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Mens Team Report


29th-30th November 2014

A splendid result away to Breconshire for the Ladies and Mens A team although the Mens
B team need to improve which could hinder any promotion ideas.
On Saturday the Ladies drew their game 3-3.
On first was Paul Stern gave the team another great start by winning 3-0.
On next was Lee Dawson making his debut lost 1-3 you could put it down to nerves.
Wayne Dawson followed winning 3-1 another great game.
David Pinnuck excellent 3-0 win deserved to win the match award.
Jonathan Creed returned to the team to grind out a 3-1 win.
Lee White levelled at 2-2 with a 120 finish his last two tons in the final leg were good but it was
too late.
Alan Weist must have been dreaming of what I do not know but he lost 0-3.
Graham Munt played well to level at 2-2 after being 2-0 behind the final leg was a bit of a
Mark Elliot struggled throughout but came up with a 3-2 win.
John Creed continued his losing run 1-3.
Paul Oliver did not play well but was level at 2-2 before the final leg was played lost 2-3.
Mark Barrett was last player on after a long day it showed as he lost 1-3.
Ended with a 5-7 defeat. win.
On Sunday the Ladies gave us a great start in winning 4-2.
Andreas Hajimina first on gave us a great start with an excellent 4-0 win.
Tony Hammond started well leading 2-1 but tiredness started to show as he lost 2-4
Martin Kingsley brought the sheep down from the beacons with a 170 finish in the first leg won
the next two lost the next two but came back strongly in the sixth leg to win 4-2.
Tony Cox astounds everyone with another very good 4-2 win.
Jason Neville what can you say up bounced up to the oche and lost the first two legs but with a
great comeback and commitment to the team won the next four legs for a deserved 4-2 win
Adam Pinnuck was not up to his usual standard losing 0-4.
John Blair also returned to the team got people on the edge of their seats with an excellent
display to win 4-3 with a 14 dart winning final leg
Robin Wigg went up on stage not to be outdone brilliant scoring good on doubles deserved
match award won 4-0
Chris Hudson had one of those games he would quickly like to forget lost 0-4.
Tony Tarry had a job to put his game together did just enough to win 4-1 and give the team a
moral boosting win.
Daniel Varney scored and played well unlucky not to win but lost 2-4 needs more experience.
Lee Searles lost 1-4 after a 13 dart leg he disappeared into the gloom like it was outside the
Ended with a 7-5 win for the Mens Team.
A good effort with the commitment over the weekend.