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VVC Child Development Professional Portfolio

Program Learning Outcome (PLO) Coversheet: PLO #1

PLO 1: Demonstrates the ability to integrate knowledge of (the needs, the characteristics, and
multiple influences on) development of children (birth to age eight) as related to high quality of
care and education of young children.

Required Artifacts:
Observation on Domains of Development (CHDV 100, enhanced in CHDV 210)
Select portions of the DRDP (CHDV 160, enhanced in CHDV 210)
Essay on Importance of Play (CHDV 110, enhanced in CHDV 210)
Title 22 Health and Safety Regulation Observation Project (CHDV 142, enhanced,
CHDV 210)

Knowledge: for each of the above artifacts, please list (using bullets) the knowledge you gained
pertaining to this PLO.

o Observation on Domains of Development

Through observation youre able to assess their developmental stages.
When observing children. I learn about their personality.
Observing a child you can discover their interest.
Observing a child youre able to provide an age appropriate curriculum or play
You use documentation samples, such as anecdotal, photos, and work samples to
show growth in all domains.
The DRDP include seven domains that represent areas of learning and
development for young children which are: 1) Self and Social Development 2)
Language and Literacy. 3) English Language Development. 4) Cognitive
Development. 5) Mathematical Development 6) Physical Development. 7) Health
Each measure has a developmental level the children has mastered which are
exploring, developing, building, and integrating.
There are 43 measures in the DRDP that are to assess a childs in their
developmental stages of domains.
o Essay on Importance of Play

Through play children make sense of the world.

Cognitive skills are enhanced by sensory play because their problem solving and
making decisions.
Through play children learn social skills.
Children retain most information when their senses are engaged through play.
o Tittle 22 Health and Safety Regulations Observation

Each employee should have a criminal record clearance and a tuberculosis

clearance when working with children.

The licensee should have a written procedure to sign in/out the children in the
child care centers.

Each facility should have a disaster and mass casualty plan.

There is child to teacher ratio based on the facility licensee.

Skills: for each of the above artifacts, please list (using bullets) the skills you gained pertaining
to this PLO.

Observation on Domains of Development

In observing a child, I am now able to identify where their weakness and strength are in
their domains of development.
I am able to identify a childs temperament just by observing their daily activities in a
I am able to identify what strategies children use when problem solving for instance
cause and effect.
I am able to provide age appropriate curriculums, because I can identify through
observation what they need help in a certain domain.
I am to demonstrate different styles of taking notes such as anecdotal and work samples
to demonstrate a childs growth in their domains.
Im able to identify each measure by domains.

While observing I am able to be objective when taking notes.

I am able to provide proof to the parent or caretaker of the childs growth in all domains
by providing the DRDP with it anecdotal, work samples, and pictures of the childs
Essay on Importance of Play
I am able to identify that children have five stages of play that are onlooker behavior,
solitary play, parallel activity, associated play, and cooperative play.
I am able to provide age appropriate toys for the children that will engage them in new
I am able to provide toys and activities that will enhanced children fine motor skills such
as tying shoes, zippering a jacket, and turning pages of a book.
I am able to provided toys, games, and supplies for the outside to enhance their gross
motor skills such as playing tag, jump ropes and riding tricycles.

Tittle 22 Health and Safety Regulations Observation

I am able to provide a safe and healthy environment according to Title 22 Health and
Safety Regulations.
I am able to set up a disaster and mass casualty plan when working in a day care center.
I am able to have the proper staff and teachers for safety purposes and child ratio.

How has completing the above assignments influenced your beliefs about what constitutes high
quality care and education?
The assignment have influenced my beliefs by understanding and gaining the knowledge
of what high quality care and education should be when working with children when theyre in
any day care centers or facilities that involve taking care of children.
**Growth: Please list how your knowledge and skills listed above, have grown as a result of
your student teaching experiences.
Ive grown in so many ways, one of them is providing a curriculum for a child you need to get to
know them so youre able to provide the right age appropriate curriculum for them. Its
important to know the children that are in your class so youre able to add the toys and materials
that will spark their curiosity in which will foster their growth in all domains. I am able to
provide curriculums that are age appropriate or relevant to each child. I am able to also
understand the child own developing level and that when they play its not my way.

Their way. In which the child goes through a process when they are playing before mastering the
outcome. Im able to notice when a child needs extra attention emotionally and am able to
provide the support without neglecting the other children.

**Future Growth & Next Steps:

Think about your future teaching, list three goals to help you improve upon your existing
knowledge and skills and your teaching.
I would like to improve working on curriculums that are able to relate and foster all children in
all their areas of their domain or to help them grow in an area that they are having difficulties by
providing the appropriate curriculum for the child or children.
I would like to look into how play can benefit a child. I am aware that through play children
learn, but I would like to research it more and take others courses that are related for play and
how beneficial it is for a child.
I would also like to learn and know about the new method of the DRDP that is coming out for
the children to asses them in their development of all domains.

Identify how you will achieve each of these three goals. Be specific. For instance, will you
enroll in a course? If so, what course? Will you read a book? What book?
I will achieve this goals by enrolling in college classes that will help me grow and gain the
knowledge to provided age appropriate curriculums that will foster the children growth. Then I
would take a course on how to provide age-appropriate toys and materials that will enhanced the
child imagination and creativity. This college offers a course in CHDV 133 Art Expressing for
Young Children that I would like to take to enhanced art for the children.

**These sections should be based upon your reflections of your student teaching experiences.