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Casey W. Jensen
Professor Peter Blair
UWRT 1102-021
3 December 2014
Overall Reflection Essay
Throughout UWRT-1102 with Professor Peter Blair within The University Writing Program at The
University of North Carolina at Charlotte, we have encountered many challenges in order to strengthen
us as writers, researchers, thinkers, and questioners. Dr. Blair assigned many rigorous classwork, and
homework assignments to help strengthen his students as much as possible throughout the course. Now
that I look back at the content covered during the course, I do see a considerable increase in my overall
writing, researching, and thinking skills.
When considering a specific assignment, such as Assignment #2, I noticed many improvements
in my writing performance as the assignment progressed. The students selected an essay that contained
a series of different fallacies and were asked to analysis these fallacies and to talk about the point the
paper was attempting to get across, what it actually said, and any possible misconceptions by the
audience due to the overabundance of fallacies. Luckily, I was paired with Hannah, a fellow student in
the course, who showed outstanding writing skills and knowledge towards the subjects of both
research, and fallacies. Being partnered with Hannah aided in the improvement of my writing, research,
and questioning skills. In addition, Hannah and I showed great teamwork in splitting the assignment
workload, and performing excellent communication in order to complete the essay in a timely and
efficient manner. I find Assignment #2 to have had the greater impact on myself and the other students
learning throughout the semester. Most importantly, Assignment #2 had a strong emphasis on research,
asking the students to produce in depth research on the subject of fallacies. Allowing the students to

Jensen - 2
practice teamwork, and to learn from one another, but also Dr. Blair allowing each group to meet with
him in order to discussion improvements for their essays was extremely beneficial to the students. I
personally found this meeting to be extremely beneficial to gather suggestions on improvements and to
have an outside source for comments on the subject at hand.
Before this course, I found myself often in great struggle developing structure within my English
writing assignments. I always seemed to have the information I intended to put in the essay, but it never
flowed correctly and was difficult to read. Now that I have progressed through Dr. Blairs English course,
in addition to UWRT-1101 with Professor Dutta, I feel much more confident in my writing ability. I have
improved greatly in terms on my personal inquiry process, writing, researching, and thinking abilities
throughout the course and have found comfort in the subject of English. I am positive that UWRT-1102
with Professor Blair will improve my performance in my future engineering and college courses, aiding in
the planning, inquiry, and structure of my engineering lab reports, and essays.
Overall, the course of UWRT-1102 with Professor Blair opened a new light in terms of writing,
researching, thinking, and questioning during the process of generating an excellent paper or essay.
Inquiry played a massive part within this course allowing students to improve in all elements within the
subject of English. The brainstorming process of writing a paper is the most crucial step in forming an
outstanding paper or essay. Inquiry, the act of asking questions, helped all the students, especially
myself, to improve upon the brainstorming and information gathering stages, leading to the outcome of
a well-structured, informative, and strong essay.