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Stokes 2

Jayren Stokes
Mrs. Allison
Period 3
October 30 , 2014

Womens Rights and Modern Day

What if you were a women and they said that you couldnt vote, what would you do?
Women were not able to vote back then, so now what would you do to change that. Susan,
formed the National Women Suffrage Association, their goal is to achieve voting rights for
women means of a congressional to the constitution. The preamble impacts verses today by lots
of things like Provide for the Common Defense. By a quote that states To Provide and
Maintain a Navy, and today we do the same.

Meaning of the Preamble

My thoughts of what the preamble means is that it is basically an important line that describes
the United States. Overall, the preamble is an important part that is stated in the Declaration of
Independence that was in that very important long ago during the 1700s. According to Womens
Rights Movement, for the establishment justice oversees the court system of the United States,
through court cases. Citizens by each state shall be entitled to all privileges and I immunities of
citizens of seperate state.

Decipher Meaning

The preamble is an very important sentence of the declaration . The meaning of the "we the
people of the United States" is that we stand as a community. "In order to form a more perfect
union" it means that descendants/future generations. "To Establish Justice" it means equal rights
and freedoms for all. "To insure domestic tranquility", and to make sure everyone's basic meets

Stokes 2
are met. To provide for the common defense" it means that make laws established create fairness
for everyone. To "promote the general welfare" to be able to defend the country is necessary. To
secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity. It means to keep peace between the
states and among the people.
Enduring Impact
The preamble had a big impact with woman's rights. According to women's rights movements,
this group forces execisuvley on gaining votes for women thorough amendmants to individual
state constitutions their goal was to get women's rights to count. According to women's rights
movement, in July 19-20,1848 the first gathering debated to women's rights in the U.S. Was held
in July in Seneca falls, New York.
That in today's that we protect the general warfare and provide army. That women's rights
were not able to back in the 1800's. All in all, women's rights were finally established and
Returned it back to the way it was.
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