , and I’m seeing students begin to use them in other content
areas as well! There are many Michigan legends, in English, that we read during our Social Studies time that might also
be fun for you to read at home. We won’t get to all of them! Authors include Kathy-Jo Wargin, Trinka Hakes Noble,
and Gloria Whelan.
We are finishing up our first writing unit, Narratives. We will be publishing before Christmas break. Students have
worked hard during this unit on many writing techniques, including:
*pre-writing strategies/brainstorming
*writing dialogue
*things I know like the palm of my hand (using what I know)
*self-reflection and revision
*using other authors as examples
*editing (“What is a complete sentence?” has been HUGE) *adding detail to the “heart” of the story
Sr. Ramos has kicked off our second Science unit of the year – Light and Sound. The students have done a lot of reading
about these concepts and have fun with hands-on activities twice a week. They love it! I mean…who wouldn’t love playing
with flashlights in a dark classroom? 
Social Studies/Estudios Sociales:
We have taken our Michigan Geography assessment, and you will see it coming home soon along with your child’s
journal. Our class was SO motivated to learn about not only Michigan but the other states, it’s incredible!!
Next is Michigan History. The “Big Ideas” of this unit are: the Native Americans of the Great Lakes region, the French,
the Brittish and then pioneers and, finally, statehood. The first part of our study will be about how to think like a
historian. We’ll read Mary Celeste, an unsolved mystery from history. Students will track clues, write theories and get
in the habit of asking questions to promote deeper thinking. Ask your child about it soon!
We are working in chapter 4 now, kicking off MULTIPLICATION!!! We have a “multiplication station” in the room, and
several times a week students will have time to play multiplication games and practice their facts. They may work in any
order to learn all the tables, 1 -12. Next time you visit our room, check out our multiplication ice cream cones!! Too fun!

Other Notes:
*You will get an e-mail from me tonight (the 5th) about our new party procedures. Please let me know if you have any
questions after reading the message and visiting our Sign-Up Genius link. Hopefully it all works smoothly!