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1319: The Nine Letters of Navakkari Become Eighty-One I shall speak of Navakkari

(Nine-Lettered) Chakra,The One-lettered, becomes the Nine-lettered The Nine-let

tered expands into Eighty-one lettered;Navakkari are the nine letters from Klim
to Saum.1320: The Nine Mantras: 1) Srim 2) Hrim 3) Aim 4) Gaum 5) Krim 6) Haum 7
) Aum 8) Saum 9) Klim Enumerated for the First Rote With Klim as mantra-foot Sri
m, Hrim, Aim, Gaum Krim, Haum, Aum, and Saum Thus in order is the mantra In the
end chant Sivayanama,At every rotation.1321: Navakkari Mantra Gives All Blessing
s Navakkari is the Chakra on which I practise,In Navakkari arises all that is go
odly,When you chant the Navakkari Mantra Deep within you,The Navakkari Sakti, al
l blessings, confers.1322: Blessings of Navakkari Mantra Jnana and knowledge all
, shall yours be;The Karmas hard will flee from you;No more will you evil deeds
perform;All boons will be granted to you;The vision of Divine Light, yours shall
1323: Earthly Gifts of Chakra Inscribe the Chakra on silver, gold or copper,Medi
tate on it,
Your actions, all, will succeed;You shall triumph in the world The gifts of Chak
ra shall be as rich
As your meditation on it is deep.First Round 1324: Chant From Srim to Klim on Ch
Chant it with Srim to commence and Klim to end,And thus as you continuous chant,
The first syllable becomes the last syllable Meditate on the Chakra within Offer
ing rice grain and Kusa grass, Thus perform archanas,She shall appear before you
.1325: Srim Sakti Appears as a Golden Flower of Smoky Hue The Srim Sakti thus ap
pears Of Her hue, you shall learn;
She is unto a golden flower of smoky hue;All your wishes She will fullfil Do ado
re, Her Grace to receive.1326: Srim Sakti Confers Name, Fame and Immortality All
things will fare well with you here below Kala, God of Death, will bypass your
days reckoned,your name and fame will spread like shafts of light,Close nearer a
nd nearer to Her You shall reach Her.1327: Srim Sakti Confers Blessings Several
Gold, silver and precious stones shall yours be,Divine Grace and prosperity shal
l yours be,The heavenly Devas' celestial life shall yours be,That you may attain
these, do meditate on Her.1328: You Will Reach Siva by Worship of Srim Sakti Th
ey meditate on Her,That they immortals become,The Lord of immortals shall bless
you;He who wears the Ganga and contains Her,Him you persevere to reach.Second Ro
und 1329: Chant Hrim Commencing and Srim Ending
The letters in the Chakra you worship With Hrim commencing and Srim ending;Medit
ate on Her, the goodly famed one bedecked in garlands,You shall see Her As the c
loud-laden flower-garden.
1330: Seek Hrim Sakti Constant; Your Face Will Glow Meditate on the incomparable
Sakti Hrim (Tani Nayaki) Your face shall glow in consuming attraction Seek Her
The One who in the Param of Divine Light reposes Seek Her, the Eternal One.1331:
Seek Hrim Sakti; the Rulers Will Be With You Meditate on Her, who all blessings
are;The earthly rulers will with you be Those against you will flourish not;Pra
ise Her who the Lord's Form shares.
1332: Reach Holy Feet of Hrim Sakti Chant Her name (Hrim)Who the mistress of dir
ections eight is;
Attain the life of celestial gods And so live;Abandon the way that to this world
leads again
Reach the Holy Feet of Tani Nayaki Sakti And there flourish.1333: Chant Hrim Sak
ti's Name in Silentness With Flowers They flourish at Her Holy Feet Who chant He
r name in silentness;
Who adore Her Feet with flowers They know the way to reach Her Feet.Third Round
1334: Chant Aim to Hrim for Aim Sakti Worship The Chakra expands with Aim to beg
From Aim beginning in Hrim it ends;She who is dear unto Primal Lord Her, you med
itate as Aim to begin.1335: Aim Sakti (Vageswari) Will Appear The Sakti you ador
e is Vageswari (Goddess of Logos)Whom all Vedas and Agamas praise She who is wit
hin the grasp of our tongue's chant
Shall reveal Herself to you, face to face.1336: Hold the Chakra in the Tongue; V

ageswari Lends Great Powers This Chakra that before you appears,If you hold in y
our tongue,
Its Mantra assumes the Dancer's Divine Form;If this Vidya that is in the Golden
Shall come within a human's reach,Then this man shall conquer all,
The slender Sakti, Her grace conferring.1337: Future Will Worship Aim Sakti; One
of Unalloyed Joy
She of the slender Form is the Truth Divine;Chant Her mantra and constant medita
Your days, in diverse ways rolled on,Will in steady prosperity ascend thereafter