Effective Management

“ is the process of working with people and resources to accomplish organisational goals”

 Seorang pengurus adalah seorang pemimpin.

Syed Amin Aljafri Cara Pengurusan Masa kini

“Setiap kamu adalah pengurus (pemimpin)

dan setiap pengurus bertanggungjawab daripada apa yang di urus.
Al hadith

Managers should know…..
The need of the organization  Vision,Mission,objective and functions of

the organization. Strategies SWOT Action plan Monitor and evaluate performance

Management Responsibilities
1. Administration

- office environment -Facilities - Safety - inventory management
Filling system Management of the Staff (supervision and Control)

2. Finance - Efficient budget - Smart budget - Planning and control expenditure


3. Strategic management - formulation -implementation - evaluation


Effective Manager > good communicator > good listener > facilitate people > leadership by example > good motivator > Team builder

 Inspiring  Committed  Generate energies  Positive  Responsive  Can adapt behaviour to change

Effective Control

Information is provided to managers when

they require it

Control being used are appropriate to organisation action and challenges

Valid and reliable information is generated by the control system

Outputs from control systems are relevant to the most important issues

Control system can respond quickly to changing conditions

Resources are used wisely in developing and using controls

Controls are easily understood by all parties

Management of ineffective performance

Define effective performance Detect deviation from effective

performance Inform or confront subordinate and jointly formulate diognosis Select remedial activity or intervention Implement remedial activity or intervention

Reevaluate performance after time interval Continue or discontinue remedial activity

Roles of managers
Planning Organising Staffing Directing Coordinating Reporting Budgeting

Ingredients For Effective human Skills
 understanding past behaviour Predicting future behaviour Develop skills in

directing,changing,motivating and controlling behaviour

‘Good Managers do those things both effectively and efficiently’

“To be effective is to achieve organisational goal’ “to be efficient is to achieve goals with minimum waste of resources”

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